My Top 3 Weight Loss Smoothie Recipes | How I Lost 40 Lbs

hey guys with Faisal Jane today we're gonna be making my three favorite healthy weight loss smoothie recipes really excited to show them to you all of these recipes are completely dairy free sugar free and also gluten free so they're really healthy and they all contain good protein healthy fat and also good carbs so they're all balanced breakfast smoothies I've lost 40 pounds and when I was trying to lose weight these were three of my favorite breakfast smoothies to make they really helped me to lose weight and get into better shape so I'm gonna show them to you today I'm really excited so let's get started first we're gonna be making a healthy blueberry smoothie this is one of my favorite smoothie recipes ever it's so simple and refreshing but it's fulfilling and I'm just obsessed Roberta I'm gonna start by adding one banana to my blender this is a great source of healthy carbs and will also help to make the smoothie sweet and creamy then I'm gonna add one set of an avocado you can't taste it in the smoothie but this adds healthy fats which will help to keep you fuller for longer and it also makes the smoothie really creamy and delicious then I'm gonna add the main ingredient with blueberries because it's a blueberry smoothie I'm gonna use 1 cup of frozen blueberries you can also use mixed berries if you want to instead and these are the three main ingredients for the city now I'll add about half a cup of water so that I can blend this movie up then I'm gonna add a pinch of cinnamon and a pinch of ground vanilla powder these are optional but they add flavor and also full of antioxidants and then another optional ingredient I'm gonna add one flat tablespoon of and sweetened almond butter that I've already measured out this adds healthy protein to the smoothie and also adds to the creaminess and you can add a few ice cubes to make a chilled and then just blend it up and now it's ready to drink and it's been such a pretty pretty purple color it's so cleaning and filling but still refreshing and that's why I love this blueberry smoothie so much the second weight-loss smoothie we're gonna make today is my favorite healthy chocolate smoothie yes you heard me right healthy chocolate smoothie even though this recipe is chocolate it's a simple recipe simple healthy and perfect so first I'm gonna add one banana to my blender again this adds healthy carbs and makes the smoothie sweet and creamy then 1/3 of an avocado for healthy fats and extra creaminess and 2 to 4 teaspoons of cacao powder which is just raw and sweetened cocoa powder this is what will make the smoothie chocolaty obviously but raw cacao powder is so good for you it's full of nutrients and antioxidants and these are the three main ingredients for the smoothie now I'll add half a cup of water so that it blends and then this is optional but to the smoothie I'm gonna use 1 tablespoon of unsweetened macadamia nut better this adds healthy fats and protein to the smoothie you can also use almond or cashew nut butter and a little cinnamon and ground vanilla pod again optional but it just adds that little pop of flavor now I'm adding 1 teaspoon of 100% pure maple syrup this is optional to make it a little sweeter it's often sweet enough for me using just the banana and then add some ice cubes to make a chilled and then just blend it up and it's just pure chocolate deliciousness it's gone so creamy and it's just perfect and it's even okay to have the smoothie for breakfast which I'm obsessed with doing because chocolate for breakfast is the best the third and final smoothie that we're gonna make today is a banana yogurt smoothie this is such a simple recipe that it's so good I love the smoothie because it's super refreshing and really simple but it's still really filling first what I'm gonna do is add one banana to my blender you can use fresh or frozen banana for any of these recipes and then 2/3 of a cup of coconut yogurt or you can first use another type of yogurt I like to use coconut yogurt as a dairy-free option but you can also use regular full creamy yogurt if you do eat dairy or another healthy yogurt substitute and these are the two main ingredients of the smoothie now I'll add about a quarter cup of water you don't need too much water for the smoothie because you've already got the yogurt then add a pinch of cinnamon and ground vanilla powder for extra flavor if you want to and cinnamon not only makes it taste extra yummy it is a help to stabilize blood sugar levels which is really great and now for extra protein I'm gonna add one tablespoon of natural unsweetened peanut butter I love to use peanut butter with the smoothie but you can also use almond butter or cashew nut butter again this is an optional ingredient but it's great for getting extra protein in your smoothie and just add a few ice cubes before you blend it up and now it's ready and it's looking so creamy and perfect and delicious and love the smoothie because it's super refreshing and really simple but it's still really filling all of these smoothie recipes soap one and they're all pretty low in calories but they all still contain lots of good nutrients which is what is so great about them the blueberry smoothie will give you 380 calories with the added nut butter for extra protein and only 280 calories without it the healthy chocolate smoothie will give you 300 calories with the added nut butter and only 200 calories without it and the banana yogurt smoothie is roughly 300 calories with the added nut butter and only 200 calories without it also depending on what kind of yogurt you choose to use thank you so much for watching this video I really hope that you enjoy it making my 3 weight-loss smoothie recipes with me and if you enjoyed it and make sure that you like it and share it and subscribe to my channel for more videos I'm also gonna put the full recipes over on my blog for you so I'm gonna put a link to that below this video if you would like an example of a full eating plan for weight loss I'm gonna put a link below this video to an intend that you can go download on my blog it's an eating plan for weight loss and it's totally free so you can just go check it out if you want to so I'm gonna put a link that below this video ok thank you so much for watching this video I will see you soon you


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