so like I look like an egg hey Liz welcome back to my youtube channel so today I thought I just got back from the gym it's like 10 o'clock in the evening I had a late Jim chair gym sesh don't ask why I had a lot of energy and I didn't get a chance to go this morning I never go in the evening but it's actually quite good because the gym was empty and so it was vibe anyway that's completely beside the point I decided that on the way home to the gym I thought you know what I am going to this week from my video of YouTube I'm gonna do like a healthy fitness routine vlog eating gym vibe I don't know what the hell I'm gonna call this but basically because I don't wanna do like her just talk about what I eat or something I wanted to be about everything so that's what it's gonna be about so basically that's what we're in for I personally don't share a lot about my fitness journey as such and like what I do in the gym because I don't know I just I've never really felt like you guys I don't know necessarily want to say that or like I'm just I'm always up so early like 6:00 in the morning the last thing I'm gonna be doing is like snapchat myself when I'm not obviously and barely human so I just never really share it and there's actually a lot people that like do you even go to the gym I'm like yeah yeah but I just don't share I thought hey I'm rambling but I'm gonna put it on YouTube so that is what this that was a very long intro to the fact that this is what this video is gonna be about yes so if you're interested in finding out about what I eat currently the things I do in the gym and just a bit of a fitness kind of journey then keep watching because I'm gonna cover that all and I also have like basically warned my trainer I was like tomorrow morning I'm bringing in my vlogging camera and you're going on my youtube channel so he's very excited about that well actually no he's excited but I'm just assuming he's gonna be excited hey baby um yes but tonight I thought I'd start this vlog because I am going to prepare what I have a breakfast now because I do that every evening so basically my favorite breakfast is overnight oats I am obsessed with them like obsessed if you don't like apple and cinnamon I'm just gonna throw this out right now you will not like this recipe I however have an obsession with anything cinnamon flavored an apple is just a well just like apple so that is what I'm gonna make these this is actually a recipe from the London muscle bikini guide and I've just been obsessed that ever since like this breakfast I think it's got like about like 330 calories in it but it's like really like all healthy ingredients and it feels like it should be so wrong for you because it tastes so good and I love that it's super easy because you make it in the evening and I'm always in a rush when I get back from the gym in the morning and I know that my breakfast is there ready to go so that is what we're gonna film right now is me preparing that I felt like this is a side of me that YouTube shouldn't say I can't cook to save my life I set my oven on fire when I moved into this flat my oven on fire I didn't even know it was possible to set an oven on fire but I did that so for Christmas not though Kristen as it's been the Christmas before this was my Christmas present from my mum this could be interesting guys I'm also gonna attempt to cook something else we're not cook I don't know if you call it cooking but there's a brownie recipe on the ice or like common rice all right I think was landed mussels Instagram and I'm also gonna cook that on this rock because I thought hey let someone do it together and we can either see me fail or slay life we shall see anyway I'm gonna shop and we're gonna actually make this breakfast because otherwise I'm not gonna be eaten anything okay guys so for this you need rolled oats you do not have to be as Fuji as me and bye I don't know why I bought those ones I was obviously feeling really extra that day you need chocolate proteins I've got the London muscle one here which I need more of look how I mean I'm sorry this is not okay yeah that you need cinnamon and nutmeg look at this before you want to cooking program I'm an apple raisins and I make mine with almond milk the actual recipe is with milk but I'm not massive fan of milk so I put almond milk and it's got less calories in it so it's kind of a win-win okay so the next step is you need some scales so I'm gonna put my bowl on and on so they're at zero then you are going to put 40 grams of oats into your bowl oh oh oh look at that guys that's a skill right there then I'm just gonna zero off my zero off my scales again and I'm gonna put in fifteen grams of chocolate protein oh it's so tense there is just okay so yeah 15 grams of chopped your protein then on top of that I've just put in a tablespoon of raisins and then you're going to take half an apple now the recipe actually says to grate it I don't have a grater in my flat because I barely have anything in my kitchen so I'm just gonna cut this up into basically like really small pieces okay so I'll just put the Apple on top and I'm just gonna zero my scales again before I use the almond milk so that's what it looks like all mixed together and then that basically just goes into the fridge overnight so it really is as easy as that so that is my breakfast I have probably I normally