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what is up guys back with another vase day on what supplements I take this was a somewhat requested video by a few people so I thought I'm just right out there if you have a video that you want to see from you or any content please leave a comment down below and just let me know what you think of the videos and wanna see I always reply comments so again if you have any questions about this video comment down below and I'll try and get back to you so first thing I want to say is supplements don't make up for a bad diet if you're gonna spend money spend money on improve your diet then worry about supplementing the dish you can't get I'm gonna split this video into two parts one will be health and the other will be performance I won't go into a huge amount of detail about why I take these supplements because this could be like a half an hour long video so I will tell you why take how much of it I take when I take it and a brief reason why that use thing that I take on everything I talked about today there will be a picture showing the brand that I use for each particular supplement so without further ado let's get into it so first let's start off with performance supplements because it's a little bit more simpler than the health supplements so let's kick off with the performance supplement so the first thing I like to suffer for my performance my sports all ones is whey protein powder and I always go for an isolate or concentrate here basically whey protein is dirt cheap and it is a pretty good form of protein like gram for gram is so cheap to buy so one thing I do make sure is I always buy a grass-fed organic whey we're done it's going to buy the best quality that I can buy and I take 25 grams or a scoop of this which is about 20 grams of protein I don't buy flavored protein because I like to throw it in a smoothie and blend up like bananas and cocoa powder stuff and make my own taste and I find only adds a little bit of creaminess to the taste whey protein isn't as good as eating some beef or chicken or lamb or fish it doesn't absorb as well the thing is only about 60% of the absorption rate as those of us that is much faster to digest only takes about 3060 minutes compared to sort of 2 or 3 hours of to digest other meats so it gets a new blood stream a lot faster so for that reason I suffer a little bit post-workout something else they use post-workout is collagen now collagen is a protein powder most difference away protein it's made up from hydrolyzed connective tissue so like you have gelatin and sweets there is collagen which is this powder now it's very very high in an amino acid called glycine and that's really really good for your joints and because I do a lot of gymnastics and joint and tendon intensive exercises I like to look after my joints one with an anti-inflammatory diet the two with collagen so I usually have this post-workout and I'll take 10 grams I sometimes take this not on training days just generally but most of time it'll be done post-workout with the way another thing I'd like to take post workout is creatine now this is 20 plus years and research behind it is pretty well established that it's good for improving performance in terms of explosiveness and power so I do like to suffer with it there's no reason to supplement with the loading phase about 15 grams a day I take three grams post-workout I don't always take if we take a 90% at the time I try not to take it every single time because I think your body but maybe become slightly or a line although I don't know any harm and taking it every single time if you have any taken 3 grams at a time the last supplement I take is a pre-workout I use oxidants sport and that's because it has loads of this mint an electrolytes which is going to help me be hydrated for my exercise but it also comes with some amino acids as well and I don't always take this but I probably do 97 some again I don't think it's essential but I definitely feel better when I do take it so I take a sachet of this pre-workout slash at the beginning of my workout as well as coupled with the wedding the collagen and the creatine post-workout so that is basically it for my performance let's move on into the health although they both interlink because if you're healthy you're going to perform better so again I'm gonna run through this pretty quickly because I don't wanna be here all day chance you guys about my supplements it would literally take me like an hour to explain the reason so why stuff you do is go away do some research how to think for yourself ask does this work for me do I want to do that do I need this and give it a try and see what works for you that is definitely the most important thing with supplements this is one of the reasons why don't take a multivitamin I don't really think that you want to just put a load of nutrients into your body I think you want to have a balanced again this will come down to learning and research but I kind of have found out through experimentation there's certain vitamins and minerals work together like your salt and potassium levels need to be in good ratios your copper and zinc your vim K and vitamin D they all work together in different ratios so the problem with buying multivitamins is that often cheap multivitamins from like a supermarket will be really high in calcium and probably calcium is one of the things that most people don't struggle in getting so again you want to find that balance so based on this principle I start with things I'm gonna need and things I don't get from my diet and that generally changes on day to day basis but there are definitely some core principles that I use and course up as I use most days so I'm going to talk you through that now the easiest way to do this is talk you through it in terms of a day so I'm going to take you through from morning's evening what I take so we kick things off every morning and this is the one time of the day I actually do take every single day pretty much and the first are Jennison which is an academic route and take one capsule and that's 500 milligrams of ginseng and I take and the morning I also take 250 milligrams or a rhodiola I think that's how you pronounce it this is another advantage in and I like to take that in the morning with my ginseng and I also like to say that with chaga and I make chaga tea and chargon Tincher which is saying the first one is hot water extraction so you boil it for like four hours second is an alcohol extraction so you leave it in vodka for like four weeks and