My Information Diet

Good morning, Hank. It’s Tuesday. So I was talking to a friend at VidCon, actually I wasn’t talking to him, I was scrolling through my Twitter feed trying to make sure that everyone was having a good time at VidCon. You know I’m looking to see if there were any problems and my friend said “You seem stressed” and I said “Twitter” which is both the name of a social network and my personal word for that kind of buzzing misery that the social internet lately fills me with. I call this strange brew of outrage and worry and exhaustion and not being able to look away Twittering but presumably you can get the same unpleasant and yet still somehow desirable feeling from other social media outlets. And also possibly elsewhere but I get it mostly from Twitter. By the way I hope you don’t get this feeling and that the internet brings you nothing but joy and fulfillment. I think Twitter and Facebook and etc. are useful and important and in pockets quite beautiful and obviously I’ve benefited from them a lot but i’m just going to level with you and acknowledge that the majority of time these days my general feeling when on the social internet is like ahhhh. Right so anyway, I explained this to my friend and he said “You should make your phone into a dumb phone” and I said “What?” and then he explained that among the many things you can do with a smartphone is turn it into a device that closely resembles a cell phone from 2005, except with a much better camera. This had literally never occurred to me and about a month later after a particularly egregious episode of Twittering I did it. My phone no longer has Twitter or Facebook or E-mail or Reddit. I even broke my son’s heart by deleting Pokemon-Go. I do still have an internet browser, which allows me to fall down various rabbit holes if I’m highly motivated, but in general I just use my phone for calls and texting and pictures. Well also i’ve got my Delta app so i can check in to flights and Yelp and Google Maps and of course the Chipotle app and this app that tells me whether there are soccer games on TV right now. It’s not really that dumb of a phone, but the point is I have no way of Twittering there’s just one problem with my dumb phone, which is that it hasn’t worked. Like I suppose in the last seven months my background level of stress has decreased somewhat, but mostly I just spend more time with my computer. This is partly because I feel some vague but nagging obligation to be informed about the events of the day. Although in the end I’m not convinced that Twittering actually makes me better informed like I know quite a lot about Donald Trump’s handshakes with foreign leaders, but I don’t know much about South Korea’s ousted President or the ongoing corruption scandals in Brazil or even the US Federal Reserve’s monetary policy. Plus, I feel like when I’m inside the feed I kind of become a person I dislike. Like I find myself skimming instead of engaging and valuing cleverness over compassion and also clicking on clickbait which just creates a world with more clickbait. And sometimes they’ll be like sorry my actual real life family but someone is wrong about something on the internet and I need to explain to them exactly why they are wrong. God help me I’ve even retweeted fake news. Point being it is time for a drastic intervention. So in the last couple of weeks I’ve decided to scale way back on the social internet and put myself on an information diet. Rather than trying to drink from the firehose of Twitter i’m spending an hour or two each morning reading these mostly The Economist the New York Times The Wall Street Journal and my hometown Indianapolis Star. How do I explain newspapers and magazines to young people? Basically it’s like a very carefully curated internet that someone prints on paper and then mails to your house. It’s an extremely inefficient process and too expensive, but I am desperate for a change. So is it working? Well I’ll echo many a clickbait science headline and say that early results are positive but it’s too soon to know for sure. Nerdfighters, I’m curious if you’re having similar problems with the social internet or if my experience is more of an outlier. Let me know in the comments below on that subject i will say that Youtube still feels different to me from the rest of the Internet. In general I just find YouTube less stressful, but that might be because I get to live in this relatively friendly and peaceful corner of it so thank you for that. Hank, I’ll see you on Friday.


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  2. Wall street journal… L

  3. Don't Support the WSJ

  4. So you couldn't just not use twitter?

  5. one day my "local" news paper, The Washington Post, will be mentioned with the major London/New York Publications. Make us 1b, not number 2 Jeff Bezos.

  6. I just uninstalled all social media apps from my phone in favor of learning apps. It's a better use of my time.

    Wish I could uninstall the facebook app but it's impossible. I would have to jailbreak my phone or something. :/

  7. I feel so similar to the feelings you expressed in this video that it's spooky. Mine seems to come in waves, maybe? Like, sometimes it's more despair and sometimes it's more of a dull ache. I'm not sure what to do about it. I read the physical paper too, and that does help.

