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what is up guys and welcome back to my channel so today I am going to be doing a whole overview of the supplements I take while I am cutting and getting ready for my bikini competitions now I'm going to throw a disclaimer there just because I am taking these supplements does not mean that you need to take these supplements I highly recommend that you prioritize your training and nutrition first and then look at your supplementation routine so I'm just going to share with you guys what I'm taking and the reasons why behind it and there's nothing like special about these supplements in particular I do work with Bomar nutrition I am showing one product that is from Kor Nutritionals which I will talk about and I didn't bring up every single container because they are big and plastic and obnoxious so I just didn't feel the need to show you every single container I just have the little ones to show you guys today but if you have questions below in regards to supplementation feel free to leave them down below and I'd be happy to answer them before you go okay so the first thing I get asked about all the time is my pre-workout so I do take pre-workout right now I use the Bo more nutrition pre-workout this stuff is super good the reason why I like their pre-workout is it doesn't make me jittery or itchy I hate that feeling I hate the feeling of like my skin crawling and skin burning I've had really bad experiences of experiences with pre workouts before and this one is really good the flavor is great it's in a dragon fruit flavor right there this pre-workout does have caffeine in it so what pre-workout does which I did take notes to is the pre-workout is going to increase your circulation by increasing the blood flow in your body naturally caffeine will increase your heart rate as well which that increases blood flow increases your internal temperature which can help wake you up it can decrease fatigue and also there's sodium in this which sodium will help with muscular pumps and also just help with your electrolyte balance during your workout so that's why I take a pre-workout when do I take this before my workout I usually takes me around 20 to 30 minutes to even get warm on the treadmill and I'm walking just because I live in Ohio and it's cold so I will take this and kind of set this on the treadmill keep in mind it takes roughly 20 minutes to for your stomach to begin digestion and for it to hit your body okay so don't just like take your pre-workout and start lifting right away give give it some time one thing that I suggest that people take is a multivitamin especially if you're in a caloric deficit because you're missing some vitamins and minerals however oh shoot I forgot to bring my greens up here I do take greens from Bomar nutrition I don't have them in my hand but they come in a little container like this and the reason why I take my greens is that gives me 12 servings of fruits and veggies without the calories it's a micro dose of all of those micronutrients which micronutrients are vitamins and minerals you need those just like your macros to help your body function properly so I take my greens I will take those in the morning I usually will mix it in with some sort of water enhancer so the flavors a little bit better although lower nutrition's greens are really great the flavor doesn't bother me at all and yeah I just do one scoop a day I do that in the morning it doesn't really matter the time you do it just as long as you're doing it once a day and there's only one gram of carbohydrates in that versus like if you're to actually eat all of those fruits and veggies there'd be lots of carbs now there's anything wrong with that just I don't think a lot of people have the appetite to get in all of that food volume or even the macros if you're cutting okay so next thing I take is BCA's I take these once a day I used to take them throughout the day and I think that could have possibly been preventing me from losing weight just due to my body never being in a non non anabolic state in a way what BCA is do is they're branched-chain immuno since as a component of protein they help protein month muscle synthesis I always stutter on that it can suppress cortisol can help but for covering I like to take these in the morning when I'm doing my fasted cardio the reason why is i'm trying to retain as much muscle mass on my body and with me being in a caloric deficit that's when i would recommend you take some BCA's if you're not in a caloric deficit if you're in a building phase if you are consuming enough food if you never do fast workouts you don't really need be CAS I also really like these because they help curb my cravings and they helped me get my water in the biggest fan of how water tastes you know that's weird people think I'm weird I don't care I don't like how water tastes it's boring and I need some flavor in my life so I like the lemon BCA's from Bowman nutrition they have a guava one as well they have apple cider and root beer but I've never been super big into those flavors in general lemon is worth that and lemon with this pre-workout I do these two all at once so good very good okay next thing I take and I recommend my clients like all of my clients tickets I still need to take these for everyday but I take two digestive probiotics from boomer nutrition the reason why you want to take some probiotics is to promote good it's got health there's live active cultures in here which will promote healthy