My Favourite Healthy Meals+How I Reduce My Waste

hey guys it's Taylor and welcome back to my youtube channel welcome if you're new today is Saturday and I'm going to be vlogging because number one to have some exciting new plant that I want to show you guys and number two I'm going to go into a really cool store that I think will all raise a lot of interest and a lot of the people that watch me because today's video is great to be focused around environmentally friendly eating and something sticking to to kind of reduce your waste and your ecological footprint and yeah so that was just my little morning workout I guess you could call it I was actually um in gymnastics for eight years and dance and like accra and all that for two and so I used to be really really flexible I could do like crazy splits and I could bend my back and really really strange ways and these fields which enhance dance and all like this crazy stuff like elbows dance and I'm just trying to get back to that because I was always so happy doing that stuff um and I feel like my body's really stiff now anyway it's time to go make breakfast I'm gonna go downstairs and show you guys I've never made this like kind of breakfast before and I'm a little nervous I hope I like it cuz I'm kind of branching out a little bit trying to be a little different and a little actually healthier than what I normally am so let's go ahead and do that okay so just as I went to go film me make my breakfast I realized that my viewfinder is completely black so I cannot see anything that I'm filming so I really apologize if it's super bad quality but I'm going to be making a more vegetable based smoothie and the reason is every time I have a smoothie I get a big spike at an extreme crash and I feel like that's because I'm putting away too much sugar aka fruit in it and so I'm going to be bulking it up with more vegetables today and some other different healthy fats I don't normally put in there to see if that helps so I've never tried this combo before but we're gonna see how it goes so I'm going to be using some fruit of course so it doesn't taste completely awful I'm gonna be using some frozen banana I want to head in cups of mango also and then for the other weird kind of stuff I have some baby kale so I'm a cucumber a quarter of an avocado some lime and so that's and also some mint and so this is going to be like the other part I feel like it's just going to help make this smoothie bigger without adding too much sugar and fruit and also I'll get some benefits from the kale and the mint and I feel like these flavors will work really well together I'm also going to be adding in some chia seeds and then I'm going to do half my cashew milk average and then half water and I also might put in some coconut so let's just go ahead and whip this up and I really hope it doesn't taste terrible [Applause] all right so hopefully this angle isn't super terrible but here's the smoothie my blender also is a malfunctioning so I have to hold it down when I blend it won't like stay locked in place while it blends again all the electronics just don't like me today but I'm going to be going ahead and giving this a taste Wow I'm actually so surprised at how well all the ingredients were Taylor like you can taste the cucumber and the avocado kind of but like it's so harmonious with like the mango and the banana and the coconut and the mint especially is that like it just highlights their flavors and I just can't even wow I actually prefer this over my normal sugary smoothie just cuz it feels a lot more like food and less like a dessert um and it does taste really really good so I would recommend you guys to use this recipe and I will definitely be making more vegetable based smoothies because I really really like how it turned out the best thank you to whoever posted this online because I just fixed my viewfinder I was messing with the settings today and apparently I pressed the wrong button so I can see myself again we're good to go the day is saved okay so it's 11:40 right now I'm probably gonna have lunch in about an hour but I'm really hungry um like I said that smoothie wasn't very big I probably should have made it bigger I did keep me fall for about three hours though but however I am hungry now so I'm going to be having like half an orange and I think that'll tide me over until lunch but I just want to quickly talk to you guys about some of the things that I implement to reduce my waist and my environmental impact as you saw for my breakfast ahead of smoothie and I used a metal straw and that's just one of the things that you could use obviously plastic straws are a big waste and they end up oceans and they can end up hurting the fish and sea life and so here are the middle straws I have I have a pack of eight and I got them from bulk barn for eight dollars but I have seen them for cheaper other places like $6 and stuff and then also the other thing that I do is I always put my things into jars and I try to buy bulk so I try to not buy things that are in plastic I usually go for like cardboard or something that I could just put straight into my glass jar and also if I'm buying like peanut butter I won't go for the plastic container I'll go for the glass jar because I can reuse that and put other things in it and so I do have a cupboard down here this is my personal