My Mom’s Best Friend Taught Me Yoga And… Something Else

Hi guys, my name is Tyler. And I’m one of “those” guys… I started an affair with a woman twice my
age. And she was my mother’s best friend! But before judging me, please, listen to my
whole story. I used to be one of the best goalkeepers at
my school, but at the age of 17, I seriously injured my knee. Unfortunately, I had to leave my soccer team
and say goodbye to my future sports career. My injury required physiotherapy and massage. My mother sent me to her old friend Julie,
who was supposed to be good. She worked in a wellness center as a physiotherapist
and yoga teacher. We hadn’t seen her for a while, because she
lived in another state with her husband, but one year ago they divorced and she moved back. When I saw Julie after all these years, she
seemed pretty hot! She was 42 at the moment… Just like my mother. But I didn’t feel this age gap at all. I liked her more and more with every session. She helped me restore my body and also provided
some psychological support. When the therapy course was coming to an end,
I didn’t wanna say goodbye. I could not find any appropriate words to
express my feelings to her so I just tried to kiss her when her face was nearby. Julie was shocked and pushed me away and kicked
me out. I was scared that Julie would tell my Mom
about this, but she didn’t! I considered that as a good sign and decided
to not give up! Julie held evening yoga classes. And I signed up! Although Julie was skeptical, I noticed that
she was glad to see me again. So I kept on attending the classes. One day after class I heard someone crying
in the storeroom. When I opened the door to check, I saw Julie
sitting on the floor. I sat next to her and asked her what was the
reason for her tears. It turned out that her ex-husband’s new
girlfriend just gave birth to their child, like just then. This jerk left Julie because she couldn’t
get pregnant! She told me that she felt like a useless,
secondhand woman. I could not stand her sadness and hugged her. She didn’t try to stop me. Then I tried to kiss her again. And this time she let me… And then we spent several unforgettable hours
in that storeroom. This “storeroom practice” became a regular
thing. It was very convenient: my parents thought
I was into yoga, which was true. And Julie felt very ashamed because she had
let down one of her best friends. But our feelings were stronger than her conscience! It was too early to tell anyone about our
romance. So it just remained our little secret! Five months went by like this. Everything was going well, until one day. I returned home from my “yoga class” and
Dad asked me why I was so late. When Dad heard that Julie was leading the
class, his reaction was really weird. He seemed confused. I stared at him, trying to detect if he suspected
something. In the next class, I suddenly saw… guess
who? My Dad… wearing ridiculous new yoga pants
and beads. His appearance was screaming that he was “trying
too hard!” I noticed that Julie was very nervous during
class and messed up a few exercises. Of course, we had to cancel our storeroom
activity for that day. Since that day, my Dad attended every class
and pissed me off by chatting with Julie all the time. Our convenient alibi was broken! Julie and I had to hide our relationship even
more carefully. We began to meet at her place. Julie made dinners, we watched movies, and
our relationship grew into something more romantic. For Christmas, my family gathered a bunch
of friends to go to a lake house for the holidays. Including Julie. The most awkward Christmas of my life! My girlfriend was standing right next to me
and I could not even kiss her! My Mom and Dad asked Julie some really embarrassing
questions about her personal life in front of me and poor Julie had to lie and try to
avoid the topic. One day, most of the people who were staying
went fishing and I finally had a chance to be alone with Julie. I went into her room and hugged her. She told me that she could not lie to my Mom
anymore… I offered to make our affair official and
told her I loved her. I also promised to talk to my parents honestly… But before that was going to happen, we had
a more pressing priority! We had almost gotten naked, but suddenly we
heard my Dad knocking on the door. I was sure he went fishing with everyone else! But nope! There he was… Julie hid me in a closet. She put on a bathrobe and opened the door. The last thing I expected to hear from my
Dad was: “Julie, I love you! Please forgive me!” I could see through the cracks in the closet:
my Dad fell onto his knees and tried to hug my girlfriend’s legs. Julie pushed him away and yelled: “It’s
in the past! Move on David. Stop stalking me. I don’t need this.” Then she asked him to leave because she was
going to take a shower. Dad said that they should take a shower together,
like in the good old days. Yikes! Ok… at this point I had had enough… but
I was too shocked and disappointed to make a scene. Meanwhile, my Mom arrived just in time! Thank God! She saw my Dad on his knees in front of Julie. Usually, my Mom is an epic drama queen, but