gut bacteria help break down and help you poop a lot of my clients struggle with their digestion and once I I like suggest some take a probiotic problem solved okay so you want to make sure you're getting a probiotic that has live cultures in it you don't just want a probiotic you need one of live cultures I take this one it's great I love it the other thing too is this can help of bloating if you're not going to the bathroom if you're going to the bathroom once a week not normal even once a day that's not really normal to you want to have two good smooth ball movements a day and this bad boy will help you okay one thing I take and I'm not going to show you the huge top of it is whey protein so I will take around a one scoop of whey protein a day the reason why I do it is because it is convenient and it tastes good I don't always want to eat chicken I don't always want to eat like turkey lean beef eggs I actually was a vegetarian for six years and just consuming mass amounts of meat isn't something that I enjoy I love whey protein because I can get creative with it I can make protein baked goods that's why I made my whole recipe e-book on protein based recipes you guys can find that link down in my description also just anything that I mentioned in today's video is going to be down below but I love whey protein because it tastes good it's convenient there's going to be around 20 to 40 grams of protein depending on if you're doing one or two scoops and it's fast-acting so if you do one scoop of whey with some water you're in a rush you can take that with you shake it up and drink it that's going to hit your muscles right away for recovery after your muscles are working out even if it's running or biking you need a protein to help replenish them you need water as well but you need a protein to help replenish and rebuild the thing with muscle growth is it doesn't happen in the gym it happens outside of the gym so your nutrition is so important so if you don't have real food if you don't have chicken if you don't have some egg whites if you don't have beef jerky if you don't have something like that around a whey protein is going to be the most convenient and ideal for you and that situation if you're someone that's on the go now when do you want to get your post-workout meal you want to get that in roughly 30 minutes to 2 hours post-workout it guys probably like what's up freak you said two hours yes studies show that you can go upwards of two hours post-workout ideally the faster the better so if you get done in 30 minutes after one hour after that's great you're not gonna go catabolic and lose all of your gains by not getting in your post-workout meal but you're going to optimize your workout by getting in that meal as soon as possible okay so the other supplement I take and and this is during prep and it's not from Bo my nutrition it is core hard I love this product I work with Paul rubella he as my coach and although I am a coach myself I still need my own coach to help hold me accountable he works with core Nutritionals and this product is great as ash I always said around this word as ashwagandha I think I said that wrong whatever and it helps with cortisol and prep you are overtraining you odds are are not sleeping you are under calorie you are just setting yourself up for being sore and at a high stress state a lot so what this does is this helps of cortisol I find whenever I suggest my clients take this too that they just drop weight like this it's not like they've dropped like ten pounds so it's like a magical fabric I mean this is not a fat burner I actually don't take any fat burners in regards to my prep except for I guess you could consider a pre-workout a fat burner since there's caffeine in it but I don't take any fat burners nothing nada but I I take two scoops of the core hard that is the dosage for it this one they have a capsule form and then they have the powder form so you can mix it in some water and drink it that way there's also a theming in here and yeah the first ingredient is ashwagandha pro tip 2 whenever you guys are reading a nutrition label or supplement label the first ingredient is going to be what's mostly in the product so if you're looking at the back of the label instead of at first the first listed ingredient is going to be the one that is mostly in there so that's going to be most of the product so I take for hard I find that helps with the inflammation and stress and it helps with some natural energy too so that's why I utilize this during my prep so those are all the supplements I'm taking right now in regards to getting ready for my bikini prep I would be taking a fish oil but I need to some fish oil can help with your joints and just help you with that metabolism as well I'm not eating a lot of oily fish too so I need to go and get that because I ran out of it and other than that I mean those are the main things of course I would recommend a multivitamin like I said completely honest I'm not taking one right now because I am taking my greens but there's other vitamins and minerals that are in multivitamins that I'm probably missing but that's everything I'm taking again if you have questions for me please leave them down below if you're not following me on Instagram what are you doing go ahead and give me a follow and I would appreciate it so much if you could give this video a like and also hit that subscribe button down below I will see you guys in the next one

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