My PCOS supplements + diet + exercise!

hello ladies welcome back to my channel as you can probably tell it is a new name so I changed my name from your nutrition cure to your PCOS girl because I realized that a lot of the content I enjoy making is for women with PCOS all my clients are women with PCOS my eCourse is for women with PCOS and that is who I want to help in my life that is my passion that is why I went to nutrition school whole nutrition school see that's why I graduated in nutrition and that's why I feel like my YouTube Instagram name all of it has to be super clear as why I'm here what my purpose is so I want to be your PCOS girl I want to be the person you come to feel better about yourself to find some gentle nutrition principles and most importantly how to find food freedom and just happiness and balance with PCOS so I hope you guys enjoy the name change if you do please let me know I'm also going to change my website currently it's still your nitrogen cure com but it will be your PCOS girl calm I'm so freaking excited about this guy's honestly it was kind of hard to make this decision I went back and forth back and forth but once I made the decision to focus on PCOS 100% everything became so crystal clear in my head at what my real purpose it's so I'm so excited to bring more PCOS content I'm gonna do hormone balancing full days of eating I'm going to show you awesome recipes I'm gonna tell you how to love your body even though you have PCOS I also feel that changing my name is super important because I know you guys know that there's so many people on this media in social media that are constantly telling you to go on a diet or that weight loss is the only solution okay and I want to be the opposite I want to tell you that if you want to lose weight I'm gonna in a healthy way I'm going to support you and show you how to implement gentle nutrition into your lifestyle but I'm also going to tell you that you can accept yourself right now girl and you can implement some healthy habits that are gonna last you for a life not short-term diets and I also want to teach you to eat intuitively and mindfully and trust your body okay your body is not stupid that's what I want you to remember your body's not stupid you know what makes you feel good you know what makes you thrive it's all this nonsense of everyone telling you what to eliminate and what you should be taking that literally is driving you nuts okay that was like I ran our both sorry about that I'm super excited about the name change as you can tell but this video is about something else in this video I will tell you about my diet right current exercise and my current supplements as many of you probably know from insta I want to get my hormones tested and they're pretty good the only thing that's a little bit of a concern is my testerone even though it's still in the range it is like 47 and high is like 48 already so I'm getting there so I definitely wanted to add things into my life to make sure that that testosterone doesn't go any higher another thing is my progesterone to estrogen balance although also it was in the right in the range I'm dealing with really painful periods extreme cramps so my doctor decided would be good to increase that progesterone today I'm going to show you the supplements I take to balance everything and help my progesterone increase and testosterone lower but before I get to that I wanted to tell you also about my diet and my exercise so in terms of diet I have been eating pretty much everything I am increasing my fat and protein as much as I can okay for 2018 I didn't like pay attention at all and it didn't work out in my interests okay I felt pretty tired and not myself so what I have been doing is adding a lot more fats because fats are a lot more easier to add than protein although when I can I try to add protein as well but I've been eating lots and lots and lots of avocados nut butters and just anything that has plenty of fat I've been using a lot of avocado oil in my cooking I've been using olive oil and my cell is just upping those fats because fats are important in making the hormones in your body so you need to make sure you are getting enough healthy fats into your body other than that I'm eating intuitively and mindfully so I have dessert almost every single day and a lot of people are like whoa but you have PCOS how do you have dessert every single day first of all I have a super mindfully so if I have a cookie it takes me like four effort to eat it I sit there and I really eat it like focusing on the cookie not doing a million things at once and really enjoying the moment it has been helpful and making me realize what I'm satisfied because before I used to just eat and I would have another cookie a third cookie not realizing that it's not making me feel very good at I'm pretty stuffed second of all I am eating intuitively so for me intuitive eating is eating a variety of foods so if I'm eating I don't know a lot of foods throughout the day different foods like a dessert it's not going to hurt me one meal is not going to affect my PCOS it's all about zooming in and looking at it as a whole picture and when i zoom in and zoom out zoom in zoom out and look at the whole picture then I see that I a lot of vegetables as well and I get a lot of fruit and I eat a lot of whole grains and lean proteins and it's just basically an overall diet and there's definitely room for dessert and a balanced diet in terms of exercise I've been doing a lot more varied things trying to include more yoga and stretching