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Hey good morning it took some time right now to go over one of your questions what kind of supplements I take you saw one of my pictures that I shared and I take a lot lots of vitamins and the reason why I take my vitamins is because I work out a lot I work out very very hard I also do and I have been working out consistently for almost three years and when I tell you consistently is going to gym at least once a day or working out here at my house when when I'm not able to go I'm done with the AC gene however even though that I can eat a lot more now I still need to supplement I love supplements I love vitamins I rarely thank God don't get sick I don't get cold so I don't you know my my energy level is very very high and and I love it I love my supplements and and you asked what what kind of supplements I take because I diet I'm still dieting to try to lose my last few pounds four pounds and believe it or not this last week that I went I gained one point eight pounds so I usually do that I already know my body I go up every three weeks hello hi Patrizia hi Melissa now say hello if you're there if you have any questions of course you can ask so I it was supposed to be my last week of no visa last Saturday but then I went up 1.8 pounds so I could not share my victory for it that week I'm working harder so that I can get my weight down I think that I'm gonna do it because I feel like I am a lot thinner a lot a lot thinner I've lost a lot of inches anywhere from a size size four to a size six and I was a size 18 so I'm very happy very happy about that so you asked about the supplements that I take and I'm going to share some things with you I drink aspera drinks and I'm going to show you my supplements cabinet I do keep it keep my supplements in one cabin and you know I I do it as a routine so after I have my meal I eat I drink all my vitamins and I have a lot lots and lots and lots of vitamins so I'm gonna turn the camera so you can see what my supplement cabinet looks like okay so of course I do the Spira restore I buy this this is some unsweetened powder and I added to my tea it's it's really good it has enough flavor I also do my spear of vitamins and my greens my power greens they're on sale now so I'm gonna get some here are some of the packages that I use a sample on the go but I pack my own protein shake so these here this are my hydration and of course I use this beer am but I also to help one of my friends she just got into a new vitamin a new health a new health business so she I won't join any business at all I will buy the products will will not join any other business not even as a preferred customer it just won't happen so I rather buy from her so she came she I bought some of the energy packs because I used them I have my pre-workout my c4 you have to be careful with this because this is very very strong so I take this before you know I put it in my water with the energy or the hydration I interchange them the hydration I do it in the evening the energy I do it in the morning with my c4 before my workout and I put it together and that's what I drained during my workouts and then I have my Spira women and my plan beings um what else I used my wand bars those bars are amazing you can get them at the Publix and these basically will cut your hunger see what else I have this is great versus this I'm going to show you why the powder is better my husband bought this which I'm gonna throw away this is an almond butter but look at all the oil that is have there it is totally not healthy so this versus the powder so much better a lot less calories and so I mix them with my chocolate and I planned my plant-based protein shake vanilla so this is a cleanse that I bought from her and I take it a night but I also use the ideal cleanse from Aspira if your diet is high in in protein then you have to supplement yourself with fiber so I have my fiber and I have also these bars that I purchase know Viva where I go they're very good but I didn't like them as much as I do my one bars they're 20 20 grams of protein so this is basically my my cabinet where I keep all my supplements altogether and my shapes are my shake stuff so the supplements that I buy i buy over the counter this is something that I need to throw away because it's Bobby already expired no it's yeah expires the 19 so this is no good I've been taking the the spirit of vitamins but I go to the store and I buy any supplements that you know you can either find on sale I get some of the vitamins from my my mother-in-law and then I get biotin for my hair my nails this is B complex then I have my d3 for my bones turmeric this is a hunger control that I get from the vivaz part of the plan this one is chromium picolinate which is which helps you with your metabolism and then I bought some natural ones from one of the ladies that brings it from her country and this is no Viva multivitamins seeing glucose support that I get from them this is the shots needles that I used to use for my ACG so I no longer use them and race restful sleep that's from Aspira vitamin E and then this helps restore your muscles so I take it after my workouts and that's it that's why I have so many vitamins and this is also an amino acid for after your workout that I take and then more so that's why you see me with lots of vitamins I rather take vitamins than medicine so here in my refrigerator I'm going to show you I also have this this is I bought this from my friend from her company that she joined and is supplement that has a lot of veggies and you basically I basically take a shot in the morning and then I have the probiotic that I buy this is really good for you and I keep this in the refrigerator so I like to eat healthy I make a lot of my own sauces and things I'm making the this garlic I basically just smash it and add it to my diet I'm gonna show you what I do and then you have to work up to it because if you take a lot of the garlic you actually gets sick the garlic is really really good for you so I take it and I take this bunch Wow it well wire so instead of taking garlic pills I smashed my own garlic and I eat it I also keep a lot of lemon my lemon water it's like super necessary so I do