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hi guys welcome back to my channel today we're talking about nutritional supplementation and what my favorite nutritional supplements are one I'm currently using and why so this is one of the number one questions that I get I guess people are really interested in how I supplement and why and so we're going to talk about that today first things first when I wake up in the morning I always drink a liter of water first thing before I do anything else before I have my coffee I always drink a liter of water like I tell my clients you have to earn your coffee like if you want to feel good and feel energized to feel hydrated you need to earn your coffee so I always start with 1 liter of water and I have my coffee time and y'all you know y'all y'all yeah that just keep it just came back but I'm unsure how I feel about it I am in the self but I'm super Midwestern sometimes I'll add half of a lemon not the whole lemon but like the juice of a lemon into the water and that just really helps to like get your system going again and just help you feel really hydrated and energized and ready for the day and then I have my coffee along with some much-needed Jesus time no one needs Jesus more than I do because I'm about to lose my mind over those dogs barking can you hear it wait for it I love them so but they make me new Jesus sometimes hold on hopefully they're done oh Piper's pissed and hear her in there just like come on mom let me out shit hold on Piper made a break Florida so then after that I will go and do a workout now if I'm doing a workout first thing in the morning it's gonna be something like a hike or a long walk with my dogs or something that's gentle on the hormonal system and gentle on the nervous system if I've had some food in my system then I'll go balls out and do like a really intense workout so it just kind of depends but for the sake of this vlog let's just say that I did a hiker you know took a walk or something like that with my dogs so when I get back I'm in my morning smoothie one of the crucial ingredients for my morning smoothie is my daily reset shake this is a product of my friend dr. Alan Richardson dr. Christensen has been a longtime mentor of mine from afar and now he's a friend of mine and I absolutely believe in his products I use them long before he was my friend and I continue to use them because they're amazing so the daily reset shake is loaded with resistance starch RS is incredible for stabilizing blood sugar for weight loss for helping to regulate cortisol and you know the hunger hormones throughout the day so I always start my day regardless with a healthy dose of the daily reset shake because it's so high in RS and then I will add this prebiotic powder to it which is called perfect pass prebiotic powder and I love this so much as soon as I started using this it was like the the last little remaining bloat that I would ever have like any day just because of any food I ate went away and I'm not saying that's gonna be the case for you but I love it it works way better for me than a probiotic currently but with anything supplemental its supplemental okay you're not meant to like be on it forever you use it for a time based on your needs at the time and at the current time a prebiotic is serving me way better than a probiotic I've taken probiotics for years I don't take them currently I may take them again supplements they're not something that have to be in your diet forever and ever amen you supplement for a period of time um so that's not a thing I don't go without and then also I add about a teaspoon of this beekeepers Naturals bee pollen to my morning smoothie as well this is incredible so this has more protein in it per gram than meat I think that's right per gram than me it's insane it's such a nutritional powerhouse it's crazy cool it like as soon as I started taking it I haven't gotten a cold I haven't gotten sick I felt great it's amazing for boosting your immune system so I always add this another thing that I add to my warning smoothie is about half a scoop of Shakeology and I just love this because if I don't have a lot of time to add like you know spinach or cucumbers or whatever to this smoothie I just like to know that I'm getting like a really great nutritional hit first thing in the morning it's all I've got half a scoop to this in the morning and it doesn't really change the flavor at all it's just really yummy and I know for my husband so if there's a dude watching my husband uses the full serving of this and the full serving of this so he just takes it all together and it's awesome we love it and if I just happen to know that I'm having a really busy day and I'm gonna need like an extra you know like um then I will I don't know what that was about but occasionally occasionally this is not a daily supplement occasionally I will use Shakeology focus energy just like a little bit a little bit I don't need a lot to fit a little bit in my smoothie but that is very rare like for a good example of when I would put this in my smoothie current status is if I have my period why am I always talking about periods moving on to additional supplements so after I have my morning smoothie I just try to hit it hard in the morning because who has time to supplement all day like I have I have been in those seasons of my life where I feel like I've got my morning you know mid morning noon afternoon PM you know super PM supplement and it's just like exhausting and that's really not the intention of supplements you know there to supplement your diet and I think that's really important to take that into consideration if you're someone who's having you know hormonal imbalances or your body isn't able to get rid of toxins properly then piling on the the supplement that your body can't naturally like metabolize and get rid of what it doesn't need is not helpful like you could end up with a bigger problem in the end if you're putting more stuff in your body that it can't just decipher like do I need this or do I need to get rid of it very well okay so that's why I hid my mornings through these at heart so after that the only other like vitamin type