1. BROO post more pls!! you give me hella motivation fam

  2. Nice Steven! pls giveaway a gymshark stuffs 😁Im from Philippines

  3. steven, what camera you got?

  4. is like everyone around him got a buff of the Cao

  5. Thought this dude died…

  6. Come van pro !

  7. Been waiting for a new vid!!! Got hyped af for this ✊🏽💯

  8. woah a steven cao video and he's not 2 weeks out

  9. what happened to justin martilini?? he was a cool ass dude

  10. Hardcore workout!

  11. Mantap bro..👍👍👍

  12. the 🐐 is back

  13. whats your split like nowadays?

  14. mr.bubbles is back! lets goooo

  15. Lets see day in the life. More things besides lifting

  16. Bro, I've been waiting so long for a classic Steven Cao video with the best workout songs that go along with it. Got my first ever Mens Physique competition on May 25, its peak week for me and im so damn excited. Gotta say Steven, you are the base of my motivation. You are the one who changed my mentality in the gym and ive progressed so much. Keep pushing bro, Olympia awaits you !

  17. Please throw up a playlist?

  18. Thanks for the story

  19. It’s about timeeeeee

  20. So longgg😩😩why you so long😁

  21. I am Vietnamese bro expect you to take the clip too long :))

  22. Good to see you back man! Keep up the funny vlogs. Food stuff is fun to watch but just keep doing what you’re doing man. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

  23. eyy ma man with the asking Alexandria music not the ncs gay shit

  24. long time no see

  25. Beast !

  26. You have extremely small calves

  27. Steven do u Plan to Visit your Fans in Germany anyday?

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