My Night Routine 2017 | Healthy Lifestyle Challenge Update!

hi everyone its dr. Elizabeth welcome to my channel I'm so glad you're here at 58 years young one thing I have discovered is how we wake up in the morning and what kind of day we will create for ourselves is determined by how mindfully consciously and intentionally we go to sleep the night before the nourishment we give our minds parts souls and spirits is just as important as the nourishment we give our bodies in order to have the most extraordinary joy filled and fulfilling life possible thank you guys I love you an extraordinary life is created by the simple small rituals we do on a daily and nightly basis that become our habits and eventually our lifestyle this is how we can manifest all of our desires and create the life of our dreams so come with me and I'll give you a sneak peek into my night routine up close and personal hope you enjoy all right let's go hey you guys hey how are you welcome back I'm so glad you guys are here so I just have one word for you guys Wow I am absolutely blown away we've laid out the healthy lifestyle challenge and you guys just ran with it I am so amazed you guys are incredible I looked through my messages we posted last Saturday I looked through my messages and you guys were like I'm in is I supporting myself I'm supporting down right there you took the challenge and you guys ran with it so first of all I want to hear an update I want to hear how you guys are doing how are you feeling message me and let me know are you guys in for another week can I now take it to the next level with you guys so we're going to do a check in this week and then we're going to do even more from my video next week also I wanted to update you so many of you guys were amazing you all asked about John after he feels amazing more energy than you've had since you're in your 20s and also he's he went to the gym so now he's working out again you guys are killing it you guys I'm so happy I just want to send a huge congratulations to every one of you who took the challenge God mama and I just add Bravo I'm so happy for you guys so today John Arthur I think we should do my nighttime video today what do you think let's do it I do it it's stunningly gorgeous this whole beach has been beautiful here in LA I finished editing for the afternoon so I usually come in here to the kitchen and just kind of decide what I want to eat for dinner normally what I'll do is I'll have my dinner and then go out afterwards however it's just about sunset and it is so beautiful I actually want to take you guys with me to the ocean we're gonna go for a walk at the beach because it's beautiful and I want to bring you guys with me so now come over here for just a second this is gonna be my dinner I'm going to be making a zucchini pasta and raw vegan marinara sauce from all of these delicious ingredients here I will be doing a separate video tutorial on how to make this but I just wanted to show you guys what goes into because I know you guys are curious about it so it's 1 cup of organic tomatoes 1/2 a cup of sun-dried tomatoes 1/2 a cup of bell peppers and 4 to 5 medjool dates and Italian spices literally that's it it's so easy and so delicious and then I do pepper or sea salt but you can do like Italian spices however you want to spice it up I know you guys are spicy however you guys want to spice it up go for it and that all you have to do is put it in the blender mix all this together and then a really great thing to do is you slice up the avocado and put little chunks of avocado on top of this not it is so that will be idea when we get back I need time to go in the ocean to think let's do it all right you guys let's go I couldn't believe that we filmed this video on the prettiest day of the entire year it was absolutely gorgeous at the ocean I was so thrilled I could take you guys with me and I'm so excited to share this beautiful coastline that I call home with all of you I feel truly so blessed and grateful to live a mile from the ocean it feels very important to me to really appreciate the fact that I'm so close to this majestic and powerful expression of nature so if I don't go to the park and swing on the swings yes I do take my own advice I'll go to the ocean I do my best to go there as often as possible even if it's just for 10 to 15 minutes at sunset to connect put my feet in the sand and in the water and just be in this magical and mystical energy of the ocean because it's so incredibly healing so pinky swear promise me that you guys will take just a minute a couple of times a week to go out and be in nature and soak up all of its beautiful healing energy I promise you it'll reset your vibrational frequency and you will feel a million times better afterwards it's a fabulous ritual to create for yourself it's also a very bonding experience to share with your loved ones as well message me and let me know if you take part in this beautiful healing ritual all right you guys time to head on back and have some delicious raw vegan pasta with marinara sauce okay let's go it was so beautiful okay Danaher night definitely got off schedule we went to the beach just to take a walk and we ended up having a very gorgeous impromptu our photo shoot it was beautiful Sun going down we've got light perfect Oh ocean look like a legit was so still it was like 85 degrees stunningly gorgeous now I'm gonna mix up the raw vegan marinara sauce pour it over my zucchini noodles and voila dinner is served I can't wait to share the recipe with you guys this pasta and marinara sauce was delicious typically after dinner I'll grab my laptop and I'll sit down and open up my youtube channel and start reading your comments you guys are amazing I love you guys and I love reading your comments I read every single comment and I tried to respond to as many as possible and it was such a stunningly beautiful evening it was magical with the lights on the balcony so I decided to stay right there and enjoy myself and your company and the lights in that beautiful view thank you guys I love you ah that your chat lab is up to see your birth certificate I don't believe you I'm still waiting to see it myself yeah I kind of like doing this while we're video tape because it makes me feel more connected to you guys it feels like everything looks like it looks you guys and say thank you so much I am so