my health update. Will i ever get better

I just need to tell you guys about how I feel because I feel like I keep things in all the time And it’s just so frustrating Why am I freaking crying? I’m so upset because I felt like I couldn’t do anything It’s like my freakin’ SIBO took over. My gut health took over my life like I’m just so tired I’m just so sick and mentally exhausted I just like I’m fucking depressed all the time like It fucking sucks. I don’t know why I’m crying again. I need to get my shit together again. Be right back It’s so fucking stupid. So I decided to not publish that video because I was bawling for the entire video. I was feeling really emotional because I was feeling so sick. I’m feeling a little bit better now, so don’t worry. The reason why I decided to put a little clip of that video in front of this video is because I just wanna let you guys know that I’m not always happy Like this year has been a very difficult year for me because my health is that is worse I thought last year was bad. But this year Really? Like, I have my happy days like a lot of people think that I’m always this happy, this bubbly, and just super positive all the time. The truth is, I was not for almost the entire year,. But obviously, when I’m recording my videos I’m always trying to be at my happiest state and if I’m not happy I try my best to not record videos Which is why I haven’t posted a video for such a long time. He has been like two and a half weeks or something I don’t know. It’s… it’s been a long time because I just needed a little break because of my health. My gut health and my mental health was really struggling And when I recorded that video I just finished that part of my gut protocol And I was feeling more sick than ever. Like I was like what the hell is going on? I’ve been doing this for a while now that had been going on so many gut protocols I was feeling so ill I was weak, mentally exhausted because taking all this and Time microbiomes or whatever they are. All these herbs They’re actually really harsh on my body, harsh on my guts Although it’s trying to heal my gut it’s really trying to like attack it even more. So I’m like I was just so tired I was literally at my breaking point I mean I was, which is why I bawled And the problem with me is that I try to keep my feelings inside like I don’t really Like to talk about it to my family Or to my friends and it gets all balled up inside, and I’ll make a video, and I’ll start… bawling. That’s that’s pretty much me. I’ll keep everything in until it explodes So some of you guys might be thinking like what the hell are you talking about, Chloe? What the hell? I get it because the last time I talked about it was earlier this year And I have really bad gut health problems since I was a kid like since I was very very young I used to have stomachache after breakfast or after lunch or after dinner almost every day. I thought it was normal I seriously thought that it was normal to have stomachache every day. About two years ago That’s when I found that it was not really normal. Like, am I supposed to not feel bloated after I eat? I thought I was supposed to have stomachache You know like some discomfort in my stomach like there’s no doubt. There’s some sort of discomfort So I found out that was not normal and I got obsessed with it Which is why I started to I reach out to a lot of doctors, and read a lot of books, and podcasts, and all of that. Like to just try to make it better and I feel like it’s getting worse The reason why my gut issues is better Sometimes it’s just because I know what food triggers my bloating and my stomachache But I’m still working towards there. I’m seeing a new doctor We’re doing some stool tests to just check out what the hell is going on with my gut because something is going on and We need to do more tests. So I’m gonna get the test result in three or four weeks it takes about five fixes in total because I need to send that to the US and Get my poop tested all the way from Australia to the US like seriously Why can’t we have something good over here? So you can watch my previous videos if you want to know more about my gut health journey but yeah, I can’t really give you guys like a a Full update just because it is not fixed yet I’m still bloated. I’m not pregnant! A lot of people think that I’m pregnant when they look at my photos because I Literally look like I’m about four to five months pregnant! But there are days that they are not that bad like some some days they are just like one month pregnant, you know I mean like not four months, so no big deal But I’m still bloated and when I did my last protocol I gained so much weight Like I think it’s because my body was so stressed out. I was gaining so much weight on my belly I used to not gather much fat on my belly, but I think the protocol was really messing with my gut bacteria So