hi guys Phil Graham here from diabetic Muscle & Fitness comm I want to share with you three of the biggest reasons why people living with diabetes struggle to build muscle mass reason number one is hyperglycemia and its effects upon the body if you don't know what hyperglycemia is it's basically whenever there is a lack of insulin and blood glucose builds within the body as a result of that the glucose cannot get out of the blood vessels and into the sales for use for energy so as a result these cells sense that they are starving so to speak and as a result of that they resort to other means of fuel to fuel everyday human day-to-day tasks efforts and living they get this energy from ketones which is a byproduct of fat metabolism and they also get it from amino acids now in relation to getting it from amino acids we know that muscle tissue is composed of amino acids so we have a process called protein synthesis that is basically involved in the lay dying of new muscle tissue and what we need to have there is we need to have a training stimulus and we need to have adequate protein to basically work cohesively to build you muscle tissue now whenever you have diabetes hybrid glycaemia lack of insulin results in a decrease in protein synthesis and an increase in protein brigde as a result of that your ability to pack on muscle tissue is compromised especially the higher the blood glucose goes so look at your average blood glucose level over the course of the day over the course of the week and ask yourself are you within healthy range no whenever we look at that reading it will be fair to say whether or not we've spent a good bit of time being high a good bit of time being within range or a good bit of time being low and as a result of that you will be able to address whether or not your insulin dosing regime your lifestyle are in line with your ability to manage your diabetes with hyperglycemia the increase in muscle teen breakdown will reduce metabolic rate because we're reducing a muscle tissue fiber that burns a lot of energy at rest and really contributes to our non exercise thermogenesis so to speak so the ability for us to burn calories outside of training we also see a reduction in strength the reduction in performance and with that we are going to see a reduction in calorific output during the training session so there's going to be a host of issues we also see the reduction in aesthetic appearance if you're obviously reducing muscle mass you're going to have a reduced muscular physique reason number two is the problematic issue of glycation which is again associated with hyperglycemia and it's something that I see that's fairly common and everyone that I trained with diabetes and also myself whenever I go through a bad period of blood glucose control hyperglycemia causes increased levels of glycation which basically means that there's carbohydrate attaching to protein and as a result of that it causes derangements in the protein structure now everything in our bodies relies upon protein and in particular what I want to talk about is glycation of the joints we also see glycation occur within the muscle tissue within the blood vessels and as a result of this this can't have serious impairments with mobility mobility is movement potential and if your training with Wits wig training is a process where you will get a lot of different levels of inflammation throughout the body so look at how your sore a couple of days after leg training look at how your mobility is restricted sometimes it can be difficult to get off the toilet so that's a mobility restriction now with diabetes with hybrid glycaemia prolonged hyperglycemia is the elevated levels of glycation really affect joint mobility and there is research to back this up so the worst your control the increased potential for joint mobility issues if you can't have good quality mobility your potential for full range of motion for fill contractile force of all the muscle fiber throughout and exercise is going to be compromised you're also going to go into exercise and have jeopardized movement capacity which in turn can gum up the left and increase risk of injury your performance as well and key lifts especially if you compete in powerlifting or Olympic lifting is also going to be jeopardized because you may not be able to reach the end ranges or you might not be able to work with speeds right specific aspects of the lift which in turn will affect your placing and your competitive ranking so as a result of that you are really going to be in a disadvantage for your muscle building potential reason number three is the stress of managing diabetes so how many times have you asked yourself or said yourself I can't cope with this maybe you've gone to train and your blood glucose is below maybe you've gone into train and your blood glucose has come out high and you thought to yourself what am I doing wrong so I've already discussed there but high going high can impair performance and impair recovery when I used to body build I used to go into the gym and come out with a very high blood sugar when I gone in with a normal blood sugar and I hadn't taken any carbohydrates and I knew that catabolism was associated with having a hyperglycemia or a high blood glucose and I used to get frustrated because I was thinking this training has gone to waste I just been burning muscle tissue the entire time my performance hasn't been optimal I haven't been able to get the most out of my training so that stress over a prolonged period of time can really hold a lot of people back but there are solutions to it surrounding yourself with a good peer group surrounding yourself with mentors or people who really knew the condition inside-out people have valuable training experience of actually working with the condition and this is something that I cover over at the diabetic Muscle & Fitness members site it's full of people that are enthusiastic about learning about diabetes about learning about maximizing performance body composition potential but looking at the stress of diabetes in the whole aspect of your muscle building and fat loss efforts massive area that you need to be mindful of so looking at things like meditation being aware of your diabetic control being aware that you need to check day-in day-out having an undying level of motivation to know that if your diabetes is in control that your body composition performance and fat loss and muscle building efforts are all going to work perfectly if you stay within control that was one of my massive levels of motivation if I knew I looked after my diabetes everything else would follow looking at keeping a daily journal as massive as well reflecting on your control through it today why did situations occur looking at observing patterns looking at observing everything that goes on with your blood glucose behavior in relation to meals in relation to stress and if you can identify why you've gone into high blood glucose or low blood glucose and a certain circumstance and you knew that time periodically over a period of a month or a year you're going to be able to identify particular situations that are going to put you at risk and as a result be able to respond with those with appropriate action be able to anticipate them preparation is key knowing when particular blood glucose levels are going to rise when they're going to fall aspects the end of the run training why does my blood glucose level go high in the middle of weight training well that's something that I discussed in my new book the diabetic Muscle and Fitness guide and something we hammer home the membership site as well so learning to counteract that learning how to dose your insulin appropriately to prevent that learning how to eat around that learning how to prevent highs when you're sleeping at night again one of the key times when you're recovering from your muscle building efforts especially in the gym if you're sleeping with a hyperglycemia all night you are definitely going to impair your muscle building progress so it's absolutely essential that you become obsessive over your control it's essential that you become aware of how you're thinking it's essential that you invest in yourself you invest in your mind on a day-to-day basis because that mind is going to be the level of motivation that you have that you can dictate towards your diabetes if your mind isn't sharp then you're not going to be making good quality decisions especially in relation to your diabetic control it's absolutely essential that your mind is in the right headspace you've got the right level of motivation the right level of people the right level of accountability the right level of knowledge and that you are doing your best to build your mental assets in relation to diabetic control muscle building and fat loss so guys thanks so much for listening if you find this interesting head over to diabetic Muscle & Fitness comm and grab yourself a free copy of the diabetic fitness report this is loaded with key knowledge bombs you can use in your muscle building and fat loss efforts just simply head over enter your email address and it will be sent directly to your inbox you can download it take it to the gym and read it see you guys soon you


