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Hey everyone welcome back to my channel if you haven’t seen any of my videos before my name is Rachel lars today is going to Be a bit more of a chatty video We’re just going to be talking about my story when it comes to your fitness and weight loss So it will be a video where I’m permanently just sitting here talking with you I will share some photos and I’m going to do a bit of a Q&A at the end if you’re not a fan of talking Videos I do have plenty of other shorter videos But this one will be a little bit longer so grab some snacks and settle in basically I’m going to be explaining how I got from this picture to that picture and in order to do that I will have to give you a bit of a background story as well And this may be a little bit all over the place because I haven’t scripted anything I just have some dope points for myself to go off so I’m just going around Primary school into one sort of thing this is great one to grade seven obviously had no real big issues there, but I do remember when I did hit grade five it wasn’t a student, but it was an in fact a teacher who commented on how much food I eat and That there was a lot of lunch for a little girl to be bringing to school and that really set off Something I remembered I started hating people seeing me eat It made me really really self-conscious and I would just go all day without eating and just Eat in the afternoon and at night when I got home either to my house or my grandparents place anyway, I started gaining I wouldn’t say a lot of weight like I was just a bit chubby in school And I never really noticed at all and when I became like 15 16 17 I went through a bit of a growth spurt and I’m pretty sure I’m about as tall now as I was then so I’m about 5/8 and that was when I grew a lot, and I obviously slimmed out because Kind of went that way. I did also play netball a few times a week And I wasn’t exactly a big eater still like I was still doing that thing where I wasn’t union during the day I would just come home and eat at night after I finished school I went straight into university Study photographic art and I was working as well of course like I had a job when I was in high school as well um But I was finding it really difficult to deal with like coming out of school and going into your completely new environment Because when I was in school, I would hardly ever show up. I still did all of my assignments I did awesome on all my exams, and I was really good at the academic stuff I hate the classroom environment and with university I found that as well like I hated turning up tutorials And I hated going to lectures. I don’t like being in the room full of people Often that you would spend like a whole day in a lab developing furthers And then you know eating all day, and then you eat when you’re done again so bad habits And I was also doing freelance photography as well and with that I was not eating at all during the [photoshoot] some of them would go on for hours and then after a finish I would eat crap if Any of you followed me on Tumblr back then this was when I went through that who loved her being phase and I would often Hula hoop at home, because I noticed I’d started putting on a fair bit of weight and it was permanently in my Arms and my thighs and my hips sort of region that’s always where I gained my weight first I was putting that on and I decided I wanted to do something and I thought who loved been really fun And I really should get back into it because it is awesome, and I didn’t realize it at the time But that’s just massive amounts of cardio that you’re doing I ended up losing Maybe 10 Kilos I think and I slimmed down a bit But then I fell out o] the habit of doing the whole her being in stuff because I got busy again And I wasn’t very good at scheduling. I wasn’t very good at fitting things into my day I’m sure I’ve been doing the photography for a couple of years I had still been putting on weight [any] photographers out there. You will totally know what I’m going through in the shoots you’re super busy is thinking you don’t have any downtime most of the time and Then you finish, and you just eat and then you get home and you’re sitting on the computer And you’re editing and lying in bed on the computer and editing and again it was something that I was doing Sort of it was a really bad habit I was eating while I was doing something else And that was making me take my mind off how much I was eating and I was focusing more on the other tasks and just Stuffing my face then I decided I wanted to step into a more normal Job to have a more regular income and so I took a job at a store, and it was a retail sales job And they didn’t expect you to be there quite early, and you finished quite late And it was my first like full time real job everything I had before that had been part-time or had been casual I’d never had anything that was full-time 38 40 hours a week and the people that I worked with weren’t beacons of health either and Myself and a girl that I worked with we found out that we live quite close to each other and we were like Okay, well let’s figure out what we can do and we decided that a couple of nights a week We would go down [to] the local gym. I had no idea I was doing her boyfriend really had a good understanding of the machinery in the equipment and she also had a pretty good understanding I Was learning a little bit of her, but I [still] I didn’t understand the importance of technique And I didn’t understand the importance of having a training program I’d always tell my session by going on the treadmill for like 20 minutes Which was the hell out of me? and then I go into the female only weights room because I was terrified of sharing the gym floor with men for some reason I was Scared people were watching me and scared people would look at me and judge what I’m doing so I’d go into the female only area And workout in there But I I really had no idea what I was doing on the days that I wasn’t going to the gym I was going for runs, and I was flogging myself with the runs like I would run for 15 kilometres Some days. I think in 20 kilometres, and it was so bad for my joints I remember getting all this pain on my shins and my kneecaps