#MurrayMondays – Tennis Fitness

Okay, so I’ve been asked ‘what is the most
important physical aspect to work on to help your tennis?’ Tennis is obviously
very all-round sport, it’s what makes it one of the most difficult sports in the
world I think, I think needs everything, you need speed, agility, power, explosive
power, you need endurance as well, you got to be flexible, got to be supple, agile
and so you know I guess your fitness program should incorporate all
those different types of exercises or components. I would probably recommend focusing on one aspect for a period of time then moving on to
something else but yeah that’s what makes tennis for me
one of the hardest sports in the world, that you need a wide range of physical
aspects to be successful in the sport.

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  1. Top quality vid. 👍 When can we film a hit with you?

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