cupboard it's a little messy right now but I'll just show you guys down here before I went on this initiative I did already have a bunch of things that I purchased that are in plastic sadly like maca and this tumor clock and stuff but I haven't been recently just going straight to the bulk store using my jars and just putting things in it so I have lentils chickpea flour nutritional yeast all that and then as you guys can see have some empty jars up here and so that's those are just some of the things I do to try and reduce my plastic waste I think I try to reduce is my food waste so when it comes to the actual food itself apart from trying to grow my own food actually we have a garden that we're going to be cleaning up today and planning some stuff in so apart from growing my own food and planting seeds for like different fruits and vegetables and stuff I also try to buy reduced from the grocery store so basically we're in the grocery store has like fruits and vegetables that have gone like bad we're not completely bad or just like really overripe put them for like a really reduced price like sometimes 50% off you know what I usually get all my produce from the reduce section unless I need something specific and it's not reduced but it's a great way to save money and also it's helping the planet because all that food waste most people don't buy the reduced stuff because they're like you the band has thought on it I don't want it but I love spotty bananas because they taste better and why not just get it and so I'm helping out I'm helping clean out the grocery stores you know not some nice-looking produce and it's just good for the environment and good for your wallet as well like I said before I was talking about growing my own food this is our growing section in our house some of these things died after just like not having enough Sun and also a big catastrophe where he had where my mom dropped a bunch of them and it was really sad and we lost some a couple lives but I did purchase a couple plants I did purchase this one and I do have a couple more that I purchased in my garage but the rest I've been growing so I have squashes eggplant tomato plants over there broccoli kale and this is also my banana tree that I got for Christmas in a year it will actually give me real bananas which is super cool but I love this guy he's like my baby we just transplanted him why is it black inside heck I didn't even get this orange juice so I don't know what is going on but that's really freaking scary let me go get a new orange let me know if anyone else does this but like whenever I eat an orange I'll peel away the fruit part of it and I'll save this piece for later but literally my favorite part okay this is really weird I just take a knife and I scrape off the pulp on the peel and I literally just eat it like this I don't know why it's my favorite thing ever I love the texture people think I'm so weird but guys I have a problem oranges are my addiction and I use the pulp straight off the peel like that I don't know what's wrong with me it just tastes really good anyway I'm gonna go eat this and then we'll see you at lunch it seemed like for the past couple what I eat in a day videos I've had the same thing for lunch and that is toast with soup and roasted vegetables I've been having homemade bread with homemade soup a lot of the time especially on the weekend I love it it's one of my favorite meals ever and so I always make my own sourdough bread once I finally perfect my recipe I will share it with you guys and I usually make a soup and so the soup I made yesterday who was an African peanut soup and so basically you take any orange vegetable basically so I use carrots and sweet potatoes and then I added in some chickpeas and then a bunch of spices and some peanut butter and then of course your liquid and you go ahead and cook that up and then you blend it and that's your African peanut soup so again you could use like butternut squash or any type of orange kind of root starchy vegetable you wanted but it's my favorite soup in the entire world and some I'm going to have that along with a piece of toast and also to accompany and I'm going to roast up some vegetables I'm going to go ahead and rest up some of these frozen sweet peas some frozen broccoli and some leftover fresh broccoli I have and because I'm doing an african soup I'm gonna try and do a similar kind of flavor profile and so I'm gonna do like Moroccan type of spices because I feel like that will go with the African soup this is the type of stuff I'm talking about this broccoli was reduced as would usually be around like four dollars but I got it for 243 and so that's just think so I'm going to go ahead and roast my vegetables usually I wouldn't use any oil but because I'm not using balsamic vinegar or soy sauce it is not really anything to poke them to kind of make them caramelize so I'm just using a tiny bit of avocado oil makes me really afraid of oil but you know it's not gonna kill you to use it once in a while so I'm just gonna put on some different kind of like Moroccan like I said spices so I have certain time here I'm also gonna put on some paprika this garlic and onion kind of spice and then also some cumin what's so great so this is just me eating it and by the way it was so good that soup is just so bomb you definitely need to make