what's up and welcome to our first ever Jim Ray day in Pokemon go we're actually loading in right now this is the first time I've ever looked at the pier after the update when the gyms are all up so I'm kind of curious to see what this looks like and if I'm not mistaken there should be a gym either right here or like a couple steps down that way and then one right there and then two more on the pier so there's four gyms on the pier a bunch in Santa Monica so the likelihood of us finding a raid out here is pretty high and it's up here we should find it right although it's being reported that raids are only popping up at sponsored stops right now so Starbucks and Sprint stores is where I'm gonna have to look for a raid and there's a couple there's like three or four Starbucks inside Santa Monica so we should be able to find array at some point within the next hour too I help let's see all right low yen no yeah there's a gym right there and then we've got three more on the pier Wow mystic my freakin boys my team has literally ran Santa Monica we own this mystic owns this place hey moment of truth are there any raids oh no no there are right well we're gonna have to get lucky here and we're gonna walk around in the city out here we'll look for rare spawns obviously we're gonna hunt today I'll drop some lucky eggs and stuff but we're getting mainly focusing on the gym rain so grab this stop though it's get some badges and then as we move about our day we'll share more information about this update as it comes out like for example the Silk Road did just tweet saying that you are getting more pokey coins for your Pokemon in the gyms because before you got literally nothing so let's get this spin this this should give us the batch for this gym Oh Harry awesome and oh that's a one day streak I didn't drop an egg I forgot that counts as a streak okay there's that oh this is a wee bit laggy you got a team bonus right there well we'll bury up this guy's 2600 thar come a little bit of juice hey let me drop an egg because we have 131 of them we're gonna xp for him today we're gonna battle today and we gotta find a raid there has to be rates somewhere in Santa Monica the next gym right here will be getting a batch from let's see this is what Jim is this is the end of route 66 Jim nice well spit in that get our badge we're getting all of them in Santa Monica try hit all the channel in the immediate area run also by the way to battle the Jim it is now level 31 they dropped it from 35 to 31 and then I'm assuming it will keep going down as the week progresses so level 31 plus you can battle in raids if they are by you which they're not by have the next gym to get our next gym badge high almost all right there boom we got the Pacific wheel gym let's grab that give me the badge you hear there it is there it is all right now end of the pier tube and guys my spirit animal also we've got the gym right here there is a magic cart we're gonna shine check because why the heck not anything we can power up now so we'll spin it get our badge and then we gonna hit this and start walking I love that animation it's so just satisfying seeing that we're gonna walk in the city of Santa Monica are gonna walk around and try to find a gym raid out there because I feel like if anywhere if it's only on sponsored stops we're gonna always see it at Starbucks and Sprint's and maybe some others and that'll be in the city not on the pier itself so we've got to wait to battle on the pier but I'm ok with that shiny check okay how do we go Patchen some eggs right now got some two kids going up walking off the pier in the middle of the road shouldn't be doing this doing it anyways 2k number one hey I've run up that hand alakazam is a good one to have right now for sure for this new gym meta so we need more candies for that actually think we've a couple hours we can evolve or have a couple of good I'll exams take number two Goldeen yikes and three of pichu hi oh oh there's a raid about us starting where's that where's that where's that raid one oh my gosh this is into the Starbucks I'm assuming it straight ahead come on come on okay yep okay right yes all right this will be our first ever raid in Pokemon go all my gosh this is late okay we need that yeah first though first amongst all the excitement let me spin my team bonus stop Jim here right there team bonus we're gonna heal up who gets it toran so Dragonite will give Dragonite some berries hairy cow beautiful here so now we'll be going to our first ever gym rated Pokemon go starts in oh my gosh two hours really is it actually take that long wait no 13 to 20 I'm so confused right now but timer says two hours that's a long time not even I need to wash this I really haven't got a car wash it like several weeks it's pretty bad okay we got our backpack and seven backpack okay now let's hike on first ever gym right in Pocono sucks I did quite a bit going on right now we've got a 10k hatching there's a mad cargo right here just super randomly and then we're kind of sort of almost at the gym no man time really you that's like I say you we're going to spin this and then we've got macro right there and the gym is right up ahead oh my cargo coming in at 270 for CPS oh nothing impressive but I mean with savage season this anyway skirts out cheese and I made a pledge on Twitter the tweets right there every single gym raid boss Pokemon we ever encounter throughout this game we are always going to savage season obviously I'm have to do with the premier ball so the first throw of every single raid boss will be Nana berry premier ball that is gonna be the raid boss savage season and that's gonna happen every time we come across one especially by the way legendary is I got some tweets about that saying there's no way I'll do for a legendary bro that's why I'm doing for the legendaries alright we've got the raid here just one one yeah one right now right around the corner and here we are well not here we're right on the corner from italic sauce okay game is definitely a little bit laggy right now just because a lot of people playing it new system that looks so sick this is a Starbuck so I can go and actually edit and upload this video through the roof I so big show the Starbucks for this oh my gosh here we go again our 45 left on it home checking it right now okay Starbucks bursting here we go bottom left there it is there it is oh yeah how are you doing yes sir our forties okay so it is an hour 45 I guess so yeah Wow an hour and 45 minutes until this happens well it's here which is awesome but it's gonna be a minute so we're back battling this so while this is we're all waiting the hour 45 devout of this egg down because this is gonna be so sick although