My Electric Chair Physical Training Session

haha let's strap down there like a belt to be a great athlete they're gonna put me on the electric chair when it comes to performance there are three things we need to think about our skill you have your psychological component and the last one is your physiological so how are you training and that changes based on your age or what skill level you're at all of your training regimens evolve over time you guys ever heard of stim machines have you ever used them on an injury neuro therapy when I'm going to his back into the older days of 70s and 80s of traditional stem or electrotherapy so it's gonna jolt the out of me No is what we're looking for here our protective mechanisms in the body that the nervous system has placed basically over sensitizing these areas and then what happens from that as the muscles aren't able to do their job practice we also have here this is most intensive for the founder to spot you today so this process just grabs your muscle it's so intense that it locks you up so you then have to like just commit to taking the movement with your muscles locked up it's like a leap of faith in a way right so why does that help what my muscles are locked and I can get through that squat yes so one of the machine is causing the muscle to concentrically contract which means that the message shortening so what we do is we take it through an active range of motion movement to lengthen out that muscle so that it can create absorb more force once we're able to break through that creating the new patterns so you think it pads off your now operating an image basically a new signal to every single season I played lacrosse I've had injuries a lot of them muscular so we're really trying to re-engineer the way that I'm thinking about movement patterns what I like to say like turn all the check engine lights on it and so we're trying to fix my mind to be able to activate my a doctors hip flexors more would you think it's kind of making a big deal out of nothing hey man he's gonna say it's fake


  1. Uhhhhhhhh awkward

  2. #Askpaul have you ever did a one handed lacrosse goal?

  3. #askpaul I know you aren't doing Q and A videos at the moment but I was wondering if you have any tips on treating Tendonitis? I've been dealing with it for almost 2 years now and have seen multiple physiotherapists. I've been advised to stretch and strengthen the muscles around the area. I thought maybe, someone like yourself would be able to provide me with a few tips I could use to try and speed up the process. If you are able to reach out to me in anyway, it would be highly appreciated (not trying to be demanding). Thanks

  4. are os cool

  5. Who’s you’re camera/editor, tell him he’s good

  6. Does anyone know why we never see him with his wife Kelly Rabil

  7. #askpual 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 #rabil #gozardz may I have a warp plz

  8. Grear video very interesting

  9. Hey Paul. The lacrosse world should demand this sport to be in the olympics

  10. hi Paul i have watched a lot of your videos and am a huge fan. I live near Maryland and every year I get bayhawks ticket for my b-day and every year I chose the game against the lizards!

  11. Paul I always look up to you for every game and I also look up to you as a mentor. U da Best

  12. What mesh do u use

  13. 51 like

  14. #askpaul can u please Come to NY. Specifically in the bronx. In lehman high school ☺🙂Please

  15. Watch Paul pull a Tom Brady and keeps playing until he's 50

    that would be a pretty cool collab 😉

  16. Wtf am I the only one who thought he was getting a death sentence or some shit

  17. This was very interesting, in a good way 🙂

  18. 15th like

  19. Great video thanks for the tips

  20. #Askpaul can you come to Burlington and I just started can I have tips

  21. Love vids

  22. love your vlogs

  23. Third ha ha love you and your videos you are the best but you should be at 1mill come on let's go Paul

  24. First

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