My Top 3 Marketing Rules to Market Roofing Small Business

in this video I want to share my top
three marketing rules you can even call it Dmitry’s marketing rules out of all
questions that I get on this channel marketing’s are always been leading the
way because of the content I’ve been produced and we have the whole day for
it marketing Thursday week also I’ve been teaching you guys a lot of tricks
and people want to have a shortcut everybody’s asking for leads
everybody’s like to meet you how do you make your phone ring how do you
advertise you know how not to depend on storms like we’re tired of door knocking
like how do you get your repairs and all of it like questions goes on and on and
on and on but to be honest with you for me marketing has always been very very
easy it’s not that complicated it’s not about algorithm it’s not about
where you want to be it’s not about learning all the geeky stuff marketing
is as easy as one two three so here’s my three laws or three rules whatever you
call it in marketing and I’ve been very successful with them
it works hundred percent of the time some stuff you can control some of it
you can’t so here are my top three rules in marketing number one first you have
to work on your grades and then your grades work for you took it from school
if you think that people in school who have good grades they’re actually the
smartest think again have you ever met somebody who started really really well
but then kind of go down the thing is if you convince your teacher did you’re
actually a student that you know what it takes and you know you study hard later
you don’t have to study that hard I was a party animal in my college and my
university I’ve been on a stage a lot I’ve been in sports and stuff but I was
the only guy out of like thirty-five who did not have C’s I was the only one who
had been getting government support because how good my grades were but I
wasn’t studying that hard so what’s happening is when you convince your
audience when you convince your teachers when you Canon Vince your potential
customers that you actually class a like you know you grade a guy or a company
it’s actually getting easier at the same time if you don’t do it if
your grades are bad from the beginning I mean I don’t care how hard you’re gonna
try you’re never gonna get that a at the end or it’s gonna be 10 times harder so
first you have to work in your grade when you start a business if first job
is to get five-star reviews try to get on the platform and start with one-star
review and see how long it will take you to grow on that platform it’s impossible
you’re not gonna get leads you’re gonna get crashed but if you’re starting a
platform any platform I don’t care if it’s a Facebook I don’t care if it’s
angel it’s a home advisor I don’t care where you buying your leads from but
when you start and your grades are good it’s only getting easier to get newer
grades as a matter of fact once you have like 10-15 positive reviews you know
straight A’s people will find it much harder to write one-star review or
negative review because they’re gonna look like hey this guy is really trying
like he already build a reputation I don’t want to ruin his reputation so by
working super super hard on your grades first it’s making your marketing efforts
ten times easier later many people don’t get it and I always put extra energy
extra effort in the beginning of my journey because I know from that point
forward if I do it it’s gonna be so much easier as a matter of fact if I sign up
for a new platform I would spend an entire month and I would ask everybody
that month all of my clients just to give me reviews like for example you
familiar with a company called you know we have 23 reviews on house
comm we send them invitation to review us from house comm so they have a
platform they like give us emails we send it on your behalf to this day I
have 23 and it would have been like 3 or 4 years since I logged in last time so
now that reputation those reviews are working for me because I worked for one
month three years ago on that platform my marketing rule number two sexual
comes from the Bible you reap what you sow and you can only control which is
sowing every single day you’re not gonna control with your reaping I see it two
types of contractor one type is always wondering why they’re in the mass what I
don’t know how leads why I don’t have jobs and another group of contractor
always have plenty always look ahead always planning they never have problems
for the marketing they never have problem with the leads they kind of like
living the dream so this group always looks back ins like fixing something and
this one is just living dreaming I’m like why what is it because when you
constantly sewing you’re also going to be constantly reaping when you wake up
every single day and you actually spend time on creating content on advertising
on doing like little things with a discipline every single day you’re
sewing and you can control it for example I make videos like this video is
not gonna give you overnight result wrapping vehicle not gonna give you
overnight result but when you do little things every single day you know your
facebook posts not gonna give you overnight results but when you post
something every single day you’re sewing and you never know when you’re gonna get
in return but if you do something every single day if you ask for reviews every
single day one day you’re gonna get 150 reviews when you creating content
helpful to your audience when you writing blogs for your website every
single day you can control it by me controlling what I’m sewing you know one
day I will be getting what I cannot control I’m gonna be reaping you know
leads and by the way organic stuff works just like that you just have to keep
sowing with laughs and hoping that one day you’re gonna get but a lot of guys
they don’t want to so they don’t want to spend time and then later they just go
back and like mmm why I didn’t do that why didn’t do that well because you did
not sow anything why would you reap so you don’t get to choose what you read
but you can make a decision what are you gonna be song today so my question to
you what are you sowing in your marketing every single day because if
you don’t have a discipline if you don’t have a routine guess what you’re not
gonna be reaping anything anytime soon and my last rule in marketing number
three is don’t be stupid just don’t do stupid stuff I see it all the time like
you know companies are built empires and like we’re in Buffett I think said that
it takes 20 years to build reputation takes five minutes to
ruin it for example you know if you wrap a vehicle don’t speed in the
neighborhood don’t get those complaints you know my company got few like you
know once you get your name out there and you expose I see guys all the time
you go start drinking at the bar with your company shirt you start driving
recklessly in the highways I mean stuff like that will ruin your reputation one
of my competitors in town they have to Google reviews with the one star on
their drivers has nothing to do with the work they do if you read the reviews
really bad like they’re saying like this guy was been driving car and somebody
cut him off or something he started chasing them and they were threatened
for their life with a pregnant wife I mean you read that review you’re like
I’ll never call this company so it takes couple minutes to ruin the reputation so
what do you do after work what’d you do with your company I mean decisions you
make whether it’s drugs whether it’s woman you know driving stupid decisions
I mean stuff like that will ruin your reputation as well so those are my top
three marketing rules what kind of rules do you have what do you think about
content like this comment below maybe share some stories agree disagree what
kind of videos you want me to make next when I hear from you see you guys in the
next video


  1. Awesome video I always get great knowledge from content like this ty

  2. Amen brotha!!!

  3. Its It's probably the wrong thing to do but I don't have logos on my work trucks for the reason you mentioned. However they are all the same color

  4. What email marketing platform do you use? and Recommend?

  5. Great reviews are the best reputation tool you can have. But it takes great work and honesty to get them. I see a lot of roofers with years in business and their reviews look like sh*. Be an honest human being. Do the right thing up there on the roof even when no one is watching.

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