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going on everyone happy Friday what I wanted to do today was share with you the supplements or multivitamins which I'll have on a day to day basis these are things that I really will have throughout the day with meals or really at any time before my head hits the pillow at night so getting right into it I start with omega 3 6 9 and previously I was getting a wild salmon fish oil complex instead of the 369 here it's really the same sort of thing I'm still getting my omega fatty acids out of it and I had three of these a day I definitely recommend at least having these out of everything about to show these are probably one of the most important that I think that should be integrated into anyone's diet I'll actually have a lot of fish just go on its own through my daily eating in some cases when especially if I'm doing intermittent fasting I'll have a full pound of salmon so I don't necessarily need to take you know the obviously I don't need to take a wild salmon pill when I'm eating a pound of salmon just you know it's not necessary however in some cases and you know in most cases actually there's a lot of nutrients that you can find and you'll actually get out of these types of pills are these types of vitamins that you won't get out of food so it's it's recommended that you can actually have these with with your meal even if you do eat a lot of fish even if you do get a lot of Omega on its own there's no harm you're not going to OD on Omega so that's for starters after that I ensure that I have my Atom multivitamin and this is just a straight up mens multivitamin it's again over-the-counter stuff I think this photo was around six dollars or so and it really just gives me it's the essentials of what I need it gives me my vitamin A B you know a CD 3 e K it gives me zinc which certainly helps with testosterone production which is really great as well this is another one that I would say is sort of essential for male or female anyone you should consider having a multivitamin and that's simply because most people can't go throughout their day ensuring that they're taking in all the necessary vitamins and nutrients and these certainly do help that there they are in support of that and they do help lead towards a healthy and half s sorry healthy active lifestyle so I have two of these a day and they're to be taken with meals so in most cases I'll have them with my larger meals I won't necessarily have them with any sort of snack or something like that after that and this is something I just started taking about maybe a week ago and that is CLA there's mixed opinions on it and it really what it's supposed to help you is get at stored fat that's really what I mean that's the only purpose of it you're supposed to have it with meals as well and you know I I don't have really I haven't formed an opinion on opinion on it yet just simply because I haven't had it for long enough I'll probably be trying it for about two weeks and I'll see how it goes I'm very attentive and very mindful to my body and the things I'm taking in so a lot of people talk about this being sort of a placebo in the sense where people take this stuff and they'll continue to work out exercise they'll start to lose a little bit of fat and then they think oh you know that's because this thing but in most cases it's due to the fact that they're simply exercising the only reason I've decided to take mama can I get the package for I'm just not on it today there we go the only reason I decided to take these is simply because I'm in the right now I'm sitting at around eight you know low low probably to mid 8% body fat range I'd say low and this is going to help bring me down into the 7s and low 7s you know I mean ideally that that's what I'd like so that is why I take CLA if you are in the 20% plus body fat range and you start taking CLA to lose fat it's not it's not going to work not gonna happen that's just it's just silly you know it's really for people that are in the let's say 7 to 10% range and what they want to do is help bring down their body fat just that extra little bit you know either that you know just a fraction really so that is why I started taking CLA and I'm going to be very mindful and attentive to that and you know the apparent placebo effect of of taking it and thinking you're losing fat when you're really not but anyways I'll know if I am and I'll actually report on that if I see good results so aside from those I ensure that I take my 5 grams of creatine and this is micronized creatine monohydrate so I take my 5 grams of this and really 5 grams is the maximum daily intake that someone can have and it's really just the optimal daily intake if you're looking for full absorption of those 5 grams you need to have a healthy active lifestyle and when I say healthy and active lifestyle I don't just mean you go for a walk now and then to fully absorb these 5 grams and sometimes I'll even push it and go for maybe like 6 grams I'll pretty much be having full like I'll do a full 1 hour gym session in the day I may go for a bike ride or rollerblading or something like that that is how you have full absorption of those 5 grams of creatine if you just sit on your butt on a computer and you don't do any exercise and you throw back 5 grams of creatine a day thinking you're going to build muscle or help with your muscle development again foolish so all of these things are really just the foundation to support your healthy active lifestyle they're not something that they aren't things you would have you know to lose weight or to build muscle just just by taking them so that's why I wanted to share these with you and I definitely recommend checking them out again this is all all for them here so hope all on frame so that's really it and in order to keep track of how I'm taking them and everything I just picked up one of these you know pill holders and you know I just stick them in there and keeps things simple and easy but I recommend having a look at them I'll put all the links in the description below and I do it definitely definitely Omega and multivitamin these two even if you don't want to do the creatine in the CLA because you know that stuff is really more of like a bodybuilding type of thing if you just want to be healthy and active Omega multivitamin and there's nothing there's nothing crazy about these things so check them out they only they class let like less than $10 each one and they'll last you over a month so I definitely recommend doing a you know hitting the store picking them up anyway that's it that's all I want to talk about and I hope you have a look otherwise have yourself a great


  1. i take 10g of creatine

  2. How wides are your clavicles?

  3. If you really want to make a life altering change to your health you need to understand the mitochondria(engines) in our cells. Utube "the secret to stop aging via oxygen" a 10+ minute animated movie

  4. you can also throw in some pro biotics (pills or food). It helps me hard to digest allowing the guts to absorb good nutrients. Google health benefits of probiotics. It helps also to do intestine and liver cleansing

  5. Jamieson Omega also contains 55% daily intake of vitamin E, so not really as much as you want. You could consider iodine as well.

  6. Do you take the pills before or after you eat

  7. Hello!  May I ask where you currently buy your ADAM men's multivitamin? You mentioned that you were getting a 90-softgel bottle for about six dollars. I realize that this video is from 2013, so prices may well have simply gone up since then, but all the sources I have been able to find charge around $14 – $16 a bottle for that amount. 

    Any tips on a cheaper source, or is that just the going rate these days?

  8. My spouse also tried CLA and posted a video review of it on our page if you guys want to check it out!!

  9. I JUST watched Dr Oz new video on his daily vitamins.. He says Omega 3's is the most important vitamin u take BUT.. he now says that u need omega 3's w/DHA and vegetarian only, NOT FISH.. Anyone have any comments regarding this? as im so frigging confused.. :S 

  10. Man why do you bother getting stuff from, their pretty expensive.  I usually get mine from and there pretty fast with shipping and have fair pricing

  11. i take too

  12. these are the ones i take too

  13. Me and my friend think you are hot like fire!

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  15. I've tried each of those, and completely agree with your opinion of them… great review

  16. more tanktop lol 🙂 🙂

  17. interesting! wouldnt mind trying a multivitamin… I hear good things. Thanks for sharing

  18. awesome stack dude!

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