My Sehri Routine | Healthy Eating | Ramzan | Food | Fatima Raja Kasuri


  1. Sweet ❤

  2. Really you are so perfect in cooking and you are so beautiful and cute mashallah 😍😍💞

  3. Ma’am you are looking so gorgeous MaShAllah💕. I really like your are really good in cooking 🥘 ,omelette was looking excellent will going to try it tomorrow for sehri.

  4. ❤❤🤩🤩🤩

  5. Great🎀

  6. Love this video soooo muchhhh!!!!

  7. You are so beautiful mashaAllah….xxx

  8. Beautiful gorgeous good job 👍🏻

  9. Loved the video! You are great at cooking too , MashaAllah..Which milk you use?

  10. I can’t believe you actually made paratha yourself ❤️ such talented person you are

  11. 🤘

  12. Itne makeup mai aapka roza kaisa hua aur nailpaint mai namaz kaise hui

  13. 😚 You are the most beautiful girl in Pakistan.. ❤️ And
    I will definitely try this recipe.. ❤️ It looks yum and healthy.

  14. Yay its fatima's vlog…love it…do name any of ur dramas u have worked in..wanna view..and yes u r a good cook mashaAllah..another feather.

  15. Your Skin care plz

  16. You are so cute.

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