And I didn’t realize the benefits of stretching their benefits in Pro Bowling and I was just flogging myself with runs and not having proper technique in the gym and not having the recovery I wasn’t seeing Physio wasn’t seen cairo and none of that Emerging to the city because I changed jobs and the job that I moved to it wasn’t a call center And it was super close to the city He sells like I don’t want to travel so far every day so I moved somewhere a lot closer to work with a Girl from what because I was so far away from the gym that I was a member of it was one of those sort of One-off jeans, it didn’t have a chain it was just the one that so I wasn’t going there anymore I Was kind of too scared to go down to my local gym and sign up because I I don’t know I always thought people would Judge me for what I was doing the friend that I was living with She naturally stays quite slim and all the time we would make dinner for each other And we would have pizza or we would cook each other dinner And we would drink a lot of wine the job that we were in was a sales based job And it was pretty performance heavy we had a lot of key performance Indicators that we had to meet every single week and every single month for that I guess how we cope with stress was getting home and Drinking the amount of pressure that I put on myself in that job to be the best Was Immense and at the same time I started studying psychology, and I hadn’t studied for a while And I was a bit out of habit and so my way of coping with that I would drink and then I would [rub] at Simon the next day I would edit it and I just started packing on the weight really really quickly it probably would have been within maybe a three month period That I went From a size 8 to almost the size 14, and that’s australian sizes, so I’m not sure what that is overseas But I did gain a fair amount of way don’t get me wrong. I never hated my body I never thought there was anything wrong with it in fact I thought I looked amazing so The just goes to show that the way you feel about yourself and your confidence does not come from how you look it Absolutely completely comes from in here and the place that we were living it was super close to so much entertainment and we you still love to get dressed up and go out and just have fun and That involve drinking usually the my house my let’s just call her s for the sake of ease vocalist My housemates and we went to a liquor pool party with my friends cuz my friends every now and again Like on a public holiday or something they all get together at someone’s place, and there’s usually a pool and alcohol Australia has such a big drinking culture if you aren’t aware already and I remember it sort of dawned on me like most of my friends and naturally thin and I was looking at myself and I was looking at them and I was like it’s not that I’m not thin as then because I was just figured that I was more curvy, but I felt so Unwell like if you looked at me, and then you looked at them my skin wasn’t so great It was very dull like my nails were brittle and breaking all the way down. I just felt sluggish and it didn’t matter Sort of what I did because I’m try and eat healthy for a little bit And then I’m full of track, and then I try again for a little bit and just full of track And it wasn’t working for me, so I realized I really needed to actually do something about it I decided to cut down on the alcohol a little bit I didn’t do it an ounce But I did a little bit And then I was going for walks and runs all the time And I started meal prepping my food now when I was meal prepping I was probably only doing half the week and the other half I was still not eating very well, and I was still leaving it the whole day And then just eating it not s had a frame called Jay Jay wanted to stop personal training And she didn’t have anyone to go with her and she got offered a free session by [boat] and so she said all Rachel I really want you to come with me and feel I had someone with me, so I said yes and I turned up with her and We did like I guess you’d call it fitness testing just to see where we were at and I didn’t realize how Unfit I was until barb put me through a brutal first training session we decided to start training together with him So we could split the cost and that way we could both have a session Once a week with four just to get some direction with our training the next week We did our first proper training session with him, and he absolutely flogged us And he took this after photo of me right after I’d finished training didn’t have makeup on looked like a mess But whatever so after the first month of properly weight training I’ve lost 11 centimeters from my waist I can’t remember what I lost off everywhere else, but it was a decent amount and I’d lost a few kilos Well, I remember when Beau measured my waves, and he said 11 centimeters. I thought he was joking I’m like okay Well, what is it really? He’s like no 11 centimeters in one month and I was like what I remember one time during my training session I was really upset and it must have been the third month into training or something like that where? Because my results were so or Falsify, so I was so excited I thought that was going to keep happening, but then they slowed right down and he said to me This is a box you’re in here at the moment. You’re training pretty regularly you’re eating alright sometimes, you’re comfortable You’re in your box you need to step right out of that if you want to achieve these goals When jay and I went in there and he talked about our goal setting with us? Most of her girls were based on her looks and all of my goals I found were based on my performance I wanted to be able to do certain things like run a certain distance and eat a certain time That’s how I set my goals and so in order to achieve them. I had to work really hard It was never straight progress along the way. There’d be days that were good days that were bad days I’d want to binge eat, and you know all the trial and error that comes with it at first When I was seeing all those awesome results I was having a low carb diet and my body runs Really really well like that where I have higher fats in my diet and lower carbohydrates And I just focus