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it's a beautiful day in this neighborhood the beautiful Baker neighbor would you be much could you be mine it's a neighborly day this beautiful wood they release day for a beauty fun with you'll be fine son of a bitch and that perfect fucking timing I broke my clip wife of a youtuber like fucking youtuber how now brown cow how now brown cow unique New York unique New York the arsonist has oddly-shaped feet alright let's go what's up guys and welcome back to my channel I got a weird amount of requests for how do I say this what kind of over-the-counter supplements I take non-steroidal supplements that I take let's go that one non-steroidal supplements that I take that can be the top of the video I'm gonna come with something else anyways I'm gonna break down kind of what sports fit what kind of sports supplements I take every single day I've done four years a lot of these I take because I'm on TRT hormone replacement for people that don't know yeah I'm gonna break down kind of what I take every morning when I think every night and everything in between so do you guys ready get it started it as always I'm ready if we're yes all right so as I say in literally every single video I am doing Oh mad one meal a day I essentially fast for 22 hours or 23 hours and I have a 1/2 hour eating window that means that within that you are eating window I eat all of my calories all my mattress for the day and then I am done until following night when it comes to that a lot of times I obviously it's easy to hit my carbs and fat goal it's easy for everybody to do that it's kind of hard to hit my protein sometimes cuz like the other night I had 24 ounces of chicken now that is pretty hard to do some days especially when you're fasting for that long your stomach shrinks up and you can't really eat as much some days are easier for the others but a lot of times it is hard for me so what I'll do is I'll eat my meal and then about an hour later right before I'm gonna be done eating I will take a protein shake I have taken this stuff for years I took it when I had my store I've always used rule one isolate this is the cleanest protein I have found and the best-tasting and of course I had on my store so I bought up for wholesale so I got it for cheap no-brainer guys one scoop is a fat shoe car but 25 grams of protein I double scoop it so I'm getting 50 grams of protein so if I can get roughly 175 to 200 out of my food I can throw another 50 in the protein shake and I'm good to go now another thing I'm doing carb cycling right now so usually I'll come off my cheat meal on Sunday night and then Monday I would be high fat because usually sunday is just a shit ton of carbon so I'll roll into Monday night and I will have a high fat meal typically I'll keep my fat around 150 and I'll have my carbs down around 20 to 30 the problem with high fat is you can't get your fiber in I got to have my fiber I'm getting old so I need to keep everything running and moving you know what I'm saying so I really just put the Kroger's and got some natural fiber some orange flavor it tastes like it tastes like bootleg orange juice if we're being honest 20 calories 3 5 & 3 soluble fiber scoop of this and I'm good to go everyone in the world should be taking this fish oil most you probably already are the EPA and the DHA in there is gonna be good for everything kind of a total body anti-inflammatory good for your eyes good for your heart good for your blood good for your joints Pitt for everything one quick thing I've had people tell me that they don't take fish oil because they don't want the extra fats in it because they think it's making them fat it's not the fish or that's making you fat Karen okay it's the fucking ranch covered salad and the chocolate cake you're fitting in your fucking macros alright it's not this fish oil get out all right I have been doing this just here recently probably just this year talking to a good friend of mine and talking to my doctor and kind of do my own research I kind of found that curcumin is actually giving me really good for you it's good antioxidant it's good anti-inflammatory but for anybody out there that is doing steroids on any time of anabolics sure human is actually really good at preventing enlargement of the heart that is the one big probably do know about steroids is that it does cause and largeman as a harvest what we saw in the Carver it's what we saw in rich when he died they had extreme and larger of the heart I what's it called left ventricular left ventricular atrophy I think is the appropriate name I'm gonna have to check that if that's wrong I'm not gonna put in the video anyway so it doesn't matter yeah this is actually really good after finding that so I just started taking this I do 500 milligrams a day that's just one pill one big thing about your human that you have to be they have to be careful of curcumin is very very bad at absorbing it's very very bad it's it's not very bioavailable that's a better choice human is not very bioavailable it has to be delivered with fat to simply be absorbed if you're certainly just taking cumin from Walmart it's like five bucks you're probably not getting very much like it's actually fucking terrible at being absorbed I have found that the long Vita this is the most bioavailable there you go long Vita I get this off at Amazon this is a 30 day supply thing I paid like twenty-five bucks for it so it's not that much more called optimize curcumin but this is what I found on my research to be absorb the best I next up I'm taking spirulina greens nature's multivitamin I do not take a multivitamin I haven't for years even when I had my store I never really recommended people do a multi and if I did tell them to do a multi always recommended a powdered one because it is going to absorb a whole lot better than just the expensive piss you're buying from the nine pill packs you know for whatever brand I try to get that on top of the veggies I take at night now that's not gonna be a total replacement for veggies is gonna kind of be like a fill in to kind of fill in any holes you have in your diet they're still really really