have that about three days a week I have that one in the days that I'm like super super I don't want to set two because it's a super lifting weights that's not at all what happens but on the days where I do like my weight training rather than like just cardio or something that's what I'll have that otherwise on the days where I just let's just say I'm just doing like some cardio or some hit training I normally have eggs on rice crackers and tomatoes because I'm really obsessed with that and then I have a protein shake so that's my other option for breakfast but yeah so now is like cool bus ten so I'm not do anything else tonight apart from have a green tea because I like having a herbal tea something like that before bed I've gotten so into I said that one of my other vlogs about how I got really into drinking tea good morning so like I said my all my vlogs in gym where the moment um so early this morning I'm up I'm ready just about not gonna lie this morning was a little bit of a struggle but it's Friday so it's fine I have a bit of a lion tomorrow that's why I let you think about one of my alarm goes on from lights okay tomorrow morning I can sleep so today as I say I'm gonna take you guys to the gym with me so you can kind of see what I do in one or two of my sessions I suppose so yeah so basically I'm going to do a weight training circuit this morning with my trainer we alternate this between two different circuits but I'm going to show you one of my favorite one this morning and probably getting to explain a little bit about them and why we do what we do okay guys so I have made it to the gym this down here is Adam and Adam is my PT and he's very excited about being on me you shall not you Adam very very very excited he didn't actually get choice in the matter he's on it's Friday morning but we're excited to be here as always I'm his favorite client I knew it so basically I'm gonna get him to film each one of our exercises that we do so you guys can kind of see what I do and if I fail at them or any of the fat jazz CS that's a plan that today is our weight training session isn't Adam yes but we mix it up we do two different weight training sessions yeah and they are full-body circuits yeah but why are they full body circuit the program generally consists of we start with the core phase just to make sure you've got helpers outside yes we do because we need a cool phase we pre exhaust the call in the course to work extra hard throughout the rest of the workout important upper body lower body full body circuit getting the body the blood flushing up and down there up and down the body we get that we get the fat bone reaction yeah method by Charles Pollock with that sort of like technical knowledge yeah but I didn't akule things interesting is I didn't know about the cool thing to exhaust it before you start the rest of me workout guide it has to stabilize you throughout all the other work exercises that you're doing in the workouts and then on a Wednesday we do a metabolic training which we're not going to film obviously wasn't Wednesday that's that's intense those 45 seconds worth of work yes 45 seconds rest followed by but then you're adding on to every 45 seconds an additional exercise with 45 seconds worth of Wow yes and that one feels a lot more like cardio guys that's the one where I come out sweating hating life but you feel really good afterwards so anyway weight training let's do this flooding in here Sam I'm not flattering all day and I'm how do you deal okay so those on that we are gonna do a what we're calling an arm tricep yeah we did a tricep your tricep because I the next thing I really want to focus on is my arms I want toned arms for summer guys night shoulders you know how it always used to be about my bum and my legs but I've changed now I said to Adam the other day I said it's really weird how you start off with like a goal of growing a bum and then suddenly everything changes and you just want to just want everything snow I've become greedy and say yes that's what we're now doing a try set so that is it guys we are done Adam how did you find your YouTube Jaggu they bu w challenging Charlie I'm excited about this and I let me ask across YouTube channel gonna be we're gonna make a YouTube star of you yet yeah guys the video thumbs up if you want to see more about them because I know you do and also if you want to see more gym stuff because obviously Alan will be in it so yeah let me know in the comments below if that is what you want to see but for now I'm off because I have a meeting this morning in Manchester Adams got other stuff to do is pop than the entire day with me so we're gonna finish this section of the vlog right here so that is me all finished up in the gym guys all that why is very annoying um so I'm now don't love me going off to my second gym I like to do this I'm like this ho blocks are like there we go yes I'm now off to my second gym session in the morning I I go to this gym for my personal training weight training sessions because I just wouldn't do that on my own like I need to train it's basically we like do this do that all those who just went to do lazy um I'm getting some weird looks people walking fast on the way to work while I'm vlogging in my car so yes so now I'm gonna go to my other gym and basically do a cardio session I like to do this after weight