My Raw Vegan Diet ♥ What I Ate & Why It’s Not For Me

So this is my story of trying out being raw for entire 7 days mark, and i have been in costa rica now for about a month and you, know after traveling and doing the tour in the states and being in canada and like launching our new program like we just felt kind of sluggish and just not
Well in a way and so we knew like once we you know came here and settled and we wanted to truly find something that will allow us to detoxify our bodies and allow us to kind of connect deeper with our bodies and our minds and the environment so we thought okay this would be a really cool challenge for us to Do a juice cleanse that’s actually how it started first So we decided we’re gonna go ahead and do a three-day juice cleanse we asked some people questions everyone you know gave us advice we did a little bit of research and kind of just don’t write it like we started it out the day we got our first green juice for like yeah life is good We can do this is gonna be easy and then literally like five hours after it was like i hit a brick wall not freeling feeny becoming frail They, say the first day is the hardest i get the health benefits but man i can’t do anything like writing an email unlike takes every inch of energy hurt me I’m feeling so weird we tried to actually document the first three days but like we’re gonna shoot every single day and we’re gonna talk about you know how we feel and even the Process of just getting the shoot started was the most difficult thing ever we were so indecisive Couldn’t figure out what camera to use like you stand here i stand here we were frustrated with each other And we’ve had one juice of? Green juice with was a parent know so it was cucumbers parsley We did it one day and to be honest i got extremely sick from the juice and i think you know it’s because out of nowhere i just sort of putting all these really heavy like green juices and when i woke up the next day i was like you know what i had to listen to what my body was saying and i decided to stop the juice cleanse but i would continue and challenge myself and Continue to eat, raw foods i’ve always wanted to try a raw food diet and this was my opportunity to do so So after starting the first day with just juicing i feel like my digestive system had a little bit of a break got a little sick So in the morning when i woke up i started to slowly introduce foods again so i would start with a smoothie and then a little bit of fruit and surprisingly even after one day of juicing like i felt like my stomach shrunk like my portions were cut in half right away which was a little bit crazy that took one day To do that and then yeah i just started slowly introducing like different fresh fruits veggies and you know my breakfast always started with a really filling smoothie bowl do i top it with lots of fresh fruits superfoods cacao nibs hemp seeds like anything that would you know really fuel me up for the day when it’s da good morning i am on day, six now of the raw challenge and for breakfast i made the most amazing thing today i made this frozen banana smoothie blended with almond milk and cacao nibs and then i topped it with passion fruit mango pineapple and morgantown it’s because in my little chocolate zest and it looks amazing and i’m so excited to eat it One of my main inspirations for you know taking on a challenge like the raw challenge was to truly just give myself the opportunity to connect with my body and understand it a little bit deeper and that’s actually just like the app that sponsored this video today called clue and it’s a free app that you can download on your phone on your tablet It’s for the female audience and what it is it allows you to track how your menstrual cycle affects your body your overall well-being from you know your moods your skin your hair i Mean it’s everything even your fertility and i think apps like that just are there for you to use on a daily Basis, to again just Understand how your environment eyre everyday activities to the foods you’re eating affect your everyday life if you guys want to try out this app there’s a link below in the description Of the video and it’s free so go ahead and give it a try this is our little office here in our home at our laptop water man this is gonna be fun three days but the thing i found with Going rods that i would get hungry a lot faster so it always you don’t have to keep snacking or fuelling myself and? for lunches i would have you know some sort of fresh green salad or chop up veggies lots of tahini sauce love tahini sauce and then you know i just try to kind of switch it up throughout the day another my favorite meals for these salad rolls which is again like veggies wrapped in rice paper dipped into he need us to get him obviously obsessed with tahini sauce And that’s the thing like now that i go through it and talk about my meals i feel like that’s one of the things that? Kind of bothered me about the raw died is that i felt Personally that i didn’t have a variety to choose from i love food like i love Creating different you know things with food and cooking them in a certain way so this Part of it was definitely a challenge for me and at times i had like even touched my mind being like ah like i’m almost Sick