My JAPANESE Diet Tips!【バレリーナの食事✨ 健康 ダイエット 食生活】


  1. ゆうえきだった!ありがとうございます!ww

  2. I love your channel, videos are so cute and you're beautiful as well !
    I hate miso soup when I eat it in restaurant (in France), it's too salty and it seems "fat" ..Maybe if I cook it by myself it would be better ! I'll try it. I've subscribe, what about a hair care routine ? Yours look geogous !

  3. Awesome! I've been making miso soup everyday; your version is really fast!! I make mine with kombu stock and dissolve the miso paste in hot water, it's still pretty quick 😃

  4. what's the song? ^^

  5. Your soo beautiful 😉

  6. i'm going to learn this right away to start cooking of japanese eatery!

  7. Hi melodee ! What is your favorite green tea drink?

  8. Love you tips.. 🙂

  9. I should put on practice your tips. My doctor tells me to eat slower and to stop binging and of course to stop purging my food. I love feeling empty but at the same time I hate feeling empy, that's so crazy… I feel dizzy and sick all the time and I know I'm treating my body very badly, but I don't know how to stop my addiction to food. I will try to eat the way you say to improve my health and my skin. When I see a video of you I am entretained so I don't think about my adiction and you're helping me to stop my deadly behaviour. Thank you very much 🙂

  10. soymilk has more hormones than my body needs at my age i was told i could drink it when im older

  11. I'll just complete the other 20% with water >:D

  12. I love your video

  13. Kawai desune

  14. you are soo beautiful ^.^ soo kawaii!

  15. Thank you ! U helped me 😘😉

  16. Thank so much for making these videos, we currently live in Okinawa and you've inspired me to live a healthier lifestyle and explore japanese supermarkets and products.

  17. you're so beautiful. I love your channel!

  18. Love your tips <3

  19. Wow you speak so elegantly! I heard the thing about only eating 80% and that the people who live the longest do this as well! Is almond milk a good substitute for soy?

  20. where ca u find the stuff u put in the soup if u dont live in japan and can u do this without seaweed love ur channel so much

  21. Wonderful! Love all your videos 🙂 keep up the great work !!

  22. Amazing! 😀 I have decided to start adding Japanese culture into my life to help with my eating and everything in general. Japanese cuisine is so much healthier then the Australian diet I eat every day. This helped so much thank you Melodee 😀 Im also going to learn Japanese and hopefully one day move to Japan 😀 

  23. Thank you so much for this. I will surely follow these steps!

  24. Fluent English and japanese. Awesome

  25. I love soya anything!! esp. soya milk, tofu and natto 🙂 

  26. how many calories are in the miso soup?

  27. WOW!!!!!

  28. Thanks so much! I always wake up and skip breakfast, now I know why I'm not hungry in the morning!!

  29. How does one only eat 80%? Do you just eat only 80% of the food on your plate?!

  30. such an amazing video ! ^^ is there an alternative for Marukome's Eki Miso Ryoutei Aji ? o:

  31. Thank you for this video–I truly appreciate it!

  32. What is that liquid you put in the soup

  33. I would honestly love to see a skincare video!  All of your videos are super informative and helpful, keep it up!

  34. Arigato

  35. I can make miso soup YEAAAAAAAAAAA! finally no going to chitung, I can make my own now Yeaaaa! Thankyou Melodee.

  36. Can I find those ingredients at an Asian market? What is the liquid poured into the water called and spelled out?

  37. Thanks a lot for your help and can you give me a advice it happens to me all the time when I feel bored I start eating a lot and I know I'm not hungry could you help me guys ?

  38. Hola I love you videos…. pleas subtitules in spanish! =.= Thank you.

  39. Fancy place

  40. i am waiting for your more videos~they are very helpful~

  41. need more healthy tips … u r amazing:)

  42. This is awesome!!! Love your videos!!keep up the great job!! You deserve more likes!!❤️

  43. i nees to find a Japanese supermarket so i can make this right away … thank you so much for the tips , i am actually going to start following along with your exercises since they seem fun and easy
    and quick question , do you think i can have any negative effects because of my young age ? I'm 15 years old .

  44. Loved the video! Thanks for sharing these tips 🙂

  45. Can u do more Japanese food vids?

  46. i hope 2

  47. great video. I want to learn how to make my own soups bc the canned versions have too much salt.

  48. I must say I'm really glad I came across your channel! So far all of your advice has been helpful and your videos are sweet and inspiring ^_^ The only thing I might add in regards to this particular video though is that in some women(especially teen girls), soy milk can introduce a lot of risks for a hormone imbalance – but it differs case to case so it really isn't a huge thing ^u^ Thanks so much for making videos!

  49. Wow very informative… i did wrong all my life! Now need to practice correctly so hard!

  50. amazing vid! thank you very much for your wonderful advices!