    Thanks for this video, it put into words a lot of things I've been feeling and I find that to be very helpful.

  8. Soooo everyone over 60 was right all along??

  9. I'm late to the game and I rarely comment on youtube videos… but I have to say that I struggle with keeping informed so I won't become ignorant or keeping sane and experience less despair and suicidal ideation. I mean I still deal with those things (thank you mental health) but it would be drastically less if I didn't try to keep up with the on goings on of the world.

  10. yeah I deleted twitter and tumblr off my phone because I realized that I spent a LOT of time looking at them, despite the fact that this was at best like, just barely more enjoyable than doing nothing, to the point where it cut into things I actually enjoy a lot more? I kept snapchat and Instagram because I don't spend as much time on them and they help me contact people I actually know and care about. I read more books now like I used to before I had a smartphone

  11. I haven't used Facebook for personal use since September. I have only accessed my public account for my other channel (for promotion, etc.) It is freeing to get away from the unending sea of awfulness that is in our world.

  12. While I have tried to lavish some tough love among my rage-tantrum liberal friends – remind them that the "other side" are Americans too, and might be hurting as much, sometimes more, than they are. But that said, a LOT of stuff on FB lately has to hit a high bar to even get a click from me. Have adopted a mantra inspired by the USMC – "DO NOT ENGAGE." That means no likes, no comments, not even a click to check it out unless it's particularly engaging.

    I have pretty much written off partisan sources and blogs, and take Mainstream Corporate Media with a 50-kilo salt lick. I remind myself all the time that their motivations are profit and ratings, well ahead of journalism. But at least some MSM sources to manage to report on stuff that probably actually happened, if you can tease the facts from the editorial and opinions. Also being very cautious about my own confirmation bias.

    But have found to get past some of the seeing "forest vs trees," or the "bark of the nearest tree… " problem. Partaking of third party independent media, esp. the international news. BBC, Reuters, The Guardian… helps to get a little distance and context.

    Get up on top of the next hill for a long view… oh look…. forest… oh dear… it seems it's ON FIRE.

  13. I like this guy, except for the fact that he talks too slow.

  14. Yes and I take social media breaks. These usually involve me reading comments from idiots, getting mad, then logging off a social media site and not logging back onto it for 2 weeks to 1 month. I just came off a SM break and now Im actively trying not to engage with idiots.

  15. Surely what you're describing as your reaction to Twitter is social anxiety, but derived from online communication?

  16. Haven't gotten around to deleting twitter and those other ones from my phone yet but the notifications are turned off and have been for a long time. Overall yes I understand what your going through and am glad that I am not the only one that feels like this.

  17. NYT WSJ both fake news.

  18. It's not a dumb phone – it's a hermit phone! 🙂

  19. The fucking Wall Street Journal, John? Really? For real news? Really? And you're a YouTuber? REALLY?!?!?!

  20. Try subscribe to unbiased new channels on YouTube like Caspian report.

  21. I am in college and have a night job. I'm not awake when most news programs air and have (I guess happily??) moved away from twitter as a news source and find little time for tumblr. I did find myself concerned when the total of my news intake became Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, Facebook, and the headlines of the daily papers that I would need to process for my job. I have found a pretty decent solution. Both NPR and The New York Times put out daily 20 minutes news podcasts (weekdays) and NPR politics is another podcast that keeps me in the loop about whatever is happening in DC that might affect me. It's about 5 hours of my week and gives me something to listen to on my commute, and keeps me in the loop while still maintaining a great deal of informational integrity.

  22. I recently got rid of facebook from my phone and replaced it with Audible and it has been the best decision.

  23. I spent about two months without internet in my apartment (at the time I didn't have data on my phone). Everyday I would go to the library to check my e-mails and get a book (I read a lot of books). As a result I lost interest in the internet and the drama on social media. Now I have internet again, but I basically only use it to download e-books and find new places to explore. I am noticing that I'm slowly moving back to were I was. I might have to get rid of it again…

  24. I did something similar recently. The social media sites that bothered me were Facebook and YouTube so I cut them out of my life for roughly a month. I'm trying to use them in moderation now so that I can watch cool videos from your channel and TheGameTheorists, and I can keep updated with my friends. Let us know how your information diet goes!

