My Diet | What I Eat In A Day For Longevity

today I want to share with you all the
foods that I eat in a day and the reason I eat all these foods is to give me lots
of energy really great health vitality and anti-aging so if you’d like to know
more please keep watching hi I’m Schellea this is fabulous fifties a lifestyle
channel that explores fashion beauty and lifestyle for women over 50 and if
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every time there’s a new video and they’ll all relate to you today I wanted
to share with you all the things that I eat because lots of people ask me what
do I eat in a day but I’ve got to tell you you may find this really really
boring because when I go to my sister’s place
she once presented me with a really nice platter made up of cardboard cutouts of
pretend food because she thinks that the food I eat is really really boring so
anyway I’m going to share it with you nonetheless and I want to share with you
that health and nutrition is like a really high value for me i value my
health so much because i’ve had the opposite to health for many years and
I’ve gone from healthy to unhealthy to healthy and now I’ve found things that
really work for my body to give me optimal health and in the past I’ve had
adrenal fatigue from so much stress and I’ve had digestion problems and I’ve had
you know feeling exhausted and lethargic and just generally unwell so what I’ve
done is I’ve done lots of research on foods that make me feel good and I’ve
just stuck to it because although it’s very disciplined and I don’t have any
processed foods but in that discipline for me comes feeling good and for me
feeling good way outweighs not feeling good and being unwell so let me go
through with you what I had I have a first breakfast what about second
breakfast a second breakfast snacks lunch and dinner first thing I
have when I get home from the gym is a smoothie and all the ingredients of this
smoothie tastes good combined it’s a good combination and
some days I have all of these products and some days I’ll have a green smoothie
and throw a whole lot of fresh produce into a blender and get it going so I
have a Vitamix blender and I feel the blender up 300 mils and I put one scoop
of protein powder this is a vegetarian protein powder and it’s full of amino
acids and it doesn’t have any fillers this is going to provide me with a high
dose of protein and it’s going to be alkalizing and full of antioxidants so
one scoop of this then I add 1 TSP of raw cacao to make it taste chocolate
it’s all in the recipe this is really yummy then I add a very heaped teaspoon
of spirulina and I have this every single day because it’s very high in
protein it’s full of antioxidants it’s another superfood it’s going inside
my body it cleans out anything that shouldn’t be there and I love this every
single day I have half a teaspoon of maca I have this for my hormones to help
regulate my hormones I have one bison capsule and I break the capsule in half
so the powder goes into the smoothie this is for my hair and nails it’s
vitamin b7 then I have a half a teaspoon of glutamine which is another anti-aging
amino acids I’m going to do a video on glutamine because it’s a really great
anti-aging supplement so half a teaspoon of this and then I use one scoop of
perfect hydrolyzed collagen which is more amino acid so everything that’s
going into this smoothie has a reason behind it and it gets me set up for the
day gives me lots of energy and it’s yummy last thing I put in my smooth
is my broccoli sprouts that are frozen so I put about half of that amount in
and that is going to give me sulphuraphane and I’ve just done a video on
this and I’ll leave a link up here to show you the benefits of this magic
superfoods that you should all be having at our age so yep I put that in and then
turn the blender on spin spin spin and it’s best to keep the blender going for
a little bit longer if you’ve got the broccoli sprouts in it so it all mixes
up and it’s smooth to drink for my actual breakfast I have these things I
make my own paleo bread so this recipe for paleo toast is full of beautiful
ingredients and you feel like you’re full from eating toast or bread but it’s
not doing any of the damage that gluten and grains can do to some people’s
bodies which it does to mine so I have toast and then on top of the toast I
slice avocado and then on top of that I put sauerkraut and I make this myself
this is the easiest thing in the world to make and I’ll leave a recipe on my
website for this one but this sauerkraut is really amazing for the gut and pretty
much everything I eat is to give my gut the best chance at being healthy and
strong so fermented foods like sauerkraut are
amazing to have in your diet and I thought that I wouldn’t like this but I
love it and with these ingredients they all balance each other out and it’s
beautiful and then on top of that I have my broccoli sprouts so all just goes on
top and it’s this big and it’s so delicious
again these are amazing watch the video on broccoli sprouts and the benefits of
soft urethane you’re going to want to try this for sure so that’s my breakfast
during the day when I’m hungry I’ll eat because I don’t want
deprived myself and I’ll just have sunflower seeds or raw cashews or raw
almonds and I usually try and have some fruit I eat the nuts for protein and
good fats and I eat some fruit for fiber so that’s my snacks I also drink aloe
vera juice which I make myself and this is the plant and I have a video on how
to make this this is an amazing stuff for you to be putting inside your body
there’s so many benefits of aloe juice and I’ll leave a link up here to show
you the video on that and for lunch and dinner I’ll eat these veggies so I’ll
cook them in different ways some days I’ll put it all through a juicer and
have juice and other days I’ll put these veggies through my food processor and
I’ll do a stir-fry or a soup or something like that so that’s about how
much I would have sometimes I might have a little bit more depends on how hungry
I am and for flavoring I’ll just have
Himalayan rock salt and pepper lemons and coconut oil will go in most things
because at most meals I’ll have some sort of healthy fat with what I’m eating
and nothing beats coconut oil for keeping your skin really healthy and if
you’ve got dry skin like I have this taken internally is amazing for dry skin
because when you don’t have it you notice it’s missing so I’ll have that
every day another thing I might snack on is olives and the the meat from the
olives is really great for our hair and our skin and our eyes but make sure if
you’re going to eat olives for health benefits the olives just without any
treatment at all are much better for you another thing I’ll have over my veggies
or in my veggies is linseed when you eat linseeds just like this you don’t
receive the benefits of all the goodness that’s in them all the beautiful oils
you have to meal them and then when you mill them they become
active and then you put them in your body and it starts doing the work plus
every day I drink one and a half to two of these two-liter bottles of water I
use an alkalized water purifier which oxygenates the water and I believe
that’s amazing for adding extra hydration and for sweet things I have my
homemade chocolate and I’ll leave a recipe up here for that this is amazing
you make it yourself it’s super super easy everything here is
so easy to make and this will fight any sugar cravings you have because it’s
natural sugar it tastes amazing it fills you up and it stops the cravings so
check this recipe out because you’re going to love that too so that’s
everything I eat in the day I also take lots of vitamins and other supplements
to keep me strong and healthy I don’t really eat anything other than this I
don’t have sugar or coffee or processed foods
because they don’t make me feel good and I understand that it’s very very
difficult to give those things up but for me it was an easy thing to do and
it’s easy to be disciplined because I’m feeling great so thank you so much for
watching please give a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video and share it with any
of your friends who might be interested in eating a more healthy diet so you can
start feeling great and have lots of energy and feel really good every single
day thank you so much for watching and have a beautiful week


