Must-Try Tips to Lose Weight the Smart Way

you find time to exercise on yeah but you have two young children yeah works obviously a full-time job explain to folks how you make time without being superwoman so I had to figure this out by trial and error I had to learn how to reprioritize everything I did what do we do we go throughout the course of our day at the end of the day we said I just didn't get a chance to work out and I was so busy at again chance to eat well you have time to brush your teeth you make time to pick up your kids from school you have time to go to the grocery store you have time to finish that project at work so make time for the most important thing in the world and that's you if you don't work no one around you works so take three days a week and make working out and eating well the first thing on your to-do list over the course of the day that's how you read prioritize all right I'm gonna take your motivational approach yeah we don't apply to some survey questions member we had that the American great wait campaign poll we asked a thousand people what they think that big poll that's become so popular now 72% of you said that you'd read a diet when people faced dread they don't want to do it so it's about motivation to make time it's about motivation to get past the dread how do you do that we all know this this is not something everyone in the audience knows that it's about self-control you have to train your body the same way you'll train a baby to sleep through the night and the first couple of nights they wake up they don't like it but then you get them on a schedule and they eventually learn how to do it your body's the same way train your body how to eat when to eat and eventually it will become seven nature second nature we don't want to deprive ourselves of anything but get yourself on a really good strict schedule and your body will respond to that right the other thing we do talk about the diet elad is this water lemon mix maybe you'll remember that thing people love it it's very old remedies used by the Ayurvedic traditions quite a bit in India etc you've got a better right here so we've got the lemon idea here which I happen to like a lot so the first thing I do in the morning but this is before coffee before anything else lemon water what do you do when you first get up same thing first thing before you do anything before you get out of bed whatever you sit up and you drink 20 sips of water don't count bounces don't count cups or glasses swallow 20 times it's about eight and a half ounces of water wakes you up gets your body going let your body know that we have a full day of activities going 20 sips of water that's all you have to count and I find that's an easy way for me to get water in my system white counts tips rather than just putting a big glass jug in the day people like to count like to know when they're done right you're done at 20 I like to know all Matt 17 I've three more otherwise guess what I'd probably be done at 17 and leave a little bit of water left in my glass BAM sorry that was a little intense itself let's go back to the pole for a second 75% of you say you have control over your weight but you don't know what diet will get you there I won't talk about this percentage is important the implication also is if you're not losing weight and you control your destiny it's your fault which I also want to address today what do you think about that survey question it's it's true we have control over and it's on us we could choose to have one cookie or three cookies we could choose to have you know three slices of beets or one slice of pizza you have to understand what self-control is because without it we're just off the rail so a hundred percent the onus is on you to be able to make those choices we know it's on us but you have to be able to do it you have to have the will power in this self-control it's the most important thing we go through life with one body this is all we get you don't take care of this now you will pay for it later if you think about that in those conditions in those terms I promise you you'll make better choices I find a lot of folks work really hard at their dieting but they don't work smart at their dining that's a big point I think for a lot of us to understand there are some big mistakes we make thinking about the process it happens all the time look one of the things I talk about a lot is your core right your core is so important and it's not just working abs it's this whole area front and back and you can work your core all day long without having to go to the gym for example if I were to like say I wouldn't kick you in the stomach okay I'm gonna go so I've already okay well a little lower than I wanted to but if I were to kick you would you would brace yourself right you would engage your core completely I want you to do that all day long work your core from the inside out it's something small that you can do all day without having to get to a gym so you really are working this midsection and you will tone it up and I do this it's sexual you're not stuck don't do this with us you're not sucking it in you're just being firm with it so like again post a person next to you please let me go ahead and do that just whack the person you know how you brace that's engaging your core if you can keep that going all day long I promise you it'll become second nature to you come over here it's also an important post-workout trick you add which is to have the right kinds of it's very important so this is a cucumber sandwich what is this for so I love after a good workout to get protein back in your diet you've just worked out you're sweaty you need to replenish you need to refuel the right kind of food a little bit of complex carbohydrates and some protein hummus on pita with some vegetables cucumbers and tomatoes great way to get something in small small little meals and snacks you don't mind a little bit of carbs nope I don't mind some good complex carbohydrates whole wheat whole grain I'm fine with that what's this for so again you want some protein some yogurt some oatmeal maybe some chicken sausage I love to sprinkle slivered almonds so it's less fat but you are still getting the protein into your diet it's a great little posts snack and then sweet potatoes great complex carbohydrates but let's sexy it up a little bit let's add some protein this doesn't look very sexy but I promise you when it goes in your system your organs gonna be like thank you that was the sexiest post snack be sure you subscribe to my channel so you don't miss anything remember to check back often to see what's new


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  4. How to drink water in how much quantity at what time nd in what India we follow sipping slowly that is mixing slaiva in it .consume water while sitting not while water after meals..nd some more..

  5. She’s right about the 20 sips. I mean I got to 15 sips and I was already full!

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  21. forgot to add that I ate correctly all my life as I was an Athlete.

  22. I must agree to disagree. I have a thyroid problem. I gained 50 lbs. in 2 months while exercising at Athlete Level; HIIT, cardio, weights etc. I had the perfect body for me. then I wake up and look in the mirror, and I am fat!!!!! trying Keto diet now, but its sooo expensive.

  23. Make it a lifestyle, then it's not a drudgery. Learn to say no. Stop whining and just do it.

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  25. Here we go. "Will power and self-control" is why we are fat. Sure, keep telling yourself that lady. We can "choose" to eat one slice of pizza or 3 slices of pizza right? Wrong. Our bodies have hormones that make us hungry or full and if you don't eat a large portion for a meal, you will be hungry an hour later and you will be ravenous causing you to fail. REMEMBER, this lady makes a living LYING to people. "Fitness trainer" is a oxymoron. They claim exercise makes you lose weight. It doesn't. They claim eating less makes you lose weight. It doesn't. We know this because of long term studies on both caloric intake and activity level. She is from the same industry that started with their unscientific bullshit in the 1970's and it has never gone away.

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  29. Oh yes, lemon and 20 sips of water πŸ™

  30. Thank Heavens I found keto. If you tried to follow this advice from this show or any other show you would be twisted in knots, on the brink of insanity. I would love for doctors and scientist to just tell the truth of what they KNOW will help the body. For me, High Fat, moderate protein, less than 20 grams of carbs a day. Down 127 pounds!

  31. Meal prepping does work for me, probably because I hate to waste food so I'd rather eat that prepped meal than throw it away.

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  37. For the past 20 years, I've been teaching people how to heal their body naturally. I must say this is an excellent video. I agree 100% with the message you're trying to get across to your viewers. Kudos!

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