  25. I dumbed my phone down too, and I'm loving it! Also, I'm not reverting to the same behavior on my computer because it has Steam and a pretty decent GPU. Unfortunately, that just means I'm replacing my News & Rampage time with gaming time, and I've fallen out of the loop pretty hard and now I sound like an idiot whenever someone brings up whatever horrible thing that just happened.

  26. This is the reason I still have a flip phone even though my parents offered to get me a smartphone last year. It also motivates me to find things for me and my friends to do. Or I have conversations I wouldn't have otherwise like at my friend's birthday, everyone was playing Minecraft and I sat on the porch talking to her grandma, it was actually really interesting.

  27. Yes.

  28. I'm glad to say I do not share your twitter (verb). I don't really mind current news, if it's a bit thing, either colleagues will talk about it or it's mentioned in the 3 minute news update on my default radio station.I don't have a subscription to a news paper, nor a linear video subscription (ie: TV). Missing news isn't that bad; there is nothing new under the sun.

  29. I've felt the same about social media for a long time! I simply couldn't keep up with all the demands of it. Update this, update that, watch this, research that…I had an email, snapchat, instagram, facebook, and tumblr. It was way too much. Now I use facebook sparingly (kind of as a phonebook), my email, and snapchat every now and then. These apps had the most long-term use benefits for me (at least at the moment) but I don't allow myself to browse either. I can get better information from other sources (e.g. calling someone to hear about their lives, reading books, etc.) It's so freeing! Good to know I'm not the only one feeling overwhelmed.

  30. You are my real life hero!

  31. I agree. I deleted Facebook from my phone a while back, and I'm really happy about it. The scientist and the ascetic in me are warring over whether I should in fact go back largely to technology before the industrial revolution, but then I never do anything by half. I might take my email off my phone, too…that's a good idea. I can never tell how many different modes of communication I should have near me as a future clergyperson, but I suppose it's worth trying. I do check it too much, and I hate being a person who can't not fill thirty seconds of silence with checking my email on my phone.

  32. I definitely agree!

  33. Oh sometimes I feel the same thing!! I'm just 17 and the world it's like a chaos …. So many things are happening every single day and the information seem like a headache for me!! Some could be fake or real … Who knows ?? I'm Brazilian and almost all the government are involved with corruption!! Even the president… We are lost!!

  34. I do

  35. Good for you, John. I did the same thing two years ago and my life has been considerably better since. I especially like The Economist; it's fascinating to read about world stories weeks before they're mentioned in the American news cycle.

  36. Ok, I'm like a month late in seeing this, but I have now seen it and it makes me sooooooo happy to know that someone out there feels similarly to how I feel about the social internet! I have a short story, so please bear with me. In November of 2015, I had a 3 week hospital stay where I couldn't access a computer, smartphone, tablet, anything for the whole 3 weeks. When I was discharged, I discovered that I didn't have that nagging feeling that I needed to be on the internet or being completely caught up with all of my friends on Facebook. It was glorious! That feeling lasted quite a while, but as of late, I have noticed that the social internet has increasingly crept back into my life. Just today, for example, I've spent several hours (in short spurts) on Facebook, YouTube, etc. It isn't all bad. Like you said, YouTube seems to be different for some reason from the rest of the social internet. But I'm loving your idea to resort to reading actual physical publications for my news. I'm also seriously debating finding some extension that will keep me from even accessing sites like Facebook and Twitter during certain hours in order to cut down on my time there and increase my productivity when I have to be on my computer. This is long, but I just wanted to make sure that you knew that I love this vlog entry and it's message!! And thanks for posting it to remind me that I don't need to be on the social internet so much!!!

  37. I went to a flip phone from straight talk to avoid all this. It works takes time but works.

  38. Reading short articles on the interwebs yields extremely small returns. I've been a political news junkie for the last 10 years, yet 95% of all I've actually learned has been from books.
    For me, 1 hour with a book gives more in return than 100 hours reading news articles and shallow comments on social media.