it is super Super out of whack right now and at the same time it was so stressful for me. Because you know taking all this herbal Medicines they’re actually super harsh on a body. They’re actually quite strong. So I felt so sick. I was so weak. I was like “what?” My arms and legs are wobbly I was so so weak and I was definitely eating sufficient because I was gaining weight So I was like what the hell was going on? My body was obviously super stressed out, mentally exhausted, body exhausted it was just… it was just bad. And one of the other reasons why I’m so mentally, like, screwed, was because every time I go on any of these gut protocols, I lose my period because it is that Intense for my body. Like, my body just literally hates all these gut protocols so that really messes me up because I feel like every time when I miss a period I’ll miss it for a couple of months and I’ll get it back and then I’ll be on The next gut protocol and then I’ll lose it again I’ll get it back again and it’s just like… it’s just… it’s just really hard for me, because I feel like I’m not a woman or something. Like I’m Supposed to have periods every month. I was not having any So that really messes me up at the same time So it has been one and a half months since I finished it, and when I was on my SIBO protocol I gotta eat like clean, pretty clean, for the entire protocol. Which was about a month. And then two weeks after I was still trying to eat pretty good But I was like Getting more sick than ever. I was eating all these vegetables That are supposed to be good for me, but I was feeling more bloated than ever and I just gave up I just literally gave up. And you know what happens when someone tells you not to do something? Or not to eat a certain thing? You want more right? Like, that was me. Or, is it just me? Am I just the rebellious one over here? But that was me like after six weeks of torture. I was like I I’m gonna cheat and I went all-in. Like, I started eating Macca’s, Chinese food, Italian Like I don’t know like everything I ate Everything that I was craving for because I couldn’t eat them for such a long time And before I started all these protocols in the past I used to not restrict my food that much if I want sugar I have it I’ll just make sure I don’t have too much. I’ll have it in moderation. But because I needed to be healthy I was supposed to cut out all these foods, and that made me very miserable Mentally exhausting as well because I love to eat. I’m a foodie I love to eat. And when I’m not getting my food, I get really cranky! But after eating three weeks of junk food and all my forbidden foods I’ve gained weight obviously because I was eating so much But I did not regret it because I was feeling really happy that I could eat all these things without any guilt But I was also having some stomach issues. I obviously all these foods are not great for my stomach It felt really bad sometimes, but it felt the same as when I was on a gut protocol. As bad as when I was on a gut protocol And the funny thing is, you know you guys, my favorite food is Italian or Japanese And the funny thing is that when I eat Italian food I feel very little bloating even when I’m eating pizza or pasta or mozzarella cheese I don’t really get bloating issues from these food So I was like, oh my god, maybe I should just eat pizza every day So eating a lot of freaking pizza. Holy shit. I was so happy. Oh my god I’m going off topic here again. What was I gonna talk about? You know what? I just wanna make an update video I just wanted to let you guys know that I’m I’m still here Yeah, I’ve just not been feeling well, and I just wanna take some time off and not think about videos and I’m trying to get off social media because it’s not very good for my mental health right now, I think That’s it for today’s video. I’m definitely gonna make an update video soon in a new year Because I’m seeing a new doctor and she’s trying to fix the issues right here Like she told me a couple of things that was very different from my previous previous doctor So I’ll definitely update you guys about this because I know a lot of us have these chronic bloating issues That just won’t go away. And I know how annoying it is because I’ve lived with it for my entire life I just never cared, but because this is my job now it made me care. And it’s really difficult for me because Because I’m really afraid that my bloating issue is gonna come across like I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m not fit or whatnot It’s just I guess it’s just my line of work that made it a little bit worse But that’s it for today’s video. I hope you guys are enjoying Today’s video. I hope it was enjoyable. I don’t know I’m feeling pretty happy today. So I think it should be okay. It should be okay, right? I hope you guys have a great day and I’ll see you in the next video *muackz* Bye!