rather than just cardio and weightlifting I've been working out five times a week and trying to do like 40 minute workouts and usually it is going to the gym because I personally love it but I do run more I stretch more I've been just doing a more holistic approach towards exercise to make sure I get it all in so now let's get into supplements so my doctor she gave me so many supplements okay she gave me like five frickin different supplements if you watch my Instagram live where I talked about this that was a lot of supplements and I am NOT a pill person okay waking up in the morning and taking that many pills doesn't align with me and I know I should be taking it and maybe you're watching this video and you're like girl me too I cannot with these piece of supplements they're so difficult for me to remember and that is why I decided that this year I'm gonna focus on developing already like some sample the recipe but I'm gonna develop like actually put it together like make it a thing a protein powder with the supplements for balancing hormones for PCOS so I can literally just go boom you know put the protein powder in add some milk I'm gonna make a chocolate some raspberries and drink it at night drink it in the morning but it will be actually enjoyable because I hate having like five pills to take at a time I really really really really want this protein powder to happen so if you think the protein powder is a good idea let me know so the thing is I'm not gonna show you guys the supplements that I'm not taking cuz they're downstairs and I'm not taking them so I'm just going to show you what I am currently actually taking okay so the first thing that I am taking is magnesium this is the pure company I got it from my doctor I'm not sure if you can get online but probably and it is to help me sleep better and be more restful so quite often one of the symptoms that I have with PCOS is just I don't get a good night's sleep even though I sleep like seven to eight hours I feel tired often and I don't feel like rested so I've been taking magnesium to help with that every single day this one capsules 120 milligrams and that's all I take before bed another thing that I've been taking is vitamin D although I have this is d3 and k2 although I have enough vitamin D it is actually good to have a little more you don't want to be on like the lower end of vitamin T when you get your blood tested you want to make sure you know that you have enough because the symptoms of not having enough vitamin D are crappy and it's like anxiety you feel sad and motivated it's just not good so I decided that since I'm on the lower end when I got my blood glucose tested I should be having some vitamin D there's also many benefits of taking vitamin D for a woman with PCOS I cannot remember them right now I suck I'm sorry but the vitamin D is super important in stabilizing your mood so if you're feeling Moody maybe it's good to get your vitamin D tested or take a low dose supplement but regardless talk to your doctor the other supplement that I'm taking is probiotics now all these green boxes are from my doctor but I am going to find the counterpart as I say counterpart of this supplement and I'm going to link it so something similar I'm going to link it in the description box so this is probiotic plus the reason I'm taking probiotics is because our digestion is very important for our PCOS and our gut health is very important and I will talk about this soon I think I'm gonna make a separate video but there have been studies to show that we lack good bacteria like women with PCOS we don't have that good stuff okay so that's why it's good to supplement and to ensure that your digestion is good the flora in your intestine is bright thriving and it's very important that it thrives guys because it's not just digestion but there's so many scientific studies coming out that the microbiota by other in your intestine is really responsible for a lot of things in how you're feeling okay so probiotics is something I take every day and finally it's my baby the thing that I love I take it from day 14 of 28 of my cycle is my progesterone cream and I take one click of this this was given to me by my doctor but you're gonna find pronounced wrong cream literally on Whole Foods or on Amazon but I would warn you because you have to make sure that you actually need it because what if your progesterone is frickin perfect you don't want to be adding more so what I do is I take like one click I'm actually my do it right now cuz I forgot last night you take like one click because for me it is one click because it's 1/4 of a gram and then I apply it like right here and then I let it sink in a little more and I let it sink in and that helps increase my progesterone but I only take a day 14 to 28 and that is because when my is that is because that is because that is because that's when my progesterone should naturally be higher and I think that since I'm dealing with these painful freakin periods recently and heavy flow and I'm just super moody and I have huge PMS that maybe my progesterone isn't high enough I've been adding this I'm going to tell you guys if I my periods get any better after three months of using this and I'll definitely report I have used this before and personally it does help me so that is all I have for today if you enjoyed this little update let me know and I promise you guys I'm gonna have a lot more full days of eating coming to you recipes all this good stuff soon and I'm so so excited so thank you so much for watching and catch you soon I


