My Best Tip for Figuring Out Health Issues

so today I’m going to give you a very
important tip to help figure out health problems now this is gonna be a fairly
short video but it’s so simple but it’s so important it’s probably one of the
most important questions you can ask yourself or ask someone when figuring
out a health problem it’s rarely asked and never emphasized but it’s so simple
so this is the question what happened just before you experienced your health
condition right there will always be some trigger it could be food-related
could be some stress something going on in the environment I’m gonna give you
some examples had a patient come in with angina chest pain really bad she’s been
struggling with this for probably a week and a half
it took me two seconds said when did it start she goes I don’t really remember I
says we’ll take a look she started looking and then uh listen oh yeah it
was on a Tuesday I said okay what time she said five o’clock I said okay what
did you eat right before that she goes start looking and she remembered she ate
a huge banana split and this is a true story
it’s swole up the gallbladder and then there was pressure on the liver and
because the liver is right next to the heart it put pressure in the heart she
went to the emergency room $40,000 later okay they found nothing
and then she end up in my office later now somehow that event lingered on for a
week and a half and I had to lay on the table did some gentle massage around her
abdomen all the pain went away and never came back so that would be one example
another example someone came in they started losing their teeth I said what
happened just before that they’re looking they said nothing and I said
well nothing did you change your diet oh yeah I became a vegan I said aha
interesting so they started cutting out all fats all fat soluble vitamins
vitamin D vitamin k2 and apparently that was connected to the strain
the connected tissue around their teeth and the teeth fell out another person
came in with serious liver pain and gallbladder problems right they went to
the doc and said it was inflamed the doctor didn’t give them any practical
information they end up in my office and no one asked them what did you do just
before you had these symptoms so I asked the question and found out they started
some new diet it was Ideal Protein which are these
powder foods which are low-carb but very processed high in soy protein isolates
probably genetically modified very low fat and it’s very hard on the liver so
it’s another example another person came in with all these rashes in the body
says when did it start got her to look find out what it was and started to put
her on a food elimination program where we started limiting certain things and
found out isolated it was a simple food allergy so you can use this with
yourself or your friends it’s just so simple so I have a question for you so
if you have a health problem right now take a look and tell us in the comment
section what happened just before you started to experience that health
complaint and let me know all right thanks for watching


  1. Pain under right rib! I ate chocolate covered sugar free strawberries. The erythritol sugar substitute made me very sick. 🤮

  2. Three years back I had a 4.9mm cyst fibrosis on my right breast (up to now it was the same measure). And at the same time, I had a GERD and IBS problem. Most of the time I feel slight pain under my foot left and right. I just had 2 apicoectomy surgery #23 & #21, my 1st was last December 20, 2019, and my 2nd February 24, 2020. After my 1st apicoectomy, I had a full-body allergy/urticaria going to 3 months now, currently taking bilastine 20 mg already my 33rd days, it was reduced. Lastly, I started to feel a small lump on the pubic area of my vagina, it is a bit painful, swelling and itchy whenever I am going/have my menstrual period. I'm a full-time mom (with a 4&5 y/o girls), I am 39 y/o and suffered sleep deprivation, stress, depression, anxiety, change/adjustment of food availability/diet due to country relocation. I had consulted almost all the hospitals in my town but I felt like the medicines that are prescribed were just a relief. I tried homeopathy medicine for my stomach problems but it came back after. Right now I am taking some Multivitamins and supplements that I have learned from Dr. Berg's videos.

  3. I had surgery. I'm not saying I didn't have undiagnosed issues prior, but I have not been the same since.

    I would do almost anything to get help figuring out where to start to find a solution.

  4. I remember i woke up one morning, feeling nauseous and i vomitted. When i started thinking what i ate that night was one jar of pineapple tart and calamansi juice 😬

    I was acidic.