  39. This seems obvious, but clearly isn't so, since I have much the same stress and anxiety while little information beyond that. I guess I should try something different too. Food for thought, thanks John.

  40. I haven't been able to really be on the social media since the election. If I delve too far down the rabbit hole it literally makes me start to tear up. I've been on an info diet & it's made all the difference.

  41. Thank you for talking fast enough that I don't have the burning urge to play the video at rate more than 1 second per second.

  42. Are you worried, John, that, while magazines and newspapers are more carefully filtered and "curated", they are also arguably much more prone to biased information than the world wide web?

  43. Listen to the radio.
    In the US you can listen to NPR. In the UK you can listen to BBC Radio 4. If you're really into it, listen to both via the internet.
    You can have it on it the background as you go about your day… or just listen to their news bulletins every now and again.
    Zero stress. 100% information. Zero Cost.

  44. I am having a similar problem but as I am a child I can not get the news…

  45. Good grief, yes! I and several friends/family have driven ourselves right straight over the edge with social media. YouTube, perhaps because I'm careful with my subscriptions and occasional random choices. (Yes, I know being careful and random is an oxymoron. Anyway, thanks for a delightful expression of the angst of the Internet!

  46. I know exactly what you mean!! Sometimes, while I'm living my actual normal life, instead of enjoying it, I'll get lost in my head trying to write the exact perfect tweet or status update about what's going on.

  47. I did this too. Removed Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It has led to so much relief, less social anxiety attacks, and a large amount of happiness.

  48. I do feel it is important to access newspapers beacuse you just can't trust information on social media.. also if you need any real kind of knowledge and awareness you need to get on the paper

  49. i'm do use social media, except youtube for the sole purpose of enterntainment, don't read newspaper, but i'm still stressed out, even if i live Under a rock

  50. I keep watching this video because this is my life! Only for me it is Facebook that is the demon. What I do right now, which is nowhere near enough, but a start, is I only allow myself to use Facebook in the evenings. I devote all breaks between classes (I am a teacher) to reading. I still have a mountain of books I want to read, but thanks to cutting back on social media a bit I am actually finishing books! I use the mornings before work to read actual news websites. That's right, I go to the actual websites, rather than logging onto Facebook. A lot more work needs to be done, but I am getting there.

  51. i stopped using facebook years ago, except facebook messenger and this one group (only way to know when and where my local brony club meetings are), and i have never felt the need to really go back beyond quick forays to check facts such as birthdays.
    twitter never really caught my attention, 140 characters is too short for me… probably isnt a good thing about me but it is a thing.
    but what i have been doing lately is using candid, keeps me up to date on certain things worth knowing and it provides a platform for me to hear other's opinions and voice my own. i have never felt more impotent and invisible than when commenting on youtube, and facebook/twitter are hardly better. but candid, on candid everyone's voice is heard even if just by a few people. but a few people is enough, i have had my opinion changed and i have changed other's. but really i mostly just use it for entertainment, filling the small gaps where i have nothing to do.

  52. I, too, have deleted Twitter bc it fills me with anxiety and stress and sadness.

  53. dude, deleting pokemon go is too far…


  55. I have never been much into social media. You can even tell from my little profile picture there on the left, I'm usually in beautiful vistas far from society. It's pretty great! I'm OTG 90% of my time, and when I'm on the grid I only dabble in youtube, and have a couple of times done the reddit thing. I have a facebook in order to keep in touch with old friends, and that's literally it, maybe one or two posts a year and occasionally messaging aforementioned old friends. But I really enjoy learning, and so I watch learning based youtube a lot. Vlogbrothers is really my only non-pure education thing I watch.

  56. I quit social media years ago. the world has kept spinning. the best part is you get to see and talk to people in person more

  57. this brought conviction to what I've been thinking for months, so thank you

  58. I deleted Facebook, because I found myself on it at all inconvenient times of the day. Now, of course, I've turned to Pinterest and YouTube. I think Pinterest may need to go too, as I find myself refreshing the page over and over hoping for something good to come up. It's a desperate endeavor which doesn't actually lead to happiness or satisfaction; it only fuels the desperate need and anticipation for something fulfilling that never comes. That being fully realized (just now) I think I'll go delete the app right now.