grateful for all of your beautiful comments betting big heads Lucas after I'm done on YouTube I'll grab my phone and head over to Instagram I always post my Instagram photo at 10 a.m. so I like to prep it the night before and then when I'm done with that I put my phone and my computer away for the night and start winding down and getting ready for bed so once I'm done checking out my social media and picking my Instagram photo for tomorrow it is time for me to chill and take a bath I take a bath every single evening it is so relaxing and so uh just delicious so come on let's take a bath I have to show them [Laughter] [Laughter] let me be conference okay okay so as much as I'd like you to believe that this is how I take my bath all nice and calm like this more likely than not I'm playing and laughing and messing around fun joy and love are the most delicious frequencies we can play and be in if we want to stay and have a youthful heart once I'm done with my bath I'll go to the sink and I will wash my face first with water then I will take this strawberry cleanser from my girlfriend's skincare line that is amazing after I cleanse my face I'll go ahead and dry it off and then once it's completely dry I'm gonna start with the serum and I'll very gently Pat the serum on my face especially under the eyes making sure to get my neck as well next I will use the eyelash enhancer this product is incredible I've been using this and my eyelash has gotten so long I'm not kidding you next I will use a cream especially because I have incredibly dry skin so besides the serum I will also use her skin cream I will go into more detail on each one of these products when I do my skincare routine next I will put on her overnight skin mask which really rejuvenates the skin and also I wanted to show you her sunscreen which is actually my favorite sunscreen of all time and as a special treat I'm actually gonna take you guys up to my girlfriends clinic where she makes the products and I'm going to have her actually do a demonstration so you can see these products in action I'm gonna go ahead and put a link in the description box so that you can go and check these products out and I'm gonna even see if we can do a little discount code I'm gonna talk to her and see what we can create so I haven't use this it's like I don't know it's like five feet off the ground and you like a little so welcome to the first thing I do when I crawl into bed is grab my journals I have two journals the first journal here is the one I use to plan my day the next day and this I love this journal this is my manifesting and gratitude journal so I'll take just a minute and write down the things that I'm grateful for and take an inventory of my day I find that this very simple practice helps me live a very mindful and grateful life next I will pull out my manifestation board okay I know it's pink it's sparkly gold and I love it it makes me happy every time I look at it I will read my manifestation board each night to help me bring my desires into my dream time I think I'll make a tutorial video outlining how to do this because there is an incredibly powerful practice and it really works the next thing I do is pull out a couple of my favorite books I love feeding my heart and spirit with delicious and nourishing food for the Soul before I go to sleep sometimes I will ask for a message and pick up one of my books and just open it up it's amazing how I will read exactly what I need to hear at that moment okay so all my male viewers out here I actually still here this is my book sometimes I actually do have to take my own shop I really do and so in my book actually I quote David data an intimate relationship he talks about it from men way of the superior man tables it is amazing you want to be a stage 3 man developed amazing bringing it to your woman that's incredible and this one's your lover is for women so this is a really truly amazing book all-time favorite really probably one of my all-time favorite books is the alchemist is it's just I mean it actually you know what a couple people suggested this and I am gonna do this they asked me to do like a book review or talk about some of my favorite books I will for sure do that because I have a lot of amazing books I when I workout in the gym I listen to audio books so I I probably bank through an audiobook and so I have an amazing collection so we will do that so these are just some of my favorites when the young boy meets Fatima and how he said their eyes looked at each other and their souls recognize each other maybe but I just love this so sometimes I'll read this before I go to sleep at night who would not want to read something and taking here's the thing is when as we prepare for bedtime this way we take all this sweet and beautiful energy into our sweet time and our sweet time is an hour manifesting time when we go into the into those deep sleep realms it's data state and then the really deep delta state this is when we tap into our super consciousness when we tap into our higher awareness and this is when we've downloaded a lot of our brilliance it's also where we manifested a lot of more meetings so it's powerful to take these beautiful things into our into our sleep with us finally I'll take a minute to do a meditation just a little meditation like that normally what I would do now it's if I turn my phone on airplane mode and crawl instead sleep because I get up as you guys know I get it for literally go to gym but it literally still is probably like 90 degrees so I actually couldn't take you guys to the pool with me for a night swim what do you think she was superb Midnight Sun I think okay this I hope you enjoy my nighttime routine video I didn't think anybody had their nighttime routine video I'm loosening forever thank you so much for being here you guys know what to do right you enjoyed this video please give me a thumbs up I would love that and if you're enjoying the content and enjoying the channel please subscribe and if you're really enjoying it and you'd like please share with your friends and give them the gift of health and a joy-filled life as well so I think it's time what do you say this should we go skinny-dipping at the fountain of youth this cook for real okay I rate you guys I love you I appreciate you so much see you next week Wow


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