    Lesson learned 🥴😅

  5. I started to eat peanuts and i have pain in the lower rigth reeb cage in the liver and if i try to put pressure on the spot it pains

  6. My far doc….I fall apart. I eat healthy for 4 months and read all your video's and suddenly I gave in. And I try to start again. And now I can't. I am struggeling. Please pray for me….🇿🇦💕

  7. Someting destroys you piece by piece in an unspeakable way, like a silent invisible killer, tortures you, kills you, and you have nowhere to sue. Even though one day you succeeded escaping from it, but damage has been done, and you got more time to recover from it, that is called trauma.

  8. Car wreck and traumatic physical and emotional abuse in a past relationship.
    Now, Hashimoto's, low thyroid and frequent urination, sleep issues, leading to my gallbladder being removed and weight gain.
    Help please!
    Thank you~

  9. How does that work with stress related issues? they can show up weeks or months later right? not so easy to connect symptoms with stress

  10. Thanks Dr Berg. Can you please talk about H-pilory problem that I have had for many years and it doesn't go away. I am looking for your answer. Thank you

  11. I keep a journal for recall. And, I add all valuable information to playlists for recall as well.

  12. I had a Gallbladder infection /issue 3 weeks after a triple heart bypass.
    The GB consultant mentioned that he's had a number of heart patients referred shortly after their Heart issues started…. I wonder if there's a link between the two, or is it the meds?

  13. 03:16 So how to overcome a particular food allergy for example eggs:?

  14. I was pre pcp said you need to lose weight since he knows I dont like taking meds. And change my diet..I see him monthly a d each time I would lose 3 yo 4 lbs. He said what did you do..I change my diet, exercise, and sleep 1 to 2 hours more. I am about 50lbs down from when I started. Tx to Dr. Berg

  15. My issue is a painful bladder when I'm holding up pee, for instance when I wake up in the morning. In the past this didn't hurt but just felt uncomfortable. Then one day, I held my pee for far too long and I think this stretched and damaged my bladder.

  16. A buddy of mine had a kidney stone attack and went to the local ER. They told him to drink more water, and called the correct hospital under his insurance to pick him up and take him there.

    They charged him $16,000 for the four hour visit.

  17. I am shocked other Doctors haven't tried to shut him down. I mean the stuff he gives us saves people millions if not billions of dollars in Doctor visits. I know he has saved me so much time and money.

  18. My face (mainly mouth area) often gets red and burns slightly, which results in acne. I have found it’s triggered by stress, foods, lack of sleep and excessive phone use. I am currently on a carnivore diet because I react to pretty much every food and seem to react least on beef. I don’t know if it’s a gut problem, hormonal problem or other health problem that I have not learned about.

  19. You're amazing! Many many thanks for giving us all the information you do!

  20. 40000 dollars later 😀😀😀

  21. Does vitamin c in large quantities kill the corona virus?

  22. I had an Oophorectomy. Wasn't supposed to be both, but Dr arbitrarily made the decision because he 'was afraid of Endometriosis" which I never had, EVER. Discovered I couldn't take hormones because I had NAFLD (from I think unchecked levels of Depakote). I was 28. I now have moderate to severe Psoriasis. Everyone just wants to put a band-aid on it, nobody has offered any real help. A doctor ruined my life, and no other Dr can help.

  23. Dr Berg, How do I reach out to you directly? I’ve got a very complicated situation. My cells are depleted or potassium and I have severe insulin resistance at the same time I have to take 1000 mg of potassium every single hour and my water intake is severely restricted.

  24. can any body tell tht iff u have diagnosed fatty liver (non alcoholic) n vit D deficient,, then should u take oral vit d or injections,, as im felling i m not absorbing vit d well

  25. When I went to dr. Bhms my chest was burning. Then dr recommenut d another md dr. He getting my all test related to heart attack the test is all normal but ifeel very anxious

  26. 🙏

  27. I had to have pelvis and arm surgery. What happened? I crashed my bike prior. True story ppl im doing a bone stimulator session as i type this for my arm. Im better took 6 months to get here and im still not fully baked but im riding and walking so im doing pretty good. OK OK so i started getting hives all over but unfortunately this has been going on for a few years so i cant rewind that clock.

