good morning everybody this is an unexpected pleasure because at 10 o'clock Chabert and I are going to be talking lymphatic system on facebook on trinny Woodall Facebook so join us at 10 but for the next 20 minutes we're going to be going through my daily vitamin routine which really is all due to you Sharia so for those of you on its go you don't already know she did we like the person 8 that went around the other day shabbir is the co-founder of victoria health and it's where I get most of my vitamins and I just we have a love affair Jill shibir and I it's been going on for a while now but I feel a better person because of it and the the the positive energy that comes from these two people will bring so much into your life and they curate their site with the best products so I always do the links to them because I think they're great we don't have any deal at all apart from the love we give each other um but I thought today cuz when I do my vitamins and I do rattle around and we're going to just go through them and then my co who's here and like if you have then it's going to answer some questions so should be a first of all there is an array here and if I could show you there are 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 vitamins so before we even stop Lots people always say training you rattle around can you do that many vitamins in a day you can you as long as you have optimal digestion you can carry on taking up to 20 supplements quite easily you can several you know twice a day maybe even it's just that those who don't have optimal digestion may have to enhance their digestive system using enzymes and and the other thing people ask a lot and people say in it's very true some with food some of that food no more I can't you get it all from food why do you need to take this Janine it's impossible to consistently get that dosage of nutrients on a daily basis from food we consistently have tested foods on Thursdays you know you've got processed foods which have almost devoid of vitamins and yes you've got you know foods which are days old I mean the vitamin C I think we've talked about this before the vitamin C on the vitamin C content of an orange is around 30 to 60 milligrams that's just not going to be sufficient I mean urine just again to eat every day I know and then how acidic will that fit as well so it's like to get that from the food you might get a adverse effect perhaps from that much of the same food so I think we're just going to go through we will take some questions on them but we're just gonna go through and and if you get I mean I always describe what they do for me but I thought it'd be really nice to have you in the bathroom severe and you say that sort of medical terms not medical but starting with should we just start with general I'm gonna pick one up because I'll just go through the flow so I've got to preempt this now I did normal HRT which I stopped very quickly my mom had breast cancer over the age of 50 so it wasn't that I couldn't do HRT but I didn't like the feeling of mares urine on my system then I went to biodynamic hormones which I go for a bit and then you introduce me one day very early on to a combination of things which I now take and I have to say I don't have any side effects now from menopause I think menopause is a ten year cycle I'm probably at the end of it I started about 48 but um we're gonna start with a few things I take so she we start with sage sage sage complex soul item number one for menopausal ladies so sage complex basically contains the whole blend of herbs which mimic estrogen there call phytoestrogens but it also contains help called chase very rich and enhances progesterone so what is trying to do is fool the body into thinking that it has sufficient hormones because remember hormones are declining as you age so really I mean for for a moment woman's are declining from the age of 35 40 that's it was some call it premenopause Dunkley perimenopause but that's the idea of it you could potentially start taking this most women could start taking this from so it's just a kind of booster for your natural woman level or – no it's duping no duping your body into thinking that's more it has about a thousand some of these herbs have about a thousandth of the activity of Easter to itself but that's just fooling the body into all right great okay that's number one number two is one of my favorite Magnolia Road he'll rip rhodiola complex rodeo complex I always call it magnolia flower for those of you who like always get name's Rob is actually from the bark it's from the park but no no do the complex there all right so Bank no never do the complex is a quick-acting stress anti stress have you been designed for increased cortisol in the body so this doesn't this apply to people who have stressful jobs yeah big you know we're always under stress this also applies to female amount of stress because when the female hormones have shipped or are shutting down the first glands that are affected are the adrenals so the adrenals are the what is energizing and stress modulating man is that trying to make sure your body can cope with the stress yeah that's a company and is that one cortisol is released cortisol is increase we all need cortisol to survive when we need cortisol to even make an action to matter of this trophy it's also the fight or flight fight and flight yeah so like when you have increased cortisol all the other processes in your body shut down all cortisol is interested in doing is telling your body that you've got to run at some point which over time is like a dried up when you go yeah exactly you're constantly constantly constantly and the adrenals literally get exhausted yeah but cortisol has numerous affects something like 300 effects therican in the body and one of them is the fact that it prevents the uptake of serotonin by the brain and serotonin is your mood elevating nerve