it okay so I'm back home now I will show you guys a little hull but I got but first and foremost I have to get started on my supper because otherwise and we're gonna be eating really late and I don't like that so I have some brown rice soaking in water I'm gonna go ahead and put that on the stove and since I soaked it previously it'll only take half the time to cook so in 30 minutes it should be ready which will work out because it takes 30 minutes to cook my salmon I'm going to be making a nourish Bowl with like some spring greens some rice some salmon and some edamame and then like I will probably make like a teriyaki mango chutney to go on top so I just have a frozen salmon salmon frozen salmon fill it and I'm going to go ahead and put this in the oven at 425 for about and because it is smaller it should take less time which is good because I am short on time right now so I need this type of Bowl once before I just didn't get the salmon before because I made it when I was vegan but I used kind of like sushi flavor vibes and so I went ahead and I just cut up some thinly sliced cucumber and yellow bell pepper I'm also going to be putting in obviously some spring greens for like the base of the salad but I love adding broccoli slaw to everything because it gives a nice crunch and then I have some avocado from the smoothie that I made this morning and here are some of the mango so I'm going to be making like a mango teriyaki chutney or sauce whatever and my onion know my ovens ready not my onion okay so I'm gonna go ahead and kind of just like cook up the mango and I'm gonna be adding in some like soy sauce and potentially like liquid smoke or something there we go and yeah we'll just see that I feel like adding so now all I have to really do is wait for all that to be done cooking but in the meanwhile I will show you guys what I got from the zero waste or as guys can see or saw from the clips it was so cool it's actually really busy but I really really love the store so first thing I got was some eggs as you guys know I date eggs now and these are like cage free you know organic eggs and I know like it's not gonna ever be completely at the coal but it is in my opinion a little more ethical than just buying you know with regular eggs that comes from hens that are all caged up and stuff so next in this and by the way I bought these reusable produce bags on Amazon I got some sweet potatoes they're actually humongous and very heavy then we got a loaf of sourdough bread I'm so excited about this I haven't wanted like a good loaf of sourdough bread and this is just the sesame seed one then in here these are just some vegan cookies that my mom bought for a neighbor then here we have some sun-dried tomatoes some large coconut flakes and as you can see they come like it's little paper bags which are compostable I believe and so that's good and then I brought my own little jar and I got some almond butter so basically the process is you bring your own jars or you can buy some there you weigh them then you put your product in and then you wait again and you pay and although it was a little pricey I really do appreciate their efforts be environmentally friendly and the food was really good quality all the products really good quality so if you're in Ottawa area you can go to a new grocery and you grocery and yeah I really really enjoyed my experience at that store not sponsored better so I wouldn't have just threw my mangoes into the pen and along with that I did some soy sauce rice vinegar and a bit of water and I think this is just I'm just going to pour this on top of everything and it'll give it a really nice kind of like sweet but also I'm very like savory kind of element to it and it also helped coat the vegetables and then along with that I'll be using some avocado to make it all nice and creamy kind of like a salad dressing and also I need some of those healthy fats to absorb the fat soluble vitamins but my rice is done cooking and now all we're waiting on is the fish which is in the oven right now I also went ahead and just microwaved up some edamame beans I always do it in the microwave with just a plate on top of the bowl like that three minutes with a bit of water in there and it works every single time like magic okay guys I finally finished my dinner so what we have here is some greens on the bottom bunny some brown rice some broccoli slaw some yellow pepper cucumber edamame beans some salmon hidden underneath here and then of course my mango and kind of like soy sauce to go on top and then also some everything what about the bagel seasoning I know it's a kind of weird to put it with all this but it's really really good oh and I don't know if I mentioned but I do have like a third one off cut out there and so this is gonna be my dinner and yeah I will let you guys know how it is and because I just love to do this I always mix everything together because I like to get a taste of everything okay guys so I completely finished and that was one of the best suppers I've had in a long time the mango sauce was just exactly what I needed and with the salmon it was just like perfect and so if you ever want like really nice kind of like sushi ask Pokeball type of Denari lunch i would highly recommend that because i feel so satisfied and it was so good

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