My Health Supplements Nourishing Waves Plus with Dr. Elie Klein

hi my name is Ellie Klein I'm a naturopathic doctor and I'm the formulator of MHS my health supplements the Canadian natural health product company with products that are sold over the counter in natural health stores in Canada to help address thinning hair weak nails and dry skin I formulated a unique product called nourishing waves plus for hair skin and nails it consists of liquid kelp extract that is rich in iodine with edit selenium and these two nutrients help improve the function of the thyroid hormone it also contains silicon and vitamin C which support the production of collagen and connective tissue in general it also contains magnesium which along with vitamin C and vitamin b6 in this product helps support stress to help lessen the feelings of stress encounter the impact of stress on hair skin and nails nourishing waves plus also contains vitamin b6 which is great for dry skin and coarse hair so nourishing waves plus provides you with 300 microns of iodine 100 microns of selenium and again these to support the function of thyroid hormone it provides silicon ten milligrams silicon and 200 milligrams of vitamin C to support production of connective tissue production collagen and so on has biotin the B vitamin vitamin b6 and b3 and they work in different ways they help deal with stress vitamin b6 helps the body retain essential fatty acids which are important for skin moisture to help deal with dry skin of course hair magnesium helps support the structure integrity of elastin protein commonly found in skin to the difference between nourishing waves plus and nourishing waves that could help is that nourishing waves plus has all these extra added nutrients to support specifically support healthy hair skin and nails basically women who are experiencing thinning hair weak nails dry skin and other skin issues would benefit from taking nourishing waves plus for hair skin and nails certainly teenagers who are experiencing skin issues can take nourishing waves plus absolutely the recommended dose of nourishing waves plus is one tablespoon a day and if you're looking for quicker results then take two spoons a day for the first one or two weeks nourishing waves glass has a slight sour taste so to avoid that sour taste you can dilute it in water or in juice put it in a smoothie in a greens product and you're it and soup any other way with regard to thinning hair some women experience results within a few days whereby they notice they're losing less hair in the shower certainly within a bottle you'd know if it's for you or not as far as as far as nail and skin issues you got to give it one or two months to see full results I had a patient recently who was under a lot of stress and experienced substantial hair loss and within a month of taking this product has the hair stopped falling and started coming back


  1. Hello I tried MHS and for the first I felt bad (my tongue ,throat and stomach ache )yet I added only one spoon in a glass of juice .so is there any side effects Because it burns inside .Thank you

  2. Let us know how Nourishing Waves Plus has worked for your thinning hair, brittle nails, and dry skin.

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