them around training times with other people not so much. They wouldn’t be able to do that that worked really well for me, and then I decided to try a diet that was higher in carbohydrates And I started putting weight back on so this is what I started coming up with recipes Started looking at meal ideas I enrolled in my nutrition course and I started the Eat Run Lift Blog because I wanted to Share what I was doing with other people I found that the way that I was holding myself accountable was by posting things online because People would see me in real life and go oh my gosh You’ve lost so much weight, but it’s happened to me so many times before were and lose the weight And then I put it back on and lose the weight And then I put it back on and I was committed to Actually make a change for myself this time and do find something that I was passionate about so I think it’s really important to have Something that is holding you accountable and to remember that the progress doesn’t just go Straight forward it kind of goes up and down and around a little bit I really had to learn to just trust the process I knew I was eating good food I knew I was exercising and I knew eventually things would change even though I was trained with her I was only doing one session a week than the girl that I was training with decided to stop training and I kept going and I went up to two sessions a week, and then I started to slowly see some more results I didn’t own and in fact I still we don’t earn any scales at home because I find it’s better to track your progress through measuring tape and through a Dexa scan and body fat Percentage that sort of thing so we have scales at the gym of course because clients are there so every now and again I’ll weigh myself on that, but back when I was just training with Beau it would be once a month We do weights and measurements. I found that that was really helping a lot because I remember when I was at home when I was hula-hooping in collier exercise. I would play myself every day, and I would get discouraged if it went up even a little bit but your white Fluctuates so much and I can depend on how much water you’ve had or what time of the month it is all of this sort Of stuff can contribute to your weight. It doesn’t mean your body fat percentage is changing though even a year ago that I’m just part of me was still terrified to go to the gym on my own I had to go with bo with someone else just so that I wasn’t on my own because I was so scared of people watching Me and then virus started getting really busy getting more and more clients And I couldn’t go to the gym with him because we’re seeing each other by this point I couldn’t go to the gym with him so I just had to start going on my own I had no other choice if I wasn’t going on my own I wasn’t going at all and I remember thinking this isn’t the kind of thing that I can make someone else do for me I have to do this on my own. I have to just go there for me It would help to just like wear a hat and pull it down and shove some headphones in or even just the headphones Just something so you can zone out a little bit the training style the borough had me following is Exactly the same as the get lean mesomorph guide So you turned it into an e-book and then he created the ones for involve and one for ectomorph? And it’s just training for your body type. It is a gym guide though, so if you don’t go to the gym You don’t know how to go to the gym? It’s not for you now my program has changed a little so I am training up to six days a week with just a mixture Of things I absolutely love heavy weight training I am not and I would never want to be a power lift up But I really really enjoy the process of trying to pick up head stuff, and then we mix that in with Boxing and some MMA as well the way that I’m training at the moment. I’m moving away from the get lean guide I was following that for a year and a half and it got me some awesome results but now I feel like I’ve outgrown it Beau is writing me a new training plan to follow and He said that the way I have to train is like a man I love the changes that have happened to me through training, and it’s not the fact that it’s just weight loss It’s not the fact that I’ve changed my body because I was always saying I would look at myself And I thought I was totally fine like there was nothing wrong with my body But it’s mentally how much I’ve changed how much more clarity I have how I’m able to just switch from one Task to another I know exactly what I’m doing all day every day another huge change that I’ve seen in myself is Confidence because I was always alright before but now I am so confident in myself and what I have to offer the world I’m just gonna answer some of these Q&A questions, and if I think of anything else I will add it on how did you keep motivating yourself throughout this journey. Love you Rachel. I love you, too, Rachel I’m pretty sure your name is Rachel alright so with the motivation. I would often our motivation is something that definitely comes and goes It’s great when you have it, but it can disappear really fast I was finding that I’ve been motivated for like two or three days And then I started full of drag little things and start creeping back. So what I found is you need constant motivation I don’t need it so much now because I’m more internally motivated now. I’m just like I really want to exercise. Yes Let’s go do it, but before I have to look at pictures. I have to read words I have to look at other people’s before and afters that’s what helped me stay motivated at first. How do you feel about detoxes? I’m really wanting to develop a healthier diet and looking to lose a little bit of weight before spring break thank you so much, and I love your channel. Thank you Okay, so it depends. What kind of detox you’re talking about if it’s a detox tea If it’s a detox like a lemon Detox thing I would say no Simply because your body’s not getting the nutrients that it needs and of course you’re going to lose a little weight But that is totally temporary, and you’ll gain it all back however if it’s a Detox food plan I’m pretty open to those because it’s just pretty much putting you on Whole foods and a healthier diet And that’s what’s going to help