  1. I just discovered your channel (from watching another YouTuber that did your 2 week ab challenge) and I immediately clicked with you….lol! I have suffered with gut issues all my life and after my 3rd child…my thyroid packed up and left the building😔. So now add hypothyroidism on top of gastroparesis and now prediabetes in a 40+ year old body…..and you get me. I've always been small (only 5' tall) and muscular. Now the eight isn't just muscle and no matter what I do recently- my smaller waist is growing out to meet my hips! And I'm devastated. Yet I fight thru the discomfort (down right pain) in my gut and the exhaustion to try and keep somewhat of my precious figure. I'm going to try your 2 week abs and pray the bloating can be disguised by muscle…lol! Stay strong and don't allow your gut issues to stall your joy! You still look fabulous💗!! Good luck on you're future protocols…. please share if you find something that works!

  2. 2019 is a bad year 💔but Hope 2020 is a blessing … Trying to be vegan and i feel like i never seem to get there but hey thats why we have a new day everyday to try again and again until it resides as a way of life …

  3. Thanks for sharing. My boyfriend doesnt make me feel normal for feeling like you sometimes when I struggle with my health. It is ok to find strength in others. I know how you feel when it comes to gut health… I struggle with my thyroid and lupus and I feel nobody really understands the struggle of randomly feeling terrible like a switch goes off and everything is different. Struggling with your period… nausea etc.. a rollercoaster emotionally. Dont listen to the people who downplay it… especially when you cant even wrap your head around why this happens… its confusing and frustrating. you're beautiful and an inspiration thank you for all of the information always… and sharing your true emotional moments… it really normalizes how I feel. I really cannot thank you enough for that…. most of the time i feel like an alien and nothing is right with me. But if someone like you feels like that sometimes… I'm probably normal for what is going on.

    So much love for you little lady! You're doing great stay strong.

  4. Love from India I follow your hiit exercise they are really amazing I too have serious issues with bloating but i have to maintain with proper diet. Get well soon hoping to see your next video

  5. We love you so much please love yourself too

  6. Chloe you're an amazing and strong women!!! Thank you for always sending positive vibes. Promise in 2020 you will focus more on yourself and mainly your health. God bless!

  7. Girl it's ok to vent. It's ok. I'm praying for healing. I'm sorry on what you are going through. May God surround you and comfort you. Take care sweetie.

  8. My daughter goes through stomach pains. They literally ruled out everything. They came to a conclusion that it is IBS means irritable bowel syndrome.

  9. Hey It may not matter much or It may matter alot but Its okay to feel sad,its okay not to feel like you have your shit together all the time.This community may not be like Physically there to give each other hugs but we are there to support. Nobody is allowed to invalidate another person's suffering.The wearer of the shoe knows.

  10. Love you girly❤️

  11. I m just like you am just trying to be happy but at the end i fall then i get up again . Let s wish 2020 will be better

  12. Switch to eat keto diet
    Cut out carbs increase meat and animal fats you'll see a difference asap

  13. I hope you get better soon we love you 💗

  14. I totally get it chloe. Its so frustrating having gut issues because it effects you in all aspects mentally, emotionally etc. It sucks to see people eat what they want and they are perfectly fine. Im trying to fix my issues but i do have times where i just give up too.

  15. I just finished a battle with the same thing! It really sucks to have your body not do what it's supposed to do. It IS exhausting to keep things in. I know what you mean when trying to be happy for people around you.
    But i did the elimination diet that really helped and fixed it with most things.
    I've watched your workout videos for a while and I think you are really awesome with coming up with good workouts.
    You are a fighter!

  16. Sounds like you have to stay away from veggies and fiber and stick to non-fibrous foods like animal products.

  17. Girl I had candida,,, the symptoms were just like yours…it is a gut problem… I lost a lot of weight, diarrhea, and stomach hurt all the time … I am glad that’s over.., I hope you feel better..

  18. this year has been a challenge and i trully hope 2020 treats you better.You deserve it,you are beautiful,strong and selfless.Sending much love and support<3

  19. hope the best for u! you are such an amazing human being and your videos always make me happy (im not going to workout if its not your video seriously you make me so motivated) and i want you to be happy too!! hope you get more better soon <3

  20. Aww Chloe. We love you and are always here for you. Always. 💞

  21. girl we're here to support you xxx please don't lose hope, you are wonderful and amazing, you aren't stupid, you're gorgeous and so inspiring. you've helped me a lot with your workout videos. things get hard but have faith that it will get easier. 2020 will soon be here x

  22. Chloe, my mom used to have all these problems as well. She struggled with bloating, stomachache pains, and anemia as well. But now she's on these plant based supplements, and trust me, she's changed. She seems happier now, and actually wants to do fun things. It's changed her alot. Maybe it can help you to <3

  23. Hey Chloe, I wish you the best of luck with your health, your body is trying to tell you something. Sounds like you might have “leaky gut” problem.