of it i don’t want, to have another? Salad i’m sick of a smoothie like i want something else so it was interesting to watch my mind to go through these patterns so we pulled up by this organic little store and they had in frost cinnamon buns it’s incredible i’ve never seen anything like this it’s plantain with dates and coconut meat coconut oil cinnamon and it actually like a cinnamon bun wow I need to figure out. How to do this holy crap You, know sometimes i attempt any sort of sugar cravings even with for example like a a banana, ice cream where you literally just blend frozen bananas to a point where they they taste like ice cream and that would really fuel Me up for a little bit but then again like so it’s just this this weird cycle and this is what i’m doing is i’m putting these orange slices in the waters so i like drinking this much water and then we also have mint in our little tiny garden That i like to also put into this water as well and what’s really interesting if you look at the study of ayurvedic medicine you know everybody has their doshas and i’m more of a vata pitta dosha if that dosha requires a little bit more grounding and so switching up my diet really allowed me to see what worked and what did it there’s certain things that my body went through for example i’d feel really really bloated like once a day at least i just feel like my stomach was bloated up and it was confusing like i thought i’m eating like a very healthy raw diet like why am i so bloated and apparently it’s because you know raw food is a lot harder on your digestive system so My digestive system had to work really hard to digest the raw food and i guess overall for me i just felt a little bit lower on the energy side like for example i love going up for runs On the beach hair in the morning and what i was eating raw like i just felt like my body was just, not as strong i get tired really fast and i just didn’t feel like i had enough energy so So i was kind of almost waiting for it to be done so i could have some cooked food and some veggies and stir-fry It was so interesting For once to actually feel how food affected me i feel that we eat So much on a day-to-day basis that we don’t even realize how the fuel you’re putting into your body affects your mood affects your your being your energy level and when i did a one day fast technically we juice and then i put fruits and healthy foods into my diet i felt this burst of energy it was so interesting because it mean you really realized that what we put into our bodies is so important you know it’s it’s our fuel it’s the energy you put into it as well like what kind of energy are you welcoming into your own digestive system into your being like when we start to look at food in that sort of way is more of energy more of as frequency that is part of everything that you are i think it’ll help us make better choices and all the way to a beautiful place called the body tree and we’re going, to take a transformational yoga class with our friends chris hawk who the deejaying live during the yoga he’s mixing in the energy healing sort of giving physical energy what i do it again i mean i love the idea of an 80/20 diet meaning that 80% of Your diet is brawn than 20% is not So you know for example breakfast and lunch could be raw and then your dinner is something a little bit more comforting i think that would be a perfect diet for me because naturally that’s how i eat you know i start my days always with some kind of fruits i Love smoothies so that that has no change for me if i’m wrong or just vegan? and then you know having lunches that are involved a lot of salads and again smoothies that’s wonderful but then having that comforting Meal at dinnertime i think is something that’s really helped me and ground me to start the day so ending the 80/20 by week more my style than a fully raw diet In the end i think what’s most important is that We truly tune into our own bodies and listen to them listen to how our bodies respond to food you, know spigen diet and a raw vegan diet i mean there’s not that much difference except the cooked portion of food yes there’s a big difference between a vegan diet and a regular you know north american diet that includes a lot of Animal products dairy products because those products actually cause harm to your body because harm to our environment they contribute to a lot of horrible things in this world but when you Take that to the side and you compare vegan diet and a raw vegan diet i mean it really you’re not harming the environment with any of them you’re not hurting the animals with any of them you are fueling your body in the most wonderful way it’s just truly understanding of what works for you so if you’re one of those people that needs that grounding the comforting you know then maybe a vegan diet is the best thing you should be doing but maybe you thrive on just raw Vegetables and foods and that’s for you so you know i just wanted to share my experience of how i felt Rob you can diet is not for me vegan diet is definitely what i will stick with but i’m all for trying new things All the time new challenges to challenge my body to challenge my line is just to truly understand how this physical form of mine reacts to the fuel i put into my body you


