My Daily Supplements And Vitamins For Keto Lifestyle. Around $1 A Day

gluon welcome to paul go sceeto today we're going to be talking about some of the vitamins supplements that I take on a daily basis just to help take my Peter Waya life to the next level obviously you start out great just cut out sugar carbs doing your intermittent fasting things like that but by incorporating these products you can just help your body just take it to the next level if you will maximize your body's ability to do what it does best and that's what these products do I feel I've seen great results like I said you know lost 30 pounds in my first 30 days of keto and intermittent fasting no exercise adjust the diet and just the fasting my triglycerides dropped over 300 points which is crazy cutting out carbs and sugar drop my triglycerides 300 points so I found these products I incorporate them into my daily regime they're amazing they're great I love them I can speak for them so let me take you through the list we'll start with apple cider vinegar I tried the liquid form you know it burns going down it tastes terrible if you can do apple cider vinegar with the mothers they say that's best I would also acidic for the teeth bad taste as I mentioned so I found the apple cider vinegar 500 milligram capsules about ten bucks at the store 180 capsules supposed to aid in digestion help with immune system things like that and just overall be good for you with that said I'll take one before a meal about 15 minutes to aid in digestion and two meals a day so there you go that's that moving on the dr. Byrd cruciferous superfood this is basically like tons of greens organic Brussels sprouts organic kale organic asparagus it just goes on and on 250 pills runs about within $40 dr. Byrd calm on his website usually a little more on Amazon and a great product I'll take two after a meal you know give you two meals a day four pills a day it's just that little extra to help your immune system your body things like that I mean I love them I can attest it's a definite user here for over a year so thank you dr. Berg great product moving on turmeric take this at night after my last meal supposed to have anti-inflammatory properties and yeah 180 veggie capsules for once a about 20 bucks on Amazon so not bad that's a good product also came across this super greens it energized cleanse like a green detox powder if you will really reasonably priced it's about $25 there's some other ones on the market that are upwards of 70 some dollars I mean it smells great tastes great last about a month you have let's see you got your probiotics organic greens plant nutrients no sugar its plant-based and I checked one of the big things was the spirulina a lot of people outsource theirs from China and there's been contaminations and the quality control coming from China a lot of reports that it's not as good as the one sourced here in the US so doing research found out this one the Nutri champ super greens are here in the US so I like that you know antioxidants enzymes and really it tastes great so this is a must at the end of the day after my last meal and right now I think they have a product special buy one get one free after two week review and Neutra champs calm also on Amazon really like it another thing I heard a lot of things about is the olive leaf extract supposed to be great for skin overall immune system booster things like that strong antioxidants and yeah so I got this on Amazon which is it's a 120 veggie capsules a little about $12 extra strength and you know doesn't taste bad doesn't taste good it tastes like anything and yeah so it's definitely worth the price on that moving forward milk thistle supports liver function liver health I like it I'll take one with each meal just like I take one of the autumn leaf extract at the end of each meal just to help boost liver support things like that and yeah 200 veggie capsules about $12 definite must I've added that in and then another key thing electrolytes these pride natural electrolyte powders it's sweetened with stevia it's got your potassium magnesium zinc calcium vitamin A C II I mean this is great like I said it comes in orange berry lemon lime and 100% natural sugar free vegan gluten free one of the things I learned going through the whole keto way of life from you know dr. Berg's videos everything else that dehydration is you know your lack of electrolytes lack of potassium in the body things like that so really I do a scoop of this between meals during the day if you're outside sweating a lot things like that maybe you know have two of these a day and the electrolytes is what really helps keep you hydrated the whole you know drinking a gallon or two of water a day can actually like flush out your system you'll lose valuable nutrients and electrolytes your body has because water doesn't replace anything you sweat out or lose so you definitely want to get a good reluctor light powder this one probably pride Naturals I really recommend it's about let's say $25 or so on Amazon there's other ones out there but they're pricier and they might have like higher potassium per se but then they lack some of the other ingredients and so this one is really well-rounded I like that it you know it is with stevia and so it doesn't break it fast so if you needed to take it between you know you're eating window or in a fasting period that's good the electrolytes are key on the key to way of life so these are my daily supplements here that I incorporate I just find that it raises your body's ability to function at peak level and do what it needs to do if you will especially while you do your longer fast 16 to 20 hours a day I've been doing daily intermittent fasting for the last year little over here swear by it love it now I could never imagine going back you know I'll do an eight-hour window sometimes a six-hour window and two meals in there sometimes one meal but definitely take these on the daily if you look at it's all about preventative health care you know why wait till you get sick and need to get medicine that has other side effects things like this when you can take preventive for maybe like fifty cents a day between the pills maybe a dollar just to help you boost your body's immune system now all these are I guess the statements as far as boosting mean or not fda-approved things like that because your supplements I mean we're the ones a flour belt thistle root you know spur lean algae I mean vegetables but yeah I think if you're putting healthy things in your body is going to function better you're going to feel better you're not going to gain that weight that you'll get with eating sugary high carb foods like I used to be like I said so definitely hopefully these might be added on your list to try no they help me be sure to check out my other videos how I lost 30 pounds in 30 days how I lower my triglycerides over 300 points in the first 30 days and these were part of it so add in that intermittent fasting you know cut out that carbs and sugar and you'll lose the weight it'll it'll come off you just got to be devoted you got to stick with it just invest the time in yourself you know you'll thank yourself later I know I did I wish I would have started this way of eating years and years ago so thank you for listening be sure to check out the other videos until next time take care you

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