good your micronutrient is what is going to make you feel better it's gonna be the cancer fighters just the all-around good shit for your body that's why they see vegetables are good for you because of your micronutrients so I take the spirulina now I am sick of giving other brands our money so final boss we're coming up with our own greens that will be coming within the next couple of months so be on the lookout for that now of course since I am doing o'madden since I don't eat anything throughout the day and I do go to the gym on a empty stomach I train fasted all the time you know I want to prioritize fat loss I don't want to lose any muscle so of course I am taking EAS and of course I'm taking finalboss these ones have caffeine in them so I usually drink a scoop of these in the morning and then I'll switch the decaf version in the afternoon because I'm gonna get that caffeine just the whole entire time here's the big thing when it comes to aminos this is something you have to watch out for BCA is are great if you don't know BCA's are those are your branch chain amino acids your EAS are your essential amino acids and your branched chain amino acids are essentially a subcategory of those so BCA's reas but they're kind of put into their own several categories eca are the three minnows that were shown to be the most anabolic you're loosing your isoleucine and valine that's why you always just saw BCA products for the longest time now with recent research we're starting to see that EAS are actually the more of the way to go the more complete profile to get you more of that complete profile of protein those are going to be shown to be the best overall for muscle building now a BCA's are really really good at kick starting your recovery after you're done working out but EAS are kind of what's gonna complete the package if that makes sense so ours are seven grams of EI a is forty servings intense age of 10% no big deal use my code don't use my code it doesn't matter I don't get paid for it well technically I do because I'm an owner of the company but I'm not making money off my code it's just there to save you money so I'm actually losing money off my code maybe don't use it but still intense dose a to 10% $5 flash shipping anywhere the United States alright moving on for my sales pitch now pre-workout obviously I'm doing the final boss pre one scoop 30 minute sport workout I still don't think the pre-workout is a necessity I'm actually it pre-workout is not a fucking necessity pre-workout is probably one of the least how do I say this least necessary supplement there is you don't need it it's just the most popular because that's what everyone wants they want to feel it they want to feel the energy what they want to feel a focus they want to do that tingle from the beta-alanine so why it's the most least necessary is still most popular so I built this pre around how I like it that this happens to be kind of like right smack dab in the middle so 275 caffeine good pump full dose of beta-alanine it's good it's gonna melt your face off if you like that and again in 10 save 10% final bottom is calm alright last but not least is Genesis well that's the name they call it it's actually Humana for not a whole lot of guys know about this stuff committed for it is actually a chicken embryo extract not only is it very very good at boosting your test and lowering your estrogen for those guys coming off Sarma cycles now for guys coming off heavy anabolic cycles this isn't gonna be enough for you but it's something you can run during it like I do I run all the time now I've been doing it for like six months by taking with my TRT and I take with my steroid cycles but any guys doing or guys coming off of Psalms or on sarbs you guys can take this and it's also really good good at keeping your receptors fresh and clear steam like this when you first take anabolics when you first take caffeine your body's going crazy over it and then after time those receptors slow down this slow down and slow down this little get clogged they slowly get overworked you don't feel stuff like you used to it keeps your receptors free and clear and firing and all that good stuff you're gonna sleep better you're gonna have better libido and helping your estrogen for any guys that are on Psalms it's just an all-around good product for a month this stuff is about 50 bucks depending on where you get it but really really good stuff for anybody that's on gear or doing Psalms or anything like that just another one to help out just to keep it healthy and fresh and all that good stuff wow that was a 25 minute clip I just talked I'm hyped this morning it's Friday what kind of thing like I said I don't take too many crazy supplements I've never been that guy to just swallow every single pill and take every single powder that there is I mostly just did that with steroids off the riff which I know I shouldn't have but you guys don't need to be taken every single pill and powder there is out there when you walk into a supplement store when you're buying your stuff in some online or wherever you do it you don't need to buy everything everything in there isn't meant for you there's not a single supplement out there that you absolutely have to have these are simply just made to help make it easier on you that's the only reason why I take them obviously the greens and the Humana for and they're true humans are just helping my health that much more and then everything else just kind of rounds it out so I'm not taking that much I keep it pretty simple and so should you guys you guys are just swallowed on 30 pills a day you're doing nothing but just hurting your liver and not helping anything out all right so just keep that in mind you don't need every single supplement out there do what works best for you and then keep it right there less is always more I'm out of here guys hope you liked a video like share subscribe follow me friend request me shoot me a dam that I'll take two weeks to answer yeah all that good stuff all right love you guys appreciate you and I will see you at D yeah video see you guys whoa I can't


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