  1. You look amazing! Truly inspirational. I try my best to be healthy and happy and look after myself but i find it very difficult. Your videos really motivates me. The life your living looks great! I am looking forward to trying out your book and DVD real soon 😃😍

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your experience!
    That's what I'm always saying: There is absolutely NO diet that is working for EVERYONE the same way. You have to consider your constitution type (or dosha), the climate and region you live in and even the season. I love raw food in summer, but in winter (livin in Germany) I feel that my body gets too cold, eating much raw food.
    Also, I love variety and don't wanna limit myself to eating ONLY raw. I love cooked or steamed food, too and so do my children. I wonder a little bit why it has become such a hype to eat raw food, but anyway.. everybody has to find out for themselves what really feels good for body, mind and soul…
    Keep on doing your fantastic work! You guys are such an inspiration! 🙂

  3. I love Clue!

  4. I did a water fast before starting raw. bish wheres your avocado?

  5. When you said ‘seven days’, I thought you were going to say ‘seven years’. Seven days may be a long time in Princess World, but in the world of actual achievement, seven days is nothing.

  6. i like all kinds of foods………

  7. juicing is hard because you poo liquid 💩 im on day 9 on my liquid cleanse.

  8. What skin products do you use?

  9. Could you do a skin and hair care routine? 🙂

  10. you got detox symptoms, eat more. more calories, more fat. this is the food you are supposed to thrive off

  11. you . can do high fat keto vegan diet and green juice fasting. and then that heals the gut, then you can add the raw foods and that shud get rid of the bloating. you can eat avocado, coconut meat, 10 bananas in a sitting, raw nut butters, etc. if you went into it right you should have been able to felt high energy and amazing and not low energy, incorporating algae as well. as far as being rooted, red potato is very rooting. connecting you to earth and gaia

  12. You go to sick because your body was detoxifying! If you want to get rid of all the toxins you would need to persevere past those symptoms. Look up Olivia Budgen

  13. Samara!

  14. Thank you for sharing this and being honest. Everything in moderation, I supposed, and some of us overachievers tend to forget that. Namaste!

  15. Cooking food uses energy whether electric, gas or coal and thus is more harmful to the environment than a raw diet. Thanks for sharing.

  16. I love pineapple it my fruits is apple I'm do a raw challenge

  17. Thanks for sharing your experience with the raw food diet. I was deciding whether or not I wanted to do a juice fast, or an even more intense water fast to jump start a raw food diet but hearing your story has me reconsidering that. We share the same Dosha profile and the same first name btw!!! The world is smaller than we think it is. Peace, Love, and Light!

  18. I would hit this girl raw

  19. You guys make it sound like it’s the hardest thing in the world to juice and it raw! I did a 7 day fast with just water, yeah it was hard but nothing out of this world! Is all mental, I wanted to do it and I cut had done more days but that was my goal. The only thing I can say is that you need to be home or on vacation because you need to relax and when I felt hungry I took a nice nap 😴 so is not a big deal.

  20. Can you do a video on doshas? Ever since you mentioned it I've been researching!

  21. I am not a doctor but a would say that you didn’t feel well because you enter into a heavy detox. Next time try coffee enemas while you juice. The symptoms will be milder. Light and love

  22. This video wasn’t at all what I expected. I really like your authenticity. You don’t seem to be so focused on looking a certain way as much as you do on wellness and conscious living, and it seems genuine. This matters. I’ve been inspired recently by some of the vegan videos that are more like this – that focus less on shaming people and more on the bigger picture and the happiness and peace that can come from making conscious choices. I have not gone vegan yet – partially because when I switched to plant based eating I also had a severe digestive reaction and was quite sick for over a month. I did notice some interesting things like a drop in my sugar cravings – but then I got quite sick even though I felt I was following a sensible diet. It was so hard on me that I went back to my more normal way of eating and my body calmed back down after a while. But I am still interested in trying to be more and more conscious about what I put into my body and the systems I participate in. I do think everyone should eat as little meat as possible – and vegan is the ideal. But I’m learning that I need to take this slowly and try to understand my body and do some experimenting as I go along. For now I’m just working on making more meatless meals and decreasing my dairy intake. This is a learning process. I was vegetarian for many years, but vegan is still a challenge for me for several reasons. I have started a gentle probiotic and I’m just going to keep doing research and trying to find a way toward veganism that works for me. And that’s why videos like this are helpful. Because yes many people may see the virtues of veganism. But for many it’s much harder to just jump into it than it is for others. And shaming people just doesn’t help motivate them to change. Shame isn’t a motivator. Lighting the path ahead is what matters. Your energy is very positive and you have a genuine nature. This makes your message ring clear and true. Thanks for a good video, it was helpful to me on my journey.