you see the weight loss the one that we have for each run lift is designed to help you stop craving sugar and craving it saturated fats And that sort of thing so it’s a good way to reset what you’re eating and get into the healthier habits Afterwards is seven days long our one there are different Detox is available some go for two weeks somewhere for a month So I guess it depends what you’re wanting to do I like to use myself as a little bit of a guinea pig when it comes to this stuff I’ve tried one of those slimming tea things and it did absolutely nothing for me at the moment I’m doing a liver flush with the herbs a naturopath told me about now. I’m doing this because I wanted to test it out That’s why my skin is breaking out a little bit because it’s designed to just get everything out of you so basically if you guys have been following me for a while. You know. I’m your surgeon dominant That’s why I store more fat in my arms compared to anything else So my waist can be done as sixty centimeters Whereas my arms will still look quite big because that’s where I retain fluid and where I retain fat That’s just my body everyone has a different area I was doing more research into Xenoestrogens and Phytoestrogens which are found in the environment around you and how they get into your system? And I also found out that because your liver is so busy processing those that it has a hard time processing the oestrogen And that’s already in your body which can be causing the oestrogen in dominance So I’m trying to live a flush just to see if it has any benefit. I feel really good on it already I’m still eating on a lot of them if you’re not meant to eat, and you’re just meant to drink juice I Wouldn’t want to just be drinking juice because I’m still training and I need food if you guys want me to do a video on It let me know I can’t prescribe anything of course because I’m not qualified in that department But I can definitely show you what I’ve been doing How do I stop myself from crying food during that time of the month that can be really really tricky I find Personally for me the thing that helped the most is actually making sure I’m drinking enough water because I’m not sure why? But at that time I’ll be drinking less water, and I think I’m still having enough But I’m not so I’m consciously trying to make sure I’m having enough water I also make sure to remember that I’m taking my iron zinc and vitamin C supplements Have you experienced judgment or cynicism from people in your life offline during your fitness journey? thankfully the people in my life offline have been Super supportive, because they’ve seen where I’ve come from to where I am now And I think it’s not just the physical change as well But the mental change and the people in my real physical life are always there to support me Which is awesome because I’ll have people commenting my photos like oh, this is photoshopped your survey blah blah blah And they’re like actually no. I saw her like that’s what she looked like yesterday, so it’s cool But they’re there for me, and they’re willing to back it up because they do see me on a regular basis And they know exactly what I look like online is definitely where I get the most judgement because if you’re sitting at a wrong angle or If the camera is the wrong way and you get like a double chin people are quick to assume that you look nothing like your photos people who haven’t met you are also very Quick to judge based on photographs and videos and things like that And they’ll try to do everything that they can to prove to themselves that what you are doing is not real So if you are gonna be pressing pictures online of your progress, just be warned that there are people like that And they’ll try and do everything they can to tear you down, and not believe it simply because they can’t do it themselves What was the hardest thing you found to do or cut out when you sat on your fitness Journey I found Incorporating Cardio is the hardest thing for me Find some different Cardio then if you’re all getting bored of running or walking or rolling or whatever you’re doing find something else you could Do dance classes like I would used to do you can do hula hooping There’s so much cool stuff that you could do I do boxing now The hardest thing for me to cut out was alcohol because it was such a big Socialization thing with me and my friends so just decided to pop in a few of those questions because a lot of them were quite Similar and I did ask for those questions on Instagram You can find me on Instagram and Twitter below or ask you guys a lot of stuff like what you’d like to see um Just some personal tips I guess for me. I would say take each day as it comes. You can’t break the future You don’t know what things are going to be like so just deal with problems as you get to them as much as possible to Try not to stress about your results Just keep working on having a better daily habits and in the end it will all add up I know how stressful it can be but try not to worry about it and try not to micromanage yourself Start incorporating better habits into your daily practices And you will there eventually I have been working and studying and all these things and I’ve managed to make the time People always say how do you find the time and you don’t find the time you just make the time yourself whether that means you? have to wake up a little bit earlier or whether you change the order that you’re doing things find some time everyone has a spare 10 minutes in their day where they can fit something in I think I should also mention as Well there are still some days where I doubt myself And I doubt what I’m doing or I’m bloated or something happens where I don’t feel super confident But everyone has days like theirs And you just have to work through them losing weight and looking a certain way is not going to make you instantly happy and love Yourself if you don’t already that is definitely a mental game I have two videos planned one that I want to do on motivation and one that I want to do on confidence and loving yourself and Just not caring what other people think so if you’d like to see those videos as well Leave me a comment, and let me know and I will catch you guys in my next video. Bye


