My poor health and those that fed Kemi Olunloyo dinner.

hi this is cameo modeling I am NOT your in journalist and social media critic it's now about five o'clock on Sunday the 19th of May 2019 and I'm showing you this food because I wanted to stress on something the food you're looking at is four pieces of pizza barbecue sauce ketchup fries and chicken and I ordered it this afternoon my son ordered it for me because I have not eaten for three days I think it's very hard to tell you guys that I have not eaten for three days because I'm not well the post-traumatic stress I'm going through is eating me up and aside from that I don't have money to eat anything so for my fans I've never seen this kind of overwhelming stuff these are young people that have been donating to my wellness fund donating to my health and wellness fund after I did that video that I was literally screaming my head off about a yellow Jew and how she destroyed my life career livelihood at home yeah but I don't want anything from you you've tried your best to reach out to me by sending people to me to give me this give me that I don't want anybody's anything all I know is that God is going to give me the justice I deserve there's a lot of people telling me to leave this thing to God there's some people telling me to forgive and forget you cannot forgive and forget you can forget somebody but you can't forget what they did you can forget what they did you may never forgive them you'd think the course of justice happens in a courtroom a human judge does the judging not the Heavenly Father above today yabba posted something on Instagram and said why can't you move on why can't you do this why can't you do that she took somebody else's quote until it offends to share it to encourage someone I went then I replied her she's a very wicked person yeah Boyd was a very very wicked person what she did to me worked me down to rock bottom that six months in that prison has eaten me young and for the first time I want to tell my fans that I have been very suicidal part of my symptoms was anxiety fear and suicidal thoughts when you have suicidal thoughts you need help because you might commit suicide I tried as much as possible to be strong but it's so hard to be strong when you've seen trauma people killed and shot to death as SARS people dying in the prisons people hungry traumatic things that I would never be exposed to and I was exposed to in 2017 however it took one person's line to take me there yeah but says she did not you know with EMS she the prosecutor said if he met you didn't exist that I made it up and I made that human being up and that person living a man she did not format of any woman's vagina or warm that was the worst thing that I can ever tell you that Vivian called me told me everything and I understood why I went to prison because somebody like chained the pastas name from suleiman to be yummy I went out trying to investigate before I can even investigate start investigating I was arrested I can never forget I can never forget this is why I never came back to blog again two years I've not blocked I've just been posting on social media some people think I'm actually working now I'm retired let me tell you what's going on if not for social media trying to kill myself I got to the edge if not for the fact that I have two phones that I can actually go there and read news have you know the internet for 30 years I've been on the internet since 1989 some of you didn't know living dinner was that long some of you that hate on me call me liar you say those things but tonight I've been there since 30 years now if I don't open that for a read names read Google search something Twitter I would have killed myself depression is real anxiety is real post-traumatic stress is real I spoke to TBC about it and now I want to go work with world groups of mental health don't call me a crazy woman I'm not crazy mental health is not about craziness it's about people who need help with life situation but when somebody puts you in that life situation it is horrible disgusting and selfish yeah boy just never apologized to me she has never reached out to me 20 Lau and he came to me Darren Laird who came to me we were doing like him many people came to me to reach out on this thing yeah Bohr has simply backed out she almost said she was sorry I wanted to do something I'm feeling smug laughs she backed out of it but now something new has come up their ego has not opened her can of worms she lied under oath if you lie under oath in Nigeria you face 14 years to life if the person you lied on is facing life you get the death penalty doesn't sound fair but I support it I want my justice for the young people on this page 10,000 of you knew people that came here I want to thank you some people are sending me one key young people are taking 15 hour charge to send me one K somebody sent 500 naira twenty thousand ten thousand fifty thousand I'm getting donations that will help me eat rest buy medications go to the doctor go to the psychologist who charges 50k per session suicide and fear and fight please google PTSD post-traumatic stress disorder I'm not the only one in Nigeria that has it people cannot come out because they fear the stigma or they're gonna call me a mad woman crazy woman I'm not mad I'm not crazy I'm very intelligent and this is why I've been fighting for young people from day one I fought for young people in America the drug issue I fought for young people in Canada the guns issue and now I'm not in Canada in my country nigeria and young people don't know their rights here they're being trampled upon they're being arrested I've been too told by Stars to open their phones they've been arrested by efcc lined up as young boys and what are our leaders doing about it nothing absolutely nothing they are also Yahoo who is stealing huge amounts billions we hear about them giving money to the herdsman billions we're at about CBN billions Malibu oil many things missing billions and billions but what do we do we just sit here and watch for the young people know who you're gonna vote for in 2023 it is very very important if we add olive oil – or it wouldn't be where we are now bandits everywhere let me give you an example of my son my son the one that lived in that jail forever rich kjt music Katie start school now in America's America is lucky we're not American yes what do we do with our years over here he doesn't have a job it's been doing music and produces music no school a suit didn't come out of this strike they said June school starts in UI University everybody where he wanted to go it's already going to the bottom of school there it's now going to that side however I gotta tell you something when our young people have nothing to do they are going to do other things okay I'm getting a little lawyer everybody knows me in this city of you battery I'm very famous and very popular anyone I call and tell him to do something they'll do it I met thank you so much for sending me the chicken mr. BIG's the KFC the everybody that send me stuff all these managers they can't even hire you till you're 21 even the supermarkets coyote wants jobs he goes out and every 21 22 or 21 16 is the work in agent America but here it's 21 my son is a good boy he has been producing music please follow his speech add to rich kjt music he has a great mixtape out there go to the link on his bio streaming songs and enjoy it but for other people who don't have that laptop the microphones the studio headphones they go out and they become kidnappers cultist ritualists and armed robbers or even worse the Nigerian youth is marginalized they are not being helped by a government many of them I've met in the prison and that's what they were in there for courts is in ritualism armed robbery and others so the IPO b-boy is still in port aqua prison god bless you cameo mother lulu meyer may 19th 2019


  1. Please let go of ur past& move on, forgive others so that God can forgive u as well

  2. Forgiving your enemy is not easy but your own inner healing begins.Healing takes time There is no need to Jump off a cliff whilst your enemy live on. In your inner most being to God about the situation, it might sound like nothing or like an empty space but he hears.your enemy ,off course will not be at rest as this point in time, This does not exclude the application of the human justice in court. In fact, it will promote and win case. You have your loved ones and children to live for. Besides, after the proccess of healing, you can focus on new God ideas for more projects. You do neccessary have to interactive your enemy. Healing takes time. (Nothing is impossible , you can recover all).

  3. Mummy I have PTSD too, Hold On Tight, it will get better

  4. There is redemption in forgiveness my sister. It is difficult but try it. I would like to send you a token please send your account number in you reply to my comment.

  5. GOD will heal you madam

  6. Nonsense!

  7. No one knows what's this woman is going through.She's really depressed & tromatise she needs help,May God restore you

  8. Please forgive she is your sister

  9. Hello Kemi, I beg you please don't give up on life. I would not even try to put myself in your shoes, bcos only you alone knew how it hurts.
    But, I believe that there's a light at the end of the tunnel for you, and you are more stronger that you thought.
    Please hang on in there, and your tribulations will turn to jubilations in the thy Mighty name of Yeshayah.

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