My Healthy Lifestyle Goals & Tips! | How I Get Motivated + Dealing With Stress & Anxiety!

hi guys welcome back to my channel today I'm going to be doing a different video for you guys more I pay like a lifestyle hopefully a motivating video that I wanted to do I wanted to share with you guys felt of my current healthy lifestyle goals and how I get motivated made a lot of changes just in my life recently within the past couple months and I really wanted to share them with you guys because you guys have seen some of my Q&A videos you know that I do struggle with you know anxiety staying positive keeping motivated you know I'm gonna share with you guys some of my tips tricks things that I do to get me motivated to stay positive um and just some of my goals recently some of the things that I've really been setting for myself to just have a healthier lifestyle so the first thing that I do have to say and I've mentioned it in previous videos you guys probably already know but it is my planner this thing has seriously changed so much in my life this is seriously made life so much easier for me it is the Erin Condren life planner I got this back in like September or August and I have just been planning out week by week just keeps me so organized and productive on a daily basis I really needed to get more productive I just feel like I was kind of a little lazy and I wasn't getting things done um having to write things down in here every day or what you need to do it just really helps it helps to like visually see things you know I'm always going to tell a person to write down lists all the time so having a planner has just really helped me in seeing like my plan with me videos I know it's not for everyone but you can see how I do my weekly spreads how I lay them all out it's super fun it's a great hobby I have so much fun doing it this is my Halloween one it's very therapeutic for me as well I just really enjoy kind of sitting down putting my stickers on my spread writing things down and they need to do fill week is going to be like my number one thing that has really just helped me so much I even write on the side of every week I put goals of the week so I have things that I want to do like for instance this week the goals that I have are to upload three videos go to the gym four times this week finished some tests that I need to do at my beauty school so I just love this thing it's my favorite and I encourage anyone to start getting into planning I know it's different but I'm sure you'd have so much fun with it and it just really helps you get organized keeps you productive it's awesome so yeah this is my first thing that I wanted to share with you guys so next product is something that I've been trying out for a while now if you guys have not seen this on my snapchat I've snapped about this but it is the 50 28 day detox oh I have used the 50 fat burner the African Mango complex fat burner I mentioned this in one of my other like videos I think it was a lifestyle favorites this is understand all natural natural antioxidants it promotes fat burning and weight loss and improves your immune system sues and cleanses your digestive system so I've been struggling with being bloated a lot and I feel like I needed something like a tea to help me with my digestion I've always had stomach issues so I really wanted to try this this was actually sent to me usually drink this in the morning or before one of my workouts they smell really really good I was so impressed with how great these tastes it just comes it's a loose leaf tea but it comes in a little like baggie and has a lot of flavor it smells so good and I'm just adding a little bit of honey natural honey um it tastes great it helps like increasing my energy levels I struck home with having energy in the morning especially if I'm waking up early to go teach a TV I'm such a slug in the morning so this really will give you energy with those toxins from your body and suppresses your appetite I don't like feel like this is a cleanse where you're constantly going to the bathroom every day I've never had any of that I just think it honestly helps just with my digestion I think the one thing that I have noticed with this and if you guys want to know like more about the fat burner to watch my other video I'll link it below but the one thing that I do notice with this is that I feel less bloated it also is a weight loss supplement so this does help you lose weight but it's not going to drop pounds for you like you actually do have to work out I just I've really been liking this I thought I'd share because I did mention this before they do have a 14-day detox and then they have the 28-day they also have like the pro pack or something where it comes with the tea and the fat burner and I believe another package deal I don't know which one that was yeah you guys are interested check out 50 calm I'll have a link below and you can check out all their product or definitely hyped up on Instagram I see so many like celebrities and a lot of people have used this product so I was happy to try it out and I've been loving it I have been trying out some other products um but I will update you guys on some of them like I've been trying out a new fat burner in addition to that one that I've already tried um trying out some like protein powders and stuff so I will mention that and maybe