  59. I do have a similar problem, though I have been able to delete all social media from my life except Facebook at the moment. Nonetheless, I still will get sucked in and find it troubling. I have trouble reading more than the comics in my newspaper though because it often makes me feel hopeless without some perspective or optimism like the vlogbrothers news explanations provide.

  60. I deleted my Facebook and twitter and Instagram, but kept Youtube, NYT app, Politico, CNN, and kindle. Literally all I need to get information and avoid the social-media stress

  61. Yes!!! Newspapers are the best!! Read them!! They are good!! They're a big part of what your other news online comes from in the first place!!

  62. I've definitely been having trouble. I don't have Twitter but Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube combined can take up my whole day. I find it hard to focus on other things that I want to do and would be helpful to my life. I kinda want to delete all these apps but I think I would just replace them with something else unproductive like Wikipedia adventures, Netflix, or reading books. let us know how you feel after a few months of your diet. I'm

  63. I deleted my Facebook account last summer. I mostly only used it for messaging and for that I also had Whatapp, so I decided I didn't need it. From that time on, the only social network like site I used was YouTube. I never had a Twitter or Reddit or anything like that. In general, I was happy with that, but a few weeks ago, I got a Tumblr. And I notice how it is kind of eating away my time. In general, I like Tumblr, but maybe I'll delete it anyway. I don't really see useful stuff coming from it, nothing that really improves my life and very few things that really dtick with me. So, I might go back to only YouTube.

  64. SAME!! I've been feeling this way for about an election cycle now, and have finally decided to do something about it. I just got married, and my husband and I decided to take a portion of the money we received and put it towards our media consumption. I actually feel a little giddy when I think about it. Glad to know I'm not alone in this!

  65. Um, John, prepositions aren't something to end sentences with.

  66. I've just deleted my tumblr account.

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  67. This video inspired me to try to delete the You Tube app on my phone and tablets. Android won't let me, grr… I did sign out of it and of Facebook. (I guess I have to leave Messenger…)

  68. I got so stressed from the feeling of always being online and wasting far too much time just scrolling through stuff, so now I have a flip phone and read the newspaper while eating breakfast every morning. And this is why my coworkers think I'm secretly 60, despite that I'm 20.

  69. I truly am on information overload. Last night, I went to an outdoor concert with my family. The town of Bristol, Rhode Island hosts them nightly for a few weeks leading up to the 4th of July in a major celebration and I found myself engaging with my family and friends, only using my phone to document the experience. I was glad of it too. I also noticed almost nobody around me was on their phone. People of all ages came to the park to enjoy the band (Songs in the Attic, a Billy Joel tribute band led by David Clark) and have a good time. Small children danced along to songs they'd never heard on the radio because they'd been written 30 years prior. Parents engaged with their children, couples danced together, and things were simple and easy. I made the decision last night to scale back on social internet because of this. I want to be more engaged with my family and friends.

    I'm glad I'm not alone in it. Thanks, John.

  70. BRAZIL

  71. Just going to leave this here. I am sure there are probably more studies covering this.

  72. so sad about Pokemon! oh john

  73. Awesome

  74. Yeah, I get the digital economist, it's really good. I also have been feeling lately social media is a drag.

  75. I've been twittering so much recently, I've decided to just kind of shut it of for a while. I'm deleting facebook as I never really got into twitter, but facebook is kind of my twittering. I hope that I can get better for a bit.

  76. Honestly the sentence about ignoring my family in order to tell someone online exactly why they are wrong describes me better than you could imagine

  77. Posting quite late but, I just deleted my Facebook and stopped logging into Tumblr for this reason.  I've started scrolling through my News app and reading articles from ~credible sources~ instead.  It's tough to keep myself entertained though: snapchat only offers so much, and vlogbrothers is really the only youtube channel I keep up with.