thing that I take in the morning is my daily reset so these are this is how they come this is again from my friend dr. Alan Christiansen and yes he's my friend but I just I would use his products whether or not he was because I did before that so this is a daily reset packs and they come like this and these like individual little packets and you can take two at a time which I do in the morning because I when I don't take two in the morning I forget to take one at night so there's no downside to taking both packets in the morning you can put them in your smoothie but I think they alter the taste a little bit you definitely want to get that little orange joker out of there because that's your omegas and that's gonna taste gnarly in the shake so definitely grab that joker and just pop it down the hatch but why I take these is because I think a lot of people including myself are very focused on you know making sure like they're getting enough you know vegetables and getting enough protein getting enough fats getting of carbs and all those things that the micronutrient levels like they they are so important and there's so much that our food is void of even if you're trying to eat amazingly healthy that's why I think supplementing with an incredible multivitamin is so important and that's basically what this is this is a souped-up supercharged multivitamin like way better than anything else you're gonna find out there I know that because I've tried so I'm just gonna read a little bit from it so it's loaded down with vitamin A vitamin C vitamin D which is really crucial vitamin D a lot of people are deficient in that it's got Omega ultra in it which is incredible because most people are taking the wrong omegas they don't even know that they're taking something that their body you know doesn't actually need because there's so much confusion around omegas so this is giving you the omega-3 fatty acids that you actually need in super high doses so it's beautiful especially if you're concerned about like skin and aging and that type of thing these omegas are beautiful for that other things that I love about the daily reset packs is that they have calcium magnesium in it which is awesome I mean like you know it's so great for your bones it's so great for your overall health and again these are things that people are deficient in like crazy deficient in okay going back um it's you know loaded down with just the great things like copper selenium which you need your thyroid issues think would you need if you have thyroid issues there's biotin for hair skin and nails there's b12 there's folate there's b6 there's thiamine which is also great Google Earth IRA tissues so instead of like taking a bunch of oh I need this for thyroid and they need this for thyroid I need this for hormones I need that like boom done take two packs and call it a day and these travel beautifully I might add like they're awesome so for all of dr. C's products I'll link it below by the coupon code its record chick 10th you get 10% off and I hope that that helps you I think everybody should be on these or some sort of like super charts multi so that's my morning in a nutshell okay let me recap daily reset for my RS prebiotic okay bee pollen about a half a scoop of Shakeology and then these and then my multi and then I'm good to go for the morning good to go like souped-up supercharged feeling like Xena Warrior Princess okay now the only other subs that I am going to take are gonna be in the evening and here's what I'm taking right now I am taking melatonin and this is a three milligram I take three milligrams of melatonin about an hour before bedtime and I've just found that I do really well with a little melatonin it just helps me sleep a little sounder people run into trouble with melatonin when they start going up to like five and ten milligrams like WTF you should always start at one okay so with any supplements like and any kind of medication and supplements minimum effective dose minimum effective dose you don't want to you know overdo it so especially with something like melatonin that your body naturally makes if you take too much your body will go oh she's got this under control like I don't need to do that anymore but it definitely does it definitely does need to continue to make melatonin for you so for the most part I take three milligrams sometimes I'll take a one sometimes I won't take any it's not something a hat every night but generally most nights I will take this about an hour before bed along with my nature calm now most people are crazy hella deficient in magnesium they don't know that that's what's leading to like muscle cramps that's leading to excess fatigue that's what's leading to constipation maybe not with leading to but something that could fix those things and really help alleviate those things so I take this again about an hour before bed and my friend dr. mir moiz who's a brilliant naturopath works at the same clinic as dr. Christensen does he recommends that you titrate up whenever you are using nature calm what that means is just like start with four milligrams and you know if that didn't work and do the trick you didn't sleep grave you didn't feel relaxed you didn't poop like a champ the next day then like move it up to six two days later if you're still like it's not working for you bump it up to eight so for me current status I do really well at about eight deci milligrams I didn't mean that I meant grams so I do great with eight grams so when I'm going back to titrate need start at four grams and work out to sex work up to a we're got to whatever you need I'm at eight right now and I do really well sometimes I have to bring it down and you'll know cuz you'll get diarrhea and you can always take it up let's say you went out to sushi sushi is just constipating so let's say you went and you had like a ton of sushi and the next day you're like oh not feeling it you could bump this up to like 11 12 13 grams you'd be fine just to get things moving and but yeah finding your sweet spot is really important with this not too much not too little just like just your sweet spot and it comes in two different flavors – my mom is allergic