My daily musician exercise routine

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to show you
what exercises and stretches I do in the morning as a musician. So I place one foot
in front of the other, straight back, you can also sit cross-legged, and I stretch up my arms. that’s the first thing in the morning. And I can also
place them back behind my head and just circle those wrists! Then I do my side
stretches. So it’s very important that the sit bones keep contact with the floor. So the other side. I can open up a little bit. Then I do my twist. So it’s
very important not to push yourself with your hands because you can injure your
lower back, and the other hand comes over, this is a really nice stretch for the back. So I just let everything hang and I breathe a lot. I love this one. and after this I will be twisting to the other side. So it’s important when you
breathe in to straighten the spine and when you breathe out you can twist
softly a little bit further. The other arm comes over and again I do this nice stretching of the back. Crossed arms really help with the stretch. arms beside the ears and now we’re going forward. I could just stay there with my
hands on the ground in front of me with a straight back and just swaying from side to side but I like going further. So then you do the same but with the
other foot in front and now a little bit of stretching of the legs. So for this I
actually bend my legs, it’s not necessary to straighten them, and you can grab your
legs on the sides or directly on the feet. I mean, everyone has a different flexibility again you start with a straight spine going forward and then you can round over and relax, and sway a little bit from side to side. And now comes the fun part! I’m going to
roll! but it’s actually a very nice massage for your back and you can make it a real exercise. Voilà! OK, here I do some butterfly legs so
feet against each other. and here is the specific exercise for a musician: so one
arm goes up with the hand upwards as you can see, and the other hand takes the
head really nice stretch and very soft also, which I like. But look at that raised hand, that’s important. And then I’m going to swim my arm in front of me
and do this stretch – that’s actually an expression from Yoga with Adriene, a really nice yoga channel on YouTube and do try to keep those shoulders low so you really have to push them down and breathe. Then I grab my elbows and do a
little bit of neck circles, half circles. So this opens up the chest and the front of the neck. and then it’s time to wiggle those wrists! So we’re really getting loose there. also important are the joints of the elbows, both sides, and the shoulders, backwards and forwards. Then I do my very personal variation on
the Sun Salutation so that’s a forward fold with bent knees, halfway up, long spine and then again down. Then I go to my
downward-facing dog but I walk it. I don’t just slam it in the position and then I walk it again. Here we’re going to a plank and I’m not really strong so I’m
not going to do the chaturanga; I use my knees. I open up the front of my
body, my chest and then I come to a Child’s Pose. Really nice stretching pose here I don’t know if you can see it but I’m sitting on my feet so that’s a good stretch too and I roll my shoulders and make circles with my nose. Then I stretch
my arms backwards, I stretch them up. Normally I would do cat-cow here but in this video I didn’t do that. I walk the dog again and here we are going to a low lunge – you can stay down there if you want – I like to come up. And then I do a twist. You know, my twist is probably not the
cleanest but I like to do it like that. Then a half split, I come back, and then I sit on my knee and just open up the front and come up so that one leg is in
front of the other for an extra stretch, this is just a stretch I really enjoy. I’m coming back to the downward facing dog. Then this is a supposed three-legged dog but as you can see I really open up that hip because I just like how it feels. So here we’re back again, low lunge. Open up those shoulders a little bit, do my imperfect twist, then the half split – I can stand on my toes if I want. Coming back, sitting on my knee and opening up the front and the hip. then getting up, doing this stretch again, if you want you can do anything. then you
can end in whatever way you wish so in this case I was coming back to a
downward-facing dog and a nice Child’s Pose. I love that one. So I hope you enjoyed it! Give it a thumbs up if you did and leave a comment and I hope to see you soon! Bye!

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