  1. Love your channel! Just after watching your vid on broccoli sprouts, I ordered everything needed to grow my own sprouts. I followed your process & it was amazing! I had sprouts with in 3 days. They taste so good. Thank you for the tip, beautiful lady! 😊

  2. My Dear Schellea…for the saukraut…since it is in a clay pot with a lid…sauerkrautpot….it stays in it all the way to around March when it starts warming up outside…as long as it is cold in room and it can not be over 15 C….once is fermented the colder the better…when it gets warm than my mother puts in a mason jars with a lid…and sterilize preserve taste and its quality……let them cool down and than put in the fridge…mind you this is in European weather where we have 4 seasons and cool winters…have a lovely day….big hug…Jana

  3. I think Your sister needs to watch your videos. I have almost the same diet with fresh greens and supplements and kraut (except I also eat beef and chicken). Same supplements, same vitamixer too :).

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  8. Love your videos, just one comment. Coconut oil is great to put on your skin, but not a healthy fat source to consume regularly. American Heart Association, Cleveland Clinic, etc…all recognize this. Patients are told to avoid or limit internal intake. Olive and Avocado oil are both much healthier options. Coconut is solid at room temperature and a very saturated fat, that often raises Cholesterol and LDL levels. We see this in patients often because they believe what they read, which is not evidenced based practice. Many patients lipids, including triglycerides, increase after increasing consumption regularly. We see a clinical decrease and improved lipid level once they are reeducated that coconut oil is not healthy to be consumed regularly.

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