Oh hey guys welcome back to my channel so today's video is going to be a getting started video this is for anyone who is wanting to start a healthy and active lifestyle for purposes of slowing down for a vacation or a wedding or losing weight and keeping the weight off building muscle gaining strength or just wanting to live a healthier lifestyle so you can live longer and feel better I'm going to be giving you my top tips on getting started and staying in the game you guys need to know that everyone starts somewhere you know the people you see online or the crazy famous trainers they all started somewhere – don't think that anyone just jumps into this lifestyle and it's easy for them because we all started somewhere and we all had to go through our own sorts of struggles if you guys don't know in 2010 I hit a very low point in my life I was at my heaviest heaviest weight I gained 40 pounds over the course of a year and it was just time for me to make a change so I have been there I know what it's like it to be just getting started so my twos today are going to be stemming from that things that I've observed through others things that I've learned from my clients so let's just jump into the video I am ready got my coffee and this is gonna be fun think about your goals what they are and why you're doing them don't stop there write them down type them out in your phone notes make a vision board and drop them down on there write them in a journal write them on your bathroom mirror hang the list up in your bedroom or your office write them down so you have them available to look at to reflect on to actually see aside from just writing down what your goal is I want you to write why that's your goal if your goal is to eat more vegetables write that down but also see why is it to improve your digestion is it to learn a better ways to cook vegetables you like them more it's it to help you slim you down write that down as well because if you have a goal and you just write that you might lose sight of why if that is your because you are going to have bad dates you are going to have a off base you're going to have periods of struggle and I want you to be able to look back on your goals to remember why you're doing this because sometimes we can lose sight of it and we can give up very easily it helps you keep moving forward and keeps things in perspective throw out your junk food throw it all out if you have food that you know you are tempted by and cannot say no to get it out of the house this is so important because when you were just beginning this transition into a healthier lifestyle you're gonna have slip-ups you're gonna have binges it's gonna happen so don't think that you're gonna go into this and it's going to be absolutely perfect you're gonna be spot on because that's not how it works the best way to avoid that from happening is to ditch the junk food get it out of your cabinets when I first started I dumped all the stuff in my house because he was all that I'm the type of person where my cravings kinda hit later on at night and if it's not in the house I'm not gonna drive through the freaking store and go get it I'm too lazy for that so just save yourself the trouble and get it out of the house and hopefully you know by the time you really really think about it and realize you have to go to the store to get it hopefully it up your mind and you can just forget about the craving fun a gym that works into your life that is easily accessible because you don't want to gym that's way out in Timbuktu that you're never gonna go to so whether it's close to your home does that will get you to go or whether it's close to your work that way you can go right after work or right before work find a gym that is going to work for you signing up for a gym is a great way to get there because you're paying for it keep that in the back of your head when you're like oh I don't feel like it today or I'll lose tomorrow you keep it hanging off your workouts you're paying for this gym get your money's worth that's a realistic goal of how many times you're going to work out a week I know a lot of people who get into this lifestyle and are like I'm going to go seven days a week and I am just gonna kick ass like great fat motivation is awesome but it's also not very realistic for someone who's coming from never working out to sing they're gonna work out every single day you're just kind of setting yourself up for failure and I'm saying that in the nicest way possible maybe yeah the first week you'll go everyday but the second week the motivation starts to go away so I want you to set a realistic goal for yourself if it's one day a week awesome hit that one day a week and move up from there that's something realistic for yourself because I don't want you to feel guilty I don't want you to feel down on yourself I don't want you to feel disappointed because that's when we start to get those feelings of giving up and being really hard on ourselves shop around at different cursory stores to find the best deals for you eating healthy isn't the cheapest thing in the world and when we're on a budget it is pretty difficult to manage so shop around try different grocery stores see who has the best prices for fruits and veggies see who has the best prices for your protein your grains whatever you're buying if it means taking several trips to save yourself some money then do that you know take your coupons look online for coupons go through the newspapers for coupons and just try different areas I go to a couple different places I go to Trader Joe's I go to my local Fry's and then go to Costco it seems like a lot of work but it all adds up in the end to save you money and keep you from getting discouraged try different workouts I don't want you to feel like there's one way of doing something there's so many ways of getting fit and staying active and that is an awesome awesome thing because it keeps you from getting bored it keeps your body guessing keeps you interested and excited try that cycle studio try that hot yoga studio try a CrossFit gym a lot of these places have group bonds or deals where it's like 30 days for 30 dollars when you're just signing up try them out see what you like see what you don't like that way you know what's gonna keep you on track what's gonna get you to the gym what's gonna get you to that studio what's gonna get you to that work out if it's enjoyable to you you're going to stay with it ask for help I know that a lot of people suffer from gym timid ation it's nerve-racking walking into a gym and not knowing where anything is or how to use any of the equipment so you find yourself sticking to that one treadmill in the corner because you know how to work it and you're not gonna venture away from it so ask for help it's okay don't think that these people in the gym are going to judge you because they started somewhere too I wouldn't go up and ask some man like in the middle of his workout to help you you can ask someone at the front desk to show you the equipment to give you a tour to show you how things work or go to youtube and look online there are so many demonstration videos for exercises for workouts for whatever you need YouTube and the internet are great sources for you to walk in that gym feeling a little bit more confident you see so many people walking in there with like little pads of paper or their notebooks you know that's giving them a step-by-step plan of what they're doing so if you walk in with that don't feel like embarrassed it's your reference allow yourself a treat meal or two a week now I know I said to dump the junk food earlier but it's still important to treat yourself and I say this because if you are so perfect with your diet 24/7 you're gonna get sick of it and you're going to binge I am telling you that from experience I'm telling you that off of things that I have seen and I just want you to know what that it is okay to treat yourself so if you have like a date I set out with your significant other keep that as your treat meal for the week and you know sometimes more than one Gmail happens a week whether it's due to a friend's party or family gets together or whatever it may be but you still have to remember that's probably better than you were eating before you were probably having treat meals every day so if you're starting to knock them off slowly but surely you're gonna see results and you're gonna feel a lot better look for new recipes Pinterest is a crazy crazy awesome place for finding recipes especially when you're starting to eat healthy you're kind of like what am I going to do with this zucchini look on Pinterest and gonna find so many delicious recipes for things you can do with zucchini so if you're struggling getting those vegetables in or those fruits dinner you know whatever it may be look online for recipes that will help you incorporate those things into your diet on a daily basis and that will make it more enjoyable for you by workout clothes this is not only way to make you feel awesome but you're also investing in something that you are putting your time and energy towards you obviously need workout shoes go invest in some and make it exciting find a pair and a color that you love and a design that you love get some fun workout pants that it's going to get you excited to put on your gym clothes and hit the gym I know when I used to get workout clothes I would get so excited because I like to look cute in the gym and it just made me want actually get to the gym to wear my new clothes it's a great way to kind of treat yourself and get you motivated as well so those are my top tips for getting started with a healthy and active lifestyle I hope you guys enjoyed this video I do plan on doing more of these videos in the future and I would love to hear your ideas please leave them down in the comment box below and if you like this video please give it a thumbs up and subscribe if you haven't already I will see you guys in the next video

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