training just because I get sweaty during weight training but not like super super sweaty and I quite like to like feel that like major sweat vibe so at the moment I am loving doing maximum incline walks on a treadmill half an hour so I put the treadmill on max incline and I walk at about a speed of about five and I drove half an hour and I actually really liked it like I never thought I'd find a form of cardio that I actually enjoy and I think it's really good for me especially as I say I'm like in a bit of a calorie deficit at the moment and it helps when you can up your cardio a bit especially some things you can eat a little bit more I'm so that is what I do every single day so every single day I go to the gym and I do a half an hour to 40 minutes depending on how much energy I've got maximum treadmill incline walk whether you call it yes that's my cardio if you guys are wondering and yes that's what I'm gonna go and do now okay guys so I am back home from both gym sessions I'm also actually in such a rush because I need to be I need to leave here at half attend to go up to Manchester because I got a meeting with in the style today but I'm gonna vlog that as well but just knowing this Rob that's just gonna go into a different blog so it's very weird I feel like I'm doing all the all of the vlogs today so now correct first time so that obviously means the food that I prepared last night how exciting so the best part of the day is breakfast so this is what it looks like so basically it just kind of soaks up all of the almond milk and it's just unreal so I'm gonna eat that and then because I'm travelling today and this huge job with my job I feel like it's really hard to stick to routine because I don't have one which does make it an extra challenge when you are trying to be healthy but it's fine we just rise to these challenges so I'm actually at the moment I've got some of the London muscle fresh meals which is super handy so I'm going to take them with me I don't know which one I'm gonna take today might take the mighty meatballs I might take the chicken katsu I'm not sure that's what I do you know if I'm like going somewhere like for example meeting in an office where I'm gonna be like somewhere I'm not we all to buy my food or need to mate with me I leave there prepare it or take something like that yeah so that's what I'm doing I'm gonna eat that now go upstairs and get ready and then yeah if you want to see what I'm doing today that will be in a different blog which will be up probably later this week maybe next week but yeah so I'm gonna sharp now right guys so I'm already and about to leave up to Manchester but I thought I'd just show you the meal I'm gonna have and take with me I am gonna take with me the king hat to London muscle mail and yes it's chicken katsu it's got 421 calories in this and it's basically chicken rice and vegetables that is what I'm eating today yeah anyway I'm gonna show up because I'm gonna be so late so I am back from Manchester is now like quarter to nine in the evening of something there's nothing like driving to and from Manchester all in the same day it adds to mix I burn into my life I was gonna say so I'm back and I'm gonna do my dinner I'm actually gonna have another learning muscle meal because I'm not cooking that's not happening but um actually I'll say I haven't such time oh my god Sarah just chuck your thing around I swear to God for dinner I think I might have this one which is the pulled pork their meals honestly I swear these aren't this is not plugged by the way guys I'm not being paid or anything for any of the from your food in your Rob it looks like a plug but it's not I just generally love them that's not gonna have tonight bar reason I was getting really excited earlier was I went to Tesco just now because I needed to get my stuff to make brownies tomorrow how exciting excited I'm excited about it and I came across hallo basically in this entire tub there's 280 calories in the whole tub I'm yeah probably I'm planning on eating they'll think I'm joking I won't but I just thought that was quite good so if he takes out always he got the chocolate version it's what because I can decide whether I like chocolate then it's night and thing is it's Friday I thought hey I'm gonna drink myself I'm saying I just thought I'd share that with you random but hey that's what a my Friday night lands on me and a tub of ice cream um cool tomorrow what is this bit of hair doing believe in sure what that's even coming from oh it's touch to something or do I need to know see ya so tomorrow I will do some vlogging of what I eat for lunch when I actually cook it myself Michael's to do that other breakfast I was talking about and then someday we're gonna make brownies good morning so it is Saturday today and like I said I am going to show you guys what I'm gonna have a breakfast and this is the one that i have pretty much every morning that i don't eat the overnight oats that's when i have this and i feel like i think the thing is with the weekend like the weekends are i know like they are the hardest kind of like days stay super motivated like when you're trying to live like a healthy lifestyle and you know well like myself because you kind of want to like let yourself go at the weekends there's much more I find out more temptations because I'm going out for like more like