  24. Sending love your way hun! I genuinely hope you feel better, and not to sound cliche, but time heals all ❤️ I'm glad you opened up and vented out your frustrations because keeping everything inside can be very destructive. I hope you feel better!! ❤️❤️❤️

  25. 2019 was a pretty bad year for everyone. mentally and physically. and I liked to say that 2019 is a learning experience. before the good, the bad happens to teach us.

    you’ll get through this.


  26. take care

  27. The intro literally portrays my life for these last months. It made me cry. I hope you get better soon love!

  28. Try homeopathy! @madebymorrea on insta has sibo and doing this

  29. I pray in the name of Jesus,that your stomach pain will be healed. I pray every mental struggle and barrier will be broken down as the power of God is above all. I pray that you can turn to faith and to God so he can set you on the right path mentally and physically. I pray for joy,happiness, health and love in your life. Amen ❤️ ….God has healed many mental and physical battles in my life. And that’s why I strongly believe in the power of prayer. I wish you all the best and will keep you in my prayers. I hope you can turn to God when you are struggling. Trust in him and he will heal your pain. God loves you more than you can imagine 🙌❤️

  30. I completely understand how you feel. I too suffer from gut issues. I get bloated, stomach hurts after I eat. I have IBS and I'm lactose intolerant and I don't have a gallbladder. So, no dairy,no fats, i.e cheese, chips,fries etc. I really have to watch what I eat. I eat lots of fruit and bland foods and I also don't eat a lot,I just eat until I fill full. Also I do take enzymes every time I eat and it does work. I'm sorry you're going through this. You are not alone. Take care and stay positive,it will get better 😉 p.s try yoga,it really does help.

  31. I know what you feel. Want to sleep but I cant. And everyone just said tha its not a problem try to sleep. But the dont know anything what we struggling. Just be patient chloe. Hope you get well soon asap..

  32. I'm here to listen to you Chloe 🙂❤ keep fighting that bloating, hopefully your results are good

  33. is she vegan!?

  34. 2019 have been stressful for everyone, so i hope you are feeling better soon❤️
    Last year, I have lost 15 kilos, and this year, I gained back 8 kilos back to 60kg now from overeating and stress and to get my period back.
    i see my waist gain from 64cm to 71 cm now, and from 23 body fat to now 25 body fat.
    My study store for math for university came back (my best subject, so i done it as extension in yr11) and it was a horrible score.
    Parents except me to spend more time at work for work experience, but i dont want my score to decrease and risk not getting into a university for a supermarket job.
    I am not perfect. But no one is.
    I can’t be the perfect child my parent want.
    I cry non stop for a long long time and fall asleep crying.
    But the next day, I still smile and forget the negatives.
    I get on the next day with the tasks I have to do.
    We all have down days. We all have stressful lives. Don’t let it get you down. Go girl! Let’s make 2020 our year!
    (and hopefully i can get good marks for other subjects so I can get into my course)

  35. <3

  36. I dont mean to sound so religious and crazy cray and all that. But I was in your shoes, acid reflux. ER visits, Bloating, anxiety attacks, depression…. went in and out of doctors offices. Nothing was found. I was so frustrated why I was always sick and long story short…. no doctors could help me. My last result? Pray pray pray. And Jesus answered my prayers. Please don't attack me. It's just my real story. I feel better now he even healed my acid reflux and depression. Good luck with your new doctor though. Praying for your complete healing.

  37. i have same problem last years,and i drink apple cider vinegar and do keto diet that problem heal by self.dont eat food with lot gas that will make you more bloated.

  38. 😍

  39. You defo have Adrenal problems and a HPA axis issue i know first hand as im going through this myself you shoud consult a naturopath. Take a break rest and deep breathing more luv

  40. Ik why u fucking crying cuz I'm too gut health pcod gastritis fibrodeonoma alopecia and lots of pain this I'm going through can't eat anything can't live can't cope with depression anxiety I will die soon

  41. Satvic movement – YouTube channel

  42. try to see chinese or ayuvedic docs?