  28. From 231 pound to 108.5 pound thanks dr berg

  29. my big toe joints in the ball of my feet started hurting 2015, that's when i started eating chicken breast but never made the link. recently, i watched your videos that it may be protein causing gout. well, i ate an unusual amount of protein day before with chicken thighs, the pain shot back. the chicken is most likely the source. i dont think its protein on its own.

  30. Will you really help if I post my question?

  31. Dr. Berg , I have a rounded shape rash on my left forearm from nearly 2 months. It is less then 1 inch, but I never felt itching in it. It's not spreading neither recovering. I didn't made any change in my diet. Can u please tell me, what it can be?? Or should I go to doctor??

  32. I got sicca syndrome, it all started after an infection with coaxsackie virus from my neese. Is this possible?

  33. My RA symptoms started after my mother died! She was 95 and it wasn't like it was unexpected, but I was stressed about the things that had to be taken care of after her death. Plus we were very close and it was and always is a huge loss when a parent dies!

  34. Health complaints: (well)… Correct me if I'm wrong, my major concern has been the A3 of a right hand pinky-finger.
    And I thought before this that it was a complex combination: I moved back NE (USA) from Los Angeles, where I began: 1. Drinking (alcohol) IPA, and 2. Returned to athletic weightlifting (most everyday), while consuming proteins (chicken) & fats (avocado's).
    Thought it was gout?
    So, back north and playing with a Labrador, who is a good % wolf, and we are wrestling: playing "tug of war." And he doesn't let go of the rope or ball very easily; but neither do I.
    My tendon grip is "wrestling quality": 1,000 weighted reps about once per day or every other, about 6 of 8 days, plus the other pressing or pulling exercises, preceded by a lot of running, bicycling for tendon strength.
    And boxing: 100,000 's of punches (impact-training).
    The dog, however has by shaking his head very-very vigorously a certain amount of g-force associated as "torque."
    My grip strength and his torque power against my "A3" I found had caused a diagonal fracture.
    Then following this and still in denial (about a year ago): this shooting pain up my arm onto my shoulder would occur.
    I never thought I'd ever break a bone (like that).
    And so now after seeing how it re-fused, about 15-degrees off alignment, I've designed a finger double ring traction brace, contain a light push spring on one side opposite a rotating hinge. Theory of cellular division applied to osteo.

  35. I haven't any health issues right now!

  36. Patient walks in.
    Attenders husk him away for FMR, CBC, FBS, PGBS, RUA, ECG, CTMT, HBAIC,…AND SO ON
    DOC: OH! OH!….

  37. JUST before I had my first huge epileptic convulsion (at age 17) I had been revising for A'Level exams. Damned school! From that day onward everything spiralled downward and out of control. Goodbye normal healthy energetic (footballer) girl and hello beginning of Lupus..

  38. Best one ☝️

  39. "I became a vegan, aha!" 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  40. THE BEST

  41. I had a friend in college that was allergic to poultry. Why would that happen? I believe it's rare to be allergic to a type of meat.
    Also, my cat was really sensitive to chicken for awhile, which was strange because that's mainly what he ate. I had to remove all chicken products from his diet. But now suddenly he can eat chicken again.

    I'm just really curious of how food allergies and sensitivities occur towards meats.

  42. How do I find a doctor like Dr. Berg?!

  43. I was drinking a lot of fizzy water with cookies and I was stressed so much, and now my problem is heart and chest pain especially when doing an effort,and when I sleep the moment I pass out I feel my heart jumped up and I wake up terrified, it happens several times until I can sleep, and I experience that every day, it's been 6years ,I made everything could modern medicine offer today, all they do is describing more and more useless drugs,I hope you could help😔😔😔

  44. Please dr.make a video about itchiness and burning sensation around ears please help me

  45. Every time I stand up I feel dizzy and I feel falling down .!!
    And I have no idea why ?

  46. i got scared at the teeth story, imagine being that person oh damn

  47. Thank you!! Dr Berg

  48. Most of my health problems started after a brown recluse spider bite, but my doctor doesn't want to consider it as causing my current health problems

  49. He is right `00%! my son tried to kill me in october and a month later am hospitalized for influenza b and am the first one for the season in that hospital.

