My Staple Cheap Muscle Building Foods – Quick Grocery Haul w/ Austin Dunham

what's up guys often done them back again with another video today's going to be a different type of video so we're not vlogging we're not doing an informational video I mean I guess it is kind of informational but today we are going raw shoe shopping guys I'm at Walley world right now see that Walmart son right there while the world is another term for Walmart and Walmart has absolutely everything including these muscle building groceries that I'm about to buy so a lot of people want to know what are my staples when it comes to eating clean I guess and/or just my day-to-day foods so I'm fresh out of groceries right now and I thought that I would record this for you guys because I am honestly tired of going out to eat it makes it hard to keep my calories in check and you know just spending a whole bunch of money it saves a lot of money if you go out and buy your own groceries and cook your own food even though I'm not a chef I still have these staples in my diet that I want to show you guys so today let's take you guys along with me as we go in the store and I'm going to show you what I get all right so these foods are not only to help me build muscles they're high in protein usually but also help me keep my calories in check to stay lean and overall just feel a lot better Phil feel good when I work out you know so without further ado let's go in the store stay tuned alright so what's up guys I had to do a voiceover instead of actually talking in the store because people in Walmart their kids are crying and just people are annoying so first things first as you saw I was getting bananas bananas or staple fruit in my diet so I'll always get bananas and right here now I'm getting my staple carb source which is wheat bread now I don't get any wheat bread I usually go for the latter calorie wheat bread as you will see here in a minute and the reason is because it just saves me calories over the week and over time and those sake calories really do make a difference over time because the bread I get usually has like 120 calories per slice but this one I think only has like 40 or 60 calories personalized that saved me like over a hundred calories per day and if you had that in totals of a week if I eat that every day that's a lot of extra calories you can use somewhere else or if you're trying to lose weight it just makes it that much easier next up we have another essential that I always get and that is my lovely EE that didn't make any sense but we're getting my oatmeal guys I always get the weight control Quaker Oatmeal why because it has protein in it about seven grams per pack has one gram of sugar good amount of fiber and decent carbs this is my main breakfast source in the same aisle they have granola and I love using granola for my Greek yogurt as you'll see I'll get in a minute I always just mix it up in my vanilla Greek yogurt it makes it taste a lot better and I always get this protein con right here and like I said speaking of Greek yogurt that's what we're getting next now I always get the same exact kind it's the Light & Fit Greek yogurt the purple kind if you ever see it but I like this one because it tastes good I've taste other Greek yogurt and this one to me always has taste the best and the calories and the protein everything is in check so if you haven't tried that Greek yogurt be sure to try it out now being the student sometimes I have to use deli meat to make a quick sandwich on the go and I love getting this deadly fresh rotisserie chicken deli meat why because it has the lowest amount of sodium and adds pretty good amount of protein of course so if you haven't checked this out too if you guys ever watch my videos you know that I love Clif bars I mean they are expensive but they are a very good carb and protein source it can be something on the go like I usually do and as you can see my favorite flavor is the chocolate chip con alright the carbs never end so next we're getting rice always the whole grain brown rice – ready rice that I showed you guys in my past videos that I love to make why because it's so easy for me to make I don't have to get a rice cooker I just throw it in the microwave and there's good to go with my chicken or whatever else I'm eating I always stack up on the Uncle Ben brown rice so if you can't cook rice like me definitely be sure to check it out and next we're getting of course another bodybuilding staple food that is super cheap and high in protein of course we're getting our grade a large eggs just make sure that they are not cracked and you're pretty much good to go if you are curious I do usually scramble my eggs so as I was making my way to the checkout line I'll sell this rotisserie chicken they have a lot of flavors I usually just stick to the normal kind because it's not a lot of sodium is just your clear-cut roasted rotisserie chicken and it's super cheap guys it was only five dollars for a whole entire chicken so definitely be sure to get a rotisserie chicken if you don't want to cook chicken geez I just don't want to cook so that is today's grocery list and I always usually get oh snap I forgot one thing I forgot to get vegetables guys oh my gosh I had to go back in the store and buy some spinach some carrots some corn some peas and green beans some lettuce guys how could I forget the vegetables Wow all right guys we are now done shopping at Walmart didn't take too long took about 35 35 minutes or so and so if you want to recap of all the stuff I got be sure to rewash the video if you didn't catch something and also just out of the kindness of my heart I'm going to post everything I got in the description down below just my staple food staple food items that I always get so hopefully this video gets some more insight to you guys on what I eat and by the way all that stuff costs around $50 so I would spend $50 in like three and three to four days just by eating galas so that's gonna last me a week and a half to even two weeks long $50 guys so make sure to buy your groceries those are the groceries that I buy those are my stable foods that I always eat and by the way I did not mention that I do have frozen chicken in my freezer that's one thing I didn't run out of so the reason why I didn't buy any frozen meats is because I do already have that but thank you guys watching once again if this video helped you or you learn something give it thumbs up and of course be sure to subscribe for future videos and I'll see you guys soon peace