it is like a one difficulty so it might actually be a Magikarp we may be getting trolled let me spin this to get our badge from it and then we're gonna go in battle because all the Pokemon here the motivation is you're done oh my gosh she's already get about Nellie crazy okay hold me let me stack up okay we're gonna try this because it's giving battle down like crazy we might get in okay here we go against 83 304 we got 300 for this is our beast joltin you're in right now nice nice battling it down here we go okay Gyarados Mae Lee Bullock here we go that's gonna go down really quickly oh yeah do we have squat on this we do huh nice only 1,200 CP so it definitely pretty low that's down awesome good Mike Gyarados hey I hope you air it out he went down we got that now it's the Dragon Knight here we go oh yeah we got squat look at that we got Aerodactyl column and then my Jolteon we're gonna jump in our laparis right here and smack this guy down so you can still battle while the while the egg is kind of chillin there so Dragonite down there's a trench for the trench or sitting on my lap race right there okay awesome now all that's left is the Dragon Knight let's get them actually gives you a suggested two so cloister will use them 47 battles one with the cloister so let's try to get that up again the Dragonite oh we might error out no we're in come on oh no way there's no there's a raid here in our 45 I feel like fire it out this is this gym yeah that's gonna make me reload the game get a reload yeah right birthday yeah it's a great new room I'm sweating right now I'm running around with my backpack off okay it's this mystic I got taken Oh didn't load in load and load in there's a raid yeah look at that that was the cool animation right there what's happening right now there's three Pokemon in yeah the gyms are Noatak that's see now that's the big problem is like when it's being attacked you can't put anything in there and it makes it really difficult because I'm assuming a spoofer is just sitting here because there's gonna be a great loss the raid there's probably a couple supers here actually every scooper in Santa Monica is probably sitting here so getting in this gym is gonna be a bit tricky well we battled it and we got a gym raid coming up right here which is gonna be really exciting stuff we'll be right back with our level 1 difficulty 30 minutes 30 more minutes almost done editing to this video look up today this is Timmy Tim and it is a level 1 difficulty so trip now is already cold on Twitter get yourself a magic carpet wheat so I'm kind of feeling it's gonna happen two minutes two minutes left on it let's go it's time 42 seconds left on the first ever my first ever our first ever gym raid right now this is gonna be dope okay what what do we think it's gonna be it's a level 1 difficulty so it can actually be a Magikarp unfortunately 17 16 15 wow this is gonna be it right here 4:15 Wow and it's kind of laggy game is kind of laggy right now 9 8 7 6 5 4 what's it gonna be 2 1 oh let's see it lets see it crackin okay 5200 CP kracken ah not bad and then our there's an hour the battle messy down still private group ok great mast down there we go that's how you mr. right man so this is the girls group so it's Bulbasaur Bulbasaur Butterfree we got 100 to 1 seconds let's go I know we're doing I know we're doing we're doing oh that's my girl he playing there we're gonna attempt all suitor weather this is our private group yeah and then we got DFA as a backup in case we fail because I got faith in sudowoodo's but like I don't want to lose but I have like a ridiculous amount right three two one here we go it's the first ever Jim rain right here oh my gosh this is sick yeah there he is a crock enough he is large all right 5,200 CP is it all right we got 174 seconds okay we got an 11:55 CP sudowoodo oh we're not going down there this will be easy-peasy man cuz we if 20 people versus we got five people in right now we got two out of five ow come on Stu do it we'll take him out take him out earthquake oh he's done so nice first the her battle was a crook in the right there it's lagging though oh let's go down to 80 70 you win yeah we did okay we got three revives there we go to rare candies awesome one golden raspberry one three thousand XP awesome and then we got five six seven eight we got eleven yeah 11 but the savage season everyone we find so Nana barian run away here we go Nana berry premier falls the official gym raid savage season so let's see if we can grab an excellent on this we missed it okay well how most kind of great right there so let's see it what's this average season okay well looks like we're not gonna get our first ever season I should use my naps but I really want to lose this crocodile this is our first ever gym right these greens every it's a pretty good nurse you got the excellent this is gonna be stuff well okay maybe I shouldn't savage teaspoons of ow this is tricky we got nine all right we go here we go hey hey no keep you got a great premiere both looking they definitely look though oh my gosh might be tough – being tricky likely gonna be high vehicle okay so it's not about you do it nice nice you do get much better IDs from these gym raid bosses oh there it is we cut the crock enough oh no way yeah yeah yeah then the symbol pops up to show that doll hunter 10 XP right there and then we got 870 CP we got surly call my attention wow I didn't get go to these all right fine putting this guy first raid boss right there with one s just two is just too many buddies and we got a crocodile nice first raid boss and as you can see after you beat it this is kind of like a game looks like that little bit right here and then you already completed this ready battling so can't really play it wait I can't let you know at all and it still says there's a raid on going right there yup the croc enough so we beat that that was our first ever hey thank you guys for helping me battle that those our first ever gym rain right there yeah looking forward to doing more so hoping we're pop up in Santa Monica but right now that's gonna be about it so any shoutouts team shoutouts anything you guys want to throw in the way into the video shout out to miss team mistake awesome it was the first ever gym raid right there that I was so sick so we'd uh people have more hoping some more difficult ones in the future but there's that if you guys enjoy that make sure like of the video let me know in the comments if you guys have done a gym right before and let me know what you guys battle because I first was the crock enough that's it for today I hope you guys enjoyed let seen the next one peace out



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