  50. I am now experiencing frequent urination for almost a year, specifically during at night. What happened before, I was eating more carbs and protien such rice an chicken meat, no vegetables. And I was not doing fasting. Now since I watched your videos, I am following your health advices. I am now eating vegetables, doing Ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting. Please advise me Dr. Berg. Thanks.

  51. My homeopath always asks this. She is great!

  52. Why would a vegan cut out all fats!!!??? Not a good idea.

  53. I had angina, was worried about my heart. My doc asked if I’d been using my asthma inhaler right before that which I had, he asked how many puffs. Turned out I was doing too many AND doing it wrong. Corrected that and didn’t have angina again.

  54. great csi investigation course video!

  55. Hello Dr. Berg. I've been frustrated with an overload of health information out there and especially on Youtube. I watch your channel for what I consider one of the most reliable sources of health and nutrition information. Though, whether it's the Keto, fasting or other healthy diet, I can never get my blood work numbers ALL, in check. It seems that when one number gets better the other gets worse. I've tried Keto, IF, low carbs, both together etc., and nothing seems to get my numbers, (blood work) cholesterol etc., in check. I've recently been put on several high blood pressure medications, something I've tried to avoid for many years due to being in denial and believing that I can fix the problem myself, but to no avail. I'm 61 years old and in overall fair health. I recently watched a show on Netflix which brought me here. The show/documentary "The Game Changer" gives almost the opposite information about what to eat to fix many health related problems, especially heart disease. The shows "exterts" are essentially saying that meat protein, no matter the source, is the worst protein for energy and will lead to heart disease, even and especially with low carbs. Please, if you ever get a chance to watch this show, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it, thanks.

  56. Do you do online consultations? I want you to be my doctor, please!

  57. Oh god I dream almost nightly of my teeth falling out! It's a nightmare!

  58. Btw: I'm a psychotherapist and I always ask this same question!

  59. Stopped smoking weed and had anxiety and palpitations ever since…should I start smoking weed again?😈🤣

  60. Who makes your digital whiteboard? Looks fantastic.

  61. I had Right Rotator cuff surgery in July. Shortly after the surgery I noticed a peculiar smell coming from my body and very strong, my right hand was swollen, and both remain the same even today. The surgeon doesn't seem to know, physio has never seen it before so I have no answers. My clothes smell and I do laundry at least twice a week because of the smell. It is throughout my body including my breath. I've been try to do keto but not sure how diligent I am. I'm drinking applecider vinegar almost every evening and eating much less but much more vegetables. So I've come to decide for now that something has happened to my liver maybe from the pain killers after surgery. I'm hoping the diet tips from your videos will help to change all this eventually.

  62. Feeling healthy! What happen before you started feeling healthy? Keto and IF! Thank you Dr. Berg

  63. I purchased a bit of Vitamin C, and take it daily just in case. Other folks prefer to wear a mask… And I mean, in the street with no people around.

  64. Hi Dr please please can you take a little time and make your search ( there is a relation between tetanus vaccine and Corona virus thats why kids have no infection like adults please share with your Drs friends and save people)

  65. Dr Bergs videos a "sight for sore eyes" right now!

  66. Thanks Doctor Berg! Your awesome!

  67. Dr. Berg thank you so much for all your great information and knowledge 💖

  68. Hello dr. Berge,,,m turning 50 this year,,,been watching ur videos around 3rd qter of 2019,,,then january 2020,,,i started doing intermittent fasting,, 6hr eating window,,,2 meals a day,,,sort of dirty keto,,,mct oil with coffee in d morning,,,acv in water at nite,,,a month or 2 later,,,i started feeling my gout,,,pain at d back of my neck,,knee pain,,right shoulder/arm pain,,,but my total condition,,,i feel better,,,more energy,,losing weight,,,quality of sleep is better,,,my memory a lot better,,,,i stopped feeling hungry ,, so,,i feel all working s fine with me,,,except for those body pain,,maybe coz of aging…? All d very best to u dr. Berge and thank u for all ur videos thats really changed a lot of peoples lives,,m 1 of them!