that what else I can tell you oh I also better like this I also make my own vinegar so my own vinegar has I mix it with peppers and then garlic and then I add red vinegar and white vinegar really quality that I get at the store I cook with a lot of olive oil and I'm going to show you here making my own sauce so I know that this looks a little a little burned but I'm infusing it with the oil so the oil gets infused with the jalapeno pepper and and then I make my own salsa or my own garlic or my own infused olive oil I'm Melissa I need to be my trainer well you know I've learned as I went and I have always been like a vitamin junkie if you want to call it that I love my vitamins I love to eat healthy I'd love to cook so yesterday we went to Father's Day to a Father's Day get together with the family and I took my own food I took because they were having they were having rice and rice and being and they were having fried pork he imagined that that would be a total step back so I took my own lunch I had duck and I did not want to I want to eat it we'll see they're taking the duck or taking the fish and I ate a lot of fish this week so I said well let me take the duct and then lettuce wraps and and I just had some rice and I had some you know a rice and a little bit of the tamales that they have but that was just a small portion versus a whole plate like everybody else oh thank you Tammy yes I know it's difficult but you know I don't need like that all the time I want you guys to know that it's worth it to work throughout the entire week and focus on eating healthy and then if you mess up just recover the next day just you know don't mess up and then keep messing up the entire day if you feel like having a piece of bread or if you feel like having sweets just get it over with and then recover with your next meal or the next day if you have to but don't mess up the entire thing once you keep it going your metabolism is going to change I recommend that you eat too every two to three hours something and you your stomach is gonna get reduced you're not gonna want to eat as much and you're not going to be hungry so eating two to three times a day is the key and that's what what they showed me and Eva yes it's not easy and has a BC is not easy for me yesterday for example I cooked grilled cheese with turkey for my husband as a late snack and he asked me what are you gonna eat and I said nothing so I went to bed I put my Invisalign which I have him here and that's it I shut my mouth I had a drink of water no.1 and I went to bed so yeah you have to be disciplined but the thing is that what I was going to tell you like you work an entire week towards eating healthy not having so many carbs limit your carbs to you know the mornings before noon if you gotta have carbs if you like if you you know cannot live without your bread then you eat it in the morning but then after 12:00 you know you have to have protein and vegetables no potatoes no no breads no sweets if you want to have a cookie or a piece of cake or whole cake you prefer to eat it in the morning not a night or the afternoon so once a week I have my cheat meal okay so when you see me going to the restaurants and you know going on a date with my husband to a nice restaurant it's because I am on my cheat meal but sometimes I have my cheat meal at home but it's best if you go to the restaurant because you get to have your appetizer your lawn I mean your main course and your dessert all at once and within two hours so your cheat meal is eating everything you one including their bread what am i my favorite I am Marie how are you thanks for watching you guys one of my favorite cheap meals is at Carrabba's because I love that Carabas bread I can eat like two baskets of that and fight with the rest of the people so that they don't touch my bread so I have when I go to Carabas I have my bread and then I have I always get the soup and the salad big I like the lentil the lentil soup and and then I have dessert you know I would eat a dessert but I also go to I like Capital Grille that's one of my other favorite restaurants and then I also cook at home and then when I cook at home then I have I will have a steak I would have rice but you know you can have your cheat meal once a week and still stay on track yes you're gonna gain you know one or two pounds the day after but that's okay it will trick your metabolism into thinking that you know that you're eating more and then when you go back to eating portions then your body continues to lose weight so that's what they taught me that no Viva I have shared a lot of my meals here to keep you focused I have shared my diet and no Viva I started there since November of last year and this is hard you know at the beginning you know how to get back to eating portions to eating every two to three hours because once you start the once I started the ACE gee if if I mess up during the ACG the hormone does not work so I have to mentally start focusing on eating every two to three hours so I started in November and I started the ACG let me see my calendar gingka was done in January or February and then I did it for 14 weeks so I'm done I was done with the AC genes you know and then I had to lose the rest the rest of my pounds so thank you up in January when I started the AC g oh yeah I started the AC g January 25th so November and December was like the hard months and I didn't want to start the AC g during Thanksgiving or during Christmas during family gathering cuz you know that happens and drinking and eating all the time but I kept you know my my two to three hour eating to get me ready for the AC gene so I started on the AC G with a hundred and seventy six point four pounds and I was there for 14 weeks so I finished my a CD don done with a CG in April 19 so I couldn't work out and even though I was working out with doing the AC g it says the hormone doesn't work when you're working out so imagine me I've been working out for years and years and I couldn't work out because if I worked out the AC g didn't work so what I did was I stopped working out so you saw for a period there that was not working out as much I would do maybe something light at the gym but if I did something like sweating and I'm very involved