hey guys what's going on it's me star Brady and today I'm going to talk to you guys a little bit about my health concerns that's right my friends I have some health concerns some that I've had her a really long time actually and my mom actually made me an appointment with this doctor while I was still in New Zealand and today is the day I'm gonna go talk to him I actually took a little blood sample when I was in New Zealand and sent it to him so I'm going to find out what that was all about today I'm not even really sure because my mom set it up and John a dear family friend who you've probably heard me talk about before actually went to this doctor after trying so many things to figure out what was going on with him and it really made a huge difference in his life I actually only just recently found out what happened with him and basically he's been trying to find out why he kept losing weight why he wasn't absorbing his food and he honestly felt like he was going to die so he went to this doctor and this doctor said you know there's this test that I can do on you that is becoming increasingly popular in Germany and he said it's better than an arm MRI it's better than a cat scan like it's really going to find out what's going on with you you can go to multiple different doctors get all these different tests and you may never actually know what is going on but this test is going to show it for you so he was like alright let's do it like I need to figure out what's going on so he took the test and it turned out that he had extremely high levels of mercury in his intestines like extremely high levels I think like 90% above normal or something like that he was like my god how could this happen and he had mercury fillings in his teeth for a really long time which he actually got removed but he said the mercury actually migrated down into his small intestines and it obviously stayed in there as well as John grew up in the Philippines was drinking the water in the Philippines not sure you know what got into his system when he was a kid now he's being affected now like there's multiple different reasons this could have happened but definitely probably the mercury in his teeth had something to do with it so this doctor put him on a program to help him get the mercury out of his intestines which he never would have known is there unless he did this test and I think he only has like 8% or something where before it was like 90% I don't know if I'm explaining the percents correctly or % out of what but much healthier now is putting on weight can digest this food something that helped him as well was eating animal products he's a vegetarian since forever but eating chicken and fish helped him because his body was more easily able to absorb and assimilate the nutrients whereas eating vegetarian he just wasn't absorbing anything it's just not functioning properly so anyways leading back to me so now I'm gonna go see this doctor and we're gonna see what what's going on hopefully you know I try not to have expectations I'm a little bit like hmm what is all this I don't really know to be honest with you but my health stuff so you guys know I've been dealing with hair loss for quite some time abnormal amounts of hair I lose like it's after I take a shower it's just like so much hair and I'm around other people who have long hair they don't lose nearly as much hair as I do it's crazy other things are sleep I have insomnia all the time like it takes me forever to fall asleep and then once I'm asleep I wake up and it's just I'm never getting enough sleep so I'm always tired I always feel like I wake up tired I'm always in this kind of just not fully alert I have a really poor memory I've had a poor memory for a very long time not when I was a kid though when I was a kid I remember I would memorize my books so that I could literally repeat back the book to you without having to read it just by someone telling me the story and then I would memorize books because I was a late reader I didn't learn to read until I transferred out of Waldorf School in third grade and I was really behind my class but I caught it by the end of the year because of the way Waldorf school is so yeah man my memory has been real bad for a real long time concentration concentration I find myself having a hard time like concentrating on things mood instability I handle stress really bad like I just completely crumble if I'm under a lot of stress I have a low red blood cell count which could mean I'm anemic but I haven't got my haemoglobin tested which is what they test for when they test for anemia so I don't want to say I'm anemic but I have got my red blood cells tested and they are low I have cold hands and feet so you know poor circulation in Chinese medicine on blood deficient which makes sense because I have a low red blood cell count I've been getting these head rushes for as long as I can remember not forever but for a very long time where when I stand up often I will get like a head rush where like my vision will go blank and sometimes I literally have to crouch down because I like it's like I've gone for reality for a couple seconds like my vision goes blank and I just feel really weird and I'll have to like crouch down and sometimes it happens a lot I just went through about four it about of it where like every time I stand up it's like I'm getting this weird head rush and sometimes it only started having me recently but I'll feel this like weird whooshing in my head I think that's only happened a couple times the head rushes was something I've been dealing with for a while and sometimes that won't even happen when I'm getting up it'll just be like changing a position kinda I will have constipation sometimes I've this TMI my digestion has actually been really good for a couple months but usually I through periods of like having constipation and then being regular but then going back to having constipation and then being regular and I think a big thing is just feeling tired like too tired to want to go do things because I'm just like ah I just feel like tired I don't really care to go do anything I don't really care to go socialize I just feel like I want to lay here you know I didn't always used to be Lightwave it's been that way for a while I did have a thing where and sometimes this still happens but it happened a lot for a short period of time where the leg the muscle on my leg was twitching and sometimes I'll have little muscle twitches I don't know if that's like I don't know what that is but