  69. My RA really kicked in about 3 months after my 2nd child was born. Yes, it was hugely stressful and my index joints rotated noticeably. I don't feel over half the joint pain I did 6 mo ago, which I hope is a sign that I've stopped the progression.

  70. Dr Berg I have cold hands and feet and nose. My fasting glucose is around 70 after fasting about 16-20 hrs. I’ve always had low blood pressure as my RHR is around 45. I can remember having coldness since I was a kid, and I’m 50 yrs old now.,been doing KETO for about 3 weeks though … taking ample potassium 5k mg

  71. What is your opinion on Colloidal Silver for health purposes?

  72. MD S THEY NEVER ASK ABOUT FOOD they are quacks How do you make a health analysis wo asking what they eat

  73. Chronic Vestibular migraine, and I was extremely stressed a year ago for two months.

  74. I remembered when I use to eat Chipotle for dinner every other day about 6 yrs ago. I did it about 3x a week. One day I felt chest pain so tight and excruciating that I thought I was having a heart attack. It left as fast as it came. I realized by the end of that week, it was my Chipotle diet.

  75. This will be just and simply very short comment. Good job !

  76. My mother had a severe pain in stomach, from last 15-20 days. She's having vomiting and complains about bloating in stomach from from last week. She ate pizza before she had pain. It's now 2 and half weeks still the pain isn't gone. What can you suggest me for this situation?

  77. Very helpful, thanks

  78. Excellent advice and information ☝🏻

  79. Respected doctor, I'm doing 16hrs intermittent fasting and on ketogenic diet for 2months now, I lost 10kgs but all muscles become so flappy and loose & my face became so thin though I'm energetic and no feeling of fatigue. Please advise me how to make my face more fuller & tighten my skin. I'm a diabetic patient but my blood sugar is normalizing now. Please help me, doctor.

  80. Why do so many photos of women have low-cut tops in this video?

  81. Have had health problems my whole life (born 1976). My mother smoked heavily and was a heavy drinker while pregnant with me. At 9 months old, I developed serious pneumonia and was hospitalized. At 3 years, diagnosed with severe juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. Every vaccine made me gravely ill, but they kept giving them to me. Was diagnosed with autism at 6 years old. No education or dietary modification was done (a lot of stress from abuse/neglect due to alcoholic violent parents). Was fed a high carb, high sugar, high preservative diet my whole life…
    Until I was diagnosed with Cancer in 2012. Switched to Gerson Therapy. This gave me really bad adrenal issues and constipation (when not doing coffee enemas). Now trying the HEALTHY Ketogenic diet with vitamin D drops (5,000 i.u.), Vitamin C, zinc and I take digestive aids (Betaine HCl, bile salts nicotinic acid and pancreatin). Some improvements, although I really miss pooping regularly. 🤷‍♂️
    Any thoughts on the possibility of being 100% healthy Dr. Eric Berg?

  82. Patient walks in
    Dr. ask "What is the problem"
    Patient " I got pain in……."
    Dr. says…. "I have to give you antibiotic and come back in 1 week"

  83. Thinking this is too difficult, but started to track down a recent pain in my kidneys…and wow I found it, now try to isolate the exact item (collagen supplement related I think:) THANK YOU dr. Berg! (and the "commodore":)

  84. Dr. Berg Could you make a video about the Polycythemia (also known as polycythaemia or polyglobulia)?
    i would really appreciate it..

    Thanks before hand!

  85. I remembered I had skin rash on my arms for months suffering trying to eliminate it but ever since I started healthy Keto my rash disappeared in a few weeks thank you Dr Berg to eliminate a lot of unhealthy foods in my diet. Especially highly processed chicken that affected me the most. Keto all the way for the rest of my life never ever regretted n recommended a lot of people to view your life changing YouTube channel

  86. I had pain inside my right shoulder blade and it was horrible i tried every massage and got nothing from it and then i saw your video that it is connected to gall bladder and i noticed that those days i was consuming too much peanut butter i just stopped taking nuts and till then there is no pain in my rigjt shoulder thanks doctor👍

