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what's good YouTube come back with another video I know it's been a while since I came out with a video but you know been doing things productive things with my life around the house it with my life so yeah anyway in this video I'm gonna be talking about my weekly vitamins that I bought and I talking about mom I'm talking my vitamins period but this is the vitamins that I bought supplements whatever you want to call it artificial medicine whatever you want to call it my artificial line them into it right this is what I be taking this is what I bought for this week probably this – you know how long it lasts but I'm going to be doing this every time I buy new vitamins some farmers I might keep on buying but right now my show you all the ones I have right now so I might not even call this week just calling my Vitamix right temporary all right first up I have this right Black Sea black sea oh you Mexico twenty percent pure cold-pressed black cumin seed oil some people know it's black seed oil some people call it black coming all black coming through this is what I found on assume somebody's talking about on YouTube says has omega-3 ever had maybe three omega-6 and um yeah there's some people don't know where black cumin oil is it's basically that coming oil is basically um a plant it comes from the oil comes from a planet called sativa Nutella ona tell us the TV one of them I'm not mistaken but it actually three of them is three of them I know one of them is in his radio unrefined cold pressed virgin Nigella sativa seal I thought it was three of them I guess that's the only one but it's good for health healthy immune system and inflammatory response that works on other things so it has omega-3 so obviously helps with the brain no get the brain pumping else was different things so I'm too close to the damn camera but this is what it helps with so let's see that coming up next up boom spirulina is basically spirulina powder is basically it's a superfood raw organic I'm saying so you know what it is you know it's another superfood that helps with numerous things of a new system heart it's raw organic vegan non-gmo and is gluten free so so it's basically a algae type Experion is oh it's a plant that's in the ocean it's basic like algae color like green algae could smell like smell like it's my fish food like now you got a fishing buddy feed him that stuck that doesn't know that's what they smell like you sure don't smell good is helpful no early enough it's a superfood also it helps with the Berean Toonami so helps decalcify the pioneer grain just catch it in the way next up we got just working a brain elixir burning elixir it has Moringa ash ashwagandha ashwagandha yeah ashwagandha macho lion's mane and choking me chocka me don't know but it says it's for mental clarity right fermented greens and adaptogenic herbs and uh boundless energy so it has everything from weak always more than it's like what is it fits fifteen things it's wheat grass barley grass alfalfa ashwagandha Moringa leaf reishi cordyceps schisandra mucuna coconut milk Chuck Amin matcha green tea lion's mane sage and more so it's actually more things in this says this organic elixir is thoughtfully crafted with fermented grains organically grown on off family farm in Kansas combined with a adaptogenic elixir and cognitive blend it's a simple way to help reduce stress and provide the mental clarity and focus to feel amazing every day so you know I'm able to rest over here tumor organic to her limit organic lemon balm I said let's take a vitamin a vitamin C C it's definitely something with a bright non-gmo plant-based it is a stink like the spirulina but it's a it's a dark green color like I mean it's like a lighter green could have been a spur than it's like a like a almost a light green but it's different lighter than this ruling Oh bringing elixir all these came from GNC to look at it from GNC so I know another thing is a vitamin shop but I gotta do some some ginseng okay this is amazing grass and this one is amazing herbs I thought it was so different the same people base damn the fish oil let me show you how a beer is really sorry about that category in the frigerator and go get it got this right here as well officially the very finest fish Karlsson and you know I had to get it they make flavors you already know this helps with the cardiovascular function the heart you know the hearts know that cognitive health joint support you know taste fishy you know making threes in it the EPA's the DHA I was telling you about in my other video when I start my own maybe three vitamin E I don't taste fishy I mean it tastes like lemon so like lemon oil basically so it's pretty good – I'll be taking this haven't taken any day average only took the Black Sea Tow every day having took anything else but I've been taking it she has not opened it so she calls him you know don't smell too fishy smell of lemon the mini fish like fish with lemon knowing squirted with them in the wrong huh but it's not bad not bad not a bad thing fixed yeah okay I should go stay up isn't it be like that my you know basically I've been taking it also think I don't know if I show that there's a little bit rainbow light means when I took this today has a whole bunch of a whole listing in this maybe fruits vegetables and probiotics no original body for energy and vitality fatality so I just go a while now take my favorite appeal another green hey and torque know so much I walk my hands with a cameras that the only point I post I don't know why I got the new iPhone but I'm gonna enjoy right now cuz I like the camera and they camera eye shape you see they caught will made nothing plays come on never take a net I've been taking this right here buy you ten for my hair it helps grow which it helps promote healthy hair and nails masculine strength formula I got 10,000 and I take two of you so basically I'm taking 25 it's where I was taken when I was hey my dress once upon a time I had my dreads I was taking it and my was growing man like my was like down here within my she was like right here within two years so until like two years from I should have just my shoulder so normally that should take longer for other people so it took me two years but that's not no my hair you're gonna grow back but I've been taking as well so that's why y'all been yeah might see you probably gettin to you but no you're getting the wage now in the ways beginning the waves a so that helps with that the body tails are dead and um yeah basically all the vitamins that damn pink a bit painting man that's why I've been making videos I know y'all been wondering like oh yeah no I probably got like a whole bunch of comments like where are you where are these videos they come back what another video we need one where have you been I know I know I know man I've been going I've been painted I don't I know y'all going crazy right now you got to tell me man I know it people in my comment section on YouTube are crazy like are you maybe we need these videos but you know I'm back now man so I'm not really actually bad out there that do some more things but okay I'm not doing anything but playing the game right now I might as well do some type of work so like she makes me a video right quick I mean why doesn't this video was about me and we'll keep it to them no as you may know I forgot point episode event it was a toolbar no you know I got the apple cider vinegar right here I don't know I know that's paint yeah cider vinegar I don't have any more heat but you know Vitamix and I make this about all the other stuff but this video about the parameter you take him every day sometimes I might get take on something I might not feel like my body does it feel like I want to take it I started don't do it but other than that you know basically until that Bobby's no bearing means that's all I can show you you know I know key this video to know with 13 minutes yeah so I'm gonna stop me you know I've gotta take boom can't forget know what might say to you you know I'm a capital for you see you in the next video page

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