hey guys welcome back to my youtube channel so today I wanted to discuss supplements now before I get into this video this is just disclaimer and I know a lot of people say this when they're talking about supplements is that the most important factor before you think about supplements is having your training and diet in place they're the most important supplements are great giving you that extra edge so you can achieve your goals faster but they're not necessary and and if you don't have the correct nutrition in place and training you won't get results with just supplements alone however they are important in order to support your goals so that by supplement that is my number one supplement is protein pounder different kinds of protein powders that you can take so for example if you are vegan or you're lactose intolerant you can even get an isolate protein which is just whey protein isolate or you could get a vegan protein something like a plant-based protein like pea protein but I personally like to take whey protein now from what's great about having a protein powder on what I personally really like is that one thing I have an extremely sweet tooth so having protein powder is great because often they're flavored and they taste good so they're really good when you should fancy something sweet another thing about what's great about protein powder is how convenient it is I need protein with me for example or I can't get a meal in having protein powder is a really good way to hit your protein requirements for the day but you don't need to over consume protein if you can get protein from foods alone you don't need a protein powder it's not essential it's not magical but it is really really convenient so most people will be fine on one gram pound of body weight in protein so my foot my top number one supplement is protein powder so my second supplement that I like to take myself is caffeine now you can get a pre-workout which obviously you can buy but personally for me I normally just have coffee so what's great about having a pre-workout before the gym is that it increases your power output helping you train harder and obviously by doing that you will get better results in the gym I find that a pre-workout if I'm very tired I wouldn't say that I rely on pre-workout so I don't really take pre workouts all the time but if I am extremely tired one day and lacking motivation exhausted it can just help to push you through your session you are someone that suffers from anxiety be careful of the amount of caffeine that you're having each day because personally for me I don't get anxious and if I have too much caffeine in my diet I get jittery and anxious so that is something to consider um potentially if you do suffer anxiety it might be something that you want to limit in your diet so if you are taking caffeine you can build up a tolerance to caffeine so what I would say is it's a good idea if you are taking it a lot to cycle it because if you just take caffeine every single day your body will become used to it and it won't have the same effect that it had when you took it from the start so it is a good idea to cycle caffeine um just because obviously we does get used to it and it won't have such a great impact on your sessions and you won't feel any better taking it if you take it consistently so that's just the tip but my second supplement is caffeine now the third supplement that I wanted to talk about today is a multivitamin now what's most important is obviously that you're getting a variety of nutrient-dense foods in your diet however it can be hard to make sure that you're not deficient in every single nutrients so just taking a multivitamin every single day just means that you know you're getting all the nutrients that you need so yes my third supplement that I would that I personally like to take is a multivitamin a supplement that I wanted to discuss which is my number four supplement is fish oil now I've spoken about fish oil on my Instagram before especially this brand so fish oil has a variety of benefits um and what I would say is you if you aren't eating oily fish on a regular basis I would definitely recommend supplementing with a fish oil is important for your hormones fertility blood circulation as well as immunity though research has actually suggested that taking fish oil may have positive effects on serotonin receptors in the brain which i think is absolutely amazing because personally for me when I started taking fish oil I did feel happier and more positive and it is suggested that it can help with things like depression so those are my top four supplements that I personally like to take what I would say is if you are new to the gym and you're just starting off don't overcomplicate it there's so many supplements out there which are completely waste of your money that you don't need so for me personally I would know promote a supplement that didn't have scientific evidence backed up behind it or that I personally had experienced a benefit from it myself don't need to spend loads and loads money on all these different supplements you know it's not necessary what is most important is your diet and your pruney so if you are interested in doing some research on supplements and what ones that personally that might benefit you there's a great website called examine comm which gives an unbiased opinion on all the supplements and the research that has been done on them so anyway guys I really hope you enjoyed this short sweet video today and if you do like them subscribe to my channel like that would be amazing obviously I'm new to YouTube I am getting better at it gradually and your support absolutely means so much to me so yes um thank you for watching and I hope to see you very soon

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