  1. Yes! I love the idea of the protein powder!

  2. I have exactly the same symptoms, low progresterone, extra heavy flow, high testosterone, not even mentioning my mood… and taking so many pills makes me feel like 80 years old. I would love powder! Gonna follow your journey and hope we all balance our hormones someday πŸ™‚

  3. The name change makes so much sense, cyster! Love the protein powder idea, with two caveats: 1- I'm guessing it's not going to be whey based, and you'll test the effect on blood sugar before selling? I'm sure you know this but whey powder and derivatives have been shown to raise blood sugar the same as a slice of white bread, if not worse. 2 – there are a lot of us who struggle with both pcos and thyroid issues, myself included, and some supplements that are great for pcos can be potentially bad for hypothyroidism. I know cross-referencing would be a lot more work, but it would be super, super appreciated if the ingredients of your powder didn't have contraindications for other hormonal issues. Or, you know, I can just stick to my handfuls of horse-pills 🀣

  4. I think this channel name change was an excellent idea πŸ‘

  5. Yay protein powder! 😁

  6. Good job on finding your true calling. No joke I used to take so many supplements for years with no good response. I finally got fed up with it got on a good vitamin regime and started seed cycling and no joke after so long of infertility I finally have seen results! πŸ₯° stick to what you’re doing and you’ll see results!

  7. YES!!! Please please on the protein powder!! So excited for the upcoming content and loved thisπŸ’•

  8. What was the hormone test called that you got? I’m looking at getting one done at my doctor

  9. I notice the name change today I was looking for some sweets treat for PCOS and I saw I came across your video and read the name of channel and thought yess that is what I need ! and judging by the miniture of the video I was like wait I am already subscribed to her channel haha πŸ˜€ The supplement struggle is real girl! I also have Hasimoto besides PCOS and I discover this new supplements that has 3 capsules 1 in morning 1 in afternoon and 1 in the night and it includes all he vitamins ect I am feeling better after month of taking it πŸ™‚

    Fish Oil 500mg

    Vit D 75ug 1500%
    Vit E 100mg 833%
    Vit K2 75ug 100%

    Selenium 100ug 182%
    Vit E 24mg 200%
    Iron 28mg 200%
    Vit C 40mg 50%
    Vit B12 25ug 1000%

    Zinc 15mg 150%
    Magnesium 80mg 21%
    Vit B6 2,1mg 150%
    Folic acid (glukozamina 5_MTHF Quaterefolic) 400mg 200%
    Biotin 250ug 500%

    Greeting from Poland πŸ˜‰

  10. This is 😊 so good

  11. 100000000% yes to the protein! That’s why I struggle so much because it’s soooo hard to take so many pills!

  12. Protein powder with the added PCOS-specific supplements is such a great idea!! ✌🏼

  13. I'm in the UK but I'd definitely be interested in the protein powder!

    I was wondering whether you would recommend Ovastitol at all or something similar? Thank you.xx

  14. The protein powder is a great idea? Do you recommend evening primrose oil for PCOS?

  15. Yes to the protein powder for PCOS

  16. A 100 times yes to the protein powder!

  17. Would you recommend progesterone even if ovulation didn't occur? Are you using it always after ovulation or do you use it also to keep a normal cycle? I've been considering taking it but have been waiting to try a at home hormone test called Modern Fertility. My cycles are currently around 90-100 days long. I attempted to take the Modern Fertility test last cycle but my blood was really thick and clotting too soon for me to be able to get enough blood on day 3 of my cycle. I even attempted to get my hormones tested that day 3 by needle but, the nurses had the same problem. I recently bought the ovusense and have been using it since day 13 of this cycle. I'm currently on day 75 of this cycle. Would taking progesterone influence hormone test results? Also, I noticed that on day 35 of this cycle, my body appeared to try to ovulate. My temperature rose to almost above the cover line but the next day it dropped and since then my temperatures have been much lower in comparison to that week. I am ttc naturally currently. I'm not sure if I'm ovulating so am concerned with taking progesterone too early in my cycle and not allowing my body the chance to ovulate. With other cycles, I've felt like I ovulated even though it was on around day 75 of my cycle. I get pms style symptoms in the two weeks before my period and can often tell what day I'll get my period even though it's always irregular. Is it possible that I am ovulating really late in general or is it more likely that I'm not ovulating and my period is just shedding the uterine lining? What do you look for when recommending when to take progesterone?