it's something that has been happening so I'm curious about it I guess those are the things I can think of right now yeah are there any other things I don't know that's all I can think of right now but it's quite a few just like little things that I'm like mmm what is all this stuff going on why am I having these head rushes all the time mmm I have a low red blood cell count that can't be good because you know blood is what carries your oxygen to yourself so if you don't have enough of it you know your body is going to have to work overtime to get the oxygen everywhere and then maybe that leaves you feeling fatigued I don't know but hopefully we can figure some of this stuff out I'm really curious what this doctor has to say he wanted me to get this paperwork to him but just the fax machine wasn't working and then when I was in New Zealand I was trying to fill it out in the computer and it just didn't work so I'm giving it to him today so we'll see what we're gonna talk about today it's like an hour away I'm gonna bring you guys along probably not in there with him but maybe just after I'll try to remember you know remember if I can and talk to you guys about would happen so I'll see you in a bit I'm here and it's so beautiful you guys oh my gosh I love where I am I'm gonna show you look oh my God look at those trees that is just spectacular California oh how I love you so alright guys so I just got back to where I'm staying in Saratoga it's magical day and everything is just looking so beautiful right now I gotta give you guys a tour of this place because it really is like so beautiful okay so as far as my health goes I still don't know a whole lot so it turns out the test that he sent to the lab in Germany there's so many different things they could test the blood for so he wanted to talk to me and get hit me to fill out the form so he can have a better understanding of my symptoms and why I'm going to see him in the first place so that's gonna go get tested and he also got me gave me this kit to do at home it's a urine test like a urine acids test and this is going to give him a better understanding of some other stuff that can be test for in the urine urine is actually an epic test Patrick was actually telling me all about this organic acid test and Here I am about to do one kind of funny so yeah I still don't know but they're gonna be testing for he thinks I have like a lots of stress hormone imbalance so they're gonna be testing for all is that and I'm gonna learn more about my memory and what's going on in my brain and it almost scares me a bit because I've had memory issues for so long and I'm gonna find out why I'm tired and we're gonna develop a plan of action to get me back to a state I can't even remember her being and he was like realistically how long do you think it's gonna take to get you back into health and I'm like you know honestly I've been in this space for as long as I can remember I don't even know what feels like to sleep good to not be tired all the time to not have poor memory and various other things so I'm really looking forward to getting the test results back and I'll definitely tell you guys about about all of that stuff too so yeah oh I actually can see what this is testing for I'm getting the metabolic profile it's texting for it's doing a organic acids test testing for a bunch of things that I can barely pronounce but citrine creatine D lactate indican other stuff if you want you can check that out so see ya guys I'm looking forward to this gonna figure some stuff out about what's going on me he said down the line we could do like a complete blood panel so this blood that they're testing in Germany is going to be testing for like different stuff but if I want to get like my vitamin D checked and my thyroid checked and other stuff down the line we can do another test like a blood work panel but this is gonna be for like I'm gonna learn about like what's going on in my brain you guys so basically I still don't know what's going on I thought maybe I'd be able to tell you guys a bit but basically all you know is some of my symptoms and I'm just gonna keep you updated about my journey and what I'm doing to heal myself and to get feeling you know vibrant and well slept and not tired he said something that really kind of stuck with me he was like you're 32 you know you should be in the prime of your life and I'm not I'm tired I'm yeah so really looking forward to feeling what it's like to be in the prime of my life because I don't think I ever felt it I know I have a lot of energy and I bring it to my videos but it's like I'm bringing forth my energy but then after I turn off the camera my god I'm so tired you know what I mean like this is me definitely but there's also this looming tiredness that I just pushed through because it's really all I know all I know is feeling these tired feelings you know I kind of like how my hair is looking right now that hair disaster it's definitely not what I wanted it to be but whatever it is what it is it looks different right here maybe it's the lighting and the you know the beautifulness back there um he also thinks I probably have something going on with my adrenals because I have some of the symptoms and by the way this is a very knowledgeable man like he knows so much he has studied so much he's like a walking encyclopedia that's a John said I actually found out today that John and him go way back they're like friends from back in the day they were part of the same intentional community so you know this guy knows what he's talking about and people very close to me like have gone to see him and healed what they thought was gonna like he wasn't absorbing his any nutrients he was losing weight he thought he was gonna die and this guy really helped him out so that's what's going on with that and I guess I'm just gonna end this here and this is gonna be what this video is I hope that you found it a bit informative or I don't know I always find it fascinating to see what people are dealing with with their health and so I'm just gonna share the ah oh my god don't look at that I've just been driving in a hot car this one's a bit better this one this one just wedged in there I'm just gonna share it with you guys now that I'm on my own I'm just gonna be an open book okay are you ready for that are you ready for me anyways thanks for watching if you enjoyed this video at all please show your support by giving me a thumbs up and be sure to subscribe if you're not already and I'll talk to you soon


