My "OMG" Healthy Meals Week 2 on T25

hey guys these are my OMG healthy dinner ideas some of these recipes just blew me away they were so delicious this is week two on my t25 workout program and meal plan and I feel amazing if you want more information on how to eat healthy and lose weight message me in the description box below my moley guys I made a raspberry chocolate smoothie shakeology shake shake listen to me amazing it is so good I'm ready to dive into this this is my breakfast for lunch today guys it's amazing I made grilled chicken breast and skewers with onion whatever pineapple zucchini pretty much what I had tomato it is delicious i put olive oil in a little Greek seasoning and I cannot wait to chow down on this the boys either I cooked it on my cast-iron grill on my stovetop inner don't ask me what this is but it's clean sweet potatoes some leftover chicken balsamic vinegar with avocado and for the boys i did a mishmash to chicken sweet potato grapes at Salukis Liam loves avocado so I gave him all the Cabo with some mayo and ketchup there for breakfast this morning and having Ezekiel bread with a fourth of an avocado mashed up with a little salt my steamed eggs and fresh salsa on top this is my lunch today I gotta tell you I came back from church and I was like looked at my fridge it was completely empty I'm like I have nothing but I know I had chicken I had these little packets that you buy with the brown rice and quinoa and I did have veggies I just was like you know it's like you look at your fridge it's empty but I was able to saute a bunch of vegetables there's onions peppers zucchini some cabbage and then just for fun I made a little star shape just a small portion of rice for dinner tonight I made an amazing shrimp scampi pasta cannot wait to get into it but it's not pasta guys it is spaghetti squash spaghetti squash dragon yes we got we've just got back from the farmers market and I bought this delicious shrimp I cannot wait to devour this I'm having a delicious almond joy actually i just put almond milk um did i do almond milk almond butter half a banana and the chocolate Shakeology it is so delicious with a little bit of sprinkled coconut on top for dinner tonight it's an invention but it's healthy and it looks delicious I me okay I made the spaghetti squash and I just said mean ground beef I threw an Italian seasoning the cherry tomatoes spinach few capers on the top and some olive oil salt and pepper i'm calling it italian squash aleni for breakfast today i was just craving food guys i have two eggs some chicken on the side avocado and tomato and hot sauce baby with my tall glass of carrot celery what else did we put apple carrot celery apple it's delish i'm having some vegetable hummus locally made and some cherry tomatoes with oil and olive oil and balsamic vinegar yum for lunch I'm having rotisserie chicken I picked up from sams I just got the chicken breast and I will try not to eat the skin too much my favorite part and then I made avocado and tomato salad with balsamic and half of a sweet potato this is actually like a small plate the bigger plates are like this big I like to pack everything on here so I feel like I'm getting a lot of food but really not that i'm having this delicious goodness again some tomatoes with sea salt white balsamic and olive oil dipped and this delicious vegetable hummus for dinner tonight i was so tempted to go out to eat but i didn't i came home because i still had this rotisserie chicken and i'm just going to pick at it just till I get full I love picking at the bones and dipping it in hot sauce and then I made this delicious salad I have spinach cilantro green onions tomatoes fat free photo and a tall glass of water for snack I'm having honeydew melon balls I wish I had a side of cottage cheese to go with this that'll be delicious but for now this is just my snack for lunch on my rainforest cafe I'm having a shrimp salad it's really guard dressing on the side please molle guys for dinner tonight I'm having tuna tataki with this quinoa brown rice just those little packages that you buy the quinoa brown rice I did zucchini peas green onion and an egg white I missed it in just as it steams it in water and then this delicious green salad this tastes so good this is exactly what my boys 8 two night too and it is to die for today is Saturday I'm at a picnic and I can stay clean guys there's veggie burgers a Chipotle black bean morning star burger with a huge heap of this delicious cabbage coleslaw and I got a side of sweet potato from the terror sweet potato chip just cuz but this is delicious and I can stay on track and it's so good Oh guilty


  1. I need help! I need help! I Want to eat healthy

  2. Yummy!

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  4. Im calling it "Italian Squasharinni" hahahaha OMG I laughed soo much! That was pretty funny =) Thanks for sharing, Im working out too, and need ideas.

  5. How do you make your steamed eggs?

  6. You are just gorgeous! Everything looks so yummy. Love you girl xoox

  7. Yumm!!

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