meals and going out out and all that kind of stuff so it's hard but I think you know life is all about balance so don't beat yourself up if you have a bad weekend and like you fall off the wagon like if I always say to myself like I'd rather fall off like for one day and then get straight back on it then fall off one day and think I messed up and I'm just gonna have a really bad week now like I feel like for me and what I've realized is that a night with any kind of like health and fitness journey you really need to find your why and like and by that I mean why you want this and why you want to do it because until you find your why it's gonna be really hard to stay motivated and to keep going right for example I find it quite easy now to actually stay motivated to eat well at the weekends because my why is that I have to spend quite a large majority of my life in somewhere which is no bad thing at all and I'm really lucky that that is the case but obviously that is also my why because I want to feel confident and look happy in western wear so like I know that I might want to shove my face into that cake but I don't think I'm gonna love myself off doing it if that makes sense so that's that that's how I stay motivated so I feel like that would be a big tip if you guys are struggling like just really think to yourself why you want this and always remember that in the back of your mind if you're kind of needing a push or some motivation especially on the weekends so that's it on the plate guys doesn't really look like much of a pause it tastes amazing and I'm a just like the smartest I've looked but on top of the rice cakes and it makes the rice cake go soggy and I love that I actually sound so weird but it is really nice so like I said in one of my previous vlogs after every workout I do I have a whey protein shake this one is my London muscle one in strawberry flavor which is unreal I actually mix mine I mix mine with coconut and almond milk just because I'm I just think that with water it's and I just don't really like it so I prefer to have it with this because mate tastes nicer so yes I have that after all my workouts and also just have some of it I feel like I need to up my protein intake in the day because I know that can be hard to get to like your protein goal in a day and this is also just really like a handy thing to have if you've got like sugar cravings and you want a snack this is my go-to okay so this is hilarious I feel like we're doing that cooking with Sarah right now so we're gonna make those brownies are talking about I saw the recipe for basically either like protein brownies it says that there's 165 calories per brownie and when five grams of protein so you know I'm gonna I'm gonna try them up they don't seem to conclusion to make so that's what we're gonna do oh my gosh I can't cook so this could be really really funny okay so starting off with it says I need to preheat my oven 280 degrees that is what I'm gonna do okay well that was easy first step and we're so oh I haven't set anything on fire just yet what is that mahjongg but this you're gonna need three ripe bananas here I have another banana in like ages and you also need for 140 grams of almond butter or peanut butter I'm gonna go almond butter mainly because I have looking apps and I have like a vat of it like that I'm obsessing on the bar like this is ginormous I so that's good and then you need 20 grams of cacao powders are you pronounce it about this especially for this recipe so we shall see and two scoops of whey proteins I've got the London muscle chocolate rosy Nia and that's apparently all that goes in these brownies I'm a dream gel this is gonna make brownie but we shall see a lot start off by melting the nut butter in a microwave or on the stove so we're gonna go in the microwave so I need a hundred and forty grams of almond butter guys drooling is something really really funny okay so have with you that moves just have to go to Waitrose the kids I've realized that I didn't actually own any baking trays or 105 metal trays but like tins to cook like round funnily enough it says that it is a loaf tin but brownies are cooked in an Overton are they so got I've got cake tin as well that's like the most irrelevant conversation just then that's probably boring thing anyone's ever said on a blog so I got to you I've got a loaf tin and there but it does say Paul makes you into a greased loaf pan so maybe I suppose at those timelines okay right sharp sarah that's actually get some soft time so then we just thought this I'm gonna wash this turnout and then I'll be right with you butter nut butter vibes we're going 444 on the almond butter this Pope is honestly just like unreal I swear to god oh my gosh success with it that's coming out quite a lot oh god I think I got everybody very good thing that this is this size because I'm to the forty is actually like and in there I'm about that I let you wanna lick the spoon so now you can do that when you make dough no it's not like why you cook so you can have all the like perfect okay so we have 140 grams of our number which like that which is actually quite a lot and it says to melt that in the microwave I'm gonna go for like 15 seconds because it's quite melted already very warm in my flat today oh so peanut butter almond butter evens kind of not really loving life right now and