  18. Love the name change!

  19. Love it ! You give us hope. PCOS girls all over the world. πŸ’œ

  20. I LOVE THE NEW NAME!!! Your videos always give me a pulse of positivity, I feel like I'm not alone on this journey.

  21. I haven't had my period for 1 year. I always had irregular periods due to PCOS. I began exercising (cardio + strength) on January this year, and just now I got my period back!!! Without any synthetic hormones. I made sure I eat less of the "bad carbs" like sugar. More of the "good carbs" like sweet potatoes. I also drank mint tea everyday with no sugar. I just wanted to share with y'all my experience and ohhh I'm soooo happy I got my period back πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

  22. The protein powder sounds great. Did you stop taking Inositol? I just started taking it and I hope my body reach its hormonal balance again. Love the new name <3

  23. Please buy
    separate microphone <3

  24. I am 29 and have PCOS for many years. I am taking My Ova, and evening primrose oil and b vitamins but my acne its juat coming back every year. They put me on Metformin or spironolactone and My skin is good, and after 6 months, pretty bad again. I dont understand…… Its like a circle…

  25. Hi Ula!
    Are you still taking myo-inositol? Did you feel it made a difference in your pcos symptoms? Thanks!

  26. Good job in changing the name

  27. Yes! I would 100% buy that protein powder

  28. Yes to the protein powder!!! 😍😍

  29. I’m here from Instagram 😍 awesome video

  30. Love throwing the pcos supplements in a mix!! I'm wondering if maybe a general drink mix (like emergen-c) instead of protein powder? I don't wanna have a protein shake twice a day hahah

  31. Yes on the protein powder! πŸ˜€

  32. I'm taking supplements and finding so many others that are helpful to PCOS but its just too many T_T Protein powder that has everything would make life so much easier and I can imagine would become very popular! ^_^

  33. Oh my gosh! Love the protein powder idea.

  34. Yassss on the protein powder!!! It will make it so much easier to remember☺

  35. i subscribed to your channel a little while ago and i enjoy how you are so personable. i've started practicing intuitive eating and it has helped me. i think having a powder with the supplements included is a great idea ! i despise pills of all kind πŸ˜‚ i have taken a supplement called Balance by Alani Nu that claims to help with hormone imbalance but didn't continue it long enough tio notice a difference.

  36. Which doctor to consult for using this all supplements???

  37. Omg! I’m sooooo excited about your developing protein powder with PCOS supplements! What an awesome idea! I so encourage you to go for it! I’m totally on board and will be the first to try it out! πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ πŸ™‚πŸ‘πŸΌ Btw, what are your thoughts on black seed oil? Do you think it’s beneficial for women with PCOS? Thx in advance! πŸ™‚πŸ’–

  38. Love that you will focus on PCOS only! Every vitamin is exactly what I just went over with my nutritionist after getting labs done. Did you get this from a Dr.? The reason I ask is because normal dr don’t like helping with supplement recommendations..

  39. Yay I'm excited! For some reason when you alluded to the changes coming I thought you were going to be moving away from PCOS and toward more general discussions for women. I'm selfishly so happy that's not the case lol! And that protein powder would be amazing 😍

  40. Yes to the protein powder !😊

  41. Love the name change & yes to the protein powder!

  42. I didnt have my blood tested yet but i think i have PCOS because of the symptoms i am having. about 1/2 year long ago My hair was starting falling out, i have hair on my chin on my breasts on my butt and on my stomach. I have acne and i easilly gain weight fast. and my belly stays bloated for sooooo long after i have eaten. And the list goes ooonnnnn, im only 17 and i dont like this πŸ™ the worst thing is my hair falling out and with the summer coming up i dont want to have hair on my butt πŸ™

    I am drinking 2 liters Each day and if i dont do that my acne starts coming back. I am also taking vitamine d because when i was on vacation several years ago my pimples went completly gone and stayed that way for months!

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