Muscle (an insight into Ben's physical training)


  1. You're strong as an ox

  2. this put me off my breakfast… my word… legened.

  3. scott never worked out before he went

  4. wow!!

  5. всего то 185 кг ))

  6. work hard

  7. The last repetition was with 2x20kg and 4x10kg for part. 3:09

  8. GOOD xD

  9. very goog for him XDD

  10. African music

  11. Respect!

  12. Det var det fräckaste.

  13. ni är ap rumpor

  14. wooo hea is strong

  15. Thanks……i got a big winter planned hope you watch some of my vids ATB Eddie.

  16. The guy is amazing!

  17. The guy is amazing!

  18. The guy is amazing!

  19. The guy is amazing!

  20. The guy is amazing!

  21. the guy is amazing!

  22. the guy is amazing!

  23. you are inspiering my friend! 50 puching it like 25!

  24. Du är flint-skallig

  25. Хуйней занимается, а не тренингом – пособие как заболеть и здохнуть на тренировке. И блины где такие нашли?? Огроменные – я думал там 200-250, там десятки и двадцатки. Смешал в кучу билдинг и лифтинг, и всё это без пояса и, уж докучи бинты б одел, хотя б согревающие.

  26. Р

  27. It's been composed for the film by @studiocanoe

  28. Who knows what kind of music in the background?

  29. Great news Eddie. Good luck with it

  30. Hard core!!

  31. Fantastic i'm 50 just done my 1st munro wildcamp going to go winter wildcamping in the highlands this has inspired me to start training.

  32. Very Cool! Good Job Andy. Go Ben!

  33. Great job , your looking powerful.

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