My Warmup Routine


  1. nice

  2. Awesome. Very helpful. Thank you very much.

  3. great info Ola 🤘. thanks for sharing 🤘

  4. Without any doubt this is one of the best tips that one can give to any guitar player. Playing slowly but with precision is much more important than trying to just rush the exercises to gain speed.

  5. this guy is jenious

  6. notice me and maybe I'll send you a crate of bananas

  7. I love u so much ola

  8. Shit, Ola! You're video super crisp clear. Dem blue eyes <3

  9. When my eyes quickly glanced at the title on the thumbnail of the video I saw "My War Poutine".

  10. what the fuck is this? a warm up routine without a quick wank? really?


  12. Super important, preach Ola!:D

  13. instructions too difficult, got my balls stuck on my ceiling fan

  14. remove your left armrest too. it feels way better. I did 🙂

  15. You have icons on the right side of your desktop. We can never be friends.

  16. Sort of a follow up to Music is win video? 🙂

  17. Hi Ola, What kind of monitor is that?

  18. Ok, alright..ok, alright,..ok

  19. "The imPORNtant thing" :p

  20. Can you make a video with excersises for the right hand to build speed with alternate picking and down picking or its that simple… play it slow….

  21. who create that feared wallpaper?

  22. What i do is play the petrucci pattern (4 notes per String, every finger is used) and some modes, up and down.

  23. this Blue guitar is super sexy

  24. if peter picker had to pick a picking pattern, which picking pattern would peter picker pick

  25. This is the same advice eastern masters and yogis give.

  26. This ist literally the 1:1 exact same video as Miles from RoS did lol

  27. That guitar looks 🅱ANGIN'

  28. Great video, Ola! Much appreciated. I was half awake when I read the title, so I read it as My Warm Poutine.

  29. Pick picking pattern to practice precision = Pantera.

  30. I just rub a fat load out beforehand

  31. I thought you were gonna wrap yourself in a blanket

  32. man i love your shirt soooo much

  33. I saw the video thumbnail and thought it said "My Warm Poutine"

  34. Throw in some string skipping and you basically have my routine lol.

  35. Tack.

  36. Nice T-Shirt Ola. What an amazing album.

  37. hi ola, did you still play your strictly 7 sig model? what's the different between S7G and Washburn? i own s7g solar 6FR, awesome guitar!

  38. what Dream Theater song is at min 2:07 ?

  39. Ola , you need to review some harley benton guitars… no enough good reviews around.

  40. At first glance I got excited cause I thought the title was "My warm poutine" #canadianproblems

  41. Hey Ola, could you Share your Desktop Wallpaper? I just Love Feared, but the only Wallpaper I could find was a Screenshot of Vinter.

  42. It really is weird how you can play for ten years & every day, you still have to do the warm up routines as your hands will feel very rusty otherwise.

  43. I hate being broke. I would give my left nut for that guitar….

  44. That axe is sick bro

  45. 'My warm poutine' Mmm I love poutine

  46. Playing atonal or tonal exercises feels like being stabbed, I will never practice

  47. Nice headstock, dig that blue too.

  48. Look up Steve Vai's '10 Hour Workout', it's loaded with exercises like these.

  49. TABS?????????????

  50. For your Q&A: What do you think about Vintersorg? The recently released album "Till Fjälls, Del II" would be a great pick for your gaming&review sessions.

  51. That warmup sounds like how Ron Jarzombek writes his songs.

  52. ola, y u no make more playthroughs? 🙁

  53. Does Ola's sig washburms have Stainless steel frets?

  54. "ImPORNant"

  55. You really need distorsion for this?

  56. According to your face, you really felt those chromatic exercises 😀

  57. Is he saying 15 or 50? I'm not making fun of anyone. I just really can't tell.

  58. Thanks for the advice Ola. I've been in a bad rut where my picking hand is way faster than my fretting hand and I think this will help me a lot. Cheers!

  59. Med en racestol måste det ju det ju funka utmärkt. Mot möbelhuset.

  60. Ola!
    Make a song called "I Feared The Haunted", and mix the sound from both bands! 😀

  61. Where'd you get that Made Me Do It shirt? It's smexy

  62. Great setup… cheers🤘🤘

  63. He's a Marty-style up-angle picker. Who knew?

  64. …..did anyone else think of Skwissgaar, or is it just me?

  65. Did you warm up before showing us how to warm up?

  66. Try x2 video speed from 2:08

  67. Who's here DT fans????

  68. Thanks Ola!

  69. Very cool and effective routine. I tend to just focus on the weak spots – then put it all together.

  70. What scale is it?

  71. Hi, whats the guitar model in this video? Its so beautiful!! 😮

  72. Dear Ola,
    I have a question…i see that the head of your guitar says that its a washburn guitar..but the inlay that it has is always observed on Solar Guitars…did you put custom inlays on this guitar?
    Might be a silly question…but I Love You Ola!!!
    Thanks for all the lessons

  73. …and that's how riffs are born!

  74. That usually ends up me playing brutal solo after 5 minutes and everything goes to waste xD

  75. Your the best! Much love!!!

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