My First Natural Bodybuilding Show….

alright guys Nick here with Nick strength and power so I just got done competing in my first natural bodybuilding show yesterday I'm going to be posting the pictures in the video and all the coverage of that stuff coming here soon I'll try post on pictures in this video you um I didn't look as good as I wanted to look I feel like I could have dyed it a lot longer for this show I'm when it came down to it in the last five weeks I realized I didn't I didn't really look as lean as I wanted to look so from week five to one week out I went from a hundred and sixty-five pounds to a hundred and forty five pounds the day before the show so I lost 20 pounds in five weeks which is way too much way too fast which is obviously why why I looked as flat as I looked and depleted as I looked in that's probably why I only weighed 143 pounds onstage because I just dieted way too hard way too fast 165 to 143 and four weeks five weeks is just crazy but yeah five weeks out I was like shit man I'm not nearly as lean as I as I want to be I said I'm going to do this show I'm going to do this show no matter what because I do what I say I'm going to do so regardless of how I look I've got to get on stage because I said I'm going to get on stage so I just need to put the pedal to the metal so five weeks out I was going I went starvation mode like I shut down like I stopped posting videos as much and I just I just I just died died like fucking crazy for four weeks and I lost all that weight so that's basically that's basically how when I died it's super hard I won my class which there was no one else in my class that was great um and bodybuilding was super small for this show is basically a bikini show I believe there's only eight bodybuilders in the entire show I think everyone got first place in their division but yeah it was a fun experience I still got some protein left on me as you can see but when you see the pictures man I was fucking I was black with my top coat of protein this is nothing right here but you can see I've got all this mess of protein in the bag here still it was fun man like I said I have no delusions of being mr. Olympia and being a champion bodybuilder or anything like that that's competed to have fun obviously it is a small natural show you can see the trophies in the background back there with my powerlifting stuff but for now a couple powerlifting meets coming up that I want to do is I'm gonna focus on those probably do those in the next couple months or so maybe I'll do another bodybuilding show maybe I'll prepare a little bit better and prep a little bit better like I should have for this one I mean even going into it I knew I was like man you need this you need to take this slow you need to start like 20 weeks out and you take a serious 20 weeks out and just prep for 20 weeks and I said that at like 30 weeks out knowing that's what I needed to do and I still didn't do it I probably started serious prepping at like 10 weeks out is when I really started you know paying attention to what I was eating and really started cutting out the cheat meals and all that but like 14 15 16 weeks out I was still drinking beer like multiple times a week I was I was going out and drinking margaritas and shit I think the worst I think at like seven weeks out I still went out and I drank with my buddy like seven weeks out I drink like fuck me and Zach and Alex went out and drank like ten beers and we're going to shots and this is like seven weeks out so obviously I was fucking around a little bit on prep and that's why I didn't look the way I wanted to look at five weeks out and that's why starting at five weeks out I had to starve myself but I think I at least look presentable my legs I think they're you know I had some Kevin Love Rowan legs going on there I could have done a little bit better in the legs apartment but like I said I'm a natural bodybuilder I'm not too concerned with it I'm not looking to win the mr. Olympia I'm just looking to do what I say I'm going to do when I say I'm going to compete I'm going to compete I said on my channel multiple times I'm going to do the show so I did the show to like to stick them onward there's a lot of people on YouTube say they're going to do something then they're like all shit I don't look good I don't want to cut I don't want to die I don't want to do this and I just don't do it so I do it I do what I said I'm going to do I get it done I'm posting a transformation video to from my bulk up to 220 which is another thing I told you guys back then I want to get up to 220 I want to compete in the powerlifting meet at 220 so I fucking force-fed myself for like five months and got up to 220 which is extremely high for me I did that now I've gone from 220 down to a 1/4 before stage way so I'm going to do a transformation video about that ah and the funniest part of the whole fucking weekend was man I'm fucking embarrassed even say this man so prejudging was it was fine I mean I was nervous lights were in my eyes all that stuff a