so we had the list this is ready we can't go through it let's mash it up teaching salmon so chicken ten ones we're going with the salmon as a fatty cut of meat and then I'm going to lean sauce here because we're having our rice with this so just still very controlling calories that's all let's go some brothel isn't this is it big enough we join you hmm spinach easy easy source of business so as many tumors as you can physically carry to another now with rice either go the judgment or a sushi rice because it's a bit fluffier if you go as Marty it's just a grainy this is like you're eating grains of sand right this is I don't like it the right way and we're done so basically guys there as you can see the majority of the diet is all as you say clean foods its unprocessed that way for me like for a number of reasons one you feel so much better and two I think that you actually perform better and also the results are a bit better if you're doing a 50 macros based plan where you're eating I don't know a bit of junk or these random foods with all these fillers and gums in them I just don't think it's good for your gut health so to me like everything today even my rice flakes is cereal I was eating you know shitty cereal that's just like rice so I know everything sits well with me I digest it well and then I think that's really important because then you don't get any random fluctuations if you're eating different foods every day and you're getting weird fluctuations in how you look and how you feel it's just not good for consistency so I like to keep everything the same essentially and also having things like salmon where a good source of amiga's so you know good for inflammation and stuff like that so I definitely feel a lot better that way but like I said it's still keeping a lot of carbs in for me that's all I'll perform better that way and hopefully pull more muscle in this car but I guess time will tell I might just get rid of skin idiot you know Oh guys it's time for full day of eating my cutting diet I'm trying to get my life sorted and how I'm gonna do this but essentially I'll explain what we're doing we're gonna have so our train in the mornings maybe around 10 a.m. so like I said there's gonna be a lot of carbs a lot of food during that time so this is a pre-workout meal I prepared earlier because how many times have I made this happen like the TuneIn rise you've seen it why three yeah so you guys truly you should have seen it three times if you haven't watch it so you guys know how to do this and already a spare one so that says we're doing that we can do a chicken meal with rice we're gonna do a salmon meal with no carbs and they've also got some snacks like I don't usually have snacks because I think when people have snacks they tend to have them just sporadically throughout the day but I pencil mine in so like for example this would be a before bed meal for me Giovani fit high-protein yogurt with almonds so I probably I'd like one of these and just announced before bed but that's the things that I wouldn't say yeah he's a great snack have nuts many of you like it's like I'll put them in my meal plan and I'll have that every night and then if I want to have it meet up to noon if I'm hungry I'll have it then if I'm eating later that night it's you know I might change it up but otherwise it's kind of it oh and also a place where get me off the glass flakes so we'll do that – all right let's we're gonna start with a chicken sir gloves cans of honey and what check it check it happy it's a it's like a grilled Texas barbecue around the other gun gets wouldn't have to cook ribs oh good cuts up to one kilo of mate have you even please on your d1 Keela that is that no no we need three to beam up for the chicken claw one cuz I'm weed and that's how we're doing the chicken for me in the oven this takes about 30 minutes and the salmon takes about seven so will I can open is full time as well spare you want some cheat just looking at me you really want to smell so strong 13 minutes so I have a skin on still and if it's really crispy I like it but the way that I'm cooking this I probably won't even eat it understand all have the meat and then what I do is just saw and puff up and a little bit of olive oil I think it's just salmon so tasty anyway you don't really need so this is the pre-workout meal it's one egg about 200 grams of cooked rice and a tin of tuna so it's not a really high protein that's on purpose this is the first meal of the day it's a little bit of fats in there so it'll you get that blood sugar spike from the carbs and the fats will stabilize you don't really crushed you in your workout and it tastes so good and then what about doing that is as well as I've been adding some greens to it so what you can do is spinach is like really good source of vitamins minerals it's great vegetable so I have a lot of this and then it just condenses down or nothing so when I'm cooking this I'll you just have this in the microwave and then you just grab a bunch of spinach and steam it put in the pan or microwave it just have that just mix it through so I'm gonna it's so many people say do you know how much that microwave is killing your food night how did you believe it yeah kills you takes away all of the different ways yeah with all the ways how in do you know it worked radiation no apparently it heats up the creature it heats up your lunges friction rice flakes post-workout these are basically like cooked rice that's been dehydrated so they're actually really carved ins you have this much carbs in terms of like rice bubbles if you fill this bowl this is different and oh so oh it's like Stuart source of carbs oats also have a little bit of faceting and bit of protein too and some people oats employment so if I have a lot of oats I will feel real bloated but these I could have so much and still feel really good that's what I mean I was saying before our these work for me rice works for me that's weight a lot of it because I digest it really well and I'm sure a lot of people get blowed by oats out there too just sometimes I have them before to change it up but it's not a regular thing on a daily drive thing so we'll have a hundred grams of the glass plates and these taste the best with any ehp protein like vanilla banana cookies something like that we've got vanilla yeah so this is our pets as you guys have seen it's a really fast adjusting high-quality protein so absolutely favorite product scoop of that just gonna code for it there yeah yeah yeah use that one and this is yes this is the post-workout