coming neutral so I introduced Magnolia my serotonin has a free passage to get your friends Ranger up take a lot of serotonin yeah and that search all right so it facilitates for my body to work best and to disregard the negative aspects of course so no it's the great thing with Magnolia is it actually physically relaxes muscles also but it aids in the removal of cortisol two-degree okay just easing reducing core so nothing is going to just go to talk to zero introduced that so if you have a lot of stress in your life and we're thinking you this is best for we're talking about stressful jobs we're talking about a lot of women going through hormonal changes that affect mood yes because when female as I said explained them when female hormones are down cortisol increases women are not with stress all those things so stressful jobs really any concerns that's for you baby girls fantastic and boys everyone it's not it's not that's not just a female related one all right then we're continuing on if we continue on that part this one I take when I just am having times where I'm feeling awful I can't get the oomph I'm not taking it right now because every day gives me hope but there's been times definitely should be or when you first gave this to me and I thought mmm versus mood so research has shown that the probiotics in our gut then have an influence on our mood particularly having a healthy microbiome a healthy environment in your gut affects your brain because believe it or not a lot of your serotonin actually arises in your gut it's actually manufactured here all right then I'm taken so these probiotics very specific strains that facilitate that so it's just helping your body work at its best mood any questions quickly darling yes I knew that be less aggressive this one yeah there is no doubt that Richman's tell them there is no doubt that vitamins are excreted in but the that's the role of a vitamin a vitamin is you're supposed to take a vitamin let it let it perform its role and then excreted out otherwise you just end up with the vitamin overdose that's the idea it takes what it needs and most of it vitamin injections infusion last week yes I mean that's a great way of getting vitamins in but do I really want to inject myself on a daily basis no I much prefer the supplement road even though it is slightly compromised every supplement you take you know you're going to get sixty percent out of it seventy percent not all of it best vitamins to support weight loss with a healthy diet okay I I've always I never touched on weight loss because I think it's a very personal thing people will I mean I met a woman the other day and she was saying become just having this like pastry why am I still putting on weight so I just think it's such a personal thing but green tea we know green tea definitely facilitates okay all right I gotta continue a little bit with mine darling I said let me get the I wanna do some more because we have 12 more minutes so I own a cell which is my dream magic potion I take two in the morning two at the night time all right so you're dumping I'm doubling dosage but you will ask about my hair and my nails and my skin so time cell contains a page form of fulvic acid I any blanks which holds 65 plus minerals those 65 plus minerals nourish the scalp and enhance collagen production and strengthen your nails so you've got macro minerals like silica calcium magnesium and you've got trace minerals like selenium and yes but there's a difference so people might say why don't I take about yeah no I'm not a mineral would have about 10:15 this is 65 plus but these are in an ionic form for your body to assimilate minerals it's got to convert them into an ionic form and this already has it alright so we found that clinical studies found that this increases collagen production by 20% but enhances their nail production it is I feel it so much and there's two other things I do my hair so we're going to go straight on up there should be so the difference in a way that I mean that's for also dealing with skin and nails so this is just even fatter so superior her by food science tell me why'd that specifically take on top of the reason I say is because superior hair works on the most theorised reason for hair loss so we've come up with a science they've come up with a theory that the over 80% of hair loss is associated to low female hormone the state yes for sure which is why many menopause when will get that you know it starts to recede and thin at the front yeah so what happens is when the female almonds are down the male hormone which everyone has testosterone testosterone is converted into dihydrotestosterone known as DHT yeah and that DHT in flames the scalp and when you put inflammation in the scalp the signals of hair production are going to be impaired okay which is it's not why do you think proportionally more men than women lose her because that over I think no I think you'll see many young men you know yeah we're receding hairline etc and that's simply because in those cases they're just producing it's just got a lot of testosterone the body has to work within very finite levels of all will this help them as well this will help them as well boys absolutely alright and the third one in this which has we get mixed things on this I hope this before I met you biotin and this is 5000 UT which is I to I was taking three at night now that's when I first are taken I did notice definitely that there was hair growth why what some people mentioned is they feel they put weight on with this and I don't have that in total fantasy or if there's any sight total fallacy hopefully biting is simply part of the be complex range of vitamins and actually some some people call it vitamin H but that's a long story um the Matins role is we know to nourish the follicles it is required as part of the amino acid cycle mm-hmm to manufacture guarantee all right so they're