  87. Let me tell you some thing about my experience. I became raw vegan 3 years ago. Two weeks after I started my new life style (I don't call it diet), I started having problem walking, I was dragging my leg, I was walking like I was drunk, all these symptoms showed up right after I became raw vegan. Should I put the blame on the raw vegan?? NOOOOO…. I was diagnose with multiple sclerosis. The thing is that when you start eating that healthy all the old symptoms in your body that were hidden from you for years they show up and scream at you to take care of them, which is a great thing. I may not had become aware of my diagnoses for another couple of years if I haven't become a raw vegan. You can't put the blame on veganism for the losing of teeth of that lady. The problem is always deeper than that if we take the time to look more closely.

  88. I have a medical problem that I can't figure out. My nutritional markers are fine according to my doctor. I have a functioning pancreas, I think it's a food problem. It started when I was I believe 11, and I had toast that morning. It would flare up every time I have grains. But now I don't even eat grains anymore, or drink milk. I still have it. I eat very clean now, except I eat more fruit to try and gain some weight. I started losing weight as high school approached. I don't know what the issue is.

  89. Dr. Berg, I suffered a bilateral PE las year due to a hernia rupture (it literally “popped” and some of the fluid got into my blood stream and onto the bathroom floor. It was terrible. It looked as if I was pregnant and my water had burst. I am better now… sort of. Lol). During that time, I started to develop heart palpitations. I never had them before so They distressed me greatly. I had every test done. Stress tests (fine but I presented a few palps after which I felt & they recorded), EKGs, Echocardiogram (These can back perfect-no plaque build up or enlargement) and even an event monitor, which did finally show what Drs said was “all in my head due to stress.” I sure the stress didn’t help but I know my body and it wasn’t the only cause. Several 4-beat run up of PACs and PVCs. Fast forward several months. I have been working through my issues with an ND who loves that I came up with so much knowledge I attained from your vids and books and a Therapist and my palps have subsided but not completely disappeared.

    I try taking fish oil and each time I do, it now triggers several of these PACs/PVCs for hours. I never suffered this issue before. I read in several articles that some people can suffer issues if they have “pre-existing issues” (confirmation it’s not just in my head, 🤔). So, I stopped. A few nights ago, I ate a very nice piece of wild caught salmon. Unfortunately, to my surprise, I started to suffer the same palps as I did with the fish oil! It really caught me off guard, but I put two and two together from past experience.

    Here are my questions:
    What could have caused the palps in the first place?

    Is there anything I can do to stop them from happening?

    Does this mean I can no longer ingest fatty fish or fish oil (it doesn’t happen with tuna but I know it is not as high in Omega-3 as salmon)?

    Are plant sources of omega-3s like chia seeds, hemp seeds and flax seeds and oil just as good?

    Do they hold the same nutrient profile?

    Pardon the extensive background info but I thought it was pertinent. I hope you will answer. Thank you.

  90. How come my liver is fine and i've been drinking beer almost daily for over 10 years?

  91. Vitamin K2 &teeth falling with vegan diet out is happening to my father ……………he takes no meat ,no eggs,no fish.,….gum lines are going upwards….exposing teeth

  92. My thumb was hurting and I asked myself “what happened just prior to the pain?”…. I hit my thumb with a hammer.

  93. Excellent 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  94. Dr Berg I love how I feel on IF and Keto and taking your supplements! It seems to me based on what I've learned from you that IF and Keto eating can help ones body to eat / eliminate a bad virus. I've been following your program for more than 6 months. I wonder if you would do a Coronavirus update with your followers – I am guessing that those of us who are faithful IF and Keto followers will have less sever symptoms and issues with Coronavirus. What do you think? Would you do a video on this so that people can respond to what happens for them with getting or not getting the virus?

  95. I started keto diet and I feel I put on weight, help me please!

  96. Thank you, Dr Berg

  97. I watched one of Dr Berg's videos! Lol

  98. So if I start taking K2 without D3 will that trigger an issue?

  99. I had a very stressful time with my job, where I thought I would lose my job, and this went on for months. Shortly after this, I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.

  100. Health issue: Chronic obesity
    What happened just before that: I was born

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