  78. Social media is bad for me. I've stopped using tumblr because it was just really bad for my worldview (black and white ideology, etc) but im still suckered into using insta and snapchat bc i keep them on my phone, because "i have to keep up with my friends". I have a rule that I only follow/friend my real-life friends on those apps, and I want to only use them to see how they're doing, but I still get suckered into browsing other stuff all the time. It doesn't feel good, it's just a stimulating time-waster when I don't know what else to do. Eugh.
    I try to be conscious, though. If I have the urge to reach for my phone and I know it's just for that, I'll stop myself. I try to look up every once and a while and ask, "what else can I do with my time?" then i talk to people irl, or play music, or do whatever. I'm trying, and I think that's a good first step?

  79. I’m going to sound like a crotchety old man, but yes, the Internet and social media has hastened the demise of journalism. It’s hard to find objective and analytical pieces anymore, in particular because what you find on social media is self-selected. And in being self-selected, the links and “articles” tend more to inflame passions, or yell “go team,” than to present facts and issues to inspire rational thought. I fear it has also hastened the demise of civility in politics, as people are self-selecting their source of news based on preconceived world views, and not on a desire to obtain knowledge.

  80. I tried ditching Facebook for a week and it was sooooo great but I cracked after that and now I'm back.

  81. Honestly this has been a problem for me since I first started using social media. I started with instagram in middle school, which had just started up at the time and as I expanded to Tumblr and Twitter, I was more incentivized to go down horrible thought spirals that had a lot to do with my likeablility and popularity. It fueled my paranoia about other people’s opinions of my unlike anything else had in my life. Tumblr and Instagram especially had a very negative effect on me, fueling my self harm problem that had actually also started from seeing someone else self harming at my school. I wasn’t necessarily in total mental anguish, I wanted attention, and social media made me feel that self harming and then posting it on Instagram and telling all my friends about it was the best way to get attention. I found my way out of this horrible spiral, funnily enough, through reading The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings around Christmas of 2013. I was able to pinpoint easily that social media was the true source of this horrible spiral and over the next few months I deleted all my social media, unless you count YouTube. That year that I had no social media accounts, 2014, is a year that I still, to this day, regard as the best year of my life, free of care, peaceful, just overall a good time. I was able to truly contemplate how horrible it was that I fed into the society of people who self harmed without having honest mental illness, just for the attention. I recognized that there are honest mental illnesses out there that cause this behavior, and it wasn’t just about feeling sorry for yourself. I never had an honest reason for self harming, and to this day I regard it as one of the worst things I’ve ever done. And it all started from social media.

    After over a year of not having any social media, I finally figured that I was ready to start back up again. Of course, this lead to another round of just horrible compulsive checking up on my friends to make sure I wasn’t out of the loop and more feeling sorry for myself, this time because a friend that I had a crush on didn’t like me back. I had completely shut the door on physical self harm, but I opened up a whole new psychological drag on my life that caused many panic attacks. This had lasted for two years until the end or the summer of 2017, in which I likely had a depressive episode. I was able to more slowly transition out of that horrible state of mind with a good friend, who just so happens to now be my boyfriend. But I realized that, again, social media was consistently enabling me to be in this horrible self centered state of mind that just made me and everyone around me to feel horrible. I really have started to limit myself recently, and the way I have managed to do so has really worked well for me. I’ve stuck with snapchat, which honestly hasn’t done much to drag me down mentally, and I’ve cut way down on my Tumblr time, which is honestly probably the most toxic place on the internet and most everyone agrees at this point. I may delete everything completely before I go to college, I’m not sure yet. But all I know is that social media has always been an indirect cause on most of the psychological pain in my life so far.

  82. I intentionally get my news from 3 places: Swiss national radio, a big Swiss newspaper (rather on the socialist side of things) and for community/US news Philip Defranco.
    On Twitter, I have unfollowed pretty much every person who doea 'outrage', because it's really not productive. And there's nothing I can do about bad US politics seeing as I don't live there. So overall, Twitter has become rather calm for me.

  83. Delete twitter!

  84. Facebook is definitely a cause for stress. The more time I spend off of social media the better I feel.

  85. I actually have trouble calling social media a public good at this point or at least an over all good. For every helpful pocket there are numerous deplorable ones. The separation that internet communication inherently has makes it to easy to see everyone else as an other which kills any kind of empathitc communication.