  23. Many brands of chocolate use whey power which can contain rennet – a commonly used coagulating enzyme extracted from a calf's stomach after slaughter

  24. its normal to be sluggish at the beginning its a detox symptom just make sure you eat enough threw out the day eat alot of greens dont forget them if you want more information I will suggest you Tannyraw on youtube

  25. almond milk isn’t raw

  26. Eat raw beef liver and raw eggs, try it be open minded and see what it does to your energy.

  27. I’m soooo in love with your channel. It’s just so interesting and you really inspired me with your lifestyle. ❤️❤️

  28. Vegans are so obsessed with themselves

  29. great teachers, raw fruits and veggies. takes all ur emotional and physical shit out for you to see.

  30. sorry but you did it all wrong 😩

  31. Try living in cold climate!! You are glowing! Xo congrats on a nice 7 day reset. Great to do every other month I'm sure.

  32. You guys need more of a guidance if you wanna go raw…. everything you mentioned in the video such as bloating, lack of energy, vata energy disbalance etc. you were wrong about it all. Going raw is definitely a big mental challenge but if you deeply don`t understand how the body works and how the raw food diet should be eaten, to avoid all these problems, then you just end up freaking out at the very beginning. It`s sad that there is so much misguidance even from so called "raw food vegan gurus" nowadays. It makes people giving up on the healthiest and the most natural way of eating for a human kind. Hit me up if you wanna know a real solution for raw vegan diet(lifestyle) success.

  33. First week I went vegan I felt really tired and no energy. But after that it was all good. Think it was just the trancition, more fiber than I was used to etc etc. I dunno. So maybe it was the same for you trying a raw diet. If you gave it 22-30 days maybe you would feel differently. I never tried the raw diet myeself tho.

  34. Could you be any more of a shallow narcissist? Hollow….

  35. Your body went in to extreem detox mode. You need to slowly go in to it and switch gradually. Your blood sugar levels are way to high and then you switch to low sugar and then the parasites go through massive die off and then you body goes in to extreme detox mode. You really have no idea what your doing do you.

  36. This is dramatic af. You did not get sick by the juice. You got sick from perhaps detoxifying.

  37. Haha, 7 days is nothing, try 70 years completely raw. And most importantly we must eliminate human suffering and woman having abortions. Peace be with you

  38. Love this video, you guys seem so lovely ❤️✨

  39. Thank you so much for this video! You don't even know…

  40. You are looking really thin! Kind of concerned! Love your channel and videos though! Have for a while. xoxo

  41. a beautiful soul in a beautiful body, you inspire me <3

  42. You’re amazing & I really loved this video! You have such a beautiful body mind & spirit that watching you whether it’s your yoga videos or what I eat in a day videos, they’re all amazing.Thank you thank you! 🙏🏽

  43. I going try a raw challenge smoothies like stewberry and blueberries coconut

  44. Raw food is not more difficult to digest. It's the total opposite. Because raw food contains the enzymes for the digestion that your body doesn"t need to produce. Cooked food takes a lot more energy to digest because the enzymes of the digestion are killed during the cooking.
    What you experienced is just your body adjusting to this new diet. But of course as any other diet it's always better to do it with the help and advice of a professional like a naturopath.
    There are a few things to know about food properties and body process before engaging yourself into raw diet. Just by eating raw, you are deeply cleansing your body which makes you think at the beginning that something wrong is going on (due to some body reactions) but once you know why and how to respond to it (again with the help of a professional) you can keep going on this cleansing process and then after a few weeks totally enjoying and embracing the most natural and amazing way to feed a human body for having it at its best.