  1. Hey everyone!!! I've been using my little mic and people have not been liking it. I'm sorry guys, this will be the last video with it. I thought it was a good mic, but It's not… I am not using it for the whole video, (about half) but the part where I am using it is important to watch if you want to hear my health problems… I love you!!!

  2. I wonder if you are having problems related to the chemicals in the Brazilian Blowout you had done a year or so ago? Some sources say they aren't as dangerous as they used to be, while other sources say they are still very dangerous. I'm sure the lip injections and all the other things you've done to yourself didn't help. You eat a lot of processed foods in your older videos too.

  3. Eat a slab of meat, I promise you it'll help with your health problems. I was a vegan too, but once I included more and more meat in my diet, a lot of things cleared up.

  4. Dam that mercury thing is something to look into !

  5. You should check your vitamin B12 levels as low levels can lead to low energy and memory problems. Vegans and vegetarians can sometimes be deficient in this

  6. Definitely sounds like thyroid, anemia, chiari 1….maybe (the whole vertigo, headrush feeling makes me think that) its just my opinion from my own experiences with those conditions

  7. Man I feel like the plant paradox would help so meaning people. I have celiac disease, and thyroid disease. An it helps so much.

  8. eat a fricking steak for christ's sakes.. from a free-range grass fed cow raised by an ethical farmer. it's natural, we're meant to eat animals as long as they're killed humanely (FAST)

  9. Star Please try Prenatal Vitamins and Biotin, i cannot live without it. It has give my hair back!! If i go without it, i will start seeing my hair thinning again, cant get to the store fast enough!! Lol it does take a short while Before you see results, but it definitely works!!!

  10. Good luck my dear! Thinking of you

  11. Im betting deficiencies and thyroid issues. Maybe even adrenal issues. Iron/ferritin, B12 and Vit D are low I bet for sure.

  12. Go back to your videos around 2 years ago. That is cute hair. How did you loss your ability to style hair cute ?

  13. Glad you are seeking help for what's bothering you. Also I cracked up when you covered your tiny pit stain ahahha.

  14. Sounds exactly like thyroid. Graves, Hashimotos, hyperthyroid

  15. your health problems are really vage, could be, just 'getting older', mental problems, just under eating, being under weight (you look like you have a low bodyfat%, emotional stress,…)
    not to hate, just looking at your situation from the outside.

  16. Hyperthyroidism? I had similar symptoms

  17. I love you girl, I am sorry you're dealing with some health issues, you'll be ok I wish nothing but positivity and great health for you. I recently had my bloods done to make sure I was ok because I wasn't feeling well. Mine came back ok, Iron was a little high but apart from that nothing came back negative. Keep positive xx

  18. I have all the same symptoms 😣 everyone thinks I’m crazy because I have so much wrong with me.

  19. Looking forward to you getting your results.. I have a lot of the same symptoms.

  20. It sounds like a lot is going on but definitely sounds like anemia.. and even possibly depression and/or anxiety. I developed severe insomnia during a rough period in my life and didn’t realize my anxiety/depression had reached such a peak it was keeping me from sleeping. It also left me feeling incredibly fatigued. Definitely consult with a dr. But consider that some of these issues (sleeping issues, fatigue) could be due to depression and/or anxiety

  21. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ love the video

  22. have you ever tried medical marijuana for anything since he was really good for motivation and indicas really good for sleep and relaxation it's helped me a lot with my insomnia my overthinking and worrying about things I can't control. And have you looked into water fasting apparently you grow better more healthy cells idk just thought I would bring it up love uuuuuuuuu lol

  23. Love this vid too. More please

  24. The extreme tiredness and cold has and feet are usually a sign of low hemoglobin. Some of your other symptoms sound like low thyroid. Those eggs look so good!!! Love you girl!! ❀❀

  25. much love grl πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

  26. Look up DR. Robert Morse here on YT. Follow his guidelines and you'll get better.

  27. Maybe it is your thyroid.

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