My Healthy Morning Routine 2017!

good morning there's nothing like a new day where you wake up you feel fresh you feel ready to take on the day and having a healthy morning really helps me to just put my best foot forward throughout the day because I love morning and these little moments of the first part of the day really affect the rest of my day so having water first thing in the morning to rehydrate my body and then making my bed straight afterwards just helps me to feel productive these two little things are so simple to do always keep water by your bedside and always get up and just immediately make your bed you're going to feel so much better you're going to feel hydrated before you drink any caffeine make sure you drink that water then I go into the kitchen and I always forget why I go in there I don't know none of her sufferings do but I totally do that all the time but then I remembered I'm going to make my morning breakfast before breakfast it will tonic so this is something I've been doing as recently and I really wanted to share it with you because I love it it is so healthy and good for you it's fighting inflammation improves digestion strengthens your immunity really good so I take half a lemon half an orange and Jupitus and then I grab some ginger and turmeric and I just chop it up into little pieces basically and then add that into my drink and splash of apple cider vinegar and then I mix it all up with some ramen Nuka honey which is great because of the antibacterial antibacterial I could say that frankly some properties and it's just a great way to start off the day feels so much better than I make my coffee dirty and I head in for my quiet time where I read my devotions of my Bible this is just what fills up my soul in the morning and then I get ready for my workout so oh my gosh definitely one of my favorite parts of the day sometimes I work out at home and I really love to hang out home workouts once you can do it I want to so first of all how cute are these leggings there from fabletics the print is adorable and look at the sports bra and the shirt we just talked about this workout outfit is and the fact that you know me I like to squat move around get in my crazy plyometric movement and I just love that when I do move around with the compression in expanse is amazing and they're so comfortable you can see here I'm just performing a tricep pushup and then going up into like a bird because it's like a weird Burpee and then I go into an overhead press and I'm doing some tricep kickbacks here I absolutely love working out at home because it's quick and it's easy and you can still get effective workouts in if you just pick certain moves do them for one minute each and then take a few seconds rest and then just do a few more rooms and you have a complete workout by the way if you love my leggings as much as I do public having their VIP program which means you can get two of their best-selling leggings for 24 bucks which is an amazing deal I always say the cute workout clothes are such a huge motivator to workout and they really are when you slip into clothing names so confident and comfortable and that are great at performing in a workout you just feel so much better so I love to athletics present another really cool thing about that program is they actually offer free online workout classes which is awesome and you can get up and off of workout clothes so if you want to click link in the description box to check out their VIP program where you can get the legging girl plus you can shop all the other cute self 1/2 and then after I'm done working out it's time to hop in the shower this is the best feeling ever I love post-workout showers oh my gosh so amazing the warm water and your muscles Seifer breakfast and lately I have been loving like smoothie Bowl so they're kind of like not as thick as an acai bowl they're kind of like movie but you still put topping if I do about a cup of almond milk and then half a cup of blueberries and then scoop of either almond butter or peanut butter whatever your preference half of a banana a scoop of cacao or cocoa powder and then one scoop of chocolate protein I'm using a pea protein it's amazing it's gluten free and it's delicious and then one packet of frozen acai and blend it up and then I top it with cacao nib and coconut and goji berries and amazing of all the antioxidants and then I love chia seeds for the fiber and then up my favorite part drizzling some honey on top oh my gosh so good a little protein healthy fats and lots of Anne Thompson okay this is me being weird much to do I'm a su /


  1. For every like I'll do a push up

  2. I love how committed you are to reading the bible everyday(obviously from all your videos)!
    It's good to be in touch with Gods word each day🙏🏻

  3. This video is great! Flawless editing, awesome concept, and looking amazing as usual love you!❤️

  4. Love this!! Where did you get your cart from

  5. LOVE your pajama pants!!!

  6. them dimples tho

  7. she reminds me of Paige from Pretty Little Liars for some reason.

  8. can you do a updated Moring routine

  9. Make sure you drink your first drink with a straw cuz apple cider vinegar can ruin your teeth!

  10. Your babe is cute

  11. I can tell lots of effort was put into this, great job!

  12. I love how your so beautiful and your so organized,and you look so healthy

  13. Outfit inspiration right here!!! Check out my latest video boo!

  14. The fire short from lyzabeth lopez. Be sure to give credit to the person who created that drink!!!!

  15. I workout at home it’s the best

  16. Beautiful, God bless you !xx

  17. Cambria thank you you inspire me so much and I thank you for that I've always been skinny but not always healthy I slack off a lot but when I watch you you remind me how much it helps our body and not to waist our lives your amazing thank you

  18. Stumbled on your channel! So glad I did 😁

  19. 2:48 Pray to God, Reach to Heaven, Pray to God, Reach to Heaven.

  20. Where is your comforter from?! 😍

  21. If I have a bed like yours, I'm not gonna wake up. It look comfortable 🙂

  22. Always pray for the Holy Spirit to be with you first thing. Put on the whole armor of God daily! Helmet of Salvation, breastplate of righteousness, belt of truth, shoes of His peace, shield that stops ALL the fiery darts, sword, the very Word of God! Then you're good!

  23. Your house is so beautiful! This is my favorite video you've ever done! Thank you and God bless, Cambria! ❤️

  24. What did you use for your tea maker? 😍

  25. Where are your lamps in your bedroom from?!

  26. I love the part when you integrated the Bible reading into your morning routine. I do the same and it's the most efficient way of starting your day with a positive mind. God bless…

  27. It made me feel so happy when you said that you read the Bible, may God bless you and your husband. It's the first time that I see one of your videos, and I really liked it ! So you just gained one follower 😉

  28. i love the filming and editing in this video!! <3

  29. Can you please tell me where you got your bedspread? I've been looking for one like it for a long time! Thanks!

  30. I have tried having a smoothie after a similar tonic drink. It really bothered my stomach because it was just too much liquid all at once! I could not imagine having water, tea, tonic drink, and then a smoothie, all in what I assume is less than 2 hours

  31. I'm not being mean but you can't make your bed straight after getting out of bed

  32. You look like sadie from awkward (mtv) but prettier

  33. I'm only thirteen, but your videos honestly inspire me so much, Cambria! I have something called Candida, so to narrow it down basically when I don't eat the right kinds of foods, it sucks. You are so inspirational and I (literally) jump up and down excitedly every time I get the notification that you have uploaded a new video! Love you and your videos💕💕

  34. You're so inspirational, God bless 💕

  35. wow, awesome stuff! 🙂

  36. Would it be suitable to have the tonic every morning? Love the positivity in your videos by the way x

  37. how old is she she looks young?? I'm just curious

  38. Could you do a workout video at home ??

  39. LOVED it! 🙂

  40. Cambriaaaaa I love you ❤️ where did you buy your "wifey" mug? Its super nice

  41. your vids are so inspiring <3

  42. wow you are so athletic and you look beautiful and healthy and you are so cool and a fun girl to watch and I am excited to see more videos from you and I like to see a night routine if you have one or a makeup routine and a skin care routine and keep up the wonderful work on your videos

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