  1. I forgot the vegetables!! Don't worry I went back! ;D

  2. The key to making good rice is to never leave it hanging. Too many people like to put it on the fire and walk away. You should monitor it from start to finish. It should only take about 15 to 20 minutes.

  3. where is your greens ?

  4. I like your videos AD

  5. that camaro trunk

  6. It's a comfort knowing you don't have to go to high end markets like Whole Foods or Sprouts, and spend 100's of dollars on groceries a week.

  7. Glad to see that most of the foods you got i already implemented in my nutrition. Feels good to see confirmation that im on the right track

  8. Hey Austin, hope you put a proper shirt on before going in the store rather than wandering around semi-naked.

  9. Try the Greek Gods yougurt it's really good.I think you'll like it.

  10. What does natty mean?😑

  11. Hey wzup how many calories do you intake daily? 3,000 calories or more and do you eat 5 times a day 3 big meals 2 snacks? Are the items in your videos consumed trough out the week in average portions? @AustinDunham

  12. Something tells me that you don't usually buy vegetables

  13. I normally eat a bowl of nails for breafast

  14. Another great vid. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Your eyes, teeth and nails are very white.

  16. Russel Wilson?

  17. That’s a lot of processed food

  18. Eggs and chicken are completely unhealthy full of cholesterol and Saturated bad for heart health.

  19. How could you forget the veggies!!😂😂😂Looks great except for the animal products you should collab with vegan bodybuilders like John Venus or nimi delgado or Brian turner bro

  20. Pause at 0:00

  21. So did he check the eggs?

  22. I didn’t realize it was a voiceover I thought you were just talking in the store

  23. Walmart Haul:
    1) Bananas
    2) Wheat Bread (natures own)
    3) weight control Quaker oatmeal
    4) granola (protein)-for yogurt
    5) purple Greek yogurt
    6) deli fresh meat
    7) cliff bar (chocolate chip)
    8) whole grain brown rice (uncle bens)
    9) Eggs
    10) chicken
    11) Vegetables-salad, broccoli, mixed veggies

  24. Must be nice to have no food sensitivities. I'm pigeonholed to white rice, chicken/beef, and spinach

  25. Austin you are the man ! You have helped me destroy my workouts and motivated me to join the air force like i planned years ago. Thanks man and keep killing it

  26. Why do you choose brown rice over white rice?

  27. 5 bucks for a whole chicken. You think you are getting quality meat? That's a cocktail of carcinogens, hormones, and antibiotics.

  28. dude. the daves killer bread

  29. I can’t tell if this dude is saying stable or staple food. But based on the title I guess you can stapilize your muscles with mental wires maybe??

  30. U still eat a lotta bull shit minus the fruit and veggies.

  31. My staples are
    Brown rice
    And veg

  32. You don't drink milk? One of the best foods on the planet!

  33. where do live

  34. What's your job ,

  35. where is the stuff you bought? its not in description

  36. WALMART!!!

  37. So did you eat all that in a day?

  38. Do you track your macros and calories and if so, what are they? Thanks.

  39. I thought you want low carbs and low sugar for a low body fat percentage and build muscles

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