then after that it says you're gonna combine all the ingredients in a food processor food processor I don't really have I do have a nutribullet so I'm just going to lose this because I feel like that's like the same thing now well what'd you find out anyway I'm gonna say that's melted if you ask me that looks like it's melted ivory anything that's gonna fit in there and we have to cut the bananas up really small make magic like blend infections this is what I mean guys I don't I don't cook so I just don't have like you know I'm at your mum's kitchen has just got everything you can ever need you know nobody but my mom's just got everything so when I came to cooking when I lived at home I just there was just everything I needed was here I don't have things like a food processor because my flats really small so I don't want to like fill my kitchen up which has not got any room in it anyway with stuff that I don't actually use that often okay so that actually went a lot better than I expected like it really did also covered in chocolate and pretty drab alone me but let's pop that it worked this is my mixture in here so I'm going to pour that into my greased loaf tin I now know what that is just saying very proud of myself okey-dokey so there is definitely some lumps of banana I'm not gonna lie but when I got bigger on the banana brownie it's not really the end of the world though we shall see this works I'm going to be so proud of myself like I'm not gonna lie and it's on camera so I can relive the moment okay so it is in the tin ready to rumble I'm covered in everything and once you say okay so it's going in for 20 minutes okay let's take this works okay the thief is going on sighs it's the moment of truth clouds get all right actually scared to open up the door I'm wearing I don't you've missed this up that is definitely like I mean it cooks there is a definite like brownie look today's look guys done like that's good that's like a cake I mean I'm kind of impressed by this okay so now he just starts to leave it to cool and then is the fun part where we gonna eat it I'm saying we like guys come round let's all eat brownies but I'm gonna dry it let you know if it's any good but it smells I'm really okay so here is a closer look because I'm really proud of it so I thought I'd just show you guys that look at vibe right now we just gotta wait and see I'm going to take out the tin okay so here it is in all its glory a sharp knife to do this with should I like so I just cut it in the middle I don't know should we just see what it looks like let's have a little look-see shall we well it's cooked that is a start that is definitely a start also I love that gone for like right in the middle I'm not that really annoying person cuts the middle of the cake okay I feel like this is the weirdest thing ever filming myself eating but got me down oh I just literally spill that on myself okay let's try another first actually so nice oh okay it kind of tastes like banana bread like chocolate banana bread doesn't really taste like brownie it's not gonna lie it tastes like chocolate banana bread but uh I'm obsessed with banana bread so this is unreal okay guys you have to try this you have to make it yourself like just trust me on this this is actually so good it's not I mean guys Allen's like I can't give up sweet things altogether like I just can't because I'm such a sweet tooth and also life's too short jammy as mom says life is so uncertain eat dessert first it's something to live by so I have to find kind of like other options of like basically sorting out my sugar cravings so I'm being really good that's when I use those Melander muscle protein shakes for that but you know when I want to treat myself want to find something that still not too bad so something like this is perfect and I'm really right here guys I'm proud of myself I mean come on wife me now like I am officially domestic goddess here I mean I can cook that I mean what more do you want okay so I'm gonna kind of summarize this vlog because I feel like I've filmed this over like a so many days and it's all like I don't know I hope it's all gonna make sense I'm gonna put this together in the Edit but I might just summarize it all then at least we can all catch up and know what the hell sarah has been going on about throughout this entire block and but before I do that saw why we just talked to you about like kind of snacks and things like that because obviously I know like I get hungry during the day like that does happen so I want to just share some of the things that I like my go-to things to eat when I'm feeling hungry the other thing I will say while I'm on the topic of like eating when you feel hungry is that like I've really understood recently like the importance of drinking a lot of water like I know that's like drilled into us but honestly like drinking water I've seen more results like in my weight loss and how I feel about myself by really offering my water intake and also I kind of feel like sometimes you think you're hungry so you live you just have like a glass of water it kind of like goes away which is really weird and also the other thing I will say is make sure when you film hungry it's not just because you're bored and you're not just eating out boredom like try and keep yourself busy because I feel like that could be a bit of a like killer