My Air Force Physical Fitness Test (Active Duty)

alright understood some work until I my test time comes I'll head to the gym change get warmed up put on my cape so if I max out the waist measurements which is at least 35 inch waist or less I do last for 30 let's go down to a four-year-old slide on get 44 push-ups and 50 situps I run time would just have to be probably between 30 minutes and 15 seconds 13 15 to 13 36 and I would get – 28 seconds so that would still give me 50 points for that 50 out of 60 points and I could get about 90 there you go it's already recording correct yes 9300 testing proof oh yeah yeah no this was for something else oh okay now waist measurements run in the men's locker room we show off their breakfast up some sit-ups whatever you would like okay anyone has option above you all right so whenever you already how did that starting position that's right all right and when you were any starting position you there gray right right good way to Peter home that and again all right then hold your partner's treatments for goodness when you ready guys when I started to get down already visions of usually given thank you and again new Mac yeah yeah long anymore we just did our push up some clips I got the max on both of those as well as my waist measurement and now we're going to do the 1.5 mile run is my outfit the black tight I have long sleeves a shirt so these are custard nice job guys alright so now we're just walking out to the track out that way there's a community center few hundred yards out that way okay hopefully it doesn't get too like let's go gosh when you started hurting out to two laps 49 I expecting that was there took the test two girls and seven guys but my knee was hurting I'm just so glad I just thought through the pain of it and goodness I didn't give it on then for a year now

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  1. Was this pt test for your bmt?

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