typical first time getting on stage I competed in the novice division it was fine prejudging I think I did all right but for the night show I was so fucking nervous when I went to get on stage I forgot to take my fucking socks off you're gonna see that in the picture unfortunately I didn't get any fucking good video because they had a professional photographer there and they weren't allowing like professional camera equipment in the audience because the photographer was trying to sell his stuff so I couldn't bring my I couldn't have my family bring my big-ass video camera in and I had this little camera backstage because I was planning on vlogging the whole thing which unfortunately I didn't I would have loved to but you know I went into the thing think I'm going to vlog this whole thing but I went back there I've got the proton all over my hands I've got the oil all over me I just didn't want to get my camera all greasy and dirty so I was left it in the bag and I didn't end up vlogging anything back stage but yeah man at the night show it was bad I mean I got on stage with my socks on and I didn't even realize it I walked up I hit a most muscular and I look down and I see him and I'm like oh fuck I've got my fucking socks on and for a second I just freeze like a deer in the headlights and I forget my entire posing routine so I just I just completely winged it I just did some random ass poses and a bunch of most muscular a bunch of front double biceps I think I hit like one back shot and then I just I ran offstage because the the guy the little expediter got inside of stage he was like he's calling me over to take him off so I took my socks off ran back onstage to get my trophy and then came back off but man that was I was like the most embarrassing thing that I don't even care now I just looked back at the pictures and laughed at it because it was pretty fucking funny because I like I was on the NPC site reading through all the rules making sure I did everything right I took my fucking earrings out I tried to have my tan as dark as possible I was like researching like all these different poses and all this stuff I was trying to do everything by the book and I fucking made the biggest fucking rookie mistake you could possibly make and fucking leave your socks on for the night show but I figure you know it wasn't that big of a deal because at these smaller shows these natural shows probably in most of these MPC shows the judging is done in prejudging the the night show is really for the bodybuilder to kind of feel special and get to show off and if you think about it man the girls we're high heels for their night show routine I don't think that would I don't know if they wear heels or not for their prejudging but I mean they're wearing shoes man I had my socks on I mean it was fun man like I said I wasn't there to go win the mr. Olympia I was there to have a good time I competed with my buddy who competed in a weight class above mine but it was a good weekend man it was fun but yeah mr. Nick strength and power the fitness guy from got on stage with his fucking socks on so I will go ahead and show you guys what I brought back stage to the bodybuilding show so is what I had with me I had my water bottle even though I didn't really get to drink any of it I had my triple XL powerlifting t-shirt there to get the protein all over I had my rice cakes carb up with backstage I also had a jar of honey back there with me I got that in the refrigerator now I had my Pam I didn't end up using that I used muscle juice I had this baggy I'm gonna leave that in there I use that to apply the muscle juice here is my pro tan my dirty pro tan mitt I don't know where oh where the muscle juice went now here it is there's the muscle juice so that's what I use to shine up with I had my my lovely perfect push-ups pump up with backstage we're all covered in grease and my headphones and I had my resistance band pump up that was my backstage kit that's all my shit that I had so you're getting ready for natural bodybuilding show this is all I brought in my gym bag all right guys so for the day after the show the cheat meal well the night of obvious I went to my favorite Mexican restaurant I got the giant plate of nachos and had that and that was great I woke up five pounds heavier than I did that before I went to the restaurant if I woke up ate my red velvet pop-tarts had some Chips Ahoy Reese's and I took a big-ass two gallon thing of water and I filled it with like four scoops of best BCAAs because you know the hardest part of this prep was the water depletion the last week I didn't drink like the day of I drink like two ounces of water so when I fucking got home and when I woke up this morning my mouth was still dry so I just fucking chug like a whole gallon of this sour candy flavored best BCAAs in water and it was pure heaven it was better than the Reese's cookies I need these bad boys stay up protein on my hands these bad boys are fucking delicious first off right

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