My Child is on Keto after the GAPS Diet, here’s why

today we’re talking about why we’re
choosing to do the ketogenic diet versus the ketogenic version of the gaps diet
and the ketogenic version of the gaps diet is really what I used we did autism
recovery from my oldest daughter who is primarily who I’m going to talk about
right now amazing results just like we went from no eye contact not sleeping
and screaming all the time to great eye contact with the gaps diet
and the ketogenic version that the gaps diet and I’ll link down below I have
quite a few videos on this already so I’m not gonna go into that whole thing
right now but for keto the reason we’re choosing keto over the gaps or like
ketogenic version of gaps which is just low carb gaps it’s not having honey or
fruit is that it allows her the brain benefits and long-term I would
definitely agree that being on the ketogenic version of the gaps diet is
better for your overall body and you’re gonna in a second I’ll get into a few of
the compromises and I make its because when you’re on keto instead of gaps you
can have little treats like her her classroom went I think it was like
Wendy’s it was some fast-food restaurant on the way back from a field trip the
other day and her teacher texted me what can she eat here and her teachers
amazing and working with me and I’m super appreciative of this and on gaps
there’s nothing that she can eat there really there’s gonna be fillers and
there’s gonna be like preservatives and pretty much anything and all fast food
and so this is where she’s allowed to participate a lot more with her peers
which at 12 is super important to her for me I don’t like I personally don’t
care it just doesn’t matter but for her this is something that it’s
unnecessarily restrictive like for the benefits that we see of her not having
any fillers or any preservatives or anything at all which is what’s
required of the gaps diet on keto you can kind of as long as you can keep her
as long as I can keep her in ketosis which because she’s growing and because
she’s pretty active her carb count… like the amount of carbs she can have a day is
like 35 which is actually quite a bit to work with and so a lot of times they will cook in school school and her teacher will say well we
made she just told me the day we made fruit roll-ups with strawberries
and honey and I’m like oh the honey is like high carb strawberries are great
for a keto though like they’re pretty low carb as far as fruits go how much
you can have whatever half of a regular fruit roll-up would be like if you take
the regular fruit roll-up size she can have half of one of those and
she’s like oh yeah well everyone’s only getting a quarter of one so that’s not a
problem anyway and so that’s where though that is gaps friendly and a lot
of different situations like that she can have like just to taste like you can
have one chocolate dip strawberry this dipped in like sugar chocolate that’s
when I call him this stuff that’s made with real sugar and I just find this to
be a lot less restricting for her and she just those brain benefits the being
on completely like a gluten free diet or being on just like a mostly Whole
Foods like the 80/20 principle diet wouldn’t give to her so she’s like
benefiting from our dietary protocol but she’s also able to have like just a
taste and so we like we had macaroni and cheese the other night and she loves
macaroni and cheese and I did like the cauliflower macaroni and cheese which
she’s very aware is not the same thing and so I did I put like a tablespoon
there’s like probably six noodles on her plate and then she feels included and so
that’s something that’s really important to her like not having to say completely
no to things just like you would on the gaps diet because those six noodles and
macaroni and cheese if you’re on the gaps diet will undo all the work that
you’re doing of starving out that pathogenic bacteria down below and
because again like I said we’ve already done that it’s something that I don’t
worry about a ton I feel like her gut should be fine and so we do keep up the
probiotics and we do keep up the prebiotics which are super important to
to her gut health and mine as well on all of us as well but it’s something
that not having to say no like not for two years is
something that’s really helpful for us for the ketogenic diet versus the gaps
diet and then now I’m going to tell you some of the compromises that we make and
how we make them so the first one is keto Coco there’s like a few different
versions of these and they’re all made with or most of them are made with
stuff that’s not gaps legal but it has MCT oil and this is there have been
studies that show that when you take MCT oil that amount of carbs that you can
tolerate are higher so right now it’s like Christmas time and she is wanting
to taste different things and she does want to feel included and I’ve been
doing a great job you can look at my other video for how I tell when she’s in
or out of ketosis and there’s like four pretty major things processing disorder
balance impulse control I think there’s one more like memory what working memory
but anyways those just when I bump her out of ketosis I can tell because
she’s not able to process what I’m saying she’s not able to balance as well
as she’s like holding on tight to my arm to cross parking lots and stuff and so
it’s definitely I want to keep her in ketosis MCT oil has been shown that you
can have a little bit higher carb count and still stay in ketosis and then my
preference would be to use like just plain MCT oil but if you have ever tried
getting a 12 year old or any child to take supplements sometimes you just need
to go with what tastes better and so right now like we’ve just built it into
our routine that she comes home after school and she makes hot chocolate out of,
this has MCT oil and I was wondering for a while I’ll link to this down below to
how they make MCT oil in powder form because this just looks like regular hot
chocolate mix it they bind it to a
prebiotic fiber and so that’s how like you can get powdered MCT oil that you
can put in your coffee but or you can make into you hot chocolate so this has
me MCT medium chain triglycerides which are also coconut oil so if you can cook
a lot with coconut oil you’ll get these same benefits a lot of my fat bombs have
coconut oil again I’ll link below Coco’s are gum silica which is probably just
keeping it from clumping fruit which is awesome oh this one does
and I thought this one would have a erythritol we do use erythritol
a little bit it’s in these these are the probiotics that we use right now and
then I do have it I am doing some baking like we’re making chocolate chip cookies
with the erythritol when you’re on gaps you can use honey but
when you’re on keto honey is way too high carb and so this is just like a
personal choice that I made I don’t love erythritol it’s highly processed
it’s like this processed as corn syrup but it keeps her in ketosis so we get
those brain benefits and she can feel like she’s participating with like what
you could make sugar cookies you can make chocolate chip cookies you can make
all sorts of stuff with erythritol and it’s really not awful some people
get headaches from it we don’t we don’t seem to be bad responders I try not to
include it a lot in our diet but it just really makes stuff a lot better it’s a
lot easier to keep her on keto when she can have erythritol a little bit so
the MCT oil is really my best weapon I guess for keeping her in ketosis even
though she’s having like a bite of something here and there and then also
the only reason why this one really works is that her teachers on board and
so I am if you are doing a dietary protocol for your child really everyone
that is working with them needs to be on board and so her teacher like keto is
enough mainstream that you might have an easier time getting your care providers
and your teachers and stuff on board with keto especially since it’s not
super militant so something I had a lot of trouble with I opted to just
homeschool Hannah while she was on the gaps diet was because like someone would
give her one rice cracker and she’d be up for the next three nights screaming
at night because we were just really trying to and really really needed to
balance that gut flora which you can see in all my gaps diet videos I talked a
lot more about that and so someone will give her a rice cracker or they’d give
her like oh just like a tiny piece of cookie and just all of that will undo your work on the gaps diet which I’m a total proponent for the gap style
and I super encourage everyone to do it if you have super chronic health
conditions but also I don’t feel like it’s something that needs to be done
forever and if you can get most of the benefits by doing a different and less
super restrictive dietary protocol especially if it’s important to your
child to not be on that dietary protocol then I would encourage you to see what
you can do so that was it I just wanted to talk about I’m Cara from Health Home and Happiness you can subscribe over there if you would like and then I’m
gonna put some more sort of related videos that you’ll find helpful over
here and I wanted to let you know sort of why we’re choosing keto and not gaps
at this particular point in time because I’m kind of known as a gaps blogger and
right now we’re not a gaps I’ll talk to you later
and look for more videos about sort of the supplements the more supplements
that we use to supplement the ketogenic diet and for best kept get health and
all of that thanks for joining me I will talk to later

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