this time, she didn’t yell or cry. Her reaction was very strange and passive-aggressive… She told my Dad that she needed his help in
the kitchen and they left. It was shortly afterward that we heard sounds
of breaking dishes and her screaming at him. I left my sanctuary, quickly got dressed,
and demanded an explanation from Julie. It turned out that she had dated Dad back
in college, they’d been together for 6 months or so. But then Dad left for spring break, cheated
on Julie, and they broke up… Now after all these years this dummy regrets
it and wants her back! Behind my mother’s back! He was going to yoga not because he suspected
me, but because he had a thing for Julie! I was very offended that Julie didn’t tell
me about this earlier. You know… it’s kind of disgusting to learn
that your girlfriend is your father’s ex… I yelled at Julie for the first time in my
life. She suggested we break-up and I agreed because
I was too angry to think clearly… I went for a walk around the lake and when
I got back home Julie was already gone. The remaining part of this holiday was a nightmare. My parents didn’t talk to each other, but
pretended in front of their friends that everything was fine. By the time we arrived back home, it was clear
that my Mom hated my father. She also stopped calling Julie and inviting
her to our house. Dad was very gloomy. I could not tell them that I had seen everything
from the closet. I decided to detach myself from this drama
for a while and focus on my studies. During my actual yoga classes with Julie,
I realized that it was a great substitute for my career in soccer. So, I signed up for yoga instructor training,
hoping to open my own studio someday. I tried to go on dates with girls who were
my age, but I was still thinking about Julie all the time. One evening I got back home from another bad
date and saw my miserable father on the couch drinking beer and watching TV. I looked at him silently and realized — If
I don’t do something about Julie immediately, I will probably end up like my Dad. So I bought daisies and vegan cupcakes and
ran over to Julie’s place. When she opened the door and saw me, she began
crying. She had also missed me that whole time. All those months of separation seemed to melt
away. For the first time, we spent a whole night
together. I began to stay at Julie’s place pretty
often. I lied to my folks telling them that I found
a new girlfriend on Tinder. They didn’t care much because they were focused
on their own issues. One morning I was making breakfast at Julie’s
place when someone rang the doorbell. Julie looked through the peephole. It was my Mom!!! I had to hide once again. I went into the bathroom and Julie opened
the door. She tried to tell my mom that she was “busy”
but my mother burst into the room and insisted that they needed to talk. She began apologizing to Julie for her behavior
and her stupid husband. She hugged Julie and said that she cherished
their friendship. But then my Mom recognized my jacket on a
hanger… She asked Julie what her son’s jacket was
doing in her apartment. Julie had a panic attack and couldn’t say
a word. I couldn’t stand it any longer and exited
the bathroom voluntarily… wearing only an apron and pants… I answered: “My jacket is here because Julie
is my girlfriend.” As you probably already guessed, my mother
freaked out. She grabbed Julie’s hair and started screaming
like crazy. I had to separate them. Then I asked my Mom to leave, while she continued
threatening Julie. I had to take my Mom home because she couldn’t
drive in the state she was in. She was silent and gloomy the whole way there
and during dinner, she told my Dad the news. He was very surprised and looked at me with
respect, which pissed off my Mom even more. Meanwhile, I texted Julie: “Let’s move
in together.” And she answered: “I’m in if you’re
in.” I announced to my parents that I was moving
out and walked upstairs to pack my bags. My mom tried to forbid me from leaving, but
I was already 19 years old by that poing, so she couldn’t stop me anyway… My father hugged me goodbye and called me
a lady-killer… Ugh – Yikes! Julie and I had a great weekend unpacking
my stuff and planning our future. But then she received a call from her work. My mother had told everybody that Julie had
seduced her innocent 17-year old son at the wellness center! Her boss wanted to avoid any legal implications
and forced Julie to quit voluntarily! I tried to call my Mom but she said she would
only speak to me again if I left Julie. Today, I’m 25 and Julie is 50 and we’re
still happily together. That scandal was a sign for us to move on. So we moved to a bigger city and opened our
own yoga studio. Of course, sometimes strangers confuse me
for Julie’s son, but I’m used to it and I don’t care. We are going to adopt a child together soon. As for my parents, they divorced immediately
after our relocation. My mother still does not talk to us. But my father is trying to maintain a relationship. He sends gifts on every holiday and leaves
tons of comments on our social media… I guess he still loves my girlfriend. That’s why I don’t invite him to visit us.


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