  45. you never do a juice fast with green juices. ever. fruit all the way babe. you need way more calories that are fruit related. bananas, dates, mangoes. you ate way too little, and way too much fat. consider trying it again but eating alot more high caloric dense fruits. much larger portions. your bloating is caused by very poor food combining. never mix protein or fat with carbs.

  46. A great interesting video. Where did you guys get your starchy foods in raw form to feel fuller and satiated without feeling hungry?

  47. I think that you guys should try dry fasting. My longest dry fasting was 4 days, but when you start, you should do it progressively, like one day, then two, etc.. In dry fasting, you don't feel nauseous and everything goes better. Just make sure to breathe deeply. I tried fasting with water but then I felt so nauseous and I vomited. Dry fasting is so much more powerful to clean your bodies. Love,

  48. This is super cool thank you! I'm currently In school and I've been doing this lifestyle for about a year, because food is so expensive. I tend too eat 1 pineapple and maybe 1 papaya per day, is this unhealthy ? also I don't eat until 2:00 pm because I find I get less hungry the less I eat. I'm just looking for some advice on someone who has more knowledge ? thank you

  49. Where did you get that black bikini top in the beginning? I love it!

  50. Raw food may be harder to digest but juicing definitely isn't. Your body will show effects on a juice cleanse but that's a good thing. I find it uncomfortable doing yoga but I know I have to push through and it will come good. I incorporate 3 juices a day as well as a 80/20 diet. It's what works for me but please give the juicing a chance. It really is a benefit to your whole body!

  51. I don't know if you had raw kale, but it's more of a goitrogen when it's raw. I feel like a truck ran over me if I eat raw kale, but I'm okay with it cooked.

  52. new subscriber thank you much for your wonderful content.

  53. Have you considered that the lack of energy and the negative feelings might be due to detox reactions? Maybe if you would have kept going a little longer, you could have found that you feel really well on the raw diet. It's normal to experience discomfort and detox reactions in the beginning. That can easily last for a week or two, sometimes longer depending on your body.

  54. I have been vegan for decades and have experimented with all of the combinations too. I did all raw for 2 months several years ago and was covered in bruises and was crazy lethargic. With my friend Ali, I started experimenting with the 80 10 10 diet and eat about the same as you…Raw fruits and vegetables all day and the some raw combined with some cooked food for dinner. This proved to be the best combination for me too. I have amazing energy now and at 60 am the most fit I have ever been. Yoga brings peace and happiness into this life as well. I practice daily but am kind to my body when it is tired. Thank you for all of the lovely stories and info on your diet. Your classes bring much happiness into my life. Thank you, ever xox, Lolly

  55. ❤️U guys Wish everyone was like that

  56. You inspire me so much! I love your way of life if only I could do as you I'll be very happy! But tell me what do you do as a job? Unless youtube is your business 😊

  57. American Indian name for Vegans "Poor Hunters".

  58. That talion was hilarious! You can do no wrong.

  59. Your body was in a need of carbs. Once the carbs are gone the body uses the fat stores. Once there's no more fat your body uses proteins, at least in exercise.

  60. Love the bgm

  61. I totally agree with you. Every day I eat at our school's canteen. There are all kinds of food made of flour and heavy portion of rice with very oily, salty sidings. I feel so full and uncomfortable after every meal.

  62. According to Chinese medicine, the raw food , especially raw veggies, is cold. ( Well, not temperature, this concept is like the energy of the food). So if we put too much cold energy inside human, it breaks our original energy balance. For instance, I have been a vegetarian for quite a long time, I used to eat a lot of salad and raw food but i started to get sick a lot. So i tried to eat less raw food and find the energy balance for my body. Eating more nuts will help if you eat a lot of energy-cold food because nuts have hot energy. Thank you for your diet sharing. Listening to our own bodies is really important.