to raspberries so she can't have this but she can have the orange flavor she can have just the plain lemon flavor or just the non-flavored which I do not enjoy lastly during my cycle period I take iron because I have always run anemic and that kind of goes back to like supplementing like nutritional supplements knowing you knowing your body what you need you know there was a period of my life when I was was eleven years old and I was anemic because of my cycle and I actually run anemic I've had iron infusions every cycle you know it's a hit on the woman's body and you know it's really challenging for men to have low iron levels but for women every month we we lose that and do we replenish most women don't and that's because taking iron typically comes with like a whole host of side effects right so this is the iron chelate that I like and again this is from dr. C this is dr. Alan Christian to this iron chelate don't know if you can see that yep definitely don't think you can but it's fine I'll link it below and this is a plant-based iron and so it's awesome it's a vegetarian and it doesn't upset your stomach in the way that like a regular iron would so that's awesome so I take two of these every day during my cycle and you have to take iron with a vitamin C so that it helps with the absorption of it and the utilization of it cuz it's pointless to take it it's not gonna be you know utilize so if you're not taking any other vitamin C for me I can take my iron with these and I get my vitamin C that I need if you're not then supplementing with something like this is beautiful and and helps it to absorb it helps it to work well and this is just Thorne vitamin C and pairing those up so like I said you know for seven to eight days of the month I take two of these just to help my body to replenish and then you know I'm very cognizant of eating foods that are higher in iron too because I know how my body works so you know that's very important if you know what your body's tendencies are you can supplement appropriately based on the season that you're in you know I've had seasons where I my body had a lot of excess estrogen and in that case you would want to look into a supplement that's gonna help carry those things out so with any kind of nutritional supplement it's just really important that you understand that they are supplemental then it's not something that you would have to take for life unless it's something like you know a multivitamin it's just something that you you just need to take and just have in your body all the time but you know I'm gonna be taking this forever I will be using this forever I won't be taking melatonin forever like these are things that you rotate based on the season that you're in but these are the things that I love and just can't live without right now so I hope this helps you guys if you have questions or comments please leave them below I would love to help you out if I can or if there's something specific some specific supplement you're curious about that I've tried I'm more than happy to help you don't forget to subscribe and I will see you guys next time today we're talking what are we talking about hold on but you guys know how I feel about my well sorry that busy hold on I'm just hold on Betsy I forgot something a word Piper and Maya are little psychos today it's rained for 40 days and 40 nights Pepe but seriously it's a flood so they've been cooped up and you know what happens when in dingo and a puppy are cooped up nothing good I should text you the video of them being complete psychos it actually brings so much joy to my life I act like their little asses but they're awesome and I love it I love it when their psycho I'm one go in there I'm like you guys don't bark would it do you but don't burn so check this out methi I decided and you know how many years is it you're gonna die like do you know how many years this has been in the works I decided last week that I didn't start my own business to work every minute of my life so I was like I'm gonna take an extended weekend so check this out let's go check this out so today mm-hmm in 30 minutes I have to leave the house so I've got to wrap this up in 30 minutes I'm going to get a massage with Olga and then after that I'm going to get a chiropractic adjustment because my next been a little jacked but it's fine sometimes my camera is like we're done with you and I'm like but I'm not done with you so then I'm gonna come back after my chiropractic appointment and I am going to have multiple Margarita's with a hunky bearded man then we're gonna watch a stand-up comic on Netflix and I am jazzed about it then I have no plans this weekend except I'm gonna lay on that couch a little bit not much because I'm not all about laying but like I'm trying to like you know take a couple days off just like chill just like why do I have to why do I have to be geared up you know like I've just been geared up so I'm trying to gear down big rig you're down then tomorrow I'm gonna lay on the couch a little bit and I'm gonna snuggle with my dogs and I'm gonna read a sweet book I probably won't last long I'm not a huge reader I want to be but I'm not then I'm gonna go ride horses and then we're gonna go to this new restaurant in Nashville and I'm gonna live my best life oh my god and then next week I'm going I'm going we're going Levi and I are going to see Fleetwood Mac in Nashville Bethy it's freaking margarita day in it did you know that did you know that you will because if you don't I'm gonna text you I'm gonna text you right now dear Becky I am filming a blog right now but I interrupt this broadcast to remind you that it's national margarita day text sent all right wrap this up I'll rip these eyelashes off and go see Olga I think I know what you're thinking why am i why am i so white that I'm matching all right love yeah hi bethie I didn't shut it off because I was back there oh I was back there with the record button going why didn't I say like why did I say it that high okay I'm gonna go love you Betty is that what I always do do I need a sign-off all right bye Betty love you I'm perfect going this


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