hello people people welcome back to my channel thank you so much like clicking on another video in today's video we are starting with first episode of Friday fit tips I have to put in like a sound effect like cheer today is the first video of Friday fit tips but basically I was thinking it would be cool if I did a video every Friday where I just share with you my fitness tips and tricks and just little things I've picked up along the way whether it's to do with motivation or food or eating healthfully on a budget like whatever it is to help me resist temptation and you know just prioritize my thickness and so into this video as you can see by the title I'm gonna be sharing with you my three favorite food items right now for healthy eating now there are loads I could share with you but I'm just gonna make these videos like short and sweet and just you know throw some ideas out there if you like I'm great if you don't why I hope you like button if you like this idea it's at Friday's but let me know in the comments and let me know any like you know areas or topics you'll need to cover in this new series so without further ado here's my first favorite food item for healthy using and the moment give me a sec now I'm a little bit frustrated about this because this is not the specific item that I wanted to show you if you follow me on Instagram and watch a lot of my meal prep stories and videos that were my highlights you can go check them out and then you all probably have already seen this Ison but just in case you've missed it I absolutely love theme based pastas and spaghetti zuv which this is an example I'm not gonna lie I haven't actually tried this specific brand yet so I'll let you know if it tastes like crap I'm gonna make it smaller so I'll let you know but the brand I do know is one from our they are trying for like a picture in somewhere and they make like glass beam spaghetti and edamame edamame beans unless you don't know why I can't say but like simple type of beans and they actually taste really good now the reason why I love these is because the ingredients is so simple for example this one is made of organic and mama beans and organic and bone beans and when you look at the values of this it is so high in protein so per hundred grams there was forty two point three grams of protein in this and on the eleven point three grams of carbohydrates now I am NOT you know pushing on you the idea that carbs are bad they're not we literally need them to live and but I just love those macros that allows me to know that I'm getting enough protein in to keep my Kiley content controlled I'm not currently trying to drop the calories but three of you who are over gluten free I highly recommend trying some bean basis spaghetti you can just throw them in instead of your normal spaghetti store your normal passes as a way of just kind of changing things that they look super cute as well because they're green when you post them on Instagram it makes you look really healthy makes you look like you know what you're doing in the kitchen they are a little bit more expensive than the normal passes in fact that's a lie they're not even a little bit more expensive they're like double the price so if you're looking to save money then just spin it has these I think this box was like two pounds super fifty do you know how much normal spaghetti costs like fifty PE if you buy us two values so yeah they're a bit more pricey I love them and personally think it's worth it and I'm gonna need meal prepping with those tomorrow let me give you a little close-up can you can you see that these aren't the brand and this is not sponsored look at those macros but ingredients that is that's pretty dope pretty dope also my second favorite food items at the moment which honestly if you don't already know about this then you probably haven't been watching my channel which is okay to eat I'm not like I thought I wasn't making these videos for you or anything spray light cooking sprays I love these babe I'll just basically you can use them to fry stuff to like moist and stuff that's weird but I thought spray on my chicken before I cook it I will fire my campaign where they're gonna fry my eggs were there and it just saves me from using a head don't get me wrong I'm not an oil hates that I love a bit of olive oil sunflower oil here and there but when you add up the amount of oil and butter that you can be using and swap it in for these literally like 1 calcio sprays sprays not gonna lie I do use about 15 space but still 15 patter bees let me get you about olive oil and just tell you what is in a tablespoon of oil there is some extra virgin olive oil in 100 mils that's quite a lot no one really uses that in 50 mils there is 124 canna bees that's like half a chocolate bar that is a lot of calories just sit like fry something so you know that's a lot of calories and also a lot of fat is 14 grams of fat in just 15 mils of olive oil so swapping this for this is for Mia just a win if you're looking to reduce your calories or if you're on a weight-loss journey then maybe try out these sprays I really love them I find that the food still tastes good I'm not gonna lie to you there is nothing quite like frying something in butter or hot olive oil but these are pretty good substitute and in my opinion with it and my third favorite food item right now frozen fruits I love frozen fruits especially in this weather I am absolutely boiling right now it's so hot in this kitchen I mean I love the way my flat is very well lit and less and more sunlight it can be a bit of a greenhouse sometimes so in some minutes specifically I adore buying frozen food and there are many reasons for that one is that you know this fruit bowl here is pretty cute but it's not very practical you do know that those bananas were green literally like yesterday how many bananas is a girl supposed to be in a day how many trips back and forth to the supermarket am I supposed to do it'll be I can't keep buying green bananas and keep stocking up on them it just goes off way too quick it's really stressful I'm so sorry so by buying my fruit frozen or freezing it after I buy it it'll ask me so much London so I don't have to stress about all I need to eat that fruit before it goes off speaking of which actually do Binta it's so in certainly stressing that I need fruit really quickly I know it's frozen in the food that I don't have to rush I love throwing them into smoothies with some Greek yogurts juices now sometimes people can distress that fruit has a lot of sugar in it now relative to other naturally occurring foods like vegetables yeah we're gonna have more sugar than those foods but relatives are the things that I used to eat like donuts I say used to eat slowly from time to time doughnuts and chocolate bars and other sweet foods man made sweet foods it has so much less not only does it have less sugar than those other foods it also has a whole load of fiber and vitamins and nutrients that your body meets so every time I pick up a fructose filled banana and by the way less than you might think and eat one of those instead of reaching for a chocolate bar I know that I'm actually doing the right thing and getting a load of benefits as someone who personally kind of struggles with eating too much sugar and sugar is definitely like my BAE I enjoy sugary food I find that switching my sugary foods for fruits alternatives not only helps me to reduce my overall sugar content increase my vitamin content increase my fiber content it also helps me to exercise arguably the most important health and fitness muscle of all which is self control every time I reach for some frozen blueberries instead of a biscuit or chocolate bars I entire myself actually I can't do this I can choose the better option over the worse option I can do that consistently until I see my results so if you're someone like me who hates when food goes off typically or hates being pressured to get through this route before it goes off just try freezing it try freezing your banana is blending them up to make an ice cream freezing your blueberries melting them in the microwave yeah the best food resource for like a pancake or you put on toast with some yogurt I'm getting hungry now and there you have it three of my favorite healthy food items at the movement and let me know in the comments what you're loving what you're living for the moon what's helping you stick to your goals and and let me know if you try any of these I mean this is not that special not that original this you probably already know about this these bad boys not this specific Browns haven't tried it yet but the other brand Algie by the way they sell them in Audi if you live in the UK and but other shops are available because our they haven't paid me to say that that's it thank you so much for watching the first episode of fit tip fridays with one if you like this video don't forget to give it a thumbs up share it with a friend leave me a comment during on Instagram and Twitter or and sweat it Facebook I will see you in my next video


  1. Thank you for the tips!!

  2. I love these kind of videos they are so helpful . I have been loving rice cakes, sweet potatoes , and yogurt.

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