  86. U can just download a news app…

  87. I simply save all notifications or anything else in bookmarks (To check later); but then I never check! If you mention me on Facebook you need to send me a WhatsApp message to tell me to check Facebook; or else I would mess it. I hate Facebook, I feel I have no control over what pops up in the NewsFeed. While I feel I can control the sources on twitter and I usually use it to search for a specific piece of news rather than browser it.

    YouTube has the problem of the "Must Watch" list, that wastes long time on something not that worthy, and you are only a reciever mostly.

  88. Everyone knows they should read more, but it's hard! Whether it’s going to the gym or reading every day, the hardest part of developing any habit is STARTING. You guys might be interested in an app that my team developed for this exact problem! Try it out and let me know what you think 🙂

  89. Slow jornalism rules! There is a TEDx Madrid video about the slow journalism revolution.

  90. Υοu are Liverpool fan. You know correctly what you are doing. From now on, "you 'll never walk alone" 🙂

  91. John,
    I have been feeling something similar. While I like most of the information I am consuming, I feel like I am chewing more than what I can swallow. So, I am trying 1. reduce consumption (read 2 articles instead of 5) and 2. spend more time thinking about what I have read (Even creating idle spaces to let my mind wander). This way, I am hoping to not only understand what I consume better but also internalize it. Given the access to quality information more than I can consume in a lifetime, I am trying to pace the rate of consumption. While this might mean less information, it helps me reduce anxiety, FOMO, and indegestion.

  92. My information diet: Boston Globe, Atlantic, New Yorker, Guardian, Economist

  93. I used to find myself falling into that rabbithole of trying to debate with people on social media, but then I watched a fantastic series on YouTube called the Alt-Right Playbook. While it is focusing on one particular kind of social media frustration, really the Playbook can be applied to anybody, from anti-vaxxers to bigots to climate change deniers.

    What it showed me was that it really is true that arguing on the Internet is pointless, but maybe not for the reasons you assume. And it also showed me that the front line of these important debates is not on social media or Reddit forums, and really very few people participating in those debates, including myself, are equipped with the knowledge, expertise and experience to actually have those debates in a meaningful and transformative way.

    So suddenly, I was no longer clicking reply, and soon I was no longer clicking on those links at all. I realised that my attraction to them wasn't the supposed news (because I get that from reputable sources already) but because, like you said, I was getting a pavlovian response to the possibility that I might find an easy debate. That is the nature of social media. And it's not worth it.

    I realised that if I were truly passionate about these issues, (which I am) there are much more productive ways to engage with them. And now I do.

  94. I'm flattered that you care about Brazil's situation. Love you Mr. Green, you're like a Wiseman but you're also very funny at the same time (same goes for your brother). Greetings from a fellow Brazilian fan.

  95. Yes, I agree 100%! I only really use Instagram, and have found myself mindlessly scrolling for a while, so I deleted Instagram, and subscribed to Time Magazine to get my news. Also in the process of convincing my parents to let me get a 'dumb phone' when my iPhone 5s finally dies. Still not getting rid of YouTube though… I love all of the mathy and sciencey channels too much.

  96. Social media is the worst

  97. 🐦🔫

  98. I deleted my social media apps on my phone about two months ago, and it’s been really nice actually. I go out and exercise a lot more (though still not a ton 😅) and get a TON more reading done, which is good considering that I’m a full time college student and literally have zero time anyway. But I guess it’s really been nice because I can filter more of what I’m seeing on a daily basis and if I want to know what my friends are doing… I actually talk to them. It’s given me more things to talk about with people, because I didn’t already see it online.

  99. For curated televised events I would heartily recommend any of the C-Span channels.
    A lot of people think its just congress and crazy phone callers (which it admittedly sometimes is) but overall most of their content is actually coverage of events where relevant people talk in depth about any subject in the news recently. The C-Span journalists are extremely professional interviewers as well and their interviewees tend to be less guarded as a result.
    Best part is its a free, non-government public service so really by not watching its like you're leaving money on the table.
    Its leagues better than watching the shouty talking heads of cable news.

  100. Yeah, I ration my Fb use, and you tube has expanded, a lot of genuinely interesting stuff, and you and your brother talking very fast…lol

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