“My Biceps Aren’t Growing” (HERE’S WHY!)

what's up guys jeff cavaliere athleanx.com so you're having trouble building your biceps and you've come to me in my video I think I can help you I'm not really sure but I think I can help you guys I gotta be honest with you here that's the joke because honestly when I was younger my biceps were my biggest trouble spot I did not have big arms it was through my my perseverance and wanted to build bigger biceps and I made a whole hell of a lot of mistakes but I ultimately wound up being able to build decent size arms because of that so what I want to do is help you today I know why yours aren't growing and I'm gonna help you to fix that so firstly when we get into the different aspects of training your biceps I like to think that there are sort of mechanical things that you're doing wrong like literally how you're lifting the dumbbell and when you're twisting and if you're raising your arm up or not to get complete bicep contraction I actually made a video on that I'm gonna link that right here show you what it looks like and then link it again at the end of the video because I want you to see that I cover five mechanical flaws that you're making and you're gonna want to see that but today I'm going to tell you that the two things that you're probably doing wrong that are definitely holding back the sides of your arms again I know because I've witnessed this myself firsthand is your training frequency and secondly your lack of variation of bicep training techniques first of all as far as the training frequency goes guys you have to understand that the biceps are pretty limited in terms of their function they supinate the forearm here like this and you can actually see the bicep will activate just by doing that most importantly they flex the elbow okay that's their biggest driver and function is to flex the elbow like this because of their attachment from here down they pull they pull the elbow up and they also have the ability to get a little bit of shoulder flexion because the long head's attachment up into the top here of the glenohumeral joint so we can get a little bit of that too because of that you have to realize that anytime you're bending your elbow in any exercise you do on your pull day any back exercise chin ups rows inverted one arm rows anything you're doing you're working your biceps and your biceps are an incredibly small muscle believe it or not only occupying a very small portion of the anterior side of your arm that too much volume here and too many times hitting them in a week is going to be too much and a lot of times guys if you're training like a push-pull leg system you're training maybe each each function twice a week if you throw any direct bicep working on top of that you are really truly hitting your biceps three times in that week and you're not giving them enough time to recuperate it's not about protein synthesis every 48 hours it's about literally giving that muscle group a chance to recover and get back to being able to be stimulated again in a meaningful way not to just coast through another half-ass workout but in a meaningful way that leads to progressive overload and that is where we sort of jump off into the second point and we're talking about progressive overload guys again go back to the function of the biceps they're limitation and what they do we're talking about a hinge joint here if we were talking about the shoulders that's a ball and socket joint meaning my exercise variety for shoulders is a lot more than what we have for biceps and two in terms of the fact that they look completely different a press looks different than a side lateral raise looks different from a front raise looks different from rear delt raises we have lots of different angles and planes that we work in because of the variety of movement that the 3-dimensional ball and socket joint provides the hinge joint of the elbow dramatically limits our options to a lot of different curls period so you're curling with dumbbells you're curling with a barbell you're curling with a concentration curl you're curling with a slider curl you're freaking curling no matter what you're doing guys you're curling the thought that you can simply just change bicep exercises to create new overload realizing once again that they're all basically formed around the same movement here at the elbow is not going to work and not to mention the fact that most of our bicep exercises are pretty limited in terms of the ability that we have to continue to add weight to them ask yourself the last time that you've actually increased the amount of weight that you've used on dumbbell curls if you have how much have you really increased so progressive overload and overload in and of itself is pretty difficult to achieve you need to do something dramatically different and that is very the way and you're doing your curls so let me show you a few different ways you can do that the first thing I like to cover here is what I call sliced reps now I take a weight that I can normally use for 15 reps and I perform a curl all the way at the top and when I come down I drop down 1/9 of the way now you don't have to get out your your compass you're going the honor to figure out what that is literally just drop it estimated 1/9 of the way you come back up to the top and contract then drop down a little bit more and come back to the top and a little bit more and come back to the top so that through 9 levels here it takes you to get all the way down to the bottom of the curl then you come all the way back up to the top and now you divide it and slice it into 8 pieces and you come back down and then you drop it and I'll slice it into seven pieces ultimately until you get down to your last two where you're going down halfway and come back up to the top and all the way down and your last strip is one full rep now what is happening here well we're increasing our volume here within a set we're increasing the number of contractions we get here we're spending a lot more time in the contracted position of the curl because we keep coming back to it on every slice we're increasing the time under tension throughout the course of this set and again although the range of motion is abbreviated in a single rep you are still getting full range of motion as you go from top to bottom throughout the course of this dropping ladder here the fact is this is a way to intensify the curl that is going to be how you increase your muscle mass by doing your bicep workouts again because you're adding a way to progressively overload through some stimulus that you have not felt before as opposed to just saying I'm going to do a different form of a curl today it's not enough to just go exercise the exercise we don't have to just use that technique though we have other things here like our arc variation and with an arc variation we know that the moment arm can be changed if we stand here like I am we're actually used a long movement we keep our forearms as straight and as long as possible and our elbows are even just a little bit at the front side of our ribcage we know that we have a big long arc a long moment arm from the biceps that make that weight feel extremely heavy and put a great challenge on the biceps but we don't have to stop at that point as we get fatigued and tired we can just bring our elbows in just to the sides now instead of right out in front of ribcage now tucked in towards our sides and we continue to curl because we've shortened that moment arm effectively lightening that weight in our hands to allow us to keep going and then we can drop our arms back even more even into this drag curl variation that really shortens the moment arm on the biceps and not only that but it changes the strength curve of the exercise so that it's not the hard part now not in the beat in the middle of the exercise but actually here at the peak contraction of the exercise so we're able to take failure and extend it further and further and further intensifying the curl again it's just all curls but we've intensified that and that is going to lead to bigger biceps in the long run because you've gotten too stale with the fact that you haven't utilized enough of these techniques and I'll give you one more here it's actually one we use and it's called intensity and the intensity style here is you're actually just trying to increase again the amount of productive reps that you're doing with least a bit of a heavier weight now and what we do is we take an exercise and we go to failure in about 5 to 6 rep range and then we rest pause for 10 seconds we don't put the weight down we just rest pause and you'll see that guess what after about 10 or 15 seconds you can crank out another 3 reps that's enough time to rest to get out another 3 reps you rest again 10 to 15 seconds and you go for another probably 3 reps and then you're maybe going for 2 reps and then ultimately you're going down in singles but if you do this for a 5-minute period of time when you accumulate the number of high intensity reps that you did in this one 5-minute set and the number of reps that you did with this heavier weight it's going to be more that you likely did when you broke your sets up into the traditional three sets of 12 style because again you're using a heavier weight anyway to get into this 5 & 6 rep range and you're accumulating more of those heavy reps so no matter what style you're looking for heavier or lighter weights 15 rep maxes or 5 to 6 rep maxes the key is this it's not the exercise variation guys it's the variation of the intensity techniques you're using on those exercises that's going to matter the most as far as frequency goes guys if anything dial it back and see how you do I promise you you're probably going to see a better result from doing that then you are adding more and more workouts guys I hope this was helpful to you if you're looking for a program where we put it all in one your complete step-by-step system actually created something called our ultimate arms that's available over at athlean-x and guys it's not just arm training if you train athletes here it's a whole entire program but it has a little specialization for arms that helps you to overcome all the mistakes that I made not just the ones that I pointed out here everything I think that'll help me get better arms in the long run guys that's over at athleanx.com in the meantime if you found the video helpful leave your comments and thumbs up let me know you want me to cover it I'll do my best to do that for you in the days and weeks ahead see you


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