  63. you're so in-tune and wise. A true inspiration you are for me, thank you for being so amazing, light and love 🙂

  64. Girl!! I love this! I'm also Vata and I was warned not to go raw by my yoga teacher friend. Super cool to hear how it went for you cause she said it would end up that way for me as well. ❤

  65. I love your videos, you are very inspirational and are helping promote a healthy and happier world all around you! Thank you! I just wanted to mention one thing – because you said in the video "…when you compare a vegan diet and a raw vegan diet, you're not harming the environment with any of them…" and this is not true. Eating vegan still does cause harm to the environment – there are droughts from irrigation (almonds used to make almond milk for example), there is a huge use of fossil fuel to transport food around the world (avocados from Mexico to Canada for example – or matcha powder from Japan to Costa Rica) and countless other examples. You may be harming the environment LESS compared to eating animal products but stating that vegan diets do not harm the environment is not true either, and I think everyone should be conscious of each action they take and how that will affect the environment in one way or another. Again, thank you for guiding us down this path to a better life, I appreciate what you are doing to enlighten your audience.

  66. Thanks for sharing this, also about the juice diet. My hubby did a strict raw do diet last year (also without oils and something else I don't remember ). I first joined him but then only partly continued as I also felt all the energy fading out if my body. At the moment after getting some interesting inputs I'm just figuring out what my body really needs.

  67. This is the best advice I’ve heard about food and diet ever! Sometimes it’s difficult to just listen to our bodies when it comes to food, and I’m struggling with an obsession for what I eat or what I should eat. But, yes, I know, I have to listen to my body. Your words are just what I needed , recently I have found this course of yoga burning diet , it was amazing and the result was great and I advice your follower to take it ..THANK YOU

  68. Listen to your body 😊. I am vata- Pita 😁
    Cute doggy 😚.

  69. She is amazing ! I love her ❤

  70. You are very very beautiful

  71. This is helpful to share. But it’s also kind of funny to make a determination after only a week, instead of considering that maybe it wasn’t implemented well.

  72. it's so bad and sad. you just want to support your metabolism and it gets even crazier and you start to feel worse than before.

  73. Raw vegan is not sustainable. Where do you get protein?

  74. Me encanta verte, me gusta lo que transmites, y lo digo literalmente porque no entiendo nada de lo que dices, pero transmites armonía, paz, satisfacción, alegría… puro AMOR

  75. I am always sorry to hear that the raw diet usually means all these unhealthy smoothies with seeds and cacao. I mean cacao is toxic and addictive! Not to mention these fat-sugar combos. Darling, why don't you try the true low fat simple, whole foods fruit and veggie diet? Please, download your free copies of my Health Glows Meal Plan Set and get yourself the real deal.

    Much love

  76. Raw Veggies gives you gas but, you get use to it! LOL!

  77. Raw food is incredibly bloating

  78. que mona tan mamasita

  79. I had a very opposite experience. Even though I ate all raw, I ate a lot of it an never felt hungry. I actually had more energy an my body started to physically transform in a good way. I try to eat mostly raw now. When I eat too much cooked food I get bloated and feel gross. Maybe it's age. I'm going to be 42 in May of this year.

  80. Hi Julianna! Thank you very much for sharing your experience as well as for your precious videos! Speaking about raw vegan diet, I've been eating only raw food for about 6-7 years now. My first impression was very similar to yours, although I felt inside that I'm doing a right thing, so I continued eating only fruit and veggies. I also started to do different cleanses to allow my body to clean itself faster. During next several months I lost lots of pounds and became really-really skinny, but I also started to feel elevated. After a while I gained my weight back (I was also skinny before starting raw diet). My body was full of energy and the vibe has changed radically. There was nothing in the world that would upset me or make me feel nervous. It was the whole new world for me, and that's why I'm still doing it after all these years. I agree that you have to listen to your body first and that's what you do. We always need a right time for such transformations. So, who knows… Maybe one day raw food diet will become an important part of your life as well. Please have a beautiful day! <3