basically those first three supplements that all the pathogenic herbs and these are herbs that have been proven to help your body adapt to stress better it basically makes you more resilient by taking these herbs again I'll let you guys do some research and make up your own mind but I personally feel the difference I do take these pretty much every single day I think that pretty damn awesome so I take those three in the morning I also take them and see there may have been some scares of them and seeing kidney stones and I personally don't think that there's that much of a tendency unless you have like a genetic weakness to it but again that's quite rare I take between 3 and 5 grams of them a day if I'm ill I take 1 gram of the MSE every hour on the hour I'm really ill I might take more I find that helps recover half the time three times less time like I just I cannot stress like there Missy has some really really profound benefits I always take one gram in the morning and as I said three to five grams rather day weekend do your research make your own mind up with this Bittman C which I have empower in water I also think l-glutamine and I have 5 grams of this in the water with the pitman C l-glutamine is one of the key essential amino acids that is used for repairing gut lining so there's like fast every day I don't eat breakfast I like to say it's on an empty stomach like my way of thinking is helping to keep my digestion and woke up healthy and my summer palace so that's the reason for taking that and that's my morning routine that I do every single morning pretty much the next set of supplements supplements that I take with a meal because they digest that absorb better when they're with a meal the first is cod liver oil now I prefer cod liver oil 2 Omega 3 capsules because you get the addition of them a vandi vanian bit and k2 just the immediate 3 although you're trying to get the same benefits from both that are essentially anti-inflammatory so I like to take two capsules of bitumen that's right two capsules of cod liver oil about a gram of cod liver oil a day and I take that with my first fatty meal so it's best absorbed along with them having the ello said the Lippmann team the villain came that I also supplement additionally of them Indian bitumen k I only take the bitumen D in winter because of the Sun I'm outside I mean so much again not there Mindy from being outside but because I live in England in winter I get off the md so if I like this supplement with that I take between 1000 and 5000 IU's a day of the M&D in winter and I take this again probably 90% of the time I trying to have the odd off they're here in there in winter I think really it's something I generally need as I said earlier they MIDI is very closely linked a bit in case I take vitamin K when I take them in D and I like to take 200 micrograms not milligrams micrograms of bitumen k two very important state k2 you get if you eat lots of vegetables you get plenty of k1 in your diet be thinking of k2 unless you eat lots of fatty organ meats from grass-fed animals so I like to supplement with them in K to 200 micrograms I take that with my first meal Daymond Dean My cod liver oil I also sometimes supplement with vitamin A and this is probably more twice a week maybe I'll take this probably because too much been a that to be toxic to you but it is very important for a lot of fun including skin and eye helps our life subtle of fit of an a but again I eat out two or three times a week and I take that with my paw delivers my Vemma D and my vitamin K as well so that's kind of my fat soluble fitments the only other thing I really supplement with with a meal and the day is turmeric many of you may have heard that health benefits of turmeric if you haven't is frickin awesome it is anti-cancer anti-inflammatory so much good stuff is in time Rick please just go wild and have a Google kind of figure out and have a read but I would definitely recommend it I don't see any downsides of taking turmeric I take one of the half grams a day of turmeric you can supplement with cumin which is an extract of turmeric and you won't need as much I just prefer to take turmeric I take 1/2 grams a day with a meal sometimes I even take two doses so I have 3 grams a day it depends on how I'm feeling how inflamed I am from exercising one note you will want to make sure is when you buy turmeric supplements you know make sure that is even with black pepper or liquid black pepper extract which is by a friend or by a friend it basically improves absorption of the turmeric by like three thousand percent so if you get out to them recommend of a black pepper that's why I have it with a meal so that is the supplements that I take with my meal I don't really think any other vitamins and minerals there will be some fitness that are in the pre-workout of the oxidant that I take so I get that as well but then lastly before bed I like to supplement with magnesium now magnesium is something that a lot of Western society is pretty low in and that's because we just don't get it commonly from dietary sources and actually a lot of nuts that have magnesium in you're not really gonna be having enough so I would definitely recommend supplementing with magnesium again have a reef have a Google figure out yourself but I personally like to take between 200 and 300 milligrams I have it in a powder form called natural calm I drink that with another gram of bitumen see before I go to bed and that for me helps me sleep better it's a precursor to your body producing melatonin which is the hormone that makes you go to sleep so I think it's very very important I really would recommend supplementing it but of course do your research first I'm not a doctor and as I said I think I have a gram of vitamin C before bed but that is basically the supplements that I take sports stuff is very straightforward the nutrition side of things varies from day's day but essentially it is the same as all those adaptions in the morning with a vaccine whose mean is the cod liver oil and the other fat soluble vitamins I take most the time and then I always suffer and pretty much wouldn't magnesium I just bury how much I have so if you've enjoyed this video guys please like and comment and maybe subscribe if you haven't already if you have any questions like I said before leave them in the comments down below I always reply to comments and if you have any other requests videos please leave them down there as well not do my best to serve but that has been it I'll catch you guys in the next video peace