meal and I'll have some berries applause and you just covered with almond milk so you just have like a cereal it's too crunchy for my brother doesn't he destruct in the streets the job pussy's like this then I have a whore and just Chuck's in the fridge with almond milk and it kind of goes all soggy so that's he like that but I prefer the crunch you just hit the challenge that's basically done and then you just if you could imagine to put this into the Hat I don't need to go through that blue eyes like you get the other one oh that's hot so what I'd be doing is just mixing that all three together because you can smash it down the other day I literally ate that without chewing anything I basically deep-throated just children drives me then oh you said it oh my brother's even it makes me is chewing it like six times like you don't even need a sure that's the best thing about it and I just swallowed it whole like that's how easy it is to get down that's easiest way to cook vegetables in my opinion is just slice them and put in the microwave know what a nothing if you want to steam them probably tastes better won't be as dry but in terms of convenience you can't really beat this just don't slice a diesel as well as giving you two workouts so like I said before how are having a lot of carbs tool in here we've got 40 grams of carbs so this is just straight multi dextran it doesn't mess with my gut or anything and cuz I'm only having 40 grams a day it's enough it's not too severe so you don't really need to get a real expensive one I'm just gonna have some mayonnaise with this as well so like I was saying the importance of the carbs during the workout if you can keep that into worker nutrition there and they're pre and post in terms of the carb content in my opinion the intensity of the workouts and the strength should be pretty constant so I'm gonna try not to take away from that period as much as I can I'd rather take away from calories later in the day you know you know lunch time something like that because that way I think the workouts will be still really good so chicken is cooked the salmon needs a little bit more and we're not having too much chicken per meal as well it's only in this one it's only about 160 grams cooked so generally that's about 4 of these ah it is so good so on the veggies just normal salt pepper and olive oil so olive oil broth really really healthy so if you need a lot of this go for it but keep in mind in this pure fat so that's why this is tally enter into the macros and the meal plan and I keep this as a constant so that even in spinach tastes so much better to be generous with you salt switch of using pink Himalayan salt like this the pumps and the Jimmy can be so much better and plus if you're training really hard you're sweating a lot that's your dehydration you can drink as much water as you want but you'll be dehydrated if you're not having enough sodium so keep the sodium in there yeah intense in the gym will be really good rice cooked know we wait now we wait done so the best thing about this meal is the end of the day no carbs no real reason like no particular reason it's just that I need to have some meals with no carbs in it and plus it's a high fat meal so you may as well make the most of it use a really good source of fat like salmon for your millions but I mean if you guys want to do something different have a steak have a chicken thighs either way it's just getting good source of fats in there too and you fool us you won't really be craving through March that meals done we call that roster them swear to God by new one right I support it you it's a good one that's done place oh just quit so we're doing about 200 grams rusty oh cool boy alright so in order we've got pre-workout tuna and rice so like I said medium carb it's going to be the protein little bit of fats really good for workout then during workout we've got our 40 grams of carbs from multi dextran with some amino acids did that'll keep that workout fueled then post-workout we have our class place rice flakes with the iscope EPS so that's still one of the favourite meals really easily digested then next we'll have say for lunch or whatever time mid-afternoon chicken with rice and greens keeping that as a constant or whatever lean meat you want to get by all means then do you know high fat meal so salmon and vegetables now I usually need a lot of vegetable me absolutely you guys are who this thinking what is he a giant rabbit that's kind of normal for me if I drop carved out so fill up on green veg add as much as you like and then before bed as well we'll go one of these so that's about 15 grams of protein this you don't need to overdo it with protein I mean that's high 15 for a little tub of that and certainly what about 7 grams of carbs in a pretty short as well and plus we'll have the nuts so just almonds a small handful of those again keeping a little bit of fat cementery so protein if that's before bed any more than that if I wasn't have like a few or a lot of yoga like I used to get the big Chobani blue one then no fat and I just put like a minute but I found like too much for the meal before bed I just feel a little bit sick so I like to have something smaller that's perfect for me or a cute little squeezy pouch it's kind of the same as it is a cute I guess but if you put all the macros you ready put them in in here so you guys can see what's in there and another meal is the whole thing salt I mean you could super sit that with the whole thing in pepper chicken but otherwise that is acidity this is my this is my daily right now so what I will do soon is I'm gonna have to take calories out at some point to ensure the weight loss so I want to keep this as untouched as possible if anything on my takes about the but I want to keep that just like as is and what I do here is take away some rice maybe maybe take a little bit of fat for me than one of these meals but this should keep you going for a long time and then I'll add more cardio in and I want it to change too much so it has been a drastic drop in to our thousand calories but that is what we want so guys that is it for me a few everything else to add no no and I'll leave you with just one last thing bear wants you to like the video comment something as well maybe I know what videos you guys want to see next and subscribe to the channel and you guys know what to do stay mad slide and see your dams it appear in the am they slide into your feelings when you see just what I'm saying


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