  81. You inspired me to make the Banana Cinnamon Buns. After a couple of tries, they came out great. I posted on my website. I love your videos, you are my favorite yoga teacher. Thank You

  82. That's so weird I fast all the time. I never felt weak if I go longer than 5 days I will. But the first day I'm just starving and battling my thoughts of eating. After day one tho it is easy. But I'm also bigger than u. Maybe it's bc my body has more fat to eat 😂 I had to stop fasting I was 160 and went down to 129 in a couple of months my husband was not pleased. Still isn't I still fast once in awhile but can't as much now bc of my hubby I wasn't doing it for weight loss tho. That was just a side effect.

  83. You holding those papayas in the thumbnail, thought you had lobster claws.

  84. That’s it I’m going vegan

  85. Did you drink a gallon of juices a day? Also you do know the amount of eating raw is waaaay more then most realize and eating often through the day is key. Remember detox happens even when we think we eat super clean, we live in s toxic world the water isn’t clean and carries lots of things our bodies don’t need. Yes eating raw is a dedication and amounts are like a pound of food at each meal. 7 days doesn’t seem like a long enough time to truly be able to get the full benefits. I recommend looking up the liferegenerator for raw lifestyle. Raw food is not hard on digestion. Aloha

  86. Thank you both for your videos, they are inspirational. Also appreciate your honesty. I’m also a believer that we should eat seasonally. I live in Scotland, and I’m from northern and Eastern European background. Raw salad veggies grown locally are difficult to find in the winter, but root veggies are plentiful – they mainly really need to be cooked to be digestible. Raw parsnip
    🤔. And also we need the warmth of cooked food in the cold northern countries! I think our genetics also play a part, if my ancestors ate cooked food because of where they lived, and I am made of them, then I need to as well!

  87. It's an extreme difference between vegan and raw vegan diet. it's totally different story. We are raw since more than 10y and we are therapists. you shouldn't mix fruit with fat it makes you feel rally bloated… Fat is very slo to digest and fruit very quick, it does not work together 🙂 you also need to eat often rather than huge portions at once.

  88. I would love to see a video on how you supplement for the necessities on a vegan diet. 💕

  89. ITs nothing wrong that you feelt like that after juice days its normal reaction when toxic staff try to go out from your body …just 2 weeekdn are difficult after everithing its ok i know because I tryed this too

  90. Listening to the beginning – perhaps some oil like the ketosource (MCT) oils you can buy would have got you over that – it's paleo and vegan.

  91. I nearly starved to death in the jungle of Maui in a Nazi raw food community… I'm with you…it didn't work for me either but vegan diet does and has amazing benefits for body, mind, and soul!💫💓🌺

  92. You are absolutely wonderful and such an inspiration for me! I was wondering what your opinion of lectins in our food is? Yay or nay?

  93. I can see you are tricked into vegan diet which started your early aging If you cant eat animals eat eggs and milk products there is nothing wrong with that.1-2 years ago you looked like you are 20 now your face looks like 35

  94. I downloade Clue due to your recommendation and told my friends 😊its awesome! Blew my other period tracker out of the water!

  95. Lol your so uneducated. Why would you juice? Keep learning!!!

  96. you were tired on the all raw because your body was detoxing. Even 1% of cooked food will stop the detox process. Because of chemtrails etc the only people I know that are thriving are raw foodist because their bodies are in a constant state of detox. Raw food is not harder to digest it's the exact opposite

  97. H E Y , B E A U T I F U L P E O P L E – 😆😊😗W H A T I S T H E N A M E O F T H E S O N G in 00:18 – 00-29 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  98. Thank you for being so unique and true to yourself!

  99. Wow I had the opposite experience with energy. I did raw vegan for 6 months and felt amazing and was the most fit I've been in my life. However I went back to regular vegan with majority of meals raw. I just found it difficult to maintain and almost impossible to eat out at restaurants with fully raw.

  100. thank you beautiful for sharing your experience but, just know that you are doing things different so you will feel uncomfortable n different and always, always listen to your spirit! OK… love you! light n love your way!

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