all doing different things so that is nourishing the follicle so it doesn't split and and diam healthy as well and helps hair this is kind of going through and doing things with your balance and eye on a cell is when providing the minerals that are required for the follicle so it's a three-part process now the thing is some people might say I could only take one what should I take because they aren't you know if you add this all up should be I'm I dedicate a large part of my beauty budget to minimize the supplement right what would you say if somebody could only take if if someone was the only going to take one supplement I would always start with ERISA yes because you know you know some people might be there isn't the hormonal moment it just needs that hydration fantastic okay we're now gonna go to I mean I talked a lot about my bloat which is quite flat today I took four of these last night I these when I if I would remember to take them at every meal I think I wouldn't have taken signed a minute because I think I would just stop loading because I'm digesting properly but these are super digestive enzymes what's the word super in front why they say magnificent for okay the is the idea and I sorry that by like extension like all bodily systems we tend to everything that is produced by the body tends to gradually shut down or a myriad of time so as we age we produce less than gist of enzymes actually from the age of 25 the decline started and that civ enzymes are catalysts they're working to break down food quickly remember if you were to stick some food out at 37 degrees yeah it will take two to three days breakdown outside and in body temperature whereas in the body you've got to break that down in two hours so they're acting as catalyst breaking down your food so that you can extract the maximum amount of nutrients from that fluid okay before it gets too acidic and and actually before it's dangling remember yeah before it kills off the nutrients you want to get out yeah if it's leave the idea is if you break down your protein efficiently your carbohydrate efficiently you're going to extract the new yeah exactly so imagine it's Titanic you got the lifeboats and you're jumping off and you're allowing your digestion to get in a lifeboat and not sink so all those nutrients that you need are going to come out and and this is not just for all I mean this is a supplement that everyone will take yeah in order to maximize and with every not just for every meal with just before I made me a lot just after okay these are phenomenal I love and there's many digestive enzymes out there there's a lot people who say all put them in the fridge whatever I just like these because they're by my bed and they're by my office night has taken America by alright but on this line too long there's the question of where a mega prebiotic comes into your life so the word probiotic a means for life from the Greek terminology it means without these bacteria mm-hmm we wouldn't survive you have enough in our stomach anyway is the common all garden there we have nothing else am I gonna make why do we need to take extra we normally we're born with a microbiome environment that's really good but over a period of time we've been exposing ourselves to environmental pollutants excess sugar pesticides herbicides you name it we're we're exposing our guts to from the foods that we eat so these bacteria are NACA no doubt about it a healthy human gut is supposed to happen a pound in range of bacteria and we usually on an average we have a third or a half so this is putting back in putting might in the bacteria that work on immune enhancement digestion detoxification you name is there involving many products why do you have to keep some in the fridge these I don't keep in the fridge do I am I meant to keep it I think once opened I just prefer to keep them in the fridge open you don't have to with certain brands yeah and I think it's just because they've they feel that it's it's great for marketing purposes but these probiotics are stable at room temperature but I just prefer to put in the fridge variables I think it's a worsening of multi purposes because I think if they're in the fridge I forget to take them maybe maybe a marketing thing alright then we have these I love these little babies my wanting to to to talk to me about them because I used to take you know I'll make you take vitamin E and things like that but these has called skin restoring ceramide and they look a little bit like I'm gonna open them out because they look a little bit my words I don't I don't I'm so bad right you could stop talking about it right the ceramides are basically the little light particles in between skin cells yep so in between skin cells you go little light with particles that acting as a barrier rather like bricks and mortar the mortar in between the bricks they're acting like a shield preventing the skin from dehydrating and but by the mere fact that the life is they're giving the skins natural oils so this is giving a nice juicy interest so you can see they are I love how they look they feel they're so gonna work there straight away they they resemble in a way which means that because there is an oil element on there okay two more and then we'll take a couple of questions so hyaluronic acid now years ago I took collagen hyaluronic pills and then my dermatology says we drew you he's right they could never get anywhere near your skin why'd you take them but hyaluronic like I have a bad back right now so why three or four so they all work and why they should we still be taking hyaluronic hyaluronic acid we know which is this is Victoria this is BHO one of the HS yeah so basically hyaluronic acid is a very important what they will look like awesome in black and so it's involved in the production of collagen it is involved in the production of cartilage yeah it's involved in the production of the