My gym equipment

hey guys it's Mary and today I'm gonna be doing a gym equipment video I haven't done this yet but it's been highly requested and also I got some new equipment from Christmas so I'll show you guys what I have and also skills that you can do them on let's go the first thing is my 8 foot long 4 foot inch wide beam it is great for doing skills and it can also be used for conditioning I got it online from a website called the bean store the next thing is a 14 foot trampoline from Walmart it is great for doing skills that you just want to learn and also mine doesn't have a neck because it was recently blown off by the wind but we are going to fix that soon next I have my two mats and they are both from we sell mats comm one of them is 4 by 8 and the other is 4 by 6 they are great for doing tumbling and they are really useful next is my mini trampoline and on the other side I put my mat this is really good for skills that you are trying to learn and almost have on the ground but I need a little extra boost also the mat will help you control your landing next is my bar which is adjustable from 3 to 5 feet I put a piece of plywood on it to keep it stable and then my man on it for safety it is from tumble track on line on the highest setting I like to use skills like back hip circles tips and pullovers then I adjust it to a lower setting where I can do skills like shoot through his front mill circles and is even stable enough to do squat on I hope you guys enjoyed this gym equipment video and also I hope you had a great 2014 year I'm so excited to see 2015 because 2014 went by so fast and it was a great year anyways make sure to check out my Instagram if you haven't already and it's at M&M gymnastics the link will be in the description below and also I'll see you in my next video bye so I hope you guys enjoyed this I hope you guys enjoyed this to win

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