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    Anyway, I can totally relate to your story in a lot of ways.. thank you so much for sharing.

  75. I’m hoping my face would slim down too since my mom and older brother both have oval shape and Vline face. You know, the Korean beauty ( I’m not Korean btw but I’m am Asian ).

  76. I think the concern about how much you were eating, from the teacher is fine, the issue is how they went about addressing it. At that age it should be a conversation about nutrition with the parents and then the parents can decide if they want to monitor/change your diet or get a second opinion from a doctor.

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  79. Love this video. You just described my life. Just curious, what nutrition course did you do? I am looking for a good introduction course to see if I like it. I am very interested in nutrition. Many thanks

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  84. I want to give a shoutout to @rachelaust for her motivation vid which I found altho is old (prob 2yrs ago) but her vid gave me motivation to finally loose all my stubborn pound. I officially started frm Aug18 from 57.9kg n now Im 49kg. Tried all kind of diet in the past but hers (IF) work the best for me. Big Thank U so much babe. God bless. Xoxo frm SG.

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  87. I can’t go to the gym, there’s none near me and I can’t afford it anyway. I try to work out at home but it’s all sooo much with homework and I find myself giving up way too easily

  88. I was a photography student and freelance photographer as well! I’m still doing it but it’s all about balance ❤️ I would do like a 3 hour shoot and then edit for like 5 hours and just grab chipotle and eat while I edit. Learning about health and fitness was such a struggle but so worth it!

  89. I'm so glad you talked about estrogen dominance and how it exhausts your liver. That's why eliminating sugars and alcohol (and carbs) is so important! I think more women have that problem than we know. That's probably the cause of most women gaining weight especially in their middle ages. Great video!!

  90. The reason I didn’t get fit was because I knew it would work. I have a fast metabolism and I loose weight after doing most things. So it wasn’t like a now or never thing, I could really just eat a little better when I got a little too fat. I weigh 68kg (~140 pounds) at 5 “9. And while I could be slimmer, I never really saw a point in all that work for not much pay off. Currently I’m trying to eat better because I have an eating disorder (not to do with weight) that makes me hate the texture of food.

  91. thanks…

  92. I have PCOS as well, and honestly I am beginning to wonder if I am may be endomorph. I was told I was meso-endo mix leaning meso, but I am down to 102 lbs, 5' 1" and I realized I have been approaching this all wrong; I thought I was chubby before when I have been at 120-130 and I did look a little chubby but my weight from my thighs practically looks like it hasn't even changed, I lost some from my bust area but not too much. You said you realized you were a "curvy" type and honestly I am 24 yo and maybe I have some curves too, which is why my body behaves like this…didn't even realize I might have a different body type than what I have been comparing myself too.

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