  43. Be strong Chloe

  44. chloe thank you so much for sharing this!! I have the same gut issues and people tell me its nothing all the time. we'll get better eventually 💞

  45. omg … same here..2019 fuck me up good!!
    my bloating and gut health is really bad and the worst this couple of month…
    and my emotional and academic journey are also not going so good…. everything ….add up together hit me really hard….. but 2020 is gonna be better !!

  46. I've been there. Endoscopy & colonoscopy were what pinpointed my gut issue. But I also believe stress had a lot to do with it. Hope you get well soon Chloe.

  47. You’re so pretty💓

  48. We're here for you . I hope 2020 is gonna be a better year for your mental and physical health

  49. Omg Chloe I am going thru the same thing! I have had it for 2 years now, it went away for a few months and I felt amazing but unfortunately it came back. I lost weight and became anemic. I can’t eat a much and I am always tired and getting dizzy. I have also not gotten my period for about 10 months now. I had the worst depression of my life and I felt so alone because no one around me could understand what I am going thru. But we cannot loose hope and let it stop us! Funny enough, I did not know you were going thru the same thing and started doing your workouts to feel better! Sending you a virtual hug ♥️

  50. I'm here for you chloe, keep fighting 😞❤️🌻

  51. Reading the comments I guess we all went through some shit this year… The second half of the year steadily got infinitely better and now I'm in a really good place (minus the insomnia, if j could get rid of that it would be perfect) so I wish the same for everyone else next year!

  52. Jesus is the answer.

  53. It's 100000000% okay to feel the way you did, we're all humans that have emotions. Please always be kind to yourself❤️

  54. are you pregnant:!!!

  55. I can understand you,due to my ibs i can't eat milk, gluten and i can't drink neither a drop of wine and salad and lot of vegetable destroy me. Sorry for my english, i know it isn't so well😂 But i wanna try to give u a little advice, ibs depends so much on emotional situation,when i am sad,worried or stressed it's worse. Try to be positive,focuse on your passions,be as happy as you can and i can tell you surely you will feel better, yoga helped me a lot!kisses darling😘

  56. Nikki Limo, another YT-r also has SIBO, maybe she can help with the info she got from her American doctors?

  57. 😢 Don't cry, Chloeee… if anyone says you don't know fitness… they don't know what they're talking about cus you've helped 2+ million people get abs alright!!! LOVE U ❤

  58. Please dont cry. Everything will be allright

  59. Sometime things happen to make you more strong … god definitely going to bless

  60. i hope you get better soon. You show us that you are human and not perfect- its okay! Thank you for helping me with building my self-esteem. I been doing your workouts and it has help me to be strong physically and mentally.

  61. thank you for sharing, really wishing to you'll get better x

  62. I don't know if this is going to make you feel better but you helped all of us. To make our lives better, to live better… We are all thankfull to you. I hope you'll never ever lose your smile and your energy… Everything has a cure i guess? Stay positive and remember we are all here for you🥰

  63. I think you need a break. Whatever it may be, stress, exhaustion, lack of interest, health challenges, I think you have to listen to your mind and body, and do what is best for you. It's totally fine when we have downs, that is what life is. Hope you take care of yourself.

  64. This is so relatable and I always felt like it's a problem only I had. I have a huge problem with bloating and it's interfering with my whole life and day, making it harder and harder. 🙁 Really sucks.

  65. i have a lot problem with my body as well don’t worry

  66. I'm going through very similar digestive issues, so it's really great to hear someone else talk about and know that I'm not alone in this experience. Thank you for making this video!

  67. Gastrointestinal problems are the worst. I have had gastritis for years. It is just getting worse even though I am getting treatments and having a clear diet. It makes me depressed so much, I hate it. I understand you so well 🙁

  68. Mental health can affect your physical health even raise your blood pressure. It depresses you and makes you anxious. Good luck with the second doctor if not keep trying other doctors if the situation persist. Eventually you’ll find someone who is a specialist and can help you. You can go to a number of doctors and get a different diagnosis and different treatments or medication it’s tough And confusing.