future videos just because I have been recently trying them out and seeing how they work for me since I haven't going back to gym which is going to be my next thing that I'm going to talk about um I've just really been wanting to add more dietary supplements work outs up women's things like that to my diet just to help me along the way you know toning up being fit so um the next thing is getting a gym membership I think has really helped me kind of struggled for a while not having the energy and the motivation to go to the gym but I really really think it helps to have someone else push you getting a partner to go with you because I feel like you know if you're going with a friend if you're going with your boyfriend which is what I do he just really pushes me to go so I think having someone that you go with you know if you're going with one of your friends if you're going with a partner and they say you know hey meet me there tomorrow at 10 a.m. you know you don't want to like let them down by not going because you like you're their partner and you want to like prove to them that you can do this so I just think having someone to push you having some a partner to go if it really will help with helped me a lot and I just feel like it's hard to go by yourself it's a struggle for me to actually get there but once I get there and once I get out of the gym I feel so great and I'm so glad that I went I'm stressed out or I feel like I kind of need to get away put my mind somewhere else I always pick up a book and read so one of the ones that I feel is so motivational so inspiring I love this book I've mentioned it before on my vlog Channel last vlog cember I kind of like did a whole video kind of sharing my thoughts about this book and if you guys do follow me on my blog channel I think you know which one I'm talking about I was kind of struggling at the time and I felt like this book really helps me this is a self-help book this is the untethered soul the journey beyond yourself when Michael a singer it's a great book I would recommend it to anyone I think that anyone could use this book and get knowledge from it a little bit of the back for you guys so it says who are you really what would it be like to be free from limitations and soar beyond your boundaries what can you do each day to find the kind of inner peace and freedom whether this is your first exploration of inner space or you've devoted your life to the inward journey this book will transform your relationship with in with yourself and the world around there what you can do to free yourself from the habitual thoughts and emotions that limit your consciousness this book opens the door to a life of self-realization and happiness definitely recommend this book and of a book that I've been reading just like here and there when I want to like I said just you know put my mind somewhere else and just relax this sweet life by Dulce candy cheesy youtuber I'm sure you guys all know her I've recently been reading this and really enjoying it um I love her love her videos so I didn't wanted to pick this up so um books I feel like really do help I'm not too much of a reader but I feel like I flew through this book because it was so good and if I could find a really good book that I hold definitely read there's so many youtubers that are coming off books as well so another thing that I feel is very therapeutic and helps with stress is shopping um is it's my therapy it's what I love to do obviously I have to have it in the budget to go shopping but what I wanted to kind of share with you guys is ways that helped me cope with um anxiety stress is that I find help me and one of them is shopping you know if it is a new season and one of my favorites grocery shop at his home goods I really enjoy interior design I love decorating so it's another hobby that I kind of pick up and just with the new seasons coming around I always want to decorate with new things around my house so you know if I'm ever feeling stressed I'll let go out to home goods and just it relaxes me I just shop around look for some decorations to decorate my house and like sometimes you know since I work from home since YouTube is my full-time job um being around the same space all the time it gets repetitive it gets boring um kind of puts me in a rut so little things like changing out the pillows on my couch to more decorative fall ones it just puts me in a good mood it lifts up my spirits um just to lift different things like that shopping for fall candles to make my house smell really good changing up your environment a little bit and where you are all the time can really really help you and just boost your mood I think that I have been doing this helped um is going back to PB to teach I even though it's kind of hard because I have a strict schedule and I want to put all of my time and energy into YouTube I do have this other commitment that I need to do for teaching I think they do you think it helps you know being around other people socializing getting out of your comfort zone doing something different when people say to me you know like how do you get motivated to film videos like what inspires you and I feel like after so many years of doing this it's always come down to mine yours and my subscribers and that has always been my number one motivation to continue filming videos to continue