and you know I messed up that day with the AC gene so now that I'm done with the ECG I can go work out I need to supplement I am on a high-protein diet however in the morning I like my fruit so this morning before I went to work out and had a few pineapples so that I can go work out I do at least two workouts a day so this morning on Sunday I did a barre class so the barre class is no joke when you are doing those classes they were very very very very tough and I was like in pain I wanted to wake up at 5 o'clock in the morning my alarm set on but I was in pain I had a lot of body pain so I said you know I'm not gonna go I went back to sleep and I woke up for my next class I woke up at 7:00 and I went to a gym to do my my strength class since I need protein perdy are a doctor unlike me so much anymore I don't eat meat at all I eat it when it's like a really quality meat and it's usually like you know the ones that don't have hormones and I buy at the store but I don't like the mean I go and buy fish so if you go to I like to buy finish at Costco because you get the big Corvina Corinne is a white fish if you're in a low calorie you want to do a white fish and you get like a big steak of Corvina for a great price and then you you get the salmon the salmon is higher in oils but that's okay it's still fish and then I eat a lot of chicken I love love chicken chicken breast chicken thighs I'll eat I love duck the duck press the duck thighs and I like pork you can eat pork just make sure it's lean and you know if you like to have a piece of meat you know just make sure you do it once once once a week no more than that so yeah if the way oh let me show you something else I've shared this and in other videos but I carry my lunch box is my lunch box so this are my protein bars and then least 100 calorie snacks I went to and this this makes a difference because I went to the honda dealer where i get my car fixed and i grabbed a snack and peanuts had 250 calories i was a pack of peanut and he was a snack pack and I would say I'm Irene and I had already ate it it was 250 calories you know what I could have aimed with 250 calories I could have had a piece of fish a piece of chicken instead I had a bag of peanut for 250 calories so this is good for a hundred calories yeah you're welcome I love that you guys are watching thank you so yeah I keep my new Viva supplements here they give me multivitamins and I drink them all to life but I also overload on the other ones over the counter and this are my walnuts so this right here is like my emergency lunchbox okay and I put it in my bag I take it with me everywhere I go I loaded with snacks that I can just grab I pack my meals it's so important that you pack your meals I cannot tell you how important it is that every morning you know exactly what it is that you're gonna eat if you like Mayo like me then instead of buying the high-calorie menu by the fat-free it tastes slightly the same if you like to have crackers then you know do the saltine crackers they're a little bit better for you and you know just be consistent if you want to have a sandwich then instead of putting the bread you know I have added to a lettuce but if you must get off-track then get it over with you guys and get it over with before 12:00 and then you know that in the afternoon you have to have that afternoon workout or walk or whatever I'd rather go to the gym I rather you know work out with a group you need a support system I want to know Viva because I like their system I like their diet this is my third time with them and I have shared this with you I have been actually trying to lose all my way since 2012 when I got really heavy I got I was over 200 I think was 230 pounds I was back then I was like what have I gotten myself into so and then I lost weight and then two years later I gained it back because I didn't take care of myself again got involved with work we're traveling traveling with a company you know we were out traveling sometimes twice a month with with Avon they were taking us to a lot of places we're doing a lot of seminars so that year I gained a lot of weight so then I started again with them I did well but then I got off and then I gained it again and then this time I Rana saying you know what I'm not doing this gaining stuff again I need to join a gym so I joined the gym and now that I can workout I go to the gym I do the bar classes basically trying to tone I have a lot of fat that my body still needs to burn see so I'm working on my fatty arms so there's fat underneath all of this and the loose skin okay that's there so I'm basically getting my body back and I love to work I love to run so I have goals about my run what I'm gonna do to to gain speed if my back allows me because I have back problems lower back problems a lot so but you know say I can do what you can if you don't have any vive or any other weight loss there's a Weight Watchers anywhere I joined Weight Watchers when when I had my first two kids and I was breastfeed I breastfed all three of my kids for almost year so I could not and I was in the military and I was overweight imagine that so I joined Weight Watchers and I did very very well I loved her system and then even them I joined them again a few years ago and I also did very well you need a support system you need to go in once a week and go to meetings and things like that get counseling so you can start working on mentally losing that way and Marie I have always been like yo-yoing way up and down yes me too since 2012 – since 2012 but it's gonna come a time when that's gonna stop when you're gonna say you know what I've had enough and I I'm not going back right now you guys I made up my mind I'm gonna join my husband said if you join another gym I'm divorcing you it's not opening up yoga place close by and they're doing Kundalini Yoga and they're doing meditation and all kinds of different yoga's that I'd like to do but my gym offers yoga so I'm going to my gym to do yoga and Pilates and cross-training and grains and all that but then I also joined the bar studio and I do my bar classes there at least five times a week so and I still go to my gym so my husband is saying no more so Melissa says and the same way I will go down and