  1. Y have type 1 diabetes for 1 year and y was diagnosed wen y was day and it was kids day and now am 11

  2. U make us feel so good

  3. U r aswome man

  4. Thank you.

    So, type 2, now taking insulin. I build muscle extremely easy and extremely fast.

    BUT… struggle , STRUUUUUGGLE cutting fat and keeping fat off. I’m highly athletic and have no idea how to build a regiment for my bio type. No one seems to have an idea how to solve for my lifestyle. Any help?/ direction?

  5. I know making excuses isn't going to do anything positive for me but I've been busting my ass in the gym and am more motivated than ever. I'm 26 and been going to the gym almost everyday for a month and plan to keep it going but now I'm worried I won't see any gains. I've lost weight and think I'm getting healthier but I want to get ripped and have a six pack. I didn't realize the effect of blood sugar on progression and building muscle. I always check my sugar before I go but if it's a little high I still go. Just tired of letting diabetes control my life and push through the workouts regardless, I just never want it to be low. This disease is just exhausting and nobody understands 😔

  6. Phil! I'm just now discovering your videos and they are excellent! Thank you for the great content!

  7. iam diabetic too

  8. Is there any protein powder to support muscle building for diabetic patient

  9. I have diabetes type 1 from 4 years and my blood sugar dosnt come in control and i am not able to gain wieght my age is 17

  10. I have been diabetic for 32 years. I also have chronic compartment syndrome. Basically when I run or do cardio or many other things my legs feel like a pop bottle that's shaken up. Feels like they are gonna explode. I had surgery for this but it did not help. I get this same tightness in my forearms too. Know one seems to be able to help me with this problem and it effects my life so much. I was thinking maybe this condition is from my diabetes. Doctors say that diabetes should not cause the compartment syndrome symptoms though. So I'm posting this in hoped that .aybe someone out there has some similar issues or experience with these problems. I still think this may be an effect of my diabetes. Any input would be great?

  11. IDDM Type 1 and Type 2 are like comparing herpes and a nuclear bomb. but thank u

  12. please anwser can you build mucle whir diabetes i want to emprove myself?

  13. Crap. he talks too much. No solutions to offer.

  14. thank you brother ☺☺

  15. I’ve had diabetes since I was 5 and am now 18. I workout regularly and don’t see the results I’d like to. I’m 150 pounds with a 150 pound bench max. I am gaining some strength but no weight and real muscle mass. I struggle majorly with control but what are some foods and supplements that will help control whilst also building muscle/weight?

  16. I'm supposedly type 2 and after a month of dieting the only time my blood glucose is over 6 is when I wake up, before I eat. I take 1 500 mg metformin at breakfast and by night after my workout my glucose is down to the 4's. I'm starting to wonder if I even have type 2 diabetes. Taking metformin twice a day almost landed me in the hospital. I'm basically on a two small meal a day diet. Staying away from starches, sugars, and grains.

  17. I take a shot of fast acting and my sugar goes up higher…..i cant win in this life ;(

  18. This man changed my life . I'm seriously turning into the biggest fan.

  19. really good interesting vid thanks. I have type 1 and never appreciated all these effects of it when I go gym. The only reaI impact of it I felt was how I never had the energy or focus to go gym (or work hard if I was) when I had high sugars, it makes me lazy and lethargic. I need to focus on getting my blood sugar down. thanks again real lesson there.

