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today I'm going to give you a peek into my grocery list so what I'm going to show you is exactly how my brain works when I walk into the grocery store and I'm gonna show you what I like and what I don't like and just make it super simple for you guys I'm really specific when I go into the grocery store you know I think that it's really important to look at ingredients and make sure that you're not eating things with you know maybe more than like five ingredients at most and just make sure that there's no you know artificial sweeteners and all the bad chemicals that you want to avoid the first thing I do when I go to the grocery store is I fill my cart up with sparkling water I am absolutely addicted to sparkling water what I like to do with sparkling water is all have like a little bit of orange juice in the morning and then put the rest sparkling water I also do it with maybe like a lemonade I'll make like a sparkling lemonade so I'm not getting all that sugar but I'm still getting that um you know feeling of drinking lemonade sparkling water is also fun to put in a wine glass with a splash of kombucha and you feel like you're kind of having a mocktail and I just like drinking sparkling water in general I feel like it's filling and it's just my favorite thing ever so sparkling water is the first thing I get the second thing I get is typically Suja I love Suja juice my favorite is their lemon love and it's kind of a spicy lemonade and it's just the best so if you're in the market and they have Suja try the lemon love another good flavor is the twelve essentials after I grab that I usually get an almond milk and a hemp milk so lately I've been loving milk in my cappuccino it is so good and it has protein in it so it's perfect for the mornings the almond milk I'll usually use for protein shakes that I make after a workout and I just love having almond and hemp milk available another thing that I'll grab is raw almond butter or raw nut butter so that's right here and it's kind of expensive but it is so worth it because it's packed with protein and it is so good for dipping apples in it's not pasteurized and I just really really really love a good almond butter so next time you're in the store you can even make your own – they have like those peanut machines try that out and you'll love it I like to also put raw almond butter on toast some of my favorite toast brands are Ezekiel it's a sprouted grain bread I have it in front of me right now here and I like the cinnamon raisin kind I also love Rudy's English muffins they're super super good if you just cut him in half and you mash berries up and mix it with chia seeds you can kind of make like a jam type of thing and put it on top of it toast it so good or oatmeal I have a specific oatmeal I like and I actually get it off Amazon it's called holy crap and it is holy crap like it is so good it's filled with buckwheat and chia seeds and hemp seeds and just all the good stuff and um it's great when you're running out the door like I am you just put a little bit of hot water in it and you're good to go you can add a couple berries um holy crap Amazon on the link below pasta if you want something quick like mac and cheese Annie's makes a great mac and cheese this one is probably gonna be way better than your kraft mac and cheese of course if you have time to make your homemade mac and cheese and you can use your own ingredients that's ideal but um if you just want like something in a pinch or you're having a drunk late night at 3:00 a.m. I totally recommend Annie's mac and cheese I'm also a huge fan of chia seeds as you guys know people make fun of me but I just love chia seeds they make everything regular and you can add them to anything or add them to smoothies Adam to sell salad dressings I'll Adam – lemon love Suja um they're just great and they add protein and fiber to your drink or your oatmeal or whatever you want another thing I always go for in the grocery store obviously is veggies you can't go wrong with kale spinach romaine sweet potatoes avocado of course I'm in love with lemon lemon is my favorite thing in the whole entire world so I definitely stock up on my early limes and just sort of the normal stuff you get but I also love to get sort of weird things like jalapenos which I dice and make like a salad dressing out of I love hothouse cucumbers it's a special kind of cucumber that's extra long and extra good I love wild arugula I put that in smoothies and then I'll always go for fruit like raspberries watermelon pineapple you know just fruits that have a lot of water or my favorites watermelons one of those it's gonna be a diuretic and sort of flush your system out I also am a huge fan of bananas I like to take half of a banana and throw it in a smoothie it literally just makes the smoothies consistency so much better and you can also if you want sort of like an ice cream treat mix a half of a banana with your raw almond butter and a little bit of cacao and a blender and freeze it and it's the best ice cream ever I also love cottage cheese I like to get the organic kind there's a lot of controversy on dairy but I love cottage cheese and I'm not giving up my cottage cheese another thing I like is Greek yogurt I love to put chia seeds weird cinnamon cacao and a little bit of stevia and mix it up but he's like a cinnamon bun you should really try it it's like the best thing ever and then I also love a little bit of meat I'm not a huge meat fan and again I'm specific about my meat but I will go to the deli and ask them to do fresh cut slices for me I find when you get meat and packaging there's lots of sodium and lots of different chemicals if you look on the back you will be overwhelmed with how many chemicals that you normally put in them so the deli is usually fresh I'll go for like a turkey or a chicken or you know something that's that's lean and I usually typically like white meat Michael's more of a pastrami person that's just not my fav you can't forget the cookie aisle I really really really love cookies that are filled with natural ingredients so I'll just check and see you know what has the best ingredients I typically like like dark chocolate chip cookies ones that don't have soy in them I try to avoid soy at all cost I'll do a post on but definitely if you can avoid soy as far as cereal I'll of Ezekial sprouted green cereal the plain ones my favorite and again I'll just put stuff like cinnamon and chia seeds and more cacao or toasted coconut flakes just I try to take stuff that's maybe a little bit more plain and put my own added touch on it so when I can take a cereal like that there's so many options they're kind of endless you can make a trail mix you can throw in your purse so just again keeping that simple platform and adding little things that are healthy um as far as things that I buy to put in my handbag when I'm running out the door QT tangerines you can find those basically anywhere they're the best throw them in your handbag um I also like putting little packs of almonds in my handbag I would definitely recommend getting the raw unsalted ones and if you want to add salt just completely fine get some pink Himalayan salt and it lasts forever and you can just put it in your cupboard and use it on ever you want so you don't kind of have to worry about buying the pre salted almonds another thing I love is eggs I typically get the organic cage-free eggs there's a brand called vital farms that I love and I love to have eggs for breakfast dinner lunch any meal and I put hard-boiled eggs in my purse all the time when I'm on the go so eggs are a total winner and if you want you can even make skinny confidential pancakes out of them by blending a half of a banana with two eggs and just pouring it over a skillet and adding a little bit of syrup and how I make syrup is I just put a drop of maple syrup with a couple of smashed raspberries in it you can add a little chia seed if you want and chia seed obsessed and just put it on the pancakes and it makes a lovely amazing delicious meal another treat I like to get at the grocery store are grapes and I freeze them and I'll just pop them in my mouth when I'm craving something sweet but before I end this post I also want to say that I definitely treat myself sometimes I'm not just having a ton of healthy food all the time 24/7 but when I go to the grocery store it's really important for me to buy things that I do want to put in my and not things that I kind of maybe don't want to put in my body when I find that I have stuff that's healthy around me that I can just grab it makes my life easier and then if I want a glass of champagne or a piece of chocolate cake I'll have that when I'm out on the go so those are my top grocery store favorites if you guys have any questions just leave them in the comment box below and happy grocery shopping


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