it's hard to keep it off how have to be harder on myself take it they went one day at a time I'm telling you I'm the same way yeah I love the gyms my guys I tell them that the lady at my gym that's close by here she says she says that sometimes I'm there longer than she is and she works there so I train I really train and I liked a gym because it's closer it's about 20 minutes I live in a rural area so nothing is it's you know close by here but I go there it's about 20 minutes drive but then my my bar studio is 45 minutes away so you see the difference so the class for example I take the 6 a.m. class so I have to leave here on 5 a.m. between 5 and 5 10 if I leave at 5:15 I'm late because you have to get there before so it takes me about you know at that time there's not a lot of traffic it takes me about 40 to 45 minutes to get they are usually 40 minutes to get there and and then I do my class and then I go to the other gym and do the other class so you know I'm working hard I'm working hard and I'm happy to do that because since I lost a lot of weight I can't take my my meat you know like yes I love my gyms so those are my tips stop um in your body with lots of vitamins so I'll show you what I do haven't taken my vitamins so I go here I put it here okay so that's why you see so many of them I get two of these then I add the apple cider vinegar target two of these well I had a package of the paint on aspera multivitamins a woman's name this one I already had a package of this so I'm not gonna have this and then my tumeric also this is the chromium be calling me oh it's raining outside I was gonna go out take a shower and go out gonna be a good day pound the pavement so that guy call it so this is Moringa is another root these and these my tumeric which I'm almost out and the biotin I take two on my biotin I gotta get more – and then the probiotic which I do it at night so see when I show you a picture all of these is a lot right and and they don't make me say water till half we'll have in three pieces okay well uh those are my vitamins so that's it let's grab your favorite ones the ones you think that you need the most are usually once I finish with a supplement then I go to another supplement I also get finish oil and things like that so I will see in the next video thank you for being here with me share my video with your friends and like my page like my video and also subscribe to my video so you see me life and I hope this helps you I'm also gonna post this on my youtube channel email wings and I will see you get inspired get motivated and start your health and wellness and fitness journey it's a lot of fun and you'll get motivated once you build your momentum you don't do a set time aside for yourself some people tell me how can you have so much time for the gym when you have such a busy life and business I'm like I said time for myself for what's important for me maybe you can take some time off here's your social media time TV time you know maybe you'll go to sleep a little later wake up a little earlier but you can also put in your time to make sure that you set time aside for your health take care of you and you know one thing you're gonna see that it was all worth it sometimes we waste so much time sitting in front of the computer you know looking at social media Facebook I post a lot on different places but you know what I'm there I post and get out I like a few posts but I'm not sitting there whole day because I just don't have the time so you know if health is important to you as Fitness is important to you then set the time aside I couldn't even find 30 minutes when I have a gym on my house I have an entire room that's dedicated for weights for bicycles I have I have everything that I need there I have a mat to do yoga but I just couldn't find the time to be in there by myself the phone started ringing then I have you know people calling and then all of a sudden my day just of working out when was worthless so that's why I joined the gym when I'm there I forget about you know the world I answer my calls I think I become become more effective because I go to the gym and then after I get out of the gym I get dressed I don't come back home I'd leave the house most of the times and then when I come back for my field time I'm back from back to the gym again I start my day my field day at 10:30 that's where my class and and then I come back I come back to the gym and then I go home in the afternoon you know around like my last class starts at 6:00 from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. I come home make dinner real quick and you know I make dinner in 30 minutes make dinner in 30 minutes I'm answering phone calls on the way training my team so all of that takes place with my gym activity my gym routine because I wanted to do it for me and I found the time it's like having big rocks you have your big rocks for everything that you do your business your family your social life your spiritual life your gym life and then all of the rest become Little Rock's and those are secondary to the things that you think are important to you and those are your big rocks so you write everything down you write your goals I have my goals here right my goals every month see new goals every month I take it then I celebrate what I achieve then I write down what I need to do then my business goals here and you know I take take lot so no so my calendar is also my journal so every month every month I have my goals write it down and I look at them and then I have to change when I do that so yes I'm listening but I'm very organized and I have a plan for everything that I do I don't get out of the house to go visit one customer when I get out of the house I do my entire round and I'm effective that way I don't watch TV I don't go to sleep early I gotta sleep late and wake up early so that's my life and I love it I love being active so thank you so much I hope this helps you I hope that motivates you I hope you start doing more for yourself and forget about the world because you are important and we only get one body one time okay so have a great day be successful be fit and I'll see you in the next video bye love you guys

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