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  2. Hello tom, it was worth watching. thanks for it.
    may I know can we take it [ only health supplements ] in regular basis or how it is we should take without affecting our organ system. if so how to clear up or detox kindly reply. thankyou

  3. Hi Tom,
    about vitamine C,tought it could interest you:

  4. Hi Tom, any things you've changed here? Still a fan of Vitamin C?

  5. Hi, Tom. If you are taking 5ooo units of vitamin D daily throughout the winter, I'd be curious what your blood vitamin D level is at winter's end. That dose is 3/4 of the dose I use in my patients with moderate to severe vitamin D deficiency (I'm an endocrinologist). I have seen a patient on a similar dose of vitamin D year-'round develop a vitamin D level above the recommend reference range. Regarding beta carotene (vitamin A precursor), I recall 2 randomized, placebo-controlled trials in which smokers and ex-smokers had more cancers in the beta carotene arm than in the placebo arm of the studies. I'm sure you are not a smoker/ex-smoker, but some of your viewers might be. I would imagine you may be getting enough vitamin A from your diet and the cod liver oil supplements, such that the beta-carotene-based vitamin A supplement might not be needed. What are your thoughts? Did you ever calculate the micronutrient content of your diet over say a week to see what gaps in nutrients from food alone were there? Take care, Ross

  6. +tom merrick Thanks very much, very informative.
    One thing: It's no use to buy whey protein from grass fed cows (These benefits include a significantly higher amount of essential omega-3 fatty acids, CLA and vitamin E, as well as no antibiotics, hormones or pesticide contamination). All these benefits are stored in the fat and thereby processed out: That means that if a protein powder manufacturer is using whey protein from organic/grass-fed milk, just about ALL of the extra omega-3 fats, CLA and vitamin E have been removed during the manufacturing process anyway!
    It's just a rip-off to make more money.
    Full article: Jim Stoppani – organic whey: waste or worth it?

  7. great supplements. The dose of Vitamin C you're taking is very high though, the Linus Pauling fondation/institution recommends at least 400mg, to 1g. I don't think any research had shown benefits for more (except cancer and very high doses). Did you find some ?

  8. great supplements. The dose of Vitamin C you're taking is very high though, the Linus Pauling fondation/institution recommends at least 400mg, to 1g. I don't think any research had shown benefits for more (except cancer and very high doses). Did you find some ?

  9. Got today Mountains fresh's siberian ginseng. For some reason it doesn't say organic in mine. Oh well..I hope there's no difference. Thanks for the great video Tom 🙂

  10. Try get slightly closer to the camera and generally play around with angles

  11. Definitely getting some of these

  12. Did you get these from anyplace specific, like a cheaper price?

  13. Great information! Very inspiring for the new year!

  14. thank you for sharing ! very informative 🙂

  15. Thank you for sharing! Interesting stuff! I don't take any supplements other than omega 3 twice a day, feels great.
    I think I would try to take some magnesium.. Getting trouble sleeping normally.

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