  20. How many books are there mate? Bit confused on e-book and technology in general. I dont have FB & would just like to get all the books or is there just one book with everything in it from nutrition to workout plans ect. Thanks

  21. Im diabetic and am on a journey to become a body builder. I have a question: i have insulin then i have a feed, my BSL goes to around 14-15 but starts to drop almost immediatly and with in a hour or two its under 10. Do these high numbers still effect progress or gains. Chers man. Thanks for the videos also, i watched my first one of your series this morning.

  22. I think as long as you check your blood sugar level before the workout, have something before hand (but not if your level is high) and at your next meal do slightly less insulin to avoid a hypo as your body will be more sensitive to insulin after a workout.

  23. I'm glad I found you. I am a T1D discovered at age 30, (twelve years ago), while I was working as a personal trainer. It happened as a result from brain trauma ten years prior. I quit my job when I learned of my diabetes. Now, I am surviving just fine but trying to deal handling life with diabetes on top of the recovery from the head injury. I'll watch more of your videos soon. I hope I can help out my health and secure a better future.

  24. Sir can u make a video in hindi

  25. I have type 2 diabetes but i have pretty good muscle growth. Diabetic aesthetics really helped me alot. Go check out their videos.

  26. free advanced fitness vids on my utube make sure you have a look.

  27. I just thought I was skinny because I had a high metabolism and just accepted that fact. Today I learned something.

  28. Which one the best diabetics 2 proton pawoder

  29. I saw 2 or 3 videos of yours …. you talk about every thing but unfortunately you neglect the most dangerous of them all which is hypoglycemia which could lead to death in only 5 minutes or less. Up till now i can not understand how a diabetic manage body building with the risk of having hypoglycemia and be prone to death ?? I hope as a diabetic that my life ends as soon as possible to stop all this painful and useless life for ever

  30. What brand of Protein power shake should I get if I have diabetes type 2 to build muscle

  31. Not everything I wanted was here, but, I have the incredibly high metabolism that doctors hate, and I still found great information here. It's easy to have hyperglycemia, especially building mass, but, it really comes down to knowing yourself. I went from 160 to 178 in two weeks from weight training, but, I should be farther from that normally. It takes a lot to work with others, especially in a heavy warehouse environment, without adapting. Don't let any of this video be for vain.

  32. Hey Iam type 1 just star working out very skinny information is great we're can I by that shirt as well thanks

  33. Awesome video! T1 since 1980, 44 now.

  34. Hi ! Can you make a video about inhalable insulin Afrezza? I just saw it on TV, they said it's life changing. I'm very interested in knowing How and Why it's life changing – Thanks!

  35. Does the book address weight loss also? I'm wanting to add muscle after losing more fat. I know muscle addition will quicken fat loss, but my focus is weight loss first then upping the lifting intensity to add more muscle.

  36. Let me guess… want me to buy your book

  37. Hey love the information, I’m 23 and was diagnosed 3 years ago when trying to join the military and kept getting rejected at meps. Pretty disheartening because that’s what I felt destine to do. Ive never been over 170lb, I really want to try and build some mass as I’ve found exercising helps regulate with out insulin usage. I can’t seem to build and mass over 170. Any idea what I could do!!?

  38. This is interesting, as someone recently diagnosed with high blood glucose, I've also started hitting the weights again …I've actually noticed a pretty solid amount of progress in as little as a month. By progress I mean the changes in body composition, recovery times, and strength levels…maybe I'm just fortunate or maybe I'm just too early on but, I have not run into anything to suggest I've been suffering from these major/key drawbacks. I'm certainly not complaining but, despite this my numbers still aren't really where they need to be…at least not yet…your book is going on my Christmas list for sure

  39. Very inspirational… Phil…great work…But I want to know more about the terms which you discussed in video…and want to spread awareness about T1D in India…

  40. Thanks for these videos man. I just subscribed! I've been type 1 for 21 years. You are 100% correct about hyperglycemia and the inability to grow muscle. After intense training I make sure to maintain excellent glucose levels in order for my body to heal myself and eliminate any possibilities of oxidative stress damage to my muscles and blood vessels. Stress is another another huge deal that many T1D don't realize. I had a very stressful year and could not get my sugars to fall within acceptable range no matter what I was doing. It has to do with elevated cortisol levels, which in turn causes your glucose to go up. I can't agree with you more about everything you said. A lot is trial and error, especially in the beginning of training. For all you other type1s, stay persistent and follow through and you will get there!!

  41. ketones are the worst when starting to train make sure they aint even 0.1 ..

  42. I just found this! T1 since 2008. Trying to drop 30 lbs and build muscle. I struggle with high BGs.

  43. I'm a type 2 with severe insulin resistance. I'm high on long acting insulin and on short acting insulin and not very responsive to meds. I'm so very confused why strength training has had so little effect in the reduction of my A1C

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