  51. Cute

  52. What do u mean by 80% because i don't know how much i should eat

  53. You're my most favorite YouTube artist Miss Melodee. Your videos are so informative . I love them. 🙂

  54. Where can i get the miso? Can i find them in dietetic stores? I can't find any sort of "japanese supermarket" here in Argentina.

  55. please make more videos, your vids are amazing

  56. I am currently trying to lose weight and your health tips are extremely useful! 🙂 I will now eat miso soup for break fast and try to eat till i'm 80% full ^^

  57. Have you heard of the Venus Factor or something? It is supposedly magical or something, maybe you could try it and review it, or show us how it works

  58. u r sooooooooooooooooo fair

  59. None of the ingredients I can buy in Siberia, what a crap)))) Cool informative video, thanks, the first part is so useful

  60. Thanks for the diet plan for living a long life! 💞✌👍

  61. I am 13 and a dancer and im trying to get fit and healthier, i used to enjoy soymilk all,the tume but i have developed an allergy to soy…what do recommend to drink instead that has the same benefits?💜

  62. ありがとうございます.

  63. i tried this and it works😊😊 i'm so happy thank you very much for sharing this

  64. I'm a swimmer and dancer and I recently went on vacation and gained 4 pounds I lost them with these workout and diet tips ❤thank you lots of love from Korea ❤감사합니다 언니 ❤

  65. Very healthy breakfast. Will try it.

  66. You're so adorable omg!

  67. I feel like you are like my sister. like the older sister that tells me what I'm doing wrong with my life…

  68. Awesome Vid! And hi from England 😉

  69. I think it would've been better to make a video fully in English and another fully in Japanese.
    regardless, great video. you're super cute btw

  70. You save my life 🌸 I really was looking for a diet because of some weight complexes and, above all, a bad health. I will try your advises until the end of the year and come back to claim: IT WORKS!! 🌸

  71. I miss you so much

  72. Hi Melodee 👋 I always watch your videos especially when its about skin care. Your videos really helped me a lot I must say. I have walking pneumonia and I want to ask you if you can give me diet tips or other things I can do to prevent the side effects and foods or other stuff that is really going to help me with my sickness. Thank you!😊 I hope to see more helpful videos from you 😁

  73. I really like your hair 😀 you are pretty, hehehe 😀

  74. Salty and fermented food is the cause why japanese people have a high rate of stomach cancer, just read about this.

  75. your vedios are always helpful

  76. May be a stupid question, but do you only eat the miso soup in the morning?

  77. I really got to try this diet. Everyone says im not fat, but my height is 5'5 and my doctor said should be 125-135 pounds, yet im like 3 pounds over that… im only 14 and i know im supposed to grow taller, but im still gonna try this diet 030

  78. Estoy muy feliz porque tenía sub en español muchas gracias 💕💕💕 seguiré tus consejos 🌸

  79. one question I cook for a married couple and they eat japanese food and I'm gonna start cooking healthy food from know on what's a good healthy japanese routine and schedule for a healthy life style ? . thanks also awesome video helped me alot .

  80. Thanks for this 💜

  81. why you have no pores??? its unbelieveable!!!

  82. tnxx for everything u did

  83. she´s so perfect that i started hate her

  84. Pff, totally, of course there's japanese supermarkets in North Costa Rica ;___; , but luckily we do have soy milk! 😀

  85. Im going crazy i cant find a good and simple diet and i gained 2 kilo now im fatty 😭anyone can help

  86. These tips are amazing!! But I have one question about the 80% eating rule: how do you know how much food is ‘80%’? How can I figure out an 80% amount?? It’s a little confusing :,(

  87. ありがとうございます!ワクワクする。頑張って下さいました!

  88. Im hungry i will try to make that soup looks so yummy

  89. Am I the only one who eats a big meal at night then wakes up starving 😂

  90. What do you eat for breakfast

  91. I’ve tried miso soup before, I don’t know if I’m a picky eater but doesn’t tastes that good, so I do not recommend it, but if you want to try it it’s up to you.

  92. Honest Question. Does the Japanese language talk faster because the words are longer to say the same as English? I have always wondered that.

  93. It's so satisfying watching a bilingual person switch languages 🤗

  94. 😎 ☺ 💘

  95. You look just like Barbie 😉

  96. Love of my life.. I just love your videos so much
    And can i ask something if its not rude? I dont want to seem rude.. But can i know the size of your shoulders because here they say i have wide shoulders but they quite look like yours.. And your shoulders are never wide!!! Theyre so beautiful and cute
    So please 😭 can you tell?

  97. ありがとう ございます. 私は 太い です 😭

  98. 日本靚妹卡哇伊~

  99. Thank you for the tips ! Problem is I live in the US so I'm not 100% how I would make miso soup and etc ? Well I've seen a package premade at Walmart . But I really want to one day eat a Japanese diet since Japanese foods looks really good and also healthier than the US in general (not everyone of course) so any tips for eating like a Japanese diet in the US anyone? Any help will be appreciated ☺ ありがとうございます

  100. Thank you! Gotta find a Japanese store for those ingredients.

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