gel-like substance in the eyes oh all that healing the vitreous humor for helpful what it is is in the case of eyes I mean svh the vitreous through human begins to shrink and that's why a lot of eye cancer associated with that and cataracts cataracts on there is more activity sugar sugar metabolism poor sugar metabolism leads to the byproducts of sugars which are damaging to all protein structures whether its feet that's what I can't have fun with fear and their problem eyes but hyaluronic acid has the ability to retain a thousand times its weight in water yes it's a rather large molecule and yes the majority of the supplements out there provide you with 50 million rounds or 35 milligrams and that's not going to do nothing nothing said you know hundred and twenty-five milligrams so even if you get thirty percent out of this you're still getting a lot packing a punch alright so it's all about for you know we know that it's never going to be absorbed efficiently because it is the large money yeah but if you're going to absorb it and you know your in terms of some of it yeah got it love it and last but not least which I haven't taken yet okay but I've just got a live one sad a multivitamin on appointment every paragraph which contains or you can tell me everything everything everything so we've got vitamins and minerals derived from a broth of food so as you know people have asked I have said the same thing can't you get them from food yeah yes you can but this is a concentrated birth of food that has then been analyzed to make sure that it contains those vitamins in a therapeutic state so this is a balance of what your body needs whatever the measurements and everyday greens there are many subjects like so why is Nature's Way such a good one we found that over the years the percentage increase of B vitamins is much greater in this food state product than in many others okay but this is providing you with vegetable thanks Ranger berry extracts and the vitamins and minerals from that green so Dan I just have cross on bread okay that was magnificent now that's given you an overview of everything I take obviously people at different stages they have different requirements their bodies they might feel fantastic or or requiring some more of these this is just something you've always asked me for sign given you one I take and we'll take some questions now and then we're going to go straight up it's ten o'clock now so we've got we're going to very quick fire questions Mike oh it's been like this it's vitamins always work better with food yeah with food take with food yeah I always take them in the morning and even worse before 8:00 yeah yes there's a herb called chase berry which works to enhance your body's own production of progesterone but beware it takes between 8 and 12 weeks before you see any benefit my concern is hair growth increased on other parts of the body this is something that noise ask hey Tim will you get you know more facial body hair why know because DHT only works on the scalp and actually doesn't work yeah great ok that's so good to know because that's something that many many women think I won't start taking because I'm getting a girl yeah great what types of vitamins should you take ok skin you should be thinking of clear skin or you should be thinking of birth I don't read yeah so one is Ben Meishan and one is for bacterial reduction for liver detoxification for the right your live your livers should be able to cope with it the healthy liver should be able to cope with more than that these are not toxins these are nutrients which won't be if not utilized out of the body through the kidneys it's it's an open question but journey I would allow for weeks – yeah for anything patients again yes I think I think it works very very quickly so like after a couple of days I do notice a difference your multivitamins are different always always check with the label ensure because some of them would if you've got an autoimmune disorder and something stimulating your immune system you don't want to do that yeah but I would say on that this is a total thing I'm going to say it some doctors because they don't know enough about supplements will just say don't take any you know what I mean so it's like if somebody feels I really want to balance our traditional and alternative is there any other way they can get advice where they could just say this is me that's what I got I hate to burden you should here but it's just I just feel sometimes a nology people to sit up it is very very common for me to dismiss vitamins and minerals then the whole body works and you know you have to I don't know I don't know you have to either come to us or you have to go somewhere where specialist yes dangerous thing Christy of the human body I mean not everything will work for everyone every time yes yes people talk about how good charcoal is to detoxify the body if you take vitamins and then you take the charcoal will that negate all the benefits of Chuck Chuck will add salt things for sure so what you've got to make sure is when you take a charcoal leave an hour take your residents away from channel call your before and charcoal just as some people know a lot meet each other just yet okay we've got to stop now three four minutes into our other Facebook line and if you'd like to continue the conversation but on another subject shimira and i will now be on trinny Woodall Facebook where we are discussing the lymphatic system and how we can make that incredible mechanism that runs to our body that that takes away all our toxins work at its optimum shibir say goodbye thank you very much for your time in the bathroom and we will post this ladies fully because there's so much information here and probably tomorrow mica don't you think and we'll have it on Trini London on the blog and you can see under in the bathroom bye


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