when it comes to like changing up your lifestyle in your diet and things like that so anyway so I'm just going to show you some of my favorite things to snack on okay so I have a bit of a mixture depending on what I've eaten in the other parts of the day should we say but I absolutely live for naked bars like these things are unreal I'm actually testing them I swear to God like they are so good they are basically all just fruit and nuts and that's it there's nothing else in them at all apart from fruit or nuts and I think they taste unreal especially in the ER and the mum because I'm probably the more that's why the salted caramel like nibbles they are so good and again they're literally just like dates and raisins and stuff all made like into a bar and chocolate oranges are my lemons result is also so good and so they're really good especially if you really crave something like super super sweet and like you know or like even the texture of them is kind of like having like a sweet so that's what I'd say well like a cake like if you were really feeling like that kind of way inclined try naked bar because they know like life 7 or taking if you had kind of like what that feeling like a bit of sugar when you're out and about you need a bit ok other thing I actually love is these jerky or biltong because they're super super high ratings not really low in fat especially builds one that's like my favorite one and I'll see like it's not for everyone because it's just like dried meat and some people don't really like that but I love it as I say as like a really high protein snack especially if I wanna up my protein throughout the day I find that is quite handy to have and the other thing that I like are whole thin bars so these are that's gonna focus so these are basically the all vegan and there's literally like pea protein in them and they are slightly higher in calories there is 230 calories per bar with these but I use these if I'm trying it as like a like a meal I suppose so and I'm having four meals a day if I'm trying to do that kind of diet likewise and I will classify this is one of the meals because it's basically got carbs fat and protein all in one of these and but it's good for you it's not like full of sugar and crap and all that other stuff that you get and I think you can buy them in weight requites you get them online yeah I just thought I'd show you some snack ideas if you are struggling you all want to try something different so anyway so to basically summarize what I do work out why so as I say I do three weight training sessions a week when I can I do boxing on another day and then every single day I do a 30-minute to an hour depending on how much time I've got incline a treadmill workout because mainly because I actually really enjoy it I feel like it's a good time for me to kind of like clear my head and I just like have like a half an hour just to myself where I don't think about anything else other than working out really sorry that's why I enjoy and I feel like that's really important with cardio is you've got to find something that you actually enjoy and that you know you're going to stick to because I always if you don't enjoy it you're never going to stick to it and it's just never gonna work so basically I thought it just kind of share a little bit of like what I eat and who I do in the gym with a lot kind of self I couldn't really film like a ye in the day because it changes so much and I'm always out about someone it's kind of just you know a few different things and show you as I say snacks breakfasts lunches things like that so really over it's been helpful to some of you have been asking me to do something like this and a little bit of an insight into my Fitness life because I've Sarah I don't overly talk about too much yeah I give the video a thumbs up if you've enjoyed it and if you want to see anything else Fitness related then do let me know because I'll see I'm happy to do some more stuff but it is a bit like out of my comfort zone thought I will see you all very soon in my next video but one thing I will say is whatever you'll fit and whether you're currently your situation is currently like just remember that it is a journey it's not like a destination like it's kind of like a lifestyle change and like you want the results to be long-term so don't worry if you're not getting them super fast like I feel like but slower the better and like don't be too hard on yourself and don't compare yourself to other people we've all done it within now I've done it as well so if your media is the worse for that when you look at people and you're like why don't I look like that but remember you're doing it for you no one else you're doing it for you and just if you ever get into a point where you're kind of like wanting to give up just remember how far you've come from where you first started like that's what I do whenever I get some promote I just like you know I haven't got any more motivation or I need to like try something different I always think back to the place I was and how I looked and my headspace when I first started and how far I've come from that I know generally keeps me like motivated to kind of move forward so that's why I'd say to you guys but thanks for watching and I'll see you all in my next video bye guys you


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