putting out this content for you guys and I know that I have may be disappointed several of you guys know channel is kind of plateaued in a way where I need to just do some things different and um try new things and give you guys new content that you're looking forward to and I'm trying to find myself I'm trying to figure out what makes me happy what motivates me what what helps me keep going and it's you guys you guys have seriously changed my life for one this YouTube my career and my job um so I want to thank you guys for their positive feedback is what keeps me going everyone's gonna like me not everyone's going to love my videos but a big percentage of you guys do appreciate me and do love the content that I put out um and I think a lot of you guys really do know who I am and you follow me and maybe you guys are subscribed to both my channels so you do see a lot of the other and I put out or maybe you've met me in person at a store at Target Sephora Ulta maybe at HomeGoods maybe you've met me at one of my meetups I hope that I've impacted some of you in some way because I know that you guys impacted my life and I'm going off but um yeah I just I want to like tell you guys that you are my motivators you are what keep me going and I know I may not respond to every single comment on my videos or every tweet or every Instagram comment or Facebook message but I do recognize you guys I do and I do appreciate you guys so much more than you can imagine and I think a lot of us youtubers struggle with feeling good enough I think a lot of times we struggle with anxiety being social I know that I don't have too many real-life friends just because I am on the internet and I share a lot of my life um you know a lot of people look at us as celebrities and we're just normal people when we go through normal things and sometimes sometimes those struggles kind of get the best of us and we need to sit back and really find our passion again and realize the good things it's something that I've recently you've done and these little things like working out going to gym making doing some healthier things in my life um picking up a book kind of taking a relaxing day off of the internet shopping it's therapeutic planning it's therapeutic putting stickers in my planner you know it's just it's therapeutic for me picking up hobbies it's something that you just need to do to escape your day to day life of this stress I think a lot of people don't realize how hard it is to be a youtuber you know criticized by a ton of people just because you're putting yourself out there on the Internet um it's something we all struggle with and if you're a youtuber I think you know exactly how I feel I just need a break sometimes you just need to sit back and just take a break take a breather you ever wonder you know if I'm gone for a week maybe I'm just taking a little break maybe I just need a break from the internet and I think that that's okay and you know it does get me upset sometimes when people attack me if I haven't put up a video in a week or haven't put up a video in three days four days you know um this job is not like a normal job I'm I work on the weekends Friday Saturday Sunday and not normal people do people usually have their weekends off so you know I wish people would understand kind of the YouTube life and maybe I'll make a separate video kind of all about that but I don't know I just wanted to share with you guys kind of you know what's been going on what different things I've been doing lately how I get motivated as a youtuber and tell goals that I've been making for myself to better myself um to better my life and just be healthier I wasn't really sure how I was going to really do this video I just wanted to sit down and chat with you guys so hope you've enjoyed it unless make sure you guys to subscribe to my blog channel if you would like to see more daily life blogs let me know and follow me on all my social media to keep updated alright I had to come back on here because I I feel like I didn't really thoroughly talk about my goals and that was mainly why I wanted to do this video to kind of share with you guys my healthy lifestyle goals so besides some of the things that I'm trying out as far as like my diet and going to the gym and stuff I want to get back on a good schedule for uploading for YouTube and I want to make sure that I put up about two to three videos a week and I can't promise you guys that this will happen because like I said I am teaching at a beauty school half of my week so goal is to put up a couple videos a week I want to pre film some holiday videos for you guys so that I can get them up at a decent time throughout the holidays they have a lot of ideas and I want to film more of your requests because I know that whatever you guys are expecting a video and I do want to be requests like a little disappointing so I really want to I want to please you guys I want you to look forward to these videos that I put out so um I want to do as many requests as I possibly can for you guys I mean I was mainly just sharing with you guys some tips on how to have a healthy lifestyle but these are just my goals and what I'm working towards so I hope you guys enjoyed this video again um thank you guys so so much for watching and I'll see you in my next video


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