  69. 2019 was my best year yet thanks to you. Your workouts boost my mood, helped my anxiety, and basically cured my depression (mostly). Following your workouts drove me out of such a rut in my life, I just want to say thank you 💕. I hope you feel better in 2020

  70. Like I stated before most definitely if nothing is resolved find another doctor another specialist.One doctor does not know it all just like one pill does not do it all. That goes for any profession and I’m very serious about that.

  71. I’m relieved to hear that someone has the same symptoms as me! I’ve been dealing with the same thing and it’s EFFING ANNOYING I drink plenty of water and veggies and I never go to the restroom and when I do it hurts

  72. 2019 was a hard year. Have you considered doing something outside YT. Maybe job or school? Its today okay to feel horrible. Its real.

  73. 2019 hasn’t been great for me I lost my grandparents then my great auntie and my great uncle which was really upsetting . For the last couple of years I have been having problems with my gutted when I would eat cheese or milk or any dairy products my body didn’t like it I would be sick and have a bad tummy I thought it was stress but then I found out from my doctor I am lactose intolerant . A friend of mine has the same they told me to go too Holland & Barrett and buy Super Lactase Enzyme 60 Capsules 125mg
    For my digest system. So I took a chance and took the tablet and had some cheese and I didn’t get any cramps or pains in my tummy I was like yes without these tablets I would be sick get pains that hurt so much and I would get the ruins too which isn’t very nice at all . I hope 2020 is a better year for u lovely and also I would like to thank u also I watched one of ur videos for getting flatter tummy and toned I have been doing it for 2 week and I feel so much Better within my self my waist was a 37 inch now I am down to 34 still got a long way to go but i will get there and the fat is coming off x thank u so much for all these videos u make for us I do hope u have a wonderful Christmas chloe xxx

  74. 2019 is a hard year for me as well.
    Husband got deployed.
    Everything was breaking down. Cars, apartment, sick dog! While being alone
    And to top it all I just got lay-off at my job….
    2020 will be better!

  75. I understand, I have been dealing with similar gut health ever since i was in year 5

  76. Can anyone pls tell which workout should we do to reduce lower belly pooch?

  77. I don't know if you're vegan or not, but maybe consider trying eating more animal based products and animal fats. I know this sounds stupid but it has a huge influence on mental health

  78. I had gut problem but when I stopped doing heavy work out it slowly went away. Now I just walk 30 minutes everyday and I felt better actually.

  79. I think what you talked about eating pizza and less bloating is true. I used to be in the same situation, not that serious but I took in a lot of medicine and went to doctors. But it’s in vain. Then I stopped all of it. Feel more happy, let it be and eat what my gut feels the best for it. Then it worked. So I think you’d better be less worried about it 🙂 Or we can say it’s better doing nothing or thinking nothing 👌 Good luck 😉

  80. Chloe you’re real. I hope you feel better 💜💜

  81. I was feeling super sick a few weeks ago as well. I went gluten free and it actually changed my life. I hope you find something that works for you. Much love.

  82. I hope 2020 brings you joy and health!

  83. Try PaidaLajin

  84. I’m so sorry baby’s and you change other people’s lives and yours will change for the better to I love you truly no bs (p.s. you might need to take a break to help yourself get happy and learn to love the process and when you reach your goal you will fell so much better ) 💜💜❤️❤️💞💝💖

  85. hope you’re feeling better mentally and physically now 🙁 also crying once in a while is good and i appreciate your openness and confidence! <3

  86. It’s okay to be upset sometimes…you know what Chole, bad things happened and the good things come next. I had a sad childhood but I married a wonderful man and I’m happy now. Hope your bad things are all gone…love you Chole 😘

  87. It's normal.we need to discuss more of our feelings and thoughts.We don't need to be positive always.i need to release our emotions

  88. I suffered from similar condition as you too ;( . But instead of constipation , i have irritable bowel which makes me go toilet all the time. I took so many medicines and it didn’t really work. Especially if there is stress, i get gastric n bloating out of no where. I even woke up in the middle of the night to empty gastric juice making me feel nausea. But my issues got better when i start doing your work out!! So don’t give up! I don’t really eat any medicine right now. I just tried to avoid cold drinks which is really bad for stomach bloating and drink brown sugar ginger tea as a routine which calm my reflux n bloatness. Also, I just avoid food that are difficult to digest (mushroom n etc). My condition seems milder than yours but your workout do save my health! Thank you Chloe! Keep on fighting! Most important is be happy! good job ! Don’t be so hard on urself!

  89. OMG You are soo Strong !!! What a hell, I have no problems and I am whining all day around about why I don't have time for training, or why I can't train today when I am in my program (when my belly hurts from my period, or when I have cold), and here You are.. you had such a health issue in your entire life, and you still became an amazing trainer who looks like a godess and you are doing it as your job even with these problems…. All my respect yours, and I wish you to keep up and get 100% cured, because YOU DESERVE IT!!! And eat pizza every day 😀

  90. I’ve had a lot of gut issues myself since childhood. I’d be happy to talk to you about what research I’ve done personally, what has helped me, and what your symptoms are so that perhaps I can help. I’m not a regular viewer and just happened upon this video. I do hope you find solutions soon, because I know how this can affect your life. Best of luck. – Ellen

  91. Please look into Carnivore♥️ I feel you because I’ve always suffered from gut issues and planning to do this as well.

  92. Love youu ❤️👑

  93. Hi Chloe, I have been your biggest fan since day one your workout and drive kept me going and because of you i have achieved my fitness goals. I genuinely feel terrible for all the health issue you have been dealing with and i will pray that it will get better and there will be a solution. I am not sure on how you approach health issues I personally think if you take a holistic approach such as drinking bone broth everyday, consuming tumeric and ginger more in your diet, eating lots of fermented food and adding more collagen in your diet. I hope you feel better soon <3

  94. vegetables are not good for SIBO, I have a shitty digestive system, the bloating and the gas when I'm on a heavy carb diet is crazy. So I cut down the veggies and starch to the minimum, and try to get my energy and nutrients from (quality) animal products. It's better that way

  95. A high end bovine colostrum really helped with my gut issues. 😊

  96. I was so upset when I read that you were discouraged to post something because people invalidated you last time, Cloe. Please don’t let people get to you. Your struggle is real. I have regular migraines. My migraines are really severe they are around 8 or 9 on a pain scale and I get sensitivity to light, noise and smell. I can’t move because it will hurt more. I get nauseous from the pain. It completely immobilizes me for the whole day or two. Even pain meds often don’t work. But when I tell people that my head hurts they don’t understand because the headaches they have don’t compare. I know there is people have it worse bu this still effects my quality of life. My boyfriend ones told me this about depression. Every person’s level of happiness is different and how much they are effected by events is different. One person might be fine while another person feels like its the end of the world. I think this applies for everything. So never let anyone invalidate what you are feeling.

  97. Hello Chloe, i hope you are now feeling better. I would gladly like to invite you to ask Jesus Christ into your life and experience that peace, hope and love that this world can never offer us.

    Stay bless and thanks for sharing with us.

  98. Try to work/get closed to/adopt animals. It could transform the wrong energy u talk about.

  99. I was feeling like that also in 2019, it started okay but in May it became really bad. I was heart broken did not so much sports because of that , binge eated because I was feeling bad, my parents body shamed me saying that I am too thin, accused me of anorexia (even though I had normal weight 43 kg for my weight 152 cm, and I felt so good for the first time with my body) and my mom said that I will get fat again sooner or later, my flat mate was bullying me because I was cooking, my flat mate also dirtied the whole kitchen so I can't cook, I was so stressed and sad, have insecurities, wanted to throw up, was depressed.Also gave up. Did the same as you Chloe. I am also bloated, but I slowly change. I just want that every one leaves me alone. But you know what tomorrow I start again with Sports, healthy food. Let's hope we both get a good year 2020 and get back on track. And it's really okay when you need time, great you do a video about it. I guess I also will quit with social media for a while until I get back on track. Have a nice